Review of Finnair flight Helsinki Brussels in Business

Airline Finnair
Flight AY811
Class Business
Seat 8L
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 28 Oct 15, 07:35
Arrival at 28 Oct 15, 09:15
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Published on 11th November 2015

Good morning y'all,

I had a very precise objective for the last holidays: not to spend them in Strasbourg. It may be a beautiful city, when all the students go back to their original regions to see their family, Strasbourg becomes totally boring. In addition, with all the Asian travels I've done in the past two years, I started to love traveling and discovering other countries and cultures.

I first thought about London, but I finally didn't chose this destination, because I will certainly study Aeronautics there for one year. I also thought about Greece. I always dreamed to see the world famous Skiathos airport, called The European SXM. But I finally chosee something better.

The last idea of my short list was finally the best one: Helsinki. To tell the truth, the main goal of this short travel was to take Finnair's A350, given the fact that I still regret my last QR flight when the schedulded A350 was changed in a much more usual Boeing 777 (DOH-FRA).
As a great part of my holiday is allocated to work, my stay in Finland will be very short. Outbound flight on Oct 25th, return flight three days later. The A350 flight will then be the return flight, from Helsinki to Brussels.
This flight was not originally to be operated by an A350. Indeed, the HEL-PVG should have been operated by the A350 since Oct 21st, as Finnair should have already received their second A350, Whiskey Bravo (Oneworld livery), at that time. Thanks to this delay, the European A350 tour continues to make some European Avgeeks happy.

I did not hesitate longer, and 262€ later, the FRA-HEL-BRU routing is booked.

About a week before departure, I received this awesome mail from Finnair:

photo Capture1photo Capture2

It was a 89€ upgrade offer. A golden occasion to fly the A350 aboard Finnair's Business Class. I did not hesitate and as soon as I received this e-mail, I got my 89€ upgrade to Business Class. This will then be my very first Business Class flight. There is no best way to have a first Business Class flight!

Here is the very simple routing:

  1. FRA-HEL, Airbus A319, Finnair, Economy, October 25th 2015, AY822. Soon
  2. HEL-BRU, Airbus A350-900, Finnair, Business, October 21st 2015, AY811. Right here

photo Capture

I wanted to start with the most important. The FRA-HEL flight is boringly classical on a very usual A319, even if it will be the first FR on this route.

On-line check in is possible 36 hours prior depature. I choose the 8L seat which offer a gorgeous wing view, as Dantorp showed in one of its famous Youtube videos.
photo Capture4

But first, here is a short Tourism Bonus. Even if the main goal of this stay was to take the A350 flight, it also gave me the opportunity to spend two days in Helinski. Helinski is a cold (-4°C during my stay, down to -25°C in winter) city but it is one of the most beautiful cities I visited so far.
If I had 3 more days, I would probably have gone to the North to see the famous Aurora Borealis, in Rovianemi. There is a hotel there from which it is possible to see them. If you want to see it, the best chances are in September and October. But it is still a very aleatory phenomenon. In Rovianemi, the hotel proposes to wake you up in the case it happens.


Helsinki is a very pleasant city, with a reasonable size (only 600 000 inhabitants) and the cold temperatures did not prevent me from visiting a great part of it, even if two days is much too short.

The very beautiful orthodox Uspenski cathedral, built in 1868 with a very nice Byzantine and Slavic style. It is the most important Greek Orhodox church in Europe.
photo DSC_1050photo DSC_1054

Another cathedrale. This one is Tuomiokirkko, a Lutherian cathedral, built on the Senate square by Carl Ludvig Engel. By day:
photo DSC_1109photo DSC_1116

By night:
photo DSC_1173photo DSC_1183photo DSC_1188

The same Tuomiokirkko cathedral, seen from Torni tower. It is a 14-floor tower built in 1928. It is free to access from 2pm from the Torni hotel, even for those who don't have a room in the hotel. The view is certainly the best view of Helsinki you can have. Vincent-TLS showed the same view in his HEL-BCN FR, the first Business Class FR about Finnair's A350:
photo DSC_1270

photo DSC_1275

Linnunlaulu, a beautiful promenade around Töölo bay, especially with those beautiful yellow and orange autumnal colors!
photo DSC_1321photo DSC_1355

The Finnair Skywheel, which tastes a little like the end of my short stay in Finland:
photo DSC_1402


How to go to HEL ?

