Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha New York in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR701
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 14:10
Take-off 06 Jun 14, 08:05
Arrival at 06 Jun 14, 15:15
QR   #8 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
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Published on 11th March 2015
I was especially excited for my flight to New York this time because of the brand new Doha Hamad International Airport. I'm sure lots of travelers still remember the nightmare of the old Doha airport with no jet bridges. In fact when I arrived at Doha I still had to use the old airport - the new airport opened up during my visit.With an 8am departure I left the W hotel near westbay at around 5:45am. The traffic was light as it was Friday morning. I arrived at the airport after my little nap in the car.

Before I even start this trip report, I have to say that I was truly blown away by this flight. I have been to Doha and the UAE many times but had never flown the big three gulf carriers. I of course have heard stories about them and seen onboard pictures - but I never really gave the too much thought. After this flight, I just came to realize how much attention they can give their F/J passengers while still maintaining efficiency. All the controversies aside, now I'm really looking forward to my flight onboard an Etihad 380 this summer from LHR to AUH.

photo IMG_20140606_053516

Doha is far from my personal favorite city in the world. However the new airport was really impressive. Not only the grand structure was nice, as many establishments in the region, the new airport is also very polished in details.

photo IMG_20140606_053613

The premium check in area was large. There is a partition between each check in counter to ensure guest privacy. I thought this was a very nice touch.

photo IMG_20140606_054257

Seating area is also provided. Though I don't see many people would use this space unless they are traveling with large groups.

photo IMG_20140606_054151

The general check in area was also specious and nice.

photo IMG_20140606_054356photo IMG_20140606_054504

Seems oneworld elite members do not have the dedicated check in area for business/first class passengers. Flights departing for the US also gets a separate check in area probably because passengers have to be asked the security questions individually. However I was never asked the list of standard security questions.

photo IMG_20140606_054528

The area beyond security control is also nice and specious.

photo IMG_20140606_055746

Looking up to the temporary lounges.

photo IMG_20140606_071423photo IMG_20140606_071530

The lounge was still a temporary one. I think at the time they were only admitting long haul paid F/J pax and everyone else was turned away due to limited seating capacity. These lounges are intended to be oneworld elite lounges only after the normal lounge opens

photo IMG_20140606_071150

The lounge was not bad but really full with passengers. I could not locate an empty seat in the general area and had to take a seat at a computer workstation

photo IMG_20140606_061602

The catering at this temporary lounge was reasonable but nothing special.

photo IMG_20140606_060752

The food and drink selections:

photo IMG_20140606_070648photo IMG_20140606_070720

I soon left the lounge since it was so crowded. Flight board showing this morning's departures.

photo IMG_20140606_071717

I have to say that the new Doha airport is outstanding - the building makes me feel like I'm in Switzerland rather than in the gulf countries. Anyone who has been to the gulf will probably know what I'm talking about. There are lots of things here that are as grand as they are in Europe or America but just don't feel right - like the cabin interior of Emirates.

photo IMG_20140606_071623

More photos of the terminal:

photo IMG_20140606_071803photo IMG_20140606_071857photo IMG_20140606_072111

There are also Mac workstations throughout the airport.

photo IMG_20140606_071840

My boarding gate! Of course flights to the US needs additional security screening.

photo IMG_20140606_072219

Boarded the plane from the front door. The seat didn't look that good at the beginning and since I've never flown QR I even wondered if this seat will go fully flat. The reality proved how wrong I was.

photo IMG_20140606_080035

International newspapers were available, though in this weird photocopy form. Did they actually pay for the usage?

photo IMG_20140606_074044

The cabin filled up very quickly. Another cabin shot before taking off.

photo IMG_20140606_080047

A pre-departure beverage was served after most passengers were seated. I had water.

photo IMG_20140606_080514

Pushing back

photo IMG_20140606_080521

Shortly after take off. I didn't realize that I had never flown on this type of seats before - the space between seats are huge and takes up four windows. Kind of remind me of the seat pitch in J on the pre-merger Delta 777.

photo IMG_20140606_092129

Services started about 10 minutes after take off. We were offered a drink first. The FA working my side of the plane was very attentive and polite. I later learned that she is from Serbia and this was her first flight to the US.

Since It was a morning flight I ordered a smoothie. Not sure if they make it onboard - it was very good.

photo IMG_20140606_093752

Bread basket. Instead of a FA walking around to offer breads, each passenger gets his/her own basket. I thought this was very nice but also wasteful since I would not eat more than one piece at any given meal.

photo IMG_20140606_100034

Champagne for the morning is always nice :)

photo IMG_20140606_100609

Table setup

photo IMG_20140606_100745

I ordered a seafood starter for my breakfast since I do not particularly like Arab meze.

photo IMG_20140606_100835

Salmon was a bit dry on the edges but overall good.

photo IMG_20140606_100936

Omelet main dish

photo IMG_20140606_101952

After breakfast the cabin light was dimmed for sleeping. I was particularly tired because of the early departure. I slept through the atlantic and woke up above northern Canada.

photo IMG_20140606_141433

Flying over Canada

photo IMG_20140606_143947

At this point I ordered some snacks. Fruit plate:

photo IMG_20140606_153020

Miso soup

photo IMG_20140606_171146

Mint tea

photo IMG_20140606_160414

Some cabin shots

photo IMG_20140606_144344photo IMG_20140606_080158

Another thing that I really liked about this that they provided each passenger with a sleeping mattress pad. It really helped me to get some good rest.

photo IMG_20140606_151305

QR's pre-landing meal is the same concept as ANA and JAL. Passengers can order up to a full meal as they wish or any part of it. Since it is lunch time in NY I decided to go with a full meal.

