Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Osaka in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX566
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 09 Dec 23, 01:50
Arrival at 09 Dec 23, 06:20
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
Published on 23rd December 2023

Previously I have tried the business class of this red-eye flight but different model. You may have a look also. 

After visiting Kyoto and Tokyo for 10 days, I still found that there are some spots that I wish to visit Kyoto again this autumn, to enjoy the red leaves. And therefore I took the flight again and back to Kyoto. Since red leaves on many spots have fallen down already and so I do not need to spend so much time on Kyoto this time. I just spent a weekend in Japan this time.

I just redeemed my tickets two days before my flight. To save miles, I just redeemed the economy class for my flights this time.

My travel itinerary is a little bit packed this time, with just a weekend in Japan. Therefore I decided to pick the flight I don’t quite like - the red eye flight from HKG to KIX. 

I took the Airport Express to the airport again, after I finished my work on that day. After reaching the airport station, I immediately headed to the check-in counters of Cathay Pacific. The check-in process was smooth and I guess I just needed to wait for around 3-4 minutes for my round of check-in for economy class.

More Light Decorations were installed at the terminal building of HKG, for the coming Christmas.

photo tempimagew63pjv

Since I would just spend a weekend in Japan, I just had my carry-on luggage. Seems that the attendant was a little bit surprised, and know that I would just stayed in Japan for a weekend this time, as Hongkongers loved traveling to Japan so much, like for shopping as Japanese Yen drops so much recently, and people would have a lot to bring for the flights.

We had some casual chats, as he checked that my next flight would be on Sunday from KIX to HKG. He advised me to arrive at the airport earlier to avoid the crowds at the airport. And he says no worry, as long as you take Cathay Pacific and the ground staff would try their very best to assist you to get on the plane, even if there are long queues of security checks at KIX airport. 

photo tempimagekffkrn

Some random shots of the airport. The night view of the terminal is nice. But the reflection of the glass adds difficulties for taking a photo from the skybridge at the terminal . 

photo tempimagehgjbqephoto tempimagekgrwle

The environment for the McDonalds at the departure hall seems cozy. 

photo tempimagej9xqa8photo tempimagexqpbdw

lets go to the lounge again

I still got some lounge admission tickets and decided to admit to the Pier Business Class Lounge again. The attendant greeted me politely. She understood that I would like to use that kind of ticket to get into the lounge, and she explained that the lounge would be closed before my flight and there would be around half an hour gap until my boarding time to my flight. What a nice touch. 

photo tempimageay9wbd

Christmas is coming and there are some Christmas decoration at the entrance of the lounge 

photo tempimagenr5b60

The environment of the Pier Business Class lounge is still that relaxing, cozy, and comfortable. It is really a joy of enjoying a glass of champagne and the signature drink Cathay Delight before the flight. And finally I got a chance to try barbecued pork rice from the lounge. The shower facilities at the lounge are always nice from the lounge, especially for the kind of passengers like me, going to the airport after work. It is not my first time to get into this lounge, so I simply skip my other experience at the lounge in this report then.  

Finally I got a chance to try barbecued pork rice from the lounge.

photo tempimagevvikdf

Still the bed was too hard for me in this lounge. 

photo tempimagenkm5zgphoto tempimageyrk9jx

I discovered this beer at last, seems it is a special beer designed by Cathay Pacific for the inflight environment. I am not keen on drinking, but the design of the can attracts me. 

photo tempimageckrhhjphoto tempimagejcba3r

lets get into the plane

photo tempimageouy011

The boarding gate of our flight was at gate 68. It is close to the lounge which is near gate 65. 

photo tempimagemrlt1u

Here is the information of the flight:

Registration No.: B-LBE
Age:  9.6 years
Model: A330 - 300

The seat configuration for the economy class is 2-4-2.

photo tempimageruyedk

I picked the seat with extra legroom, which refers to the exit row seat of the flight. The legroom of course is very sufficient in this case. But it may be troublesome as the toilet is near the seat. That others visiting the toilet may cause some noise / disturbance to your sleeping. 

photo tempimage8p1roi

There is a foldable TV and the table, which could be taken out at the side of the seat. But I did not spend much time on the inflight entertainment system in this case, as for red-eye flight people would prefer to have rest more than enjoying the TV programmes from the inflight entertainment system. But as I remember that the system is also responsive, the monitor does not hang / lag after I click on the screen. 

photo tempimagedwqarx

And for this red eye flight, unlike business class that a hot full meal would be served, for economy class passengers they provide a snack box,  with cold bread, a small cupcake, a pre packed biscuit, some fruits as refreshment. It is understandable for a red-eye flight to offer such a kind of meal though, as people would just want to have rest on flight more than spending time on meal. But personally I think that if the bread is heated a little bit and the feeling would be a little bit different. And luckily I got full from the lounge before the flight.

photo tempimaged6pmsyphoto tempimagek3ujwzphoto tempimageu2gwrb

I finished the meal quickly and then just fell asleep.
Time flies and again I finally arrived at Kansai International Airport.

photo tempimageyxf0cs

But this time, while people were waiting for their checked luggages, since I just got a carry-on with me this time, it seems I was around the first five to pass through the security checks and immigration counters at Kansai International Airport. The ticket offices were not crowded and finally I could get the train ticket from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto successfully, from the automatic machines there, and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the airport before departing to Kyoto.  

photo tempimagepipna2photo tempimage3npwe0
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There is not much to write about for red-eye flight as people would just want to have more rest on the flight. Overall speaking I quite enjoy this economy class trip. The staff and the attendants are still polite, nice and proactive for a red-eye and rather short flight that passengers would just want to have rest rather than enjoying other parts of the flight. The lounge experience is always that nice.

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  • Comment 641516 by
    starvelk BRONZE 37 Comments
    Hi, thanks for the report! Glad to see how nice CX staff go out of their way to treat passengers these days and how kind they are! Does give me hope for CX's future :)

    Agree with the meal situation on these red-eyes - lots of people have complained about it in the past but I find it to be substantial enough for a red-eye flight (most people would want to sleep instead of eat a full meal). It's also nice to see CX's A330s still getting refurbishments and upgrades despite their age, though the A350 is leagues ahead with its newer technology.

    Hope you enjoyed Japan! As a Hong Konger myself I can relate to how much we're addicted to Japan ;)

    Thanks for sharing once again! These reviews are great for me to keep up with how CX is doing when I'm not flying with them.
    • Comment 641533 by
      johnchanmk SILVER AUTHOR 20 Comments
      Thanks and glad that you like this report!

      Actually I have tried the business class service of this flight CX566, what I think is that, I finish the meal offered by business class lat time, which is a full set of meal, then it is a little bit full and uncomfortable when lying down for a rest during the red eye flight. but of course you can have an option of skipping something on the meal :D

      Yea, I really enjoyed flying to Japan. As it is so convenient, like has luggage delivery services, coin lockers, washing machine at hotels, good railway network etc... and it is safe (apart from natural disaster), not far away from our city lol I flew there four times this year xd and I guess would fly again , probably Hokkaido, next year, and somewhere else apart from Japan next year (too many Japan trips seems , and the world is big for us to discover haha)

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