Going to the airport is quite easy from the city. You can either take the train from the central Railway station to Lentoasema (the airport railways station), it costs 5€ and is 24/7, or the Finnair city bus which starts at 5 am and costs 6€30. It also departs from the Railway Station and serves both terminals in HEL. The Bus takes 25 to 30 minutes to reach HEL. The train is a little longer.

I choose the second way. I will then have two hours to see the Finnair lounge in HEL, which opens at 5:30 am. It has also been reported by Vincent-TLS (

It is precisely 5:30 am and -4°C when I arrive at HEL airport, terminal 2.

Helinski airport

I arrive directly in front of this big FIDS:
photo DSC_1403

The flight is scheduled on time. As I checked in on line and as I only have carry on pieces of luggage, I go directly to the safety filters. There is no priority queue for Business Class passengers as announced on the boarding pass.

The filters are passed very rapidly, in only three minutes. The airport is not very bright, and not more modern.
photo DSC_1404

It is hard not to see the lounge entry:
photo DSC_1405

Finnair lounge

The welcoming is not very warm. No smile. I hardly heard a Good morning. It is 6 pm and there is no one inside. The lounge is not very large, and I don't really like its decoration and its design. I think it is like the terminal, not very birght, not enough sapcious and not really modern. It is a little narrow, and it will become narrower when it will be crowded an hour later.
photo DSC_1413photo DSC_1417

There is much choice for breakfast. The offer is not wider than the one reported by Vincent-TLS. If you don't like eggs, cheese of ham at breakfast, this lounge is not for you. An alternative is also hardly proposed by some cereals.
photo DSC_1408

The vegetables offer is not wider:

photo DSC_1414photo DSC_1409photo DSC_1416

Here are the beverages, alcohols and soft drinks. An Orange juice will be enough for me this morning:
photo DSC_1410photo DSC_1411

photo DSC_1412

photo DSC_1407photo DSC_1415

Here is my breakfast then:
photo DSC_1406

At least, the wifi is totally free here, even if it is slow sometimes:
photo DSC_1418

It is enough to read some interesting reports, including the excellentDe SCL-JFK proposed by FlyingVinny aboard LAN's 787-9 ( My corporate photograph:
photo DSC_1419

I verify that my flight is still schedulded with an A350, given my previous misadventure, even if I have no doubts. But one of the websites still shows an E190 for this flight…

Since my entry in this lounge, it has become much more crowded:
photo DSC_1420

Near a private square, there is a screen that displays today's flights. Mine is still scheduled on time.
photo DSC_1421

The Sun is raising up and I can now see some of the birds that slept in HEL. This lounge offers a nice view on the runways, allowing us to see some Long Haul flights arriving from Asia, such as an A330 and an A340, as well as a KLM 737-700 in front of us:
photo DSC_1422photo DSC_1423

But the reflection on the glass doesn't help me to take photos:
photo DSC_1425

There are some enjoyable relaxing areas in the lounge:
photo DSC_1426

There are also some private areas with Macs to geek.

The toilets are small and narrow. At least they are clean.
photo DSC_1427photo DSC_1428


5min before boarding, I'm heading to Gate 22. It takes 9min to reach the gate, as announced by the screen in the lounge. I have to walk to the end of the terminal:
photo DSC_1429

A few meters further, the terminal has become much brighter and more friendly. The dark gray has now changed into a much more welcoming brown:
photo DSC_1430photo DSC_1431

Here is the A350 that will bring me to BRU:
photo DSC_1432

Oops, here it is. There is no suspense about its registration: it's OH-LWA.
photo DSC_1434

If some of you still have doubts about whether it is an A350 or not:
photo DSC_1438photo DSC_1439

Even if its size is of course much less impressive than the A380, it is still an event to fly a brand new airplane like the A350 espacially on such Short Haul routes. And thanks to this European tour, Finnair did a big advertising accross Europe. Finnair and Pekka Vauramo (its CEO) are very ambitious with their hub strategy between Europe and Asia. Indeed, they will replace their 7 A340 with not less than 19 A350s. It will help us open new routes in Asia and connect them to the whole Europe.