Wine and nuts were first served.

photo IMG_20140606_174458

Black cod with sesame sauce - probably the best food I have ever had on an airplane.

photo IMG_20140606_190757

Table setup.

photo IMG_20140606_191618

I picked the seafood starter again.

photo IMG_20140606_192055

And the Indian veg entree.

photo IMG_20140606_193015

The sweets were good too.

photo IMG_20140606_194509

Port and some fruit.

photo IMG_20140606_195406

Hot coco and US arrival form

photo IMG_20140606_205043

After the meal I walked around the campus for a little while and came across this cabin seating plan.

photo IMG_20140606_173642

Soon it was almost time to land. Flying over upstate NY.

photo IMG_20140606_144353

Watching the final approach

After landing we parked at AA's terminal 8

photo IMG_20140606_151126

Some cabin shots upon landing

photo IMG_20140606_151349photo IMG_20140606_151418photo IMG_20140606_151446

It must have been the shortest immigration wait I have ever encountered at JFK. I was through to the baggage belt before my bags even arrived.

photo IMG_20140606_154402
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It was a very enjoyable flight. I was blown away by QR since I had never been on one of the gulf carriers before. Service was smooth and generous, much beyond my expectation. I understand that there is much controversy around the business of the gulf carriers but nonetheless it was a great flight from a passenger's perspective. I'm now much looking forward to my flight LHR-AUH this summer onboard a EY 380.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Comment 134316 by
    ilyes 1785 Comments
    Hi there,

    Thank you for this report! As I am planning to fly QR next time I am heading to the US, I read it carefully and God, I am looking forward to being abord this QR 777 :)

    Thanks again! Hoping you'll also be happy with the EY LHR-AUH ;)

  • Comment 134422 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for posting your QR experience full of great pics.

    When a lounge becomes that full it looses some of its exclusivity and in my humble opinion it defeats its purpose of providing an oasis of peace from the crowded public areas.

    So it seems that QR lived up to its inflight reputation as a Skytrax 5* carrier. The seafood appetizer looks good and on your second meal it even includes a piece of herring. The idea of offering an a la carte service before arrival is a nice touch.
  • Comment 134509 by
    pwecar 53 Comments
    Hi there,
    Nice to see the PRC passport! Are you also a member of FT or feeyo? ^_^
    Though the service of QR is top notch, you can hardly say their hard product meet the standard of a 5* airline, which is more crucial IMO.
  • Comment 134522 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2021 Comments
    Thank you very much for taking the time to share this very well narrated and comprehensive report.

    My lounge experiences with EY at AUH are identical, where the lounge was bloated to the point of no seating and it didn't even feel like a lounge anymore. These Gulf carriers arrange flight to orchestrate connections at their hubs, but that also means everyone is there at the same time. Lounges aren't designed to accommodate 30+ wide-bodies worth of premium class passengers at a single time. That said, the spacial environment of DOH is very nice.

    I personally don't really care for the QR cabin configurations, but it will probably get switched out soon anyways given the use of Cirrus seats in the B787 and A350.

    Catering looks very good, better than what I have seen on EY. It is also nice that they don't do tray service and instead serve single dishes at a time. I like the inclusion of pistachios as a nut, good regional contribution to the offering that you never see on other carriers.
    • Comment 314399 by
      Bo AUTHOR 15 Comments
      The QR lounge here is only a temporary one while they finish up the work on their real lounge. The overcrowding issue is probably mostly resolved by now. Is EY's lounge in AUH a permanent one? It seems like if they are going to spend so much money at outstations like LHR to build their own lounge, they can do a better job at their hub.
    • Comment 314401 by
      NGO85 SILVER 2021 Comments
      When I was there last month, there were two lounges, both ridiculously crowded. I think they have written off putting any more money into the current AUH temrinals since the new terminal is under construction. When you are there for your LHR-AUH trip, you'll see how much work has been done with the terminal.
  • Comment 134665 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6896 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this great report. Your enthusiasm for the product makes for a good read. The only criticism I could have of this seat is that it's doesn't offer full aisle access, but it seems quite comfortable and QR's 2-2-2 configuration is much more reasonable than some airlines' 2-3-2 on 777s. Business class breakfasts are typically underwhelming on US and EU carriers, so this breakfast is particularly nice in comparison. Champagne is great in the morning or anytime :-)

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