Review of Hong Kong Airlines flight Taipei Hong Kong in Business

Airline Hong Kong Airlines
Flight HX253
Class Business
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 29 Dec 15, 11:45
Arrival at 29 Dec 15, 13:45
HX   #32 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 22 reviews
By 3546
Published on 24th January 2016
This is the sixth flight of the series:
1. American Airlines, AA5941, LAX-SFO, First Class -
2. Japan Airlines, JL1, SFO-HND, Business Class -
3. Japan Airlines, JL25, HND-PEK, Business Class -
4. Dragonair, KA997, PEK-HKG, Business Class -
5. Cathay Pacific, CX474, HKG-TPE, Business Class -
6. Hong Kong Airlines, HX253, TPE-HKG, Business Class [This report]
7. Thai Airways, TG601, HKG-BKK, First Class -
8. Thai Airways, TG614, BKK-PEK, First Class -
9. Air China, CA887, PEK-LAX, First Class -

A stay in Taipei (or any cities in Taiwan) wouldn't be complete without stuffing myself with great Taiwanese food.
photo 2 Taipei

This flight is codeshared with EVA. Check-in is done at the EVA counter by EVA staff. HX passengers are only allowed to use EVA The Club lounge, which is a pretty small open air lounge featuring a seating area, small buffet and showers - not quite comparable to the Infinity lounge reserved for EVA's premium passengers.
photo DSC07318

Food is decent, but is a step down from the Infinity lounge
photo DSC07315

Yes, I eat a lot
photo DSC07316

I proceeded to the gate. Not ready for boarding yet.
photo DSC07319

Hong Kong Airlines Airbus 330-300
photo DSC07320

I picked this flight because I wanted to try their fully flat seat. Seat configuration is staggered 1-2-1. All seats have aisle access. Color theme of cabin and seats are almost identical to HX's parent Hainan Airlines.
photo DSC07330

Quite disappointing though. The seats were rather tight and worn down, not quite what I expected when I saw the pictures on their website.
photo DSC07325

Food was okay. The bauhinia-themed tableware looked nice. The pineapple pastry (on the left) was bad though.
photo DSC07328

Back to HKG
photo DSC07329

One drawback of taking a budget airline - deplaning on the tarmac. Not for me - I was actually pretty excited to spot planes at a close distance.
photo DSC07331

Close view of the plane - a luxury not offered by a jet bridge
photo DSC07332

More plane spotting on the shuttle bus back to the main terminal
photo DSC07336photo DSC07344

Christmas decorations at the arrival hall
photo DSC07346photo DSC07350photo DSC07351
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Hong Kong Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

EVA Air / The Club A+


Taipei - TPE


Hong Kong - HKG



A decent business class offering by a budget airline. Crew members were friendly, seats were comfortable but worn down, and food was okay. Deplaning on the tarmac adds time to the journey but is great for plane spotting. Overall a good value - I would book again if it's on sale. The flight experience, however, is not comparable to Cathay Pacific or other premium airlines.

Information on the route Taipei (TPE) Hong Kong (HKG)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 53 reviews of 4 airlines on the route Taipei (TPE) → Hong Kong (HKG).


The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 49 minutes.

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  • Comment 155810 by
    pitcain747 93 Comments

    Flew Business class 2 weeks ago with HX from Hong-Kong to Bali and with the same cabin and I was rather pleased with the whole experience but You are right they are far from competitors such as CX even Dragonair. The cabin was full (plenty of upgraded)and the 4 PNC in charge did a great job ! Tribute to their smile, graciousness and eager to deliver a good service.

  • Comment 155828 by
    marathon GOLD 9566 Comments

    I recognized the awful green tint of the TPE windows :(
    (there are clear windows, but they are few and far in between)

    You need a full flat seat for a such a short flight ?
    (Any Flight Reporter will understand the motivation, no justification needed^^)

    I am puzzled by the 2 hour scheduled flight duration. HKG<>TPE flights used to have a 1h40' scheduled / 1h18' actual duration. My impression is that HX pads its schedule outrageously to improve their punctuality statistics .

    The Taiwanese are very proud of their pineapple pastries, but this is definitely not what I find best in their food - and you know that it is far more diverse than you could show in your introductory bonus.

    I couldn't agree more on the advantage of deplaning on the tarmac. That is when you realize that you travel in a real plane. A pouring rain without an umbrella is the only case when a jet-bridge could be deemed better.

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 333190 by
      dw55 AUTHOR 45 Comments

      Yes, the tinted windows are pretty annoying for picture taking.
      I was just curious about the full flat seat. I was too full to even lie flat lol.
      I agree. TPE just reopened the second runway and should help cut this kind of time inflation.
      It's perfect for leisure travelers, and certainly brings back memories from childhood.
      Thanks for reading!

  • Comment 155960 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5220 Comments

    It's a shame the newer Business cabin is already starting to look worn. Overall, though, HX offers a good product--not as good as CX, but certainly higher level than U.S. or European carriers. What was the meal onboard. Is it chicken with mashed potatoes?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 333351 by
      dw55 AUTHOR 45 Comments

      That's true. Correct me if I'm wrong - my impression is that intra-Europe flights don't even have true business class. US transcons are pretty competitive, but award space is really hard to find.
      I vaguely remember it's pork.

    • Comment 333353 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5220 Comments

      You are correct. Intra-European Business class is just Economy seats with the middle seat left open, sometimes with a table in the middle, and the section is curtained off. The catering, though, is usually better than US Domestic First class.

      Agree that US Transcons offer a higher level of service and International Business class seats (and F in AA's case), but unfortunately available only a very few routes (JFK/EWR-LAX/SFO).

  • Comment 156216 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this rare HX report!

    Spotting in TPE is always bad, those windows are terrible.

    The cabin doesn’t look bad from the pictures, better than what BR offers if you want a direct comparison. The cabin may not be as strong as CX’s (or even as wide as the seats you had on KA), but still a strong cabin on this route.

    Catering is much better than what I’ve been served by CX on this route.

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