No priority queue for boarding nether. It's a Schengen flight and there is only one bridge. That's probably the explanation.

photo DSC_1441


The welcoming is very warm by a very nice crew. Here is the gorgeous wing view, from seat 8L in the first and biggest Business Class cabin (there is a second Business Class cabin behind this one).
photo DSC_1443

I will give more details about the seat later. The legroom is very enjoyable:
photo DSC_1444

My two windows are very large, much larger than in the A330 for instance. They are probably less large than the 787 windows, and above all their opacity is not ajustable. But, as Marathon said in his comment on the French version of this FR, it's only a gadget, and the disadvantage of the adjustable opacity is that the crew can control it and darken for the entire flight (what is very usual on some airlines). They also don't have the electrical command that can be found on QR's A350 (see Denzee's FR: On AY, it is the much more classical system we all know:
photo DSC_1445

To finish the comparison with QR, QR's Business Class is at another level with their very elegant Wood decoration. On Finnair, it is much more sober, but it is still a very nice cabin.

Here is the connectivity. A 110V electric current is available:
photo DSC_1446

As well as an USB plug, the seat control and the screen remote control. But it's not the most comfortable place for the seat control, as it is very close (probably too close) to the body.

The safety card, the magazine, the catalog are stowed is this location:
photo DSC_1447

A record has been broken, the boarding is done in less than 10 minutes. Only one quarter of the Business Class seats are occupied, despite the 89€ upgrade offer. 5 min before the scheduled departure time, the defrost starts, what gives me enough time to present the IFE and its camera views:
photo DSC_1448photo DSC_1449

It has a very enjoyable resolution and is very reactive. But its content is not available on this short-haul flight. By the way, 2h40 is certainly to short to start and finish some movies. Especially the Wolf of Wall Street (2 hours 59 min…).

Here are the two camera views, with a very good resolution. They are also proposed on the A380. Very enjoyable, especially for those who don't have a window seat:
photo DSC_1450photo DSC_1451

Side arrangements, and the armrest:
photo DSC_1452photo DSC_1453photo DSC_1454

The shelf is not really large and looks like an Economy cabin shelf. It is far smaller that what can be found in QR's A350s for example:
photo DSC_1456photo DSC_1457photo DSC_1458

The belt:
photo DSC_1466

At 7:40 am, the defrost has be done and we are now able to push back:
photo DSC_1460

The Rolls Royce Trent XWB start up with a nice kerosen smell. There is not any comparison possible with the Boeing 777-300ER GE90-115B or the 777-200LR -110B. We take off after a 5min taxi.

By the way, let me propose you a sound comparison between the 777 and the A350 engines, with exactly the same engine view. Both videos have been recorded with the same camera (Nikon D3100):

We climb toward FL410 in a very relaxing silence. Again, nothing comparable with the A380. But it is still far quieter than all the Boeing airplanes I've flown. I didn't fly the 787 yet, but it the A350 seems quieter than the 787, the feelings are almost unanimous on FR.
photo DSC_1474photo DSC_1477photo DSC_1478

The wing is absolutely beautiful. The wingflex can't be compared with the 787, the 777 or even the A330, but it does not make it less beautiful:
photo DSC_1480

The reading light:
photo DSC_1475photo DSC_1476

The modern display shows that the seatbelts can now be unfastened:
photo DSC_1481

With no central luggage compartments, the cabin looks very spacious. The blue mood lighting:
photo DSC_1483

About the IFE now. It very reactive and has a very good resolution. The movies choice is very wide, as well as the series:

photo DSC_0001photo DSC_0002photo DSC_0003

But there is temporarily no music nor games.
I just can't get rid of the camera views:
photo DSC_1485photo DSC_1486

About the crew, it is probably the Business Class effect. But it was the best crew I've ever had in flight, and when I read all the J FRs, I rarely find a crew that exceptional. As I was taking many photos, they probably guessed that I was doing a Flight Report, or more probably, it was due to the low cabin filling. But still, they were adorable, smiling, joking and in an excellent mood. One of them explained me how he loves photography when he saw my D3100, and added that he would like to add a bigger lens. That's why he was running through this cabin he said.
He also told me about the delivery delays about the A350. Finnair was due to receive four A350s before the end of the year, but they will get three, in the better case. It also explains teh delay about the HEL-PVG route.

