Review of SWISS flight Zurich Johannesburg in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX288
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 09:30
Take-off 31 Dec 14, 22:45
Arrival at 01 Jan 15, 09:15
LX   #27 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 726 reviews
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Published on 7th May 2015
I left my hotel just after a very early dinner (the hotel restaurant was barely open - they might have even opened it early for me but didn't make it obvious) on New Year's eve for my flight to JNB. It had been a wonderful Christmas season staying with friends in Zurich. Now time to head south to Cape Town and onwards to Zimbabwe and Kenya before returning to New York.

I arrived at Zurich airport a bit earlier than usual. I had purposefully left earlier than necessary as I wasn't sure what would go on in town for Christmas eve and didn't want to get stuck somewhere.

photo IMG_0773photo IMG_0774

Usual check in affairs - not HON here so no First check in for me

photo IMG_0762

Check in hall was empty as not many were flying tonight. You don't want to wake up to the new year in Africa? Well I certainly do.

photo IMG_0766photo IMG_0770

This picture is from a few days before the flight when I arrived in ZRH. I really like LX's livery and how ZRH feels. I have to say that some countries have the money to build the 'best' facilities in the world, but those places can never feel like ZRH/ARN/MUC.

photo IMG_0758

I soon made it to the lounges past security. The lady was very nice and didn't even ask to see my physical UA *G card in order to let me into the senator lounge. I never got the logic why LH/LX would give *G a (in theory) better lounge than paying J passengers with no status. Also never got the point of being made to show the physical card. Do people fake boarding passes to gain lounge access? Isn't there a scannable barcode on the boarding pass?

photo IMG_0759

Food selection of the night. If I remember correctly this is all there was.

photo IMG_0778

The lounge was so not busy that it took time for me to get used to it. I'm used to the version of this lounge Friday late afternoon right before the EWR/BOS flights leave. What shell I say that seemed like worse than the Zurich zoo.

photo IMG_0779

Always my favorite part of this airport

photo IMG_0780

Departure board. The flight to JNB (shown here as a SA codeshare) was the last flight to leave in 2014! This is also the usual last long haul ex-ZRH, which results in quite a lot of cancellations when some other aircraft goes mx.

photo IMG_0781

Paid a visit to the long bar. No one around!

photo IMG_0782

And it is 2015 in SYD

photo IMG_0783photo IMG_0784

I soon decided to leave the main lounge and go to the contract one in concourse E since I still have to pass passport control before reaching the gate. Nice touch on exit from the lounge.

photo IMG_0791

The terminal was super quiet tonight. Immigration officer commented that I should get more pages on my passport. I wished him happy new year and set off.

photo IMG_0776

In the E concourse at gate

photo IMG_0793

My ride tonight

photo IMG_0794

Very quiet. I thought that ad is very good.

photo IMG_0795

I was surprised that for flight to SA there is a US style passport control before boarding, where they ask a list of silly questions including if I had packed my bag myself. I always thought to answer that question with 'i wish i could afford to have someone else do that for me'

photo IMG_0796

I was soon onboard. A pre-departure beverage was offered as the J cabin filled up

photo IMG_0797

The crew was very friendly and good spirited tonight. Maybe they are always good spirited on LX just that I'm used to the UA crews.

photo IMG_0798

We took off in no time. I felt like we just went directly on the runway and took off. No waiting at all.

photo IMG_0799

Menu for tonight. They are so large! A whole page of A4 paper

photo IMG_0806

Swiss runs the 'taste of switzerland' menu on ex-ZRH and ex-GVA long-haul flights. Some inbound flights (such as China-ZRH) have locally inspired cuisines in partnership with locally famous restaurants. Tonight we have a menu from the canton of Uri,

photo IMG_0807

Orders were quickly taken and the first tray was brought out just as we passed the Italian coast.

photo IMG_0808

Swiss had made some updates to its J catering program in 2014. Looking at pictures they seem evolutionary rather than revolutionary. In actuality though, the food has been consistently better than before.

Starter: Salmon tartare.

When flying Swiss, of course I need the pretzel roll

photo IMG_0809

Very yummy. I finished them all.

photo IMG_0810

As we were entering Algeria, the main course was served.

photo IMG_0813

Main dish: Swiss sturgeon. This one looks not special but was very taste. Unlike UA's Amazon cod (Isn't cod an ocean fish? Where is UA getting them from if they are 'Amazon' cod?), this is very flavorful

photo IMG_0815

Just as main course plates were collected, we hit some very heavy turbulence in southern Algeria, close to the border between Algeria, Mali, and Niger, just south of Tamanrasset. Service was paused for about 30 minutes and honestly I was scared. It was for sure the worst in the past decade of my flying.

Once the turbulence went away, dessert was served with coffee and tea.

photo IMG_0816

I went to sleep after dessert and slept soundly for just a little bit over 6 hours. Our plane flew over Niger, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, DRC, Zambia, and Botswana. I woke up as the plane was passing by Gaborone and breakfast was immediately offered to me.

photo IMG_0830photo IMG_0821

I almost forgot there is a hot dish since they don't exist on US/Canada - ZRH flights. I was rather surprised when it was brought to me.

photo IMG_0822

More tea
photo IMG_0827

And clouds over Africa

photo IMG_0828photo IMG_0832

We soon landed at JNB. Light rain, but soon went away.

photo IMG_0834

Cabin after landing. F was a full load. Good for LX.

photo IMG_0835

A couple shots of the seats

photo IMG_0840photo IMG_0842

And there were some SA and CX friends nearby

photo IMG_0838photo IMG_0839

Arrival board. Passengers had to retrieve hold luggage and bring them to customs inspection before onward connections.

photo IMG_0843

My bag took a long time since the F bags were prioritized. The F cabin was full and there must have been 30 some bags with the first/HON circle tag.

photo IMG_0845

Now it's time to find the Air Zimbabwe counter to pay cash for my VFA-HRE flight before my onward connection on SA to CPT. I have come across a surprising number of airlines that don't take credit cards for booking. UM is a new one adding to my list of AH, IR, and CU.

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Cabin crew9.0

SWISS Senator Lounge


Zurich - ZRH


Johannesburg - JNB



Overall it was a very good flight. No false advertising from Swiss.



  • Comment 148853 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7442 Comments

    Thanks for this report,

    This business flight seems ok, but nothing special.
    LX lounge is really nice, i would rather prefer spending some time in european one, more than in international one as you did.

    I'm really curious to see your flight with Air Zimbabwe

  • Comment 148854 by
    eminere™ 274 Comments

    How cute is the Christmas stocking!!

  • Comment 148856 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    The Balik salmon starter is very impressive. Cathay used to serve it in long-haul F before the cost cutting downgrades this year.

  • Comment 148857 by
    Sukhoi47 56 Comments

    Thanks for the report !
    An overall nice flight with LX, with a still up to date J hard-product (despite LX A340s bound to be retired by now).

    But the catering is just amazing : top-notch products (Balik salmon or Swiss sturgeon can in no way be compared to Alaskian red salmon or Amazon cod) in good quantity (unlike in coach, where LX's catering seems to be smaller at each report) and apparently well cooked. Some 5* airlines don't even serve that in F.

    Waiting for further reports, see you ;)

  • Comment 148864 by
    KL651 TEAM 4470 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    Only the dessert served for dinner is disappointing but overall it indeed was a good experience on LH C class

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