Review of KLM flight Munich Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL1796
Class Economy
Seat 16E
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 06 Oct 15, 14:05
Arrival at 06 Oct 15, 15:35
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By 1723
Published on 15th October 2015
This is the return trip of my weekend trip to Munich from Bristol flying with KLM via Amsterdam

you can see the outbound flights here:

KL1054 BRS-AMS and KL1801 AMS-MUC

And here are the planned return flights on the 4th October:

You may have notice that these don't match this report's flight number. I was at Munich's central station wasting a few hours before heading off to the airport when I received a text message from KLM stating that my flight had been cancelled. I couldn't believe it as the outbound flight had run late and I nearly missed my connection in AMS. I therefore didn't think that anything else would go wrong on this trip. Instead of wasting time and money getting to the airport to rearrange my flight I rang KLM. This turned out to be a rather long 45 min wait in a telephone queue waiting to speak to somebody at the call centre. When I finally got through to speak to somebody, I was informed that there were no more available flights to get me back that day (Sunday). This was a little bit annoying as I was due to be at work the next day. The KLM representative then looked for the next available flight back. There was nothing available the next day either. The next available flight was on the Tuesday - two days later. I was told that KLM would reimburse the cost of hotels for the next two days but didn't provide any assistance with this. I was quite shocked that they weren't able to get be back sooner, it's not a remote place nor a far distance to travel.

Here are the rebooked return flight details:
KL1796 14:05 MUC-AMS
KL1053 16:40 AMS-BRS

The next task was to find somewhere to sleep for the next few nights. Firstly I checked with the hotel I had been staying in over the weekend on the outskirts of Munich towards the airport. They had a room available for the Sunday night but not the Monday. I checked online for available hotels. It seemed nothing was available on the Monday night due to an exposition being held that week. I booked a night in the city for the Sunday and headed back to Oktoberfest to enjoy some more beer and German music. I then decided that since there wasn't anywhere to stay in the city that I would head out into Bavaria and visit the Castle of Neuschwanstein perked on edge of the Alps. I'd always wanted to visit and here was the perfect opportunity with nothing to do and a free hotel. Thanks KLM!

So I arrived back in Munich a few hours before the flight only to discover there was some problem with the usually efficient German train network. Instead of the direct S-Bahn from Munich central station I had to get the U-Bahn to another station where I could then get the the S-Bahn, it was all a bit chaotic, luckily I speak German and I could understand the announcements made, otherwise it would have been more difficult.

photo IMG_3696

I finally arrived at the airport. I was travelling from Terminal 1. The station is located just below the terminal.

photo IMG_3697photo IMG_3698

The terminal is spit into different sections, I was flying from section D. The sections are all connected on the ground floor via travellators and there are a number of shops and places to eat around this area.

photo IMG_3699

Escalators lead up to the check-in area and large posters display that free wifi is available in the terminals (it was however VERY slow to connect).

I was travelling with only hand luggage and headed straight to the security check. They seemed to be checking everyone quite thoroughly so it took a little longer than usual. Then I entered departures.

photo IMG_3705photo IMG_3706photo IMG_3708

In contrast to landside there was only one cafe place here with a large queue as it was lunchtime.

Here's the departures board (sorry for the poor quality).

photo IMG_3709

After passing the time a little bit boarding was announced

photo IMG_3710photo IMG_3711photo IMG_3713

The boarding was done the standard way Sky Priority first. The air bridge also gave a view of the plane.

photo IMG_3714photo IMG_3715photo IMG_3716

I was greeted onboard and I took my seat. Unfortunately and despite having originally had a window seat, I was assigned a middle seat.

The seat pocket contained the magazine and safety card

photo IMG_3720

After take off the service began.

photo IMG_3725

Nachos as on the outbound flight.

The flight was around 1:30 minutes and arrived into AMS on time.

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Cabin crew7.0

Munich - MUC


Amsterdam - AMS



After the outbound flight was delayed and I nearly missed the connection to then have my return flight cancelled meant that this trip wasn't one of the best. Calling KLM took a very long time and no help was provided with finding hotels. I have had to put in a refund claim which has been accepted. A pretty poor show in general

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  • Comment 148733 by
    Scott05 565 Comments

    Thanks for posting !
    Reading the first paragraph sounds like the exact same scenario that happened to you on your way back from South Africa. Did you felt a bit of déjà-vu ? ;)
    And the way they handled the situation is ridiculous. They were lucky you had time, money and were able to find an hotel yourself, this could have turned into a nighmare very easily.
    The onboard product makes me want to cry x) I guess KLM's Nachos are like Air France's Brittany cookies :P
    Can't wait to fly with them in December !

    • Comment 327071 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Oh yes definitely a bit of déjà-vu here, at least in South Africa I had a day's notice and I got a flight a few hours after the scheduled one - no need for extra hotels.

      Yes I'm getting sick of the Nachos, the next leg had them too! I look forward to your review on how tasty you find them :P

  • Comment 148736 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD 15977 Comments

    Thanks for sharing. This sorry is incredible. 2 days to get you back home within Europe? That's the worst customer service ever.

    I hope you got the money back very quickly. If I were you I would add meal costs as well. That's the least they can do.

    Don't forget to ask for the EU Compensation fee that KLM has to give you. More information here:

    • Comment 327076 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Yes it's pretty crazy. Even if there weren't spaces from MUC they could have tried from FRA, ZRH, STR or something else.

      The money should be on it's way very soon as I received an email from their complaints department. However, they say as it was due to bad weather I can't claim the EU compensation .

  • Comment 148765 by
    KL651 TEAM 4515 Comments

    What a poor experience once again with KL!
    That's too bad.

    Hope you do get the refund quickly.

  • Comment 148816 by
    Benoit75008 7283 Comments

    Thanks for this report :)

    Bavaria is beautiful and amazing!!
    I was curious to see MUC airport from this side.
    I'm used to LH side, and don't know this other side used by many other airlines.

    See you

    • Comment 327178 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Thanks for reading. Yes Bavaria really is beautiful :)

      It was also my first time in Terminal 1 too. Due to the separation into A,B,C etc it feels much smaller than terminal 2, but it was perfectly fine

  • Comment 148885 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5763 Comments

    What a shame--seems like KLM did a very poor job of handling this cancellation. I've been in situations before where a flight was cancelled and I had to wait 2 days for a flight, but that was very special circumstances because I was in the Caribbean and we had experienced a hurricane. I think it is completely unacceptable for KLM not to be able to confirm you a seat from such a major European city like Munich for 2 days! If anything, they should have tried to reprotect you either on another airline or from another city--for example pay for your transportation to STR, BSL, or ZRH top catch a flight to AMS. If would have probably been cheaper than reimbursing a hotel for 2 nights! Regardless of whether the delay was caused by weather or mechanical issues, the agents did not do a very good job of giving you all the possible options to get you home sooner. Thanks for sharing this report!

    • Comment 327204 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Yes it wasn't the speediest service back to the UK.

      I too can't think why it should take so long to get back from MUC. It might be because my final destination was BRS and very few full airlines fly there, e.g. there aren't any AF flights to BRS so it wasn't possible to be routed via CDG which would probably be their preferred choice after AMS. There are however direct MUC-BRS flights with BMI but I imagine they prefer to book skyteam flights as it doesn't cost them as much!

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