Review of Air Canada flight Montreal Toronto in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC431
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 19 Oct 15, 22:00
Arrival at 19 Oct 15, 22:50
AC   #19 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 379 reviews
Published on 29th October 2015
Hi all,

This segment is about the flight from Montreal to Toronto and a tour around Montreal airport:

The check in hall

photo 22420449695_e7f1b38b21_b

photo 22232953160_a37d2ed909_b

photo 21799789813_85b5cb81ac_b
Cool map screens

photo 22232943980_8ef05c3108_b

Security Check for gates

photo 22420891335_f99cf941c9_b
Post security

photo 21798149544_3167a89066_b

Domestic gates area

photo 21798146364_3c60b46a10_b

photo 22431757371_fb49eb9108_b

photo 21798139764_53bbb3c730_b

photo 22431750861_6781385452_b

photo 22234063719_7cf533e5d7_b

photo 22394887366_3992fc586b_b

photo 22420861535_fe2f51efdb_b

photo 22233159968_32350ab7f9_b

photo 22420854385_a7d814d191_b

Exploring the satellite gates

photo 22232902790_073f2aa92e_b

photo 21799740553_fe53ac4b56_b

photo 21799736833_4be63fb3b5_b

photo 22407642732_ee3d0e9b22_b

photo 21799727543_96fa7085fe_b

photo 22233134968_040142a1e5_b

photo 22394852646_b81deb548c_b

photo 22431705451_67e1140690_b

photo 21799714253_8732fbfe2e_b

photo 22394842656_ca5a5e4667_b

photo 22394840406_e9966d47ec_b

photo 22232865170_158b992edd_b

photo 22234005649_806ef11fcd_b

photo 22431686611_6651bc7a0d_b

photo 22431682941_9e605d4326_b

Goimng back to the main terminal

photo 22407602112_4a6798cd1a_b

photo 22394818736_b1f0a99b67_b

photo 22233987209_df26120c16_b

photo 22233980989_11e77f42ff_b

photo 22233978739_3d76915924_b

Our gate to Toronto, empty now

photo 21798043424_022beafb31_b

What I love about Montreal airport is that you can roam freely to the international section of the terminal and browse there with no passport control between the domestic and international sides, which is great