The adorable Cabin Responsible was flying for the first time in the A350 and told me how she was excited.

A very shot oshibori has been distributed:
photo DSC_0006

I have enough time to explore the Geovision before the my second breakfast. It shows airspeed, and altitude like in the Cockpit in a very realstic way. It also proposes wing views and cockpit views. It is very modern, precise and detailed. Isn't it, Doge ?

Even better, very precised details are given about the origin and destination cities, with their history, transport information, practical information and tourism information as well. For Helsinki, the unmissable Tuomiokirkko cathedral:
photo DSC_0008photo DSC_0009

All is going well:
photo DSC_0013photo DSC_0014

Very discrete moon over the horizon:
photo DSC_0017

Here is the breakfast, brought by hand, no trolley. But no menu neither. It is my second breakfast, but it's ok for me:
photo DSC_0018

An Orange juice is brought later by my good friend, as well as the bread and a French Croissant:
photo DSC_0021

Metal cultery, with the Finnair autograph:
photo DSC_0022

Even if the presentation is not the best possible, especially given the shelf size, it was delicious. The… salmon omelette - quite usual in Finland - was excellent, as well as the vegetables.

After asking me if it was my very first time aboard an A350, my steward friend proposed me to toast to this occasion. He brought this bottle of champagne (Nicolas Feuillate).
photo DSC_0024photo DSC_0025

I tried to make some original photographs, sometimes without success:
photo DSC_0026photo DSC_0034photo DSC_0035

Better with the windows:
photo DSC_0042

The mood-lighting did not change
photo DSC_0038photo DSC_0041

Here are the toilets. Very clean, and modern. The water temperature adjustment is very similair to what can be found on the A380.
photo DSC_0045photo DSC_0046photo DSC_0055

The mood-lighting has now turned blue and green. It has a taste of Aurora Borealis, that is a huge touristical attracction in Finland.
photo DSC_0052

Let's talek about the seat now. In sitting position:
photo DSC_0054photo DSC_0071

It is a very nice seat. Sober, but nice. I found it comfortable is this sitting position.

The mode can be changed into the bed position within about 30 seconds by maintaining the corresponding button pushed. My steward friend kindly lended me a pillow from the above compartment in order to try this mode:
photo DSC_0062photo DSC_0065

My verdict: Even if this seat, which is the same on Vietnam Airlines 787-9 and A350 (see Travip report:, is comfortable for a Short-Haul or Medium-Haul flight, I think it could become tough or even uncomfortable for long night flights to Asia, espacially in bed mode and if you're tall. It's ok for me. But the legroom, which was awesome in sitting mode, is now tight for my feet (see below).
photo DSC_0074

Your Flight-reporter, phorographed by the famous steward:
photo DSC_0056

The view from the bed:
photo DSC_0058photo DSC_0059

The safety card:
photo DSC_0075photo DSC_0076

On-board shopping:
photo DSC_0080photo DSC_0082

The vomitbag, with the Finnair autograph:
photo DSC_0081photo DSC_0066

The Cabin Responsible proposes me to keep an on-board shopping catalog for the day I will come back to Finland, what I accept with pleasure.

We start our descent to Brussels 40minutes before the scheduled arrival time. I must not forget to photograph the gorgeous winglet, and the engine before sinking in the Belgian clouds:.
photo DSC_0087photo DSC_0091

Here is the approach and landing video:

Shortly after a hard touchdown and an energetic braking, we arrive to our remote stand near our little neighbour, an A319. We are 5 min late.
photo DSC_0100photo DSC_0101photo DSC_0104

The crew warmly told me It was really nice to meet you while leaving the airplane. One of them asked: Will you come back. I naturally answered Of course, I wanna see the Aurora Borealis one day. My friend then pointed the mood-lighting and said You already saw it in flight!!.

