Review of Horizon Air flight Fairbanks Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, AK in Economy

Airline Horizon Air
Flight AS 2817
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 11 Dec 15, 12:15
Arrival at 11 Dec 15, 13:45
QX 13 reviews
By GOLD 1663
Published on 18th December 2015

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After three wonderful days, chasing northern lights in Fairbanks (result at the end of the report) it's already time to head … further north. First stop, Prudhoe Bay.

That's Fairbanks Airport, a little cute airport in fact. I really like it.

The arrival hall can be spit in twice when there are international arrivals. Mostly in summer:

L'extérieur :

Check in area and the escalator leads to the airside part of the airport:

photo DSC_0587photo DSC_0588

Christmas soon:

photo DSC_0589

Empty apron:

photo DSC_0590photo DSC_0591

The first surprise of the day (sorry I messed the picture a bit as I was not next to a window as it took of), this DC6 from Everts Air Cargo who still operates oldies. More information here: Fleet Everts Air

People say that the A340 has a slow climbing rate, check out the DC6 :)

All boarding gates are empty for the time being. There is a new Starbucks in FAI, which opened the week before:

photo DSC_0593photo DSC_0602photo DSC_0603

Quiet today:

photo DSC_0600

General aviation and charters to the Arctic Circles are handled in front:

photo DSC_0605photo DSC_0606

Another Everts Air DC6 that just landed:

Dash 8-Q400 heading to ANC:

photo DSC_0604

Artic Air is leaving to Coldfoot. I took one of those flights last year, if you are interested in this old report, link is

photo DSC_0617photo DSC_0619

Ravn Alaska taking off to Prudhoe Bay with a Dash 8-100:

Follows an aircraft I never heard about: a Voplar Turboliner, also called Beech 18, more [url='q=Volpar+Turboliner&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8] [b] HERE [/b][/url] :


Sun is rising, it is 11:15AM and it is just amazing:


ATR 72-200F:


And the highlight of the day, a Curtiss Wright C-46, flying since 1942!!


More recent, a B1900 Air Cargo Express:


And the Curtiss taking off:


I was really happy to have seen those oldies.

Shortly before boarding, I head to my gate:


Here's the cabin: (having a light load allows lots of pictures!)
Boarding is launched with absolutely no priorities as we are only 7 passengers bound to Prudhoe Bay with only one that has it as final destination, the 6 others, including me, have a connecting flight.

On time push back, here's another Curtiss I don't think this one will ever fly again:

Before takeoff, the seat pocket content with the safety card and the seat pitch:

Take off and a few FAI shoots and Fairbanks' region:

Standard AS catering:

photo DSC_0708photo DSC_0709photo DSC_0710

Plenty of aerial shoots, the light was just perfect:

The sun that just rose is already setting again, wonderful scenery:

We are following the Dalton Highway, which is the only road to Prudhoe Bay:

photo DSC_0741photo DSC_0743photo DSC_0746

Landing gear is down, we are about to land in SSC with a pretty heavy fog:

We landed a few minutes early, and my two hours layover in SCC starts here.

To conclude, here after the reason why I went to Fairbanks: Northern Lights. To see them it's a question of luck. To get to see them it should:

- Be night
- No or little moon light
- Clear sky
- Solar activity (the sun activity drives the aurora activity)

That evening all bullet points but the clear sky were checked. At around 11:00PM the sky begun to clear up and at the same time there was a bit of activity. Within minutes, the clouds disappeared and the show started. It was amazing, lights lasted for 3H and we watched them for the whole 3H, even with a -30° outside temperature. It was just amazing!

Thanks for following! Stay tune for more north soon :)
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Horizon Air

Cabin crew10.0

Fairbanks - FAI


Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, AK - SCC



It was a great flight, with only 7 passengers for 2 crew members it really felt private.



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