The Int’l section

photo 22233079938_1b3cd94deb_b

photo 22420770465_594cd2e0b6_b
AC to Paris

photo 21797707434_f6f6896ec9_b

photo 21799658793_7389e6ccba_b

photo 22431643541_f350ede190_b

photo 21798024294_8da1c32138_b

photo 22431636751_84382e0d44_b

photo 22420756155_f39ef19c6d_b

photo 22431630481_31b63c7b2e_b

photo 22233049248_820ca15ef7_b

photo 22233937759_6bbfce72cc_b

photo 22233934969_bb6ac23568_b

photo 22232788940_92512c6fba_b

LH to Munich

photo 22407534162_cb2a11c693_b

photo 21799611283_96acd5f753_b
Air Transat to Marseilles

photo 21799621633_7e049e1f2d_b

photo 22233030048_e29d08ebcf_b

A peak at the under construction new addition to the terminal

photo 22407519482_5f5b88b9db_b

photo 22233909099_d1389c43a9_b

photo 21799585223_7055a5fc22_b

photo 22431558641_a7549f69eb_b

photo 21797954284_e9f3f53829_b

photo 22233884369_7b2908d981_b

photo 22407487422_e460ccc3ff_b

photo 22431558641_a7549f69eb_b


photo 22420675915_d957475ab9_b

photo 22232975658_d4903ffc46_b

photo 21797933434_b2c9942202_b

BA 787 just arrived from Heathrow

photo 22431531311_8042bb6c4b_b

Royal Air Maroc just arrived from Casablanca

photo 22420650535_44fba87a00_b

photo 22431522051_9cf54f2bb5_b

photo 22407444782_c8276f069a_b

photo 22407442412_d0ecc75275_b

photo 22431513931_39598cbd68_b

Our plane to Toronto

photo 22233822609_97097ffa9a_b

photo 22233819159_7403f39149_b

photo 22394640846_d937745246_b

photo 22420615085_74b4a3b4f1_b

photo 22431488391_d3d3c70826_b

photo 22431482991_d8d69a2e19_b

Take off

photo 22420601635_353231af45_b

photo 22232646770_b6156cc4f4_b

photo 21797856034_5188d4c8be_b

photo 22233786509_9b685ece17_b

AC used to hand out free ear phones before but now they sell them for $3.50

photo 21797849884_386a8e5177_b

Pretzel service

photo 22232635340_8eb91c9fca_b

photo 22420582035_ca90b36703_b

photo 22431458001_ddb82dbf46_b

Landing in Toronto

photo 22394599126_ea68cabef7_b

photo IMG_8447_zpshjavtrsc

photo IMG_8444_zpsxhe9ttkv

photo IMG_8451_zpsessq4zny

photo IMG_8453_zpsglkpklmr

photo IMG_8462_zpsyoqu1lbk

Getting off the plane into the domestic terminal

photo 22232626700_b15a4a88b3_b

photo 22431449961_28373cb556_b

photo 22431446691_ee33432556_b

photo 21797829194_12be1d23e7_b

photo 22420562195_7dd90a42ce_b

photo 22420558775_a740fa1248_b

The domestic baggage claim area

photo 21797819044_1b5a2864b2_b

photo 22420551765_235ea724d0_b

photo 21797811744_ac07d6c754_b

photo 21799327003_5c04154b1f_b

photo 22232597320_1dbe4ee303_b

For the bonus I’m adding some of my pictures from my plane spotting at Toronto’s airport

photo 21583807500_b8ce9fc533_b

photo 21584829689_7540526565_b

photo 21760010932_16bf35d79a_b

photo 21745533686_9637afc92c_b

photo 21150608923_01d6091138_b

photo 21584752299_6f99bd9aa1_b

photo 21771585375_069af50e3b_b

photo 21584676169_70851841d3_b

photo 21583679628_fdeda20ea9_b

photo 21583674718_4154e5e438_b

photo 21771514275_c02059ee08_b

photo 21584627249_6bb374b0f3_b

photo 21764401389_72ebdb1b5a_b

photo 21328551864_8366446916_b

photo 21763428028_41f59a4c61_b

photo 21763402458_7447a8c386_b

photo 21961034091_9ba6dc0a68_b

Plane for the NDP party of Canada during the Canadian Federal elections

photo 21764358079_e9b933242f_b

photo 21763385188_5cf371ea33_b

photo 21330104003_80b80175af_b

photo 21328497904_f62180a8e0_b

photo 21939138622_50bd39a86d_b

photo 21330101493_365122a274_b

photo 21925051726_6a0a6d4d2f_b

photo 21763135180_1e5f7c6ef8_b

photo 21763345408_a616266c0d_b

photo 21960975891_367c9f7a9d_b

photo 21951187075_6ef4779cf9_b

photo 21960973551_f30f9a8c2b_b

photo 21937511250_110a986347_b

photo 22135795761_afb1644557_b

photo 22113124002_c3fd5f3439_b

photo 21502846654_0e2c3d3a21_b

photo 21504562613_3c343db89d_b

photo 21504552553_5a4ea5edf2_b

photo 22099475826_e8a7b6a42f_b

photo 21502827904_03c332aa39_b

photo 22099453066_88917c388d_b

photo 21937759038_8ccb09d3af_b

photo 22099435816_e0247f391e_b

photo 21938701829_2ef2009eb5_b

photo 21937421040_59d9eb3bf4_b

photo 21938689659_0ed5630c95_b


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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.0

Montreal - YUL


Toronto - YYZ



Overall a comfortable flight with AC. The A320 seats are comfortable. Montreal's airport is very nice and clean. The domestic side is a bit older but the international side is very nice and reminds me a lot of Vancouver's airport.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air Canada avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 18 minutes.

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