Review of Alaska Airlines flight Anchorage Fairbanks in Domestic First

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS 167
Seat 03A
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 08 Dec 15, 23:05
Arrival at 08 Dec 15, 23:55
AS   #36 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 77 reviews
By GOLD 1857
Published on 18th December 2015

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So, after being at the gate at 10:05 I rushed out of the plane. My next flight is at 11:05P and I need to collect my suitcase and recheck. Check in closure time is 10:25P.

I arrived at the carousel at around 0:10 and prayed that my case would be among the first to come out. It was third. Lucky day today, at least ^^

I picked up my luggage at 10:15 and rushed again to the check in kiosk, I got my boarding pass at 10:20P. There are two people before me at the bag drop, but I'll be on time to drop it off. I think I was one of the most relieved person on earth that evening :p

Quite a lots of people at TSA but thanks to my First Class boarding pass I could skip the cue. I arrived at the boarding gate right on time for the scheduled boarding time that had not begun yet. I then spot a 737-400Combi to Prudhoe Bay:

photo DSC_0360

Boarding starts!

photo DSC_0361

Very cold welcome from the purser that was chatting with a standby staff passenger…

photo DSC_0362photo DSC_0363

Safety card:

photo DSC_0364photo DSC_0365photo DSC_0366

No PDD but the purser takes our orders for the flight, still not friendly at all. The staff passenger is still standing in the galley…

We are now pushing back.

photo DSC_0367photo DSC_0369photo DSC_0370

Seat Pitch:

photo DSC_0368

DL 737 that took me here:

photo DSC_0371photo DSC_0372

Safety procedures are shown and the staff passenger is still standing in the galley. My neighbor (active military not on duty) asked the purser what was this passenger doing standing next to the cockpit while taxiing.

The purser realizes that this is definitively not good and asks the employee to take a seat. She'll seat in First Class, the plane being 90% empty.

We then take off and once airborne, the staff passenger stands up again and goes to the galley to… open a beer!! My neighbor and I can't believe what we are seeing. The purser prepares the drinks for First Class and the staff passenger chats with her while drinking a beer and in front of the passengers. What a shame.

My double bailey's arrives:

photo DSC_0373

And the two girls continue their chat in the galley, laughing loud, one drinking her beer, the other (on duty ^^) water. My seat mate press the call attendant button and explains that this is not serious and that this is really not appropriate. At that moment the purser asks the staff passenger to take her seat.

Then the purser comes with some snacks and apologizes she forgot to bring them earlier… With 6 passengers and busy chatting, clear she forgot…

We landed on time, here the 737-900ER to Seattle:

The purser tries to bid a warm farewell but it's ways too late to make a good impression. Alaska did really a bad job that evening.
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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew0.0

Anchorage - ANC


Fairbanks - FAI



The cabin was pretty comfortable but begins to be old. The crew deserves a big ZERO for their behavior. No newspaper, nor WIFI nor IFE. Snacks forgotten. Really bad.

Information on the route Anchorage (ANC) Fairbanks (FAI)


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  • Comment 153149 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    That was cutting it close! Glad you made it, though too bad you didn't get to fly Ravn Alaska. Totally unacceptable behavior from the FA and the non-revenue pax. Non-revs hogging attention and keeping crews from their duties is grounds for discipline and even loss of flight benefits at most carriers. As an ex-Non-rev, I would never think to act like this in front of paying pax. I would never even want anyone to know I was a non-rev back then. Discretion is key. Shame shame shame on both the FA and the NRSA

  • Comment 157015 by
    socalnow 978 Comments

    Thank you for the report Esteban. I'm appalled by the behavior of the NRSA and the FA. As someone who occasionally flies NRSA (not on AS) I hate seeing bad behavior. I would report this incident to Alaska Airlines so this person is disciplined. The privilege of NRSA travel is a wonderful thing but all it takes is a bad apple or two like this to jeopardize the benefit for all of Alaska Airlines' hard working employees. Thanks again for the report and happy flying.

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