Review of Delta Air Lines flight Indianapolis New York in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL4086
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 23 Aug 16, 19:35
Arrival at 23 Aug 16, 21:45
DL   #30 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
By 832
Published on 17th October 2016
Hello and welcome back to this set of reports covering my trip to Chicago and Indiana!

Here's the routing:

8/19/16: Delta 5955, LGA-ORD, E175, Economy (Here)
8/23/16: Delta 4086, IND-LGA, CRJ900, Economy, and Tourist Bonus! (You are Here)

As promised, there will be some touristy pictures at the end of the report.

We arrived to the airport at 18:00. The main building at IND is very open and spacious.

photo img_2084

Since we had no bags to check, we went straight to security. It was pretty much empty, and only took 4 minutes to complete.

Once through security, there are big windows with views of both concourses. Judging by what I saw, Indianapolis Airport is SIGNIFICANTLY under capacity - there were tons of open gates.

photo img_2085photo img_2086

Delta flights leave from concourse A. The concourse is very modern and clean, complete with lots of shops.

photo img_2087photo img_2088

My flight departed from gate A11.

photo img_2089

There was plenty of seating, lots of power ports, and free wifi.

photo img_2090

A Delta MD88 heading to Minneapolis.

photo img_2091

This flight would be operated by N296PQ, a 2.5 year old CRJ900.

photo img_2095photo img_2096

Boarding began at 19:07, and I was on board at 19:17.

photo img_2097

Seat 9A.

photo img_2098

One of the first things I noticed on board was how low the ceilings were, especially compared to the E175 I had taken to Chicago. The plane, however, seemed brand new, as if it was delivered yesterday.

photo img_2099

Legroom was fine - a little bit tight but not a problem for the announced 1h34m flight.

photo img_2100

No seatback IFE here, but most of Delta's regional jets are equipped with streaming IFE.

photo img_2101photo img_2102

A nice view out the window.

photo img_2103

I felt the plane push back, and as I went to note the time, I was surprised to see it was 19:32 - 2 minutes early!

photo img_2104

We began taxiing at 19:36.

DL E175.

photo img_2105

B727 presumably used for fire training.

photo img_2106

We took off from runway 23L at 19:40, just 4 minutes behind schedule.

photo img_2108

Service came through at 19:58 and offered a drink and pretzels. I went for Sprite (as always).

photo img_2109

Nothing else really happens on these short, regional flights, so I'll intersperse some views amongst the rest of the report.

photo img_2110

The crew was friendly as always. DL is often regarded as having the most professional crews in the US, and I can definitely attest to that.

photo img_2111

The seat was comfortable. The legroom was sufficient for a short flight, but I could see it being an issue on anything over 3 hours.

photo img_2112

I've mentioned it before, but it's great that Delta offers streaming entertainment for free. That being said, my mom flies this route very frequently for business and notes that the selection is always the same.

photo img_2113

I took a trip to the back of the plane towards the end of the flight. The load in Y/W was light, coming in at 35/60. It's also worth noting that the bag is SIGNIFICANTLY louder than at/in front of the wings.

We began our descent into LaGuardia and touched down at 21:12, 29 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo img_2114

We pulled into the gate at 21:19 next to this guy.

photo img_2116

Off the plane quickly, we waited for our gate-checked bags in the jetway. I've never seen something like this before, but thought it was pretty cool.

photo img_2117

That wraps up the flight portion of this report. As promised, I've included some photos from Chicago as well as a private hangar tour I received at CLU airport in Indiana.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew9.0

Indianapolis - IND


New York - LGA



IND Airport - Clean and efficient!

Seat - Good for a short flight

Food - See above

Crew - Friendly and professional

IFE - Unused, but nice to have

LaGuardia Terminal C - It's LGA, I don't really need to say much more



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