Remote stand means paxbus and an excellent opportunity to take outside photos of this beautiful bird before getting in the Cobus 2700. Last view of the Trent XWB engines:
photo DSC_0106photo DSC_0107

And I not alone to take photos of the A350. Many passengers want to immortalize the event:
photo DSC_0108photo DSC_0109

See you soon, I hope, A350:
photo DSC_0110
See more



Cabin crew10.0

Finnair Shengen Lounge


Helsinki - HEL


Brussels - BRU



To conclude, it was a very good Short-Haul/Medium-Haul flight on a very relaxing and quiet airplane (thanks to the less dry air also). But some points could be easily improved, this cabin has a great potential.


Cabin comfort: It was my very first Business Class flight in my young Flight-Reporter life. So I could have been less rigourous, especially about the seat, given my lack of experience inside a J cabin. But I read many Flight Reports about Business Classes in general and then tried to be more objective.
It's a very nice cabin, but the seat could be a little tough, and depending on how tall the passenger is, the legroom could be a little tight in the bed mode. In addition, the shelf size is similar to an Economy Class shelf.

Cabin crew: It was a TOP Cabin crew. I just can't put less than 10.

Catering: It is not a Long-Haul meal, so the quantity is not huge and could have been better. But it was still a very good breakfast, even if the shefl size limits theplateau size.

IFE: Very nice IFE, modern and reactive. Very wide movies and series choice, but not a single game or a single music track available on this flight. No hearphones also for this flight.

Punctuality: 5 min late at departure and arrival.



Quality and Comfort: I let 5, because it was my first lounge experience. It is also the maximum I could give.

Entertainment: The wifi was a little slow, but totally free. Some newspapers, including French newspapers were available.

Staff: This staff were not welcoming at all, and didn't give me the desire to come back.

Catering: Not much choice. My selection was good enough, but it could have been much better.


Nothing to add. Clean airport, but not really bright and I would even say antiquated.


Not better than Orly, for example.

Thanks a lot for reading me,

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  • Comment 150375 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments
    Comprehensive flight report, great photos. The pictures of the winglet and the front of the engine are GORGEOUS!
  • Comment 150565 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this fantastic FR with the English community.

    This Cirrus product on AY does look tighter than normal. The footwell looks smaller and the tray table makes me think it is narrower too (the foldout is cut-off, not the case on other carriers)? Having said that, the AY cabins always look great with their contemporary designs and soft colors.

    The breakfast offering looks consistent with what you’d get as a second meal on a long-haul flight. It could always be better, but not a bad offering.

    IFE looks really good; the knock on IFE scoring is lack of headphones?

    Fantastic tarmac shots at the end, always a treat to do paxbus for AV geeks.

    Pretty harsh on the Finnair Lounge; it reminds me of the SAS Lounge in CPH, which is not necessarily a good thing ;)
    • Comment 328541 by
      fernousdu972 AUTHOR 1074 Comments
      You're welcome!

      It was my very first time on a Cirrus seat, but you're probably right :) But the cabin looks great, indeed.

      Lack of headphones, and lack of Music and Games also.

      Thanks a lot for the compliments and your comment :)
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    I'm late to the party, lol, but thanks for sharing this great and detailed report! There's a lot of Finnair A350 reports right now, so it's easy to miss one thinking I already read it, haha.

    Good morning y'all - I like the y'all :-) Have you lived in the Southern US?

    Wow, 89 Euros for an upgrades! Heck yes--anyone would be crazy to turn that down! I didn't know Finnair offered last-minute upgrades like that. Good to know!

    Great picture throughout--I like the look of the cabin. Nice pics of Helsinki--looks like you had some great weather.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 328774 by
      fernousdu972 AUTHOR 1074 Comments
      It's never too late to read a Flight Report haha.
      Indeed, and with 18 left to be delivered, it will become easier and easier to miss one of them!

      Have you lived in the Southern US? No, I've never been to the US yet! I just like this welcoming and friendly way to say Hello and to introduce a FR :)

      About the upgrade, I read it several times, trying to find a zero missing somewhere after the 9 or between the 8 and the 9 LOL. The upgrade offer was valid only for 48h but I didn't hesitate for a single second.

      Yes, I was very lucky. It wasn't even that cold.

      Thanks for the comment!

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