Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Mulhouse / Bâle Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL 1986
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 05 Dec 15, 11:00
Arrival at 05 Dec 15, 12:30
WA   #26 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 471 reviews
By GOLD 1202
Published on 18th December 2015

Hi everyone, a new series of flights before New Year :)

My first intention was to go to Yukon where a school friend of mine opened a coffee in Dawson city. As I was there last year, I was hoping to return. But he decided to come back to France for winter and close the coffee for the cold season. As I wanted to go to cold anyway, I changed my mind and switched to Alaska.

Alaska can be (and is) very expensive. A bit of research later, I found a good deal from Brussels for EUR 1'700. - (a flight out of Basel would have been EUR 3'500.-) in business.

To go to BRU I had the choice between EasyJet and KLM. EZS was around EUR 80. - without luggage. Saturday flights are usually pretty expensive to BRU. KL offered the one way for EUR 200. - but I needed a return flight as well (my long haul ticket was due to leave from BRU and be back to CDG, onwards to BRU with the train that I would not take). KLM considers BRU and CDG in the same fare zone, and a quick research later, I found a round trip BSL - AMS - BRU // CDG - BSL at a promotional fare of EUR 150.-

Now you got the beginning and the end of the trip. For the rest, I leave a bit of suspense :)

  • EuroAirport - Amsterdam / J KLM E190: Here we are
  • Amsterdam - Brussels / Y KLM F70: soon
  • Brussels - XXX :
  • XXX - XXX :
  • XXX - XXX :
  • XXX - XXX :
  • XXX - XXX :
  • XXX - XXX :

    In between:
  • XXX - XXX
  • XXX - XXX
  • XXX - XXX
  • XXX - XXX

  • XXX - XXX
  • XXX - CDG
  • CDG - EuroAirport / Y AF E170

After the terror attacks in Paris, there are again border checks at the EAP, and a separation between domestic and international flights has been re-set. French flights (CDG - ORY for AF, NCE, TLS, and NTE for EZS) leave from a separate domestic side. And there is no way to go from the domestic to the international part airside. Keeping in mind that EAP's lounge is at the international side, domestic passengers can't access it anymore.

The airport is not that busy this morning, I head to my favorite lounge:

photo DSC_1016

Quite foggy today:

photo DSC_1012

CRK for ORY and Air Berlin's A319:

photo DSC_1011photo DSC_1013

DHL - A300 Cargo and a 737C:

photo DSC_1014photo DSC_1015

Not for me, RYR, 738:

photo DSC_1017

Again, the CRK to ORY and the E70 to CDG:

photo DSC_1018photo DSC_1023

LH 737-300 to FRA:

photo DSC_1024photo DSC_1025photo DSC_1026

Departure screen:

photo DSC_1020photo DSC_1021

Some of the food offerings:

photo DSC_1019

My selection not that much as there's going to be a meal in the plane:

photo DSC_1022

I upgraded this flight at time of checking, KLM did propose an upgrade for EUR 49.- but only for that leg. The AMS BRU was sold at … EUR 119.-

I took the first leg upgrade opportunity and left the other ^^

At boarding time I head to the gate, priorities are respected, very nice welcome from the purser.

The cabin:

photo DSC_1027photo DSC_1028

Didn't know that:

photo DSC_1029

Before door closure, the purser comes to see each business traveler and announces us that there won't be any meal service as no catering had been uploaded for business class in Amsterdam. It will be coach service for all.

This isn't acceptable. The plane landed at 10AM at the EAP, there is a catering provider Gate Gourmet, and there was plenty of time in the hour turnaround to upload 5 meals or at least 5 sandwiches. The purser was really sorry for that, but for a business ticket, this is in no way something to do.

The seat pitch:

photo DSC_1030

Safety card:

photo DSC_1031photo DSC_1032photo DSC_1033

Push back in front of the Easy Farm, some little airplanes from the aviation school and very powerful take off. While taking off, you'll see BA's 319 to LHR, TK's 739 to IST, FedEx’s 757, Jet aviation and the new cargo area with EK's 77F:

Some nice shoots over Basel:

Foggy valleys:

And the great lunch we had:

photo DSC_0023photo DSC_0024photo DSC_0025

Again, the purser apologized for the inconvenience…

We arrive into Netherlands airspace:

photo DSC_0027

Air to Air with Emirates and Iberia Express:

photo DSC_0028photo DSC_0030photo DSC_0031

Almost landed:

photo DSC_0032photo DSC_0033photo DSC_0035


Dash 8-400 Fly Be and some locals:

We blocked on time, pax bus to reach the terminal. I only have a short 45' minutes connection, I hope my suitcase will follow :)

Stay tune for the next part!
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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew9.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Amsterdam - AMS



The cabin is pretty comfy for such a short flight, the crew was very nice but the catering deserves nothing better than a zero. Newspapers were offered onboard.

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    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thank you for starting this yearly odyssey to the frozen tundra of Alaska.

    LH 737-300 to FRA
    - I'm surprised these haven't all ended up in storage yet...

    KLM did propose an upgrade for EUR 49.- but only for that leg. The AMS BRU was sold at ... EUR 119.-
    - The prices seem very sporadic since a different report had AMS-FRA at closer to EUR 150.

    This isn't acceptable.
    - Why wasn't this plane catered in AMS for both legs? No booked J passengers at the time of catering since all were upgrades at the airport? Interested to see what your complaint gets you in terms of miles... hopefully more than EUR 49 worth ;) Either way, if the plane wasn't catered in AMS, they should have known at the time of your paid upgrade and informed you of this.

    Standard E-Jet seat but with Y snacks, not quite the C experience.

    Great spotting at BSL and AMS and the air-to-air with the EK A380 was excellent.

    See you for the next one as I creep through the series.

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