Review of Air India flight New Delhi Jodhpur in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI475
Class Economy
Seat 12F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 29 Sep 16, 11:50
Arrival at 29 Sep 16, 13:50
AI 87 reviews
By 906
Published on 14th January 2017
This report is the third in a series of reports from my trip to India.

I had arrived in DEL arriving on BA, and was now heading on a separate booking with Air India to Jodhpur. The full itinerary can be seen below:

As this was a separate booking we had collected our baggage and cleared through immigration to arrive land side. We now had to head back up to departures and check-in again. This proved a little more complicated than expected. The way from the ground floor arrivals to the 1st floor departures required a security check. The security guard wanted to look at our boarding cards - obviously we didn't yet have these as we hadn't yet checked-in. Instead we produced our booking confirmation, which was analysed very carefully by the guard. Strangely the the booking said only it was for 2 passengers and but was addressed to me. For my friend this required a little more persuasion as her name was not on it. Luckily she had copied the details into a printed out email with out hotel reservation with her name, this had nothing to do with the flight itself but seemed to satisfy the guard eventually. At the top of the escalator we arrived at another security guard check and had to go through the whole booking again and our suitcases were x-rayed before being allowed to pass.

Eventually we were in the check-in hall,and headed to the Air India counter.

photo img_0283

After a little queuing we were checked-in by the friendly enough staff. We used the bureau de change to get our Rupees and headed towards departures.

photo img_0285photo img_0286

The security scan was relatively painless, and my friend had to go through the typical female cubicle to have be scanned. We were greeted straight away with a WHSmith - had we even left the UK??

photo img_0287

Checking the departure board, our gate was already showing - 30B.

photo img_0288

We still had lots of time before the departure and headed to get some food from the food court on the upper level.

photo img_0290

I love India - I can have a cheeky McDonalds as there are plenty of vegetarian options in this country of millions of vegetarians where beef is banned and pork isn't served either. I chose a McSpicy Paneer a spicy burger made from indian cheese. The meal came to a total of 150R (about €2).

photo img_0291

The flight was now showing to be about 30 mins late, so we just hung around a bit. I tried to register for the free airport wifi which required a mobile number for the access code, which never came. After a while we headed towards the now open gate.

Our boarding passes were scanned and we headed down the air bridge getting a look at our A319.

photo img_0302photo img_0303

We were welcomed on board by the crew and took our seats. I had managed to get a window seat in 12F.

The aircraft interior was showing its age a bit but the seats had enough legroom for this 1:20 flight.

photo img_0304photo img_0306photo img_0307

There was even an screen (which wasn't used), but it's not really needed on this short flight.

photo img_0305

The seat pocket contained the safety card, magazine and newspaper.

photo img_0308photo img_0310

I had a good look through the magazine and came across the information about Air India which included the fleet, route map and even a list containing the departure times for Air India flights!

This would be my view today.

photo img_0309

We had to wait about 30 mins on the plane before departure so that in total were had about an hours delay.

We were then off. Shortly after departure the meal service began, I was starving but it turns out it as worth it! We were given a meal consisting of a paneer curry and a curry containing potatoes and green beans served with rice. It was a little spicy but I loved it, I even ate the remains of my friend's meal! There was also a little salad thing of cucumbers. The dessert was a warm cake type thing with custard which was also good. I was impressed.

photo img_0316photo img_0318

The view over Rajasthan was great

photo img_0319

But soon it was time to land. There was a good view of the city including the Fort and the Palace

The airport looked like a military air base with only a little civilian terminal in one corner

photo img_0334photo img_0335photo img_0336

We were thanked for flying Air India on our way off the plane, at which point I said to the crew that I really enjoyed the food (it really was that good, possibly the best I've had in economy)

photo img_0338photo img_0339

We walked over to the small terminal to collect our bags

photo img_0340photo img_0341photo img_0342

Which took a few minutes

photo img_0343

Before leaving the terminal where our hotel had arranged to pick us up

photo img_0344
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Cabin crew9.0

New Delhi - DEL


Jodhpur - JDH



Despite the delay I really enjoyed this flight. The food was amazing and the service on board was good. I'd seriously consider taking Air India long haul from Europe after this experience.



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  • Comment 381763 by
    Scott05 565 Comments
    Thank you for this report!
    Delhi airport looks very clean and modern, and seems to be an enjoyable experience apart from the connecting process which was a bit particular in your case.
    It's nice to see a full meal on such a short flight, such things you don't see anymore outside of (some part of) Asia I think...
    Jodhpur airport looks very classy from the outside ;)
    • Comment 381769 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments
      Yes the airport is quite modern and has everything you need. It turns out the security thing is something you get at all Indian airports before you are allowed to enter the building - so my advice is not to forget your booking!!
  • Comment 381771 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9449 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report with us.
    Most people do not have a good opinion of Air India but it seems to do a very good job even on short flights.
    It's true that ( except on the 787) the cabins are not very modern and could be refurbished but nothing terrible.
    The catering looks really tasty and i trust you when you say so.
    It's nice to deplane by stairs as it allows you to see the plane !
    • Comment 381782 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments
      Thanks for reading. I too heard that they weren't the best, but I took 4 fights with them and they were all pretty good. Some colleagues took the LHR-DEL leg with them and said it was fine too, although there seemed to be a mix of western and Indian food on that flight but it seemed a bit random to who got what.

      The stairs are nice - as long as it's not raining which is does far too much here in the UK but in Jodhpur they didn't have this problem!

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