Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Dubai in First

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR1014
Class First
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 30 Oct 15, 20:55
Arrival at 30 Oct 15, 23:05
QR   #9 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 569 reviews
By BRONZE 4352
Published on 26th October 2015
The follow-up of my Al Safwa lounge cum flight report.

The previous FR purpose was the general presentation of the lounge layout :
This FR will delve into each zone more specifically.

Starting with the quiet room.
The entrance.

photo P1060586

Past that door, 12 rooms are available.

photo P1060680

An L-shaped corridor leads to the rooms.

photo P1060584photo P1060585

Single-bed room, quiet small no window, but the bedding is comfortable and there is a flat screen tv.
No big deal but this is meant to have a rest, for lounging, well there is the lounge :)

photo P1060577photo P1060578

Wardrobe and luggage rack.

photo P1060579

En suite, fully equipped washroom.

photo P1060580

Shower with abundant warm water (not always the case in lounges…).

photo P1060581

Amenity kit without a razor.

photo P1060582photo P1060583

I arrived in the lounge at midnight and I kept the quiet room till noon the following day. But I could have retained it as long as I wished. Clearly a strong point fo the offering, especially when comparing to other F lounges : AF and EK just propose common room with just a glorified not always horizontal couch. QR offer is very close to an in-terminal airport room.

Let's see the fine dining area, not really a fully fledged restaurant, I'm afraid, at best a wine-bar.

photo P1060608

Tables are rather smallish and close to one another.
Note the lack of table cloth, always found in other F lounges such as AF or EK.

photo P1060602

The atmosphere lacks cosyness, no floor-carpeting and all that cold walling.

photo P1060670photo P1060671

Starters menu.

photo P1060588

And main courses.

photo P1060589

The paper quality is rather shabby, but no less than the photocopied A3 menu used by QF without even bothering sheltering it in a leather portfolio.

photo P1060590

No wine list proposed - but there's none in EK - anyway I know what I want : some Krug !
Sparkling water suggested and readily accepted.

photo P1060591


photo P1060592

On its own tray.

photo P1060593

Rather bland radish-based amuse-bouche.
Notice the butter in its original packing. That is a rather common brand you could find in any supermarket oozing not an ounce of exclusivity.

photo P1060594

But Salt and Pepper are contained in Peugeot wares.

photo P1060595


photo P1060596

Past midnight, I opt for a lighter seafood course.
Scallops well cooked but a bit bland.

photo P1060597

Well presented seabass. Too bad the sauce is not served separately.

photo P1060598photo P1060599

But overall, it's more than honorable.

photo P1060600

A sweet final touch with a very average fruit plate.

photo P1060601

On top of the à la carte menu, there is very minimalist buffet with some snack. But it's a world away from EK's.
Just small bites and nothing for a quick and consistant fill-up.

photo P1060604

The cheese selection is appalling, the choice is very limited and the presentation less than seducing. So appalling that I would forget it at each meal.

photo P1060605

Following this healthy dinner, I desperately need to sleep and get back to my quiet room for a good rest.
Awakened, showered, I leave my castle to test the breakfast.

On offer.

photo P1060612photo P1060613

The orange juice is freshly pressed and qualitative.

photo P1060614

Some industrial carbs.
This time the butter is more aptly presented.

photo P1060615

Zoom on the low quality croissant, one can see it to the grid shaped mark on its basis.

photo P1060616

So toaster with Wikin & Son marmelade, it is.

photo P1060617

The first-lounge breakfast litmus test: eggs benedict. Nicer dressing than EK's, no Florentine eggs which can be found in QF's.

photo P1060618

The eggs are well cooked and behave themselves.

photo P1060619

Other benchmark, the waffles.

photo P1060620

The chocolate sauce does not taste like chocolate and the waffles are not crunchy. Not convincing.

photo P1060621

Fully satiated, I go on with my lounge report documentation. Till lunch time !

Let's have the koftas made in Qatar !
As expected not very sophisticated, but tasty.

photo P1060684

Especially when paired with a suitably strong Saint Estèphe 2006.

photo P1060685

A 2008 Saint-Emilion is also on the list.

photo P1060686

Heavily engineered napkin.

photo P1060687

Very reasonable wine pouring, but unlimited refills possible.

photo P1060688

Let's continue with something a bit more serious : the beef tenderloin.
Looks very like the Al Mourjan's one. And, that … is not a good sign.

photo P1060689

Rare cooking completely sabotaged. EK's lounge beat QR's any day on this level.

photo P1060690

The dessert menu looks vast at first glance, but is mainly composed of the jelly pastries that can be found in Al Mourjan lounge.
Nothing really to write home about and ice creams and fruit don't help either.
Why not then proposing some of the very decent La Durée desserts served onboard in J class ?

photo P1060692

The wine list, finally obtained from the not-so-wine-litterate waiters.

photo P1060699

On that field, QR is clearly a notch above EK, especially with its choice and quality champagnes.

photo P1060700

During the afternoon, a live test of Billecart Salmon vs Krug.
The BS is clearly more lively at the start but vanishes quickly thereafter when the Krug is more balanced, complex and enduring.

photo P1060681

The rosé champagne is a vintage Pol Roger, very nice.

photo P1060682

The bar offering.

photo P1060606photo P1060607


photo P1060683

And glou glou !

photo P1060693

Very nice Chassagne Montrachet.

photo P1060698

With evening coming, some coke to boost the lounge reviewer !

photo P1060701

But some Krug not very far away !

photo P1060702

Again a rather underwhelming appetizer that will not serve its purpose

photo P1060703

Having tested most of the menu, I heartlessly go for some spaghetti bolognese.
Nothing spectacular and definitely not first class.

photo P1060704

Going on with the lamb, in cuts and saucy. NOt the most engaging presentation actually seems to come directly from a J-class self serving buffet.

photo P1060705

Thanks God the wines are way above the solid offering which is basically the conclusion of the so called fine-dining of QR First lounge.

photo P1060706

The business center is close to the lounge entry.

photo P1060631

With a rather enigmatic pointless ante-room.

photo P1060632

With nobody manning the desk.

photo P1060633

Newspaper rack.

photo P1060634

The great plus here are the small individual and reasonnably private rooms. Much better than EK common room.

photo P1060635photo P1060636

Ample space, apple-computer are not obvious for a business environment.

photo P1060637

Several other newspaper racks throughout the lounge.

As in Al Mourjan lounge, the foreign newspapers are printed out locally…
and neither ZE (I mean The Economist, my personal über-benchmark of self-respecting lounges) nor Bunte !
Bottom line : clearly unsufficient for a F lounge (But QF do even worse at its SYD F lounge).

photo P1060623photo P1060624

Ready for a shopping spree ? In-site duty free :

photo P1060676

The choice is more limited than EK's F in A concourse.
Perfume, leatherware and some basic electronics but no alcohol/tobacco.

photo P1060677photo P1060678

The famous tailor - quite quirky by the way - not operational then.

photo P1060679

Let's have a look to the family zone.

photo P1060653

Close to the entrance some snack, kids-oriented, zone.

photo P1060654

Approximately half a dozen private rooms to gather the family members.

photo P1060655photo P1060656

A Nanny room (yes, the Philippino…travelling in Y !).

photo P1060657

Parent's room with everything the baby needs.

photo P1060658

Game zone.

Media room.

photo P1060647

Not impressive, two rows of seats only.

photo P1060648

The loos.

photo P1060666photo P1060667photo P1060668

Short story. While enjoying the lounge, a professional shooting occurred with supposedly real-life first pax.
Now, I haven't seen most of those beautiful people in my various F-lounge travels !
Of course, they give her some posture with a cell phone : I am looking good, but am not an idiot

photo P1060697

Anyway, time to leave the reason of that FR.

photo P1060707

Heading to the boarding gate. But with a light heart as I will be boarding QR 788 J class.

photo P1060708

Naturally I maximized my time in the lounge, and I arrived when last call is flashing !

photo P1060709

This evening jet.

photo P1060710

Just one bridge, but as I am among the last ones to board, I don't have to queue.

photo P1060711

Cabin view from my 1K seat.

photo P1060712

Cabin view from the rear.

photo P1060713

The seat.

photo P1060714

No bagage rack in the middle.

photo P1060715

Welcom drink : Jacquart champagne and an oshibori.
The purser came to me to introduce himself and ask me about my opininon on the cabin that I was lavishly shooting.

photo P1060716

Whereas I could not find The Economist in the first lounge and on the outbound segment, this time I hit it !
Brought with the menu.

photo P1060717

A wrapped date and arabic coffee.

photo P1060718

Side view of the first row.

photo P1060720

Seating in bed mode. Not that I would need it for this short 45 minutes hop.

photo P1060721

The pitch.

photo P1060722

Screen relative measure from the back of my seat. Much better quality and resolution than CX Cirrus ones.

photo P1060723

A fast track pass is handed out to the premium pax.

photo P1060725

Outside view.

photo P1060726

Lots of place to store your wares.

Plug and play.

photo P1060729photo P1060730photo P1060734

Corporate litterature.

photo P1060731

Phitek headphones, very efficient but not as comfortable to wear as my Bose.

photo P1060736photo P1060762

Pushing back

photo P1060739


photo P1060744

Take off.

photo P1060745

The tray table is shiny enough to welcome the tablecloth.
Some Jacquart to keep me company.

photo P1060747

Just one fold for the tablecloth. Nice.

photo P1060751

Light bites only for this flight. With some water.

photo P1060752

The tray, nothing memorable, nice shrimps though.

photo P1060753

Zoom on the La Durée dessert, again a hit.

photo P1060754

Landing uneventfully at Dubai International.

photo P1060764

Next to CX at the tip of the C concourse. In the background, the long awaited D concourse, still to open…

photo P1060770

And finally the QR 788 wingtip.

photo P1060771

Thanks for reading.
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge


Doha - DOH


Dubai - DXB



Flight :

Cabin : Just overwhelming for a short hop !
Equipage : very friendly and attentive, lots of interaction despite the flight duration.
Repas : Simple and adequate
IFE : Nice screen and The Economist, nothing more expected !
Ponctualité : Departure with some delay but landing well on time.

Lounge :

Comfort : grand-looking but rather cold and impersonal, not a trace of wood or carpetting. Lots of ambiances for seating : very private but claustrophobic quiet rooms, a nice business center and clever familiy rooms, but most of the seating are lost in the big hallway that this lounge finally is.
Entertainment : newspaper offering is simply dismal, little choice and out of the printer foreing newspaper..., wifi is working well even in the remote places of the lounge (ie Quiet rooms).
Service : mostly ok but a bit slow (even more than EK's)
Catering : Wine offering is adequate for a first lounge if not plainly spectacular but the fine dining is clearly several notches below EK's, let alone AF's lounge.

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