Review of easyJet flight Amsterdam London in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U28878
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 31 Dec 15, 15:50
Arrival at 31 Dec 15, 16:00
U2   #7 out of 11 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 689 reviews
By 1622
Published on 4th January 2016
Hello and welcome back to part 2 of this set of flight reports!

This set of reports' routing:
12/23/15: VS10 JFK-LHR (
12/28/15: U28871 LGW-AMS (NO REPORT)
12/31/15: U28878 AMS-LGW (THIS REPORT)
1/3/16: VS3 LHR-JFK (

This flight was at a slightly awkward time, so we decided to arrive early to the airport, right around 13:00, for a visit to the observation deck.
photo IMG_0242_zpszrdj7ft1
We arrived by train, near departure area 3, but the entrance to the observation deck was between departure areas 1 and 2, so lots of walking entailed.
photo IMG_0243_zpsenmgjoet
Schiphol is massive, but we found our way there eventually.
photo IMG_0244_zpsnvai4ows
KLM Fokker 100 on the roof.
photo IMG_0245_zpse8kuabja
Views from the observation deck.
photo IMG_0246_zpsqczseclm
photo IMG_0247_zpsaxac3b9f
photo IMG_0248_zpskzwp1mmo
After a session at the observation deck and a quick bite to eat, we made our way back to departure area 2, where we were told we could access the H gates (used for easyJet and Ryanair. Once there, we scanned our boarding passes into the automated machine (no bags to check) and went straight up to security. Security was empty, beginning the line at 14:24.
photo IMG_0249_zpscsy0rv5t
The security process was much different than the one endured at JFK. Laptops, iPads, liquids, etc. had to come out of bags, shoes, coats, belts, etc. had to come off, and everyone went through the full body scanner. The whole process was very modernized and efficient, finishing in just 7 minutes.

Security was followed by passport control, and after that, we entered the main terminal building.
photo IMG_0250_zps7d0tehtz
Embarking on the long walk over to the H gates, we passed by many many shops and a ton of wide open space. Having the walking times to each area posted was a great addition.
photo IMG_0251_zpsfr37bi6n
photo IMG_0252_zpsyeu58fob
When the signs for the H gates finally ended, we found this sign.
photo IMG_0253_zpsd1llcfek
We settled in next to some 747s and waited for our gate to be announced.
photo IMG_0254_zpsuyemruti
photo IMG_0255_zpsn4gkdmsv
When our gate, H6, was announced at 15:12, they stressed the words immediate boarding, which was not helpful, as there was an 8-minute walk to the gate.

We hustled along another empty corridor…
photo IMG_0256_zpshpfmdlnq
…found EgyptAir…
photo IMG_0257_zpsydssrxh0
…continued along…
photo IMG_0258_zpsq8vsmnhe
…found another easyJet and a Ryanair…
photo IMG_0259_zps5siekhxb
photo IMG_0260_zpsgdvgncdy
…and were met with a long line waiting to board, joining the line at 15:20, 30 minutes before scheduled departure
photo IMG_0261_zpstddsdzye
Our plane from above.
photo IMG_0262_zpst21us9ox
We went down some stairs and into another line.
photo IMG_0263_zpsgvrswsf3
photo IMG_0264_zpsqdg5nht2
Finally, we boarded onto G-EZWT, only 1 year and 11 months old, equipped with sharklets, but no new livery, at 15:40.
photo IMG_0265_zps0stlbnqo
Nice, new seats in row 5.
photo IMG_0266_zpsj4yvgv7z
The legroom and seat width, fine for me (I'm 5'10). However, due to the slimline seats, the legroom seemed almost the same as the VS 346.
photo IMG_0267_zpsmyxaha26
Looking out the window, there were almost no other planes in sight. 14:00-16:00 seemed to be a very quiet time at Schiphol. The flight was about 3/4 full.
photo IMG_0269_zpsehh5bmjl
As we waited for the boarding to be completed, two very unhappy passengers started complaining. They supposedly had had to gate check their bags (no extra cost), but then saw more, supposedly larger bags being brought onto the plane. They erupted, and it took the crew about 10 minutes to settle them down, although they did complain for (literally) the entire flight about what an awful airline easyJet was. Crazy in my opinion.

We pushed back at 16:00, and began our taxi to runway 24 at 16:02. The taxi around was quick, I didn't see any other airplanes, and we didn't have to wait to depart. Smooth sailing!
photo IMG_0270_zpsvcnkhwzv
We took off at 16:09, 19 minutes behind schedule. Our captain announced the flying time to be 50 minutes.
photo IMG_0271_zpsp7bbhocc
Although I knew I wouldn't be purchasing anything, I opened up my tray table to put my phone and camera down on, only to find that it was TINY (and my hands aren't huge either!).
photo IMG_0268_zpsku90koej
easyJet's magazine (an extremely beat up copy) had tons of travel information about all of their destinations, as well as a few other seasonal articles.
photo IMG_0273_zpsxxmpltvj
A look at the some of the food and drink offerings. I was stunned at the number of people that bought not only drinks but full meal packages as well! The cart passed row 5 around 16:20
photo IMG_0274_zpser24anhg
photo IMG_0275_zpspv5inds7
There's no IFE on easyJet, but a window serves almost the same purpose, especially on flights around sunset!
photo IMG_0276_zps4i8yj16f
photo IMG_0277_zpsokkjmdfa
photo IMG_0278_zpseklppqox
photo IMG_0279_zps2vw4y5bs
Soon enough, around 16:32, we had begun our descent into London Gatwick.
photo IMG_0280_zpsmlvymqtj
photo IMG_0281_zpsgfaw1pwm
We landed on runway 26L at 15:51 local time, 9 minutes ahead of schedule.
photo IMG_0286_zpsqrwmgx8d
The taxi to the north terminal was very quick, and we hooked up to the gate at 15:57, off the plane by 16:01 (perks of sitting up front).
photo IMG_0287_zps4d45nk0a
photo IMG_0288_zpsplsxpshi
We parked next to G-EZTY.
photo IMG_0289_zpscwog4y4t
Unfortunately, this very positive review had to be ruined by the immigration process. We joined a very long line at 16:04 and weren't through it until 16:45. There were only 7 workers processing non-EU passports, making this an extremely slow process. On top of that, Gatwick's (free!) wifi didn't work in that area, as you aren't supposed to use your phones. Oh well, something has to give.

Once through immigration, this sign made me laugh. Costa (European company similar to Starbucks for those who don't know) obviously needs a bigger sign than the bathroom. Priorities!
photo IMG_0291_zpstggquvhd
Overall, a pretty good experience with easyJet, great for the price (one way only cost about 45 USD!).

Thanks for reading this short report, and look out for the finale coming soon!

Comments are always welcome, I love reading and responding to them!
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Amsterdam - AMS


London - LGW



AMS H Gates- Big, modern, clean, empty, but sparse

Seats- Legroom seemed normal due to slimline, seat was fine for 50 minutes

Food- None

Crew- Professional, good at dealing with challenging customers

IFE- None, but good window views!

Gatwick North Terminal- Lots of walking, very slow, nobody working in immigration



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  • Comment 154078 by
    NGO85 1640 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR!

    Please add U2 to your flight number.

    Schiphol is pretty user friendly airport despite its size. You were lucky not to have to take a bus to the plane.

    Nice, new seats in row 5.
    - Those look soooo thin. I guess this was a short hop, but I can't imagine those ironing boards would be comfortable for any >1 hour flight. If the tray table is so narrow, doesn't that mean the seat is really narrow too?

    Crazy in my opinion.
    - This sounds like a normal experience on a domestic flight in the US ;)

    I was stunned at the number of people that bought not only drinks but full meal packages as well!
    - I didn't think the prices looked very good, seemed on the high end, but maybe I'm just not in tune with European pricing.

    For a LCC flight, I guess you can't ask for much more since you got everything you expected with this flight. I like how U2 doesn't have ads plastered over everything like FR.

    • Comment 331678 by
      Daniel00 AUTHOR 34 Comments

      Thanks for reading!

      Fixed the flight number!

      I actually enjoyed the seats. The seats on VS absolutely destroyed my back, as they were the wrong shape. Although no padding, these were the right shape for my back.

      Haha, US domestics flights are the worst! Glad I don't have any coming up.

      I thought the prices were pretty steep as well.

  • Comment 154182 by
    Jett Tyler SILVER 259 Comments

    Really good report. easyJet is pretty standard as far as LCC's go. Nice pictures around AMS

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