Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Beijing in First

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG614
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 02 Jan 16, 10:10
Arrival at 02 Jan 16, 15:50
TG   #44 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
By 3769
Published on 25th January 2016
This is the eighth flight of the series:
1. American Airlines, AA5941, LAX-SFO, First Class -
2. Japan Airlines, JL1, SFO-HND, Business Class -
3. Japan Airlines, JL25, HND-PEK, Business Class -
4. Dragonair, KA997, PEK-HKG, Business Class -
5. Cathay Pacific, CX474, HKG-TPE, Business Class -
6. Hong Kong Airlines, HX253, TPE-HKG, Business Class -
7. Thai Airways, TG601, HKG-BKK, First Class -
8. Thai Airways, TG614, BKK-PEK, First Class [This report]
9. Air China, CA887, PEK-LAX, First Class -

After an adventurous night trying to explore Bangkok without mobile service on my phone (some random unsecured Wi-Fi and Uber came to rescue), I headed back to BKK. I made sure to arrive at the airport early enough to enjoy the highly acclaimed first class ground service at Thai Airways' home base.

BKK main terminal
photo DSC07533

I proceeded to the check-in area for Royal First.
photo DSC07534

The royal entrance
photo DSC07535

Check-in agent took my passport and took care of everything while I sat back and relax…
photo DSC07539

and have a bottle of water.
photo DSC07538

After that I was escorted through immigration and security and assisted on to my royal carriage, which zoomed through the concourse and business class lounge, where people waved the flags and hailed Long live the king… okay, the last part was only my imagination.
photo DSC07542

The golf cart stopped right in front of the reception desk of the Royal First Lounge. I was guided to my royal living room for the next half hour.
photo DSC07544

Of course, I could sit anywhere I want.
photo DSC07551

Royal First Lounge bar
photo DSC07547

I was given the breakfast menu on a tablet. The lounge attendant guided me through the menu. I asked for a Thai breakfast. She recommended fish congee, which was pretty good.
photo DSC07549

Pastries, yogurt and sandwiches are offered at the buffet.
photo DSC07550

I just couldn't stop eating.
photo DSC07552

I made an appointment for the renowned Touch of Silk full body oil massage for 60 minutes. I was guided to the Royal Orchid Spa and taken to the Touch of Silk suite. I was then instructed to change into the skimpy pants (the little black package on the countertop) in the bathroom while my masseur waited outside.
photo DSC07555

The touch of silk began. My goodness, it was heavenly!
photo DSC07556

After the massage, I went back to the bathroom for a shower while the masseur cleaned up the suite and then waited for me outside (which creeped me out a little).
photo DSC07558

After that, I was guided to a room for some rest.
photo DSC07560photo DSC07561

A cup of relaxing tea and a feedback form
photo DSC07562

It was about time to board. I could have summoned my royal carriage, but I walked upstairs to look for something at the shops.
photo DSC07563

The king meets the queen - Queen of the Skies sitting elegantly at Gate C6. No one beats the beauty and elegance of 747, not even A380, which is on the chubby side.
photo DSC07566

View from the nose. The cabin has been retrofitted with new first class, but the seats show signs of aging.
photo DSC07572

My throne, I mean my suite - 1A, not as wide as in A380.
photo DSC07573

But it's the experience of sitting at the tip of the nose that counts. There's something significant about Suite 1A of a 747 - not even Suite 1K can compare.
photo DSC07576

Rimowa amenity kit for TG flights four hours or longer. This flight barely makes the mark. I'm overjoyed. Let's celebrate with a glass of Dom.
photo DSC07579

Cabin was shared with another passenger, who probably shared the same passion as mine by selecting 1K. Sorry, 1A was taken.
photo DSC07582

There's a closet in front of 1A and 1K - okay, the closet wins.
photo DSC07584

Jet bridge
photo DSC07585

Lunch menu
photo DSC07586

Dom Pérignon. For some reason it doesn't taste as good as on A380.
photo DSC07587

Another Thai 747
photo DSC07589

View of rural Bangkok
photo DSC07592

This flight was also served by a male and a female crew member. They dropped by my suite to greet me and introduce themselves, which was a nice touch. I was informed of an early arrival - good news for economy pax, bad news for me.

Started off with some macadamia nuts and a glass of artificially flavored orange juice
photo DSC07600

Yakitori was okay, but I was craving for satay instead.
photo DSC07602

Appetizer, a basket of garlic bread, and another basket of bread. How on earth am I going to finish all these bread?
photo DSC07610

Pumpkin soup
photo DSC07612

I pre-ordered lobster pad thai, which was tasty.
photo DSC07615

Cheese and fruits were served on a cart.
photo DSC07618

I passed on cheese and had fruits instead. I was surprised to find my favorite Taiwanese wax apple!
photo DