Review of Virgin Atlantic flight London New York in Economy

Airline Virgin Atlantic
Flight VS3
Class Economy
Seat 57K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 08:10
Take-off 03 Jan 16, 08:50
Arrival at 03 Jan 16, 12:00
VS   #17 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 37 reviews
By 4652
Published on 7th January 2016
Welcome back to this trip's finale report!

This set of reports' routing:
12/23/15: VS10 JFK-LHR (
12/28/15: U28871 LGW-AMS (NO REPORT)
12/31/15: U28878 AMS-LGW (

This flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30 when booked, but got switched to 8:50 about a month beforehand. We got up early and arrived at Heathrow's terminal 3 at 6:50, exactly 2 hours before (following instructions!) the scheduled departure time.
photo IMG_0308_zpsq4dc7kil
We entered a seemingly short bag drop line at 6:52, but a couple with two small children at the front of the line were trying to change seats and other complicated matters, taking almost 20 minutes before they were redirected so someone else could deal with them. Bad line choice. We completed check in at 7:14.
photo IMG_0309_zpsziozrqo6
After a short walk upstairs, we joined another seemingly short security line at 7:15. The standard security procedures took place (everything out of bags, all bulky clothing and shoes off, etc.), but everyone went through a metal detector, not the full body scanners. However, someone had decided to bring a full sized stroller through security, which would not fit through the baggage screener, no matter what the staff tried. After 5-10 minutes, it got carted away to who knows where. Bad line choice x2. We completed security at 7:28.

Moving into terminal 3, we followed a snake of duty-free and other shops to get to the departure lounge.
photo IMG_0311_zpsewdnyoge
There was no gate posted at 7:30 when we arrived at the departure lounge, so we got settled and waited.
photo IMG_0312_zpsbjyglutr
Hot chocolate from Cafe Nero - not as good as Costa, but there wasn't one :(.
photo IMG_0313_zpsndzwggzr
More shots of the massive departure area.
photo IMG_0314_zpsq2c0aagt
photo IMG_0315_zpsnqhruv0k
At 7:50 our gate was posted, number 21, and we went straight there.
photo IMG_0316_zpsidugbxxq
However, after the 10-minute walk, there was already a big line. Inside knowledge?

Our plane of the day, G-VWIN Lady Luck, about 10 years old.
photo IMG_0318_zps1tfznwxm
Once checked in, we didn't get on the plane, but into a mini gate area, with nothing more than a few vending machines and some newspapers/magazines. (Sorry, I thought I took a picture here, but I didn't).

Down the HSBC jetway we go…
photo IMG_0320_zpsd2q6fuc0
A look at the premium economy seats as we passed by.
photo IMG_0321_zps2qzszeqq
Economy seats.
photo IMG_0322_zpsuo8ez81g
Settling into seat 57K at 8:05, one of the disadvantages of sitting in the back, lots of waiting. Our captain announced the flying time of 7h21m, and that there were 298 passengers aboard this fantastic Airbus A340-600!. I like this captain already. Christmas music started playing, and I knew we were in for a bad flight (just kidding).
photo IMG_0329_zpss5opa3wy
Seat width and legroom. Also, much larger seat pockets than G-VFIZ (Check out my VS10 report).
photo IMG_0327_zpspfpulcl2
IFE and remote. Bonus points if you spot what's missing versus my report on VS10! (Keep reading for the answer)
photo IMG_0323_zpsattyuesy
Tray table.
photo IMG_0324_zpsnso8kyxu
Amenities waiting on every seat.
photo IMG_0325_zpsmos1fljn
Parked next to us was G-VGAS.
photo IMG_0326_zpsw7sjxzct
The weather was dreary and I didn't feel like taking out my camera, so my iPhone had to suffice for spotting. British Airways 777-200ER, A380, 747-400.
photo IMG_0331_zpssjevwtql
photo IMG_0332_zpswdhmaucm
photo IMG_0330_zpskkddm4we
We pushed back at 8:50, right on schedule!
photo IMG_0333_zpskpu1qe1b
Taxiing to runway 09R, past terminal 5 (British Airways).
photo IMG_0334_zpsjgkeakkb
We waited for one airplane to take off, and then it was our turn at 9:06, only 16 minutes behind schedule.
photo IMG_0337_zpsfki42zoc
I hadn't noticed this on the flight out, but I can now confirm that the A340 really does have a very slow rate of climb.

Oops, I guess I'm on the wrong flight, we're going to Newark! (Just kidding, but it did say EWR for the entire flight - whoops)
photo IMG_0338_zpssjz5uh4p
The menus were distributed at 9:30. Good selection here, but reading the small print, it was still the December menu.
photo IMG_0339_zpsj77ag5fd
I chose Ted 2 to watch while I waited for food. I went to get my USB wire to charge my phone, and then realized…there was no USB port! What changed in 5 months VS? (My outbound plane 5 months younger and had one). Oh well, the screens were still the same dreadful quality.
photo IMG_0341_zpsbsnp9mem
Pretzels and drinks came around at 9:55.
photo IMG_0340_zpspyjwglnj
Food! Reaching row 57 at 10:50, I chose the Spaghetti and Meatballs. This was the best meal I had on a flight this trip. The pasta was really good and had a decent ratio of meatballs to pasta. The salad was a good attempt but didn't have any dressing, which was a big minus. Dessert (Gu) was heaven, and having cream cheese for the crackers instead of plastic wrapped in cheddar (we've all been there) was really nice.
photo IMG_0342_zps4rau23qw
photo IMG_0343_zpspttr6jn5
photo IMG_0345_zps1g84d8p2
My mom got the vegetarian option, which also got good marks.
photo IMG_0344_zpse9njrohb
I'll now take some time to discuss the crew and the seat, two big disappointments from the last flight.

The crew on this flight was horrible, especially compared to the great one I'd had the previous flight. Every member seemed very fed up and had a very obnoxious demeanor. We asked for things multiple times (drinks that weren't on the cart, etc.), they said they would get it, and then never did! It's very unpleasant to have such a negative crew.

I'm not sure whether I didn't notice it on the previous flight because I slept most of the flight/it was shorter, or that the seats were different, but the seats on this flight were super uncomfortable. The odd shape of the seats had your upper back further forward than you lower back, which made for an extremely uncomfortable 7 hours. The pillows provided helped a bit.

I got up from my seat over the ocean and went to the bathroom. Also, a look at the cabin. Note the shift from 2-4-2 to 2-3-2 due to the narrower cabin in the back. I also found the crew staircase to the basement (no picture, sorry!).
photo IMG_0348_zpsed0c6jhr
photo IMG_0346_zpsrbvtknvu
photo IMG_0347_zpskon6kux1
photo IMG_0353_zpsmdmghbds
photo IMG_0349_zpsoeopvw19
I went to sleep for a while and woke up to be informed that I had missed another round of drinks and a popsicle. I attempted to get a popsicle, but an (obnoxious) crew member stated that they had all melted. ??????, they'd been on the flight 6 hours and not melted beforehand? Ok…oh well.

All of our IFE screens died around 15:10, and stayed off for about 30 minutes before they rebooted. You can see my unamused face in this picture…haha.
photo IMG_0354_zpslqbsptmj
At 15:20 our afternoon tea came around, I went for the chicken and bacon wrap, which was delicious!
photo IMG_0355_zpsjvhoff6j
photo IMG_0356_zpsgoxs4j8d
Also included: Mints, Chips, and Chocolate. Can't go wrong.
photo IMG_0357_zpsgs8t6ut7
Before we began our descent, I got up for one more walk around the cabin and found something very interesting. A guy was watching a movie/tv show on his iPad, but similarly to built-in IFE, it had 'VS' printed along the top of the video in faint lettering (you know what I'm talking about, right?). This confused me, as there was no wifi available, and VS doesn't have an app for streaming. Thoughts, anyone?
photo IMG_0358_zpsdwj4hpnb
We began our descent over Rhode Island at 15:54.
photo IMG_0359_zps9u0kapbq
photo IMG_0360_zpsvob84fib
photo IMG_0361_zpsxhpunmye
photo IMG_0362_zpsq1glqzoz
Landing on runway 31R at 11:24 local time, 36 minutes ahead of schedule, nice! You can see the recently resurfaced 22R and demolition of the old triple hangars in this video.

We taxied around the airport on A and pulled into the ramp.
photo IMG_0367_zpscst1wlvy
photo IMG_0368_zpssqlzaacz
photo IMG_0369_zpsrg0ks5lj
photo IMG_0370_zpsugqvqecm
The control tower at JFK.
photo IMG_0371_zpsbflw0djf
We hooked up to the gate at 11:33, and were off to passport control.
photo IMG_0372_zpsgkarxcfs
photo IMG_0374_zpsvpmwnn8m
Immigration went very smoothly. T4 (not sure about the rest of JFK) has automated passport control, where you scan your passports into a machine, and it print out a receipt for an officer to quickly check. Super efficient with no lines, although there are tons of machines and about 50 officers working.

However, the customs line was very long and took a while to get through, only to find 5 or so officers working. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed this set of flight reports and thanks for reading them!

Comments are welcome, I love reading and responding to them!

Future Trips to look out for reports for:

In April, I'm off to Sint Maarten (airplane heaven) with jetBlue in economy and AA in business (my first flight in business!), and in August, I'm off to Africa, details aren't finalized yet, but some unique reports should entail. See you then!
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Virgin Atlantic

Cabin crew4.0

London - LHR


New York - JFK



LHR Terminal 3- Nice departure lounge, but odd not having anything at the actual gates

Seats- Super uncomfortable

Food- Very good, menu is a plus

Crew- Unenthusiastic, unhelpful, and unwelcoming

IFE- Good selection, low quality

JFK Terminal 4- Efficient immigration, inefficient customs (balance the two?)

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