Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur London in First

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH4
Class First
Seat 2K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:40
Take-off 30 Aug 15, 09:50
Arrival at 30 Aug 15, 16:30
MH   #53 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 211 reviews
By 8991
Published on 14th October 2015
Greetings Flight-Report Community. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at this report.

For this report I will be sharing an exciting RTW adventure with several firsts and perhaps a last chance as well.

The reports will be broken down as follows:

LAX Oneworld/Qantas First Class Lounge and CX LAX-HKG (First)
CX The Pier First Class Lounge and CX HKG-CGK (Business)
MH CGK-KUL and Bonus KUL Food (Business)
MH Golden Lounge and MH KUL-LHR (First)(This report)
BA LHR-AMS (Business)
Aspire Lounge AMS and Delta AMS-PDX(Business)

Happy A380 day! I left for the airport early to enjoy the anticipation of a new Airline/Aircraft/Class combo. The journey to KLIA was made via taxi and I was deposited at the Malaysia Airlines departures area. I entered the terminal where the First Class check in was plainly visible.

photo 20150829_165332photo 20150829_165355photo 20150829_165748

There was no wait and formalities were taken care of promptly. The agent was curious and perplexed by my ticket. I guess she couldn't wrap her head around the idea that this American bloke was flying MH to London, connecting to Amsterdam, and using American Airlines miles. She asked, So when do you go to America? You're on an American Airlines ticket. Rather than bore her with my motive of wanting to fly MH first on the A380 before it's gone I just let her know I would be returning home on a couple of days.

After check in passengers descend a level and it was there I located the customs line for premium passengers. I was through quickly and into the terminal. Security check would be done at the gate. The KLIA terminal is a charming one. I get the feeling that Changi was their aspiration when designing the terminal and selecting amenities but the budget wasn't quite in the same place. The heavies seem to depart from the satellite terminal which is a short train journey form the main terminal.

Morning on the train to the satellite terminal.

photo 20150829_171130

The Satellite is also a modern and well appointed space. Complete with Changi style garden.

photo 20150829_180529

I was very tempted but didn't want to spend the money for an entire box.

photo 20150829_181001

I was curious to check out the MH Golden Lounge and keen to have a bite to eat.

photo 20150829_171534photo 20150829_182150

After having my boarding pass scanned by the smiling agents at the front of the lounge I was directed to my right. I assume the Business class was to the left.

First impressions were favorable. The entrance was visually grand.

photo 20150829_171702photo 20150829_171729

I was greeted by a staff member at the entrance and given a brief tour. I expressed that I was interested in breakfast to start my stay so I was shown to the dining room.

A table with a view. Ramp views at breakfast, a great way to start the day.

photo 20150829_172148photo 20150829_172639

I was promptly approached by a server and presented with a menu. Shame on me for neglecting to snap a picture. I also requested a sparking water and a glass of champagne.

photo 20150829_172820

To my recollection the menu was heavy on western style breakfast options. I was more interested in a nasi lemak or some sort of Malay flavors, which the small buffet satisfied nicely. A chicken curry and squid curry to accompany the nasi lemak. Just what I was after!

photo 20150829_175323photo 20150829_175330

I wouldn't call the service attentive in the dining room but with a little effort I ws able to have water refilled and champagne topped off.

After breakfast I adjourned to the seating area. I was well appointed with great ramp views again. Charging sockets were readily available.

photo 20150829_182538photo 20150829_185430

Another buffet was available in this area.

photo 20150829_182520photo 20150829_182529

Table service was also available in this area and I was asked on several occasions if there was anything I desired. Eventually I gave in and asked for a sparkling water and a cappuccino. The coffee was served with some biscuits.

photo 20150829_183224

The time had come to alight the A380 and begin the journey to London's Heathrow airport. I will note here that this flight is chronically late by +/- 2 hours. It was running about 90 min late on this day. Because, near as I can tell, the airplane flies back and forth to LHR and there is simply not enough time to keep it on schedule or to recover the schedule when there is a delay.

Boarding was underway when I arrived at the gate and the queues were very very long. The combination fo gate security screening and the high capacity aircraft made the situation reflect poorly on MH. I made my way to the head of the queue to see if there was some sort of expedited line for First and/or Business. In fact there was an entirely separate screening area, but it was closed. That's unfortunate and reflects on Malaysia's self fulfilling prophecy of not being willing or able to offer a premium experience to First Class passengers. From my vantage point I also saw that there were two screening lines running down either side of the moving sidewalk and one was significantly shorter than the other, I opted for the shorter one.

Best shot of aircraft I could muster.

photo 20150829_192123

I was greeted at the 1L door and shown to my seat by Tina, the flight attendant that would provide most of the service on the flight. I surveyed the cabin and found it to be clean and elegant looking if a bit unspectacular.

photo 20150829_192605photo 20150829_192647photo 20150829_192654

I had selected seat 2K.

photo 20150829_192615photo 20150829_192627photo 20150829_192642

The semi-enclosed suite was spacious and the materials were all of good quality. The IFE screen was a good size but suffered from a terrible glare when any light was present in the cabin.

Storage space was plentiful.

photo 20150829_192704photo 20150829_192751photo 20150829_193943

There were two other passengers in 1D & G. Tina informed me that I was welcome to move to any seats as 2K was nearest to their wet galley where they prepare the meals. I took this into consideration but decided to stay put as I had already unpacked.

You can see the galley right behind 2G.

photo 20150829_192833

No alcohol on the ground so I opted for some sparkling water. It was presented with a cool scented towel.

photo 20150829_192726

I took a look around the airplane and in fact was offered a tour but declined in that I didn't want ot be in the way of others boarding and storing their belongings.

The atairs leading up to the forward J cabin.

photo 20150829_193253photo 20150829_193307

A peek at the J cabin.

photo 20150829_193400

FA command center!

photo 20150829_193434

Stairs going down.

photo 20150829_193415

Pilot rest area.

photo 20150829_193321

I returned to my seat and Tina delivered the gift bag with the amenities for the flight.

photo 20150829_193705photo 20150829_193744

A look at the IFE screen, flight maps, and glare.

photo 20150829_194221photo 20150829_194232photo 20150829_194249

Window view from 2K.

photo 20150829_195010

The menu was presented while we were on the ground. I missed a page of the wine list :(

Our delay ended up at around 2 hours when all was said and done. While the announcements did offer an apology I think it was so common that staff don't even think of it as a delay but as the real departure time.

Some shots on climb.

photo 20150829_203002photo 20150829_203022photo 20150829_204000

The crew was up early in the climb and the chief steward/purser presented the champagne that was not available until we were airborne. I really like the looks of the stemware for the champagne.

photo 20150829_205051photo 20150829_205117

It was served with nuts and a glass of water at my request.

photo 20150829_205234

The Comtes was a new wine to me and I really, really enjoyed it. Crisp, well balanced, elegant wine. Maybe it was the vintage or the time and place but I was quite happy. More please.

Shortly after the table was set and an odd parade of dishes began. Looking back I should have insisted this be done in a totally different order but I was along for the ride and just wanted a taste of everything anyway.

First up was the satay, an MH signature dish. Chicken and beef were on offer. I would have preferred a lamb or mutton. The satay was fine but nowhere near the quality or taste of satay I have had in Singapore or Malaysia.

photo 20150829_205618photo 20150829_205625

Next up, out of order from the menu I might add, was the odd dish called hot smoked salmon. While the idea of hot smoked salmon isn't odd, I make it myself in my smoker at home, the dish was. It was a clump of salmon salad type spread, 2 prawns (not seared as the menu suggests) and a few pieces of lettuce. Not a memorable dish, in fact comically bad.

photo 20150829_211203photo 20150829_211448photo 20150829_211506

The Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2005 was flowing freely as well so that makes up for many shortcomings in the catering…

Next was a creamed pea and leek soup. It was very nice, how could it not be?

photo 20150829_212534photo 20150829_212541

Some caviar was served next. Seems to me that the delicate nature of caviar it should be placed nearer to the beginning of the meal. The presentation was visually pleasing but lacking in the details: metal spoon and lack of egg to name a couple. I still very much enjoyed it with the champagne.

photo 20150829_213457photo 20150829_213537photo 20150829_213546

For the main I selected the Ayam Panggang Johor. It was a decidedly business class main. I will compliment the flavor and texture of the protein but the vegetables were from a can and terrible.

photo 20150829_215642photo 20150829_215651

Throughout the meal I didn't stray from the Comtes as I didn't see anything on the wine list that piqued my interest. After the main I requested a pause before enjoying dessert and cheese. This was happily accommodated.

Dessert time: Chocolate and hazelnut praline with raspberry sauce. Served with a glass of port on suggestion of the flight attendant. A nice balance of richness, acid from the fruit sauce and texture.

photo 20150829_235813photo 20150829_235823

Let's check out the cheese: Brie, Danablu, and Edam.

photo 20150830_001800photo 20150830_001809

A glass of water and a Chivas 21 Royal Salute to close the proceedings. Overall it was a decidedly average meal for First Class but the presentation, pace of service, and variety were all pleasing.

photo 20150830_005416

The bed was made in 2G and I took a solid nap. The bed is very spacious. Effectively any sleeping position can be achieved. The sheets are soft and I slept well for a daytime flight.

photo 20150830_021024

In the interest of flight reporting I requested a dish form the snack menu: Noodles in vegetable broth, chicken, prawn, squid balls, and Asian greens. Nothing memorable although it's nice to look at.

photo 20150830_062709photo 20150830_062719photo 20150830_062723

Some reading, IFE time, and another nap and we were nearing London.

I ordered the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and it was served in a press. Great presentation.

photo 20150830_072525photo 20150830_072625

The arrival meal started with some grilled prawns, vegetables raita and salad.

photo 20150830_074808photo 20150830_074824

For the main I happily chose the Penang Asam Laksa. Tina was pleased with my choice and interest in Malay cuisine. We had a nice discussion on katong, asam, sarawak laksas. I was very excited for this dish and it didn't disappoint. It was sour, fishy, and spicy. Is is as good as the Asam Laksa stall near Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, no way. But it hit the important notes and was fun to have at 30,000 feet.

photo 20150830_075736photo 20150830_075754

Almost to London I took an espresso to help me have the energy to transit LHR.

photo 20150830_084425photo 20150830_083433photo 20150830_091643

A very direct approach today and no holding. Some shots on arrival.

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Malaysian Airlines Golden Satelite Lounge - First Class Section


Kuala Lumpur - KUL


London - LHR



I really enjoyed my time on Malaysia Airlines. I had very tempered expectations based on others' reviews and the general health of the airline. They are struggling financially and had well documented tragic events. Despite all of that they have some lovely, caring and competent staff who really want to make a good experience for their passengers.

The Golden Lounge was spacious and comfortable but lacked the amenities and quality food offerings of competitor's lounge offerings. I experienced attentive service and a clean space with great tarmac views.

The A380 suite is very spacious and comfortable and both a seat and a bed. I think the hard product is competitive.

The food and beverage program, except for the champagne, was more in line with J class than F. I very much appreciate the regional/Malay cuisine and it's a great way to differentiate yourself.

The service was heartfelt and thorough. It struck a perfect balance between formal, familial, and fun. This is a great asset and hopefully the company can leverage this going forward, even if the days of F class service on MH are numbered.

I really hope Christoph Mueller and his team can turn this company around and I am rooting for them. I would not hesitate to fly with them again.

Thank you for reading and happy flying!

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  • Comment 148954 by
    Caribel 113 Comments
    Your essay conveyed your immense enthusiasm and sense of discovery for a novel experience.

    Best caviar I've seen served in any carrier, competitive vintage champagne, outstanding scotch and best coffee selection.

    Serving chicken thighs, small cold shrimp, grocery store bread, pre-sliced cheese, dehydrated noodles and frozen cake slices is difficult to ignore on an F cabin. One begins to worry when no chef's name appears on the menu.

    Thanks for a thorough account and taking one along to share with you!
    • Comment 327288 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments
      Greetings Caribel and thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      Best caviar I've seen served in any carrier, competitive vintage champagne, outstanding scotch and best coffee selection.
      -You should write for their marketing team! You would have my ear if that was the advertising tag line.

      Thanks again and happy flying.
  • Comment 148969 by
    Mohd Amiruddin 38 Comments
    Good rate for MH. Good flight report sir!
    People have to give MH some chances to restrengthen their services and products.
    Maybe some people did set their mind negatively on MH so from A to Z they will rate them negatively without trying to open their eyes and look for positive sight of MH.
    MH's Bussines on A330 is an angle bed seat, and still some premium airlines have the same.
    If the neighboring carrier performed poor service some will said nevermind, maybe... But if MH did the same, people will condemned them. Those who dislikes MH will rated them to the bottom while others carriers will be rated above.
    Those who read this, give a chance and get a try on MH products.
    I wrote this as Malaysian that believe MH would stand higher in the future.
    • Comment 327289 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments
      Greetings Mohd Amiruddin and thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

      Those who read this, give a chance and get a try on MH products.
      I wrote this as Malaysian that believe MH would stand higher in the future.
      -I certainly hope so. MH has a lot to offer the traveling public and I hope for nothing but the best for the staff and customers.

      Happy flying!
  • Comment 148984 by
    Anton Suwandi 7 Comments
    Thank you for your report as I really enjoyed reading it. I think MH First class seat on A380 is definitely one of the best even I never tried it. Too bad that they only operate it to LHR now. There are even news article stating that MH will replace A380 with A350 to LHR once it delivered which is so sad for me. I can only hope MH could rise up once again to become one of the best.
    • Comment 327290 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments
      Greetings Anton Suwandi and thanks for reading my flight report and leaving a comment.

      I can only hope MH could rise up once again to become one of the best.
      -Me too! They have some great employees so that's a good foundation to build on.

      Thanks again and happy flying.
  • Comment 149000 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6425 Comments
    Mission accomplished, you got to fly a Malaysia A380 before they leave the fleet (if they leave the fleet). Great report as always, but I'm left with mixed feelings about this product in general. The lounge looks nice, but you shouldn't have to wait for water in a First class lounge. Then there's the clusterf*** of a boarding experience. IMO that's completely unacceptable for F--especially on a 5-star carrier. AF, a 4-star airlines has attendants that personally escort F pax from the lounge to the aircraft directly from the tarmac. Onboard the cabin looks good and the service attentive, but there's something a bit amateurish about it.

    The food and beverage program, except for the champagne, was more in line with J class than F.
    ...and the caviar and the amount of courses

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 327343 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments
      Hi KevinDC and thanks for the comments. got to fly a Malaysia A380 before they leave the fleet (if they leave the fleet).
      - Sure sounds like Q4 2017 A350 will displace A380 on the KUL-LHR route. Aill the A380 find another home, perhaps, but I'm not hopeful.

      Onboard the cabin looks good and the service attentive, but there's something a bit amateurish about it.
      - I can agree with this sentiment but the sincerity in which the service is delivered makes up for it, IMO.

      Take care and happy flying.
  • Comment 150570 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR with us!

    Lounge doesn’t ooze luxury, but at least you can take in a nice meal overlooking the tarmac.

    I agree with your assessment on the catering, it doesn’t look that far off J. Nothing really stood out looking at the pictures other than maybe the plating (using real plates versus ramekins). The starter for your first meal definitely set the tone for the meal: “comically bad.” Serving the midnight snack from a tray is a no-no in F.

    I can’t really speak from experience, but it doesn’t look like an overly convincing F product, a lot like CX (as an Asian 5* comparison). It can’t really compare to SQ or GA F reports I’ve seen. But it’s the experience that counts and it’s something you can check off your to-do list and that’s what matters to those of us that are passionate about flying.
  • Comment 153151 by
    Mikhil 25 Comments
    Thanks for your well detailed report! It's always lovely to have crew who try their best to make a difference. MH has always been known for its service.
    I agree that one can't compare the Suites Class experience provided by SQ/EK but this seemed like a pleasant experience. You're lucky to try this out before they do away with the A380!
    Thanks and Happy Flying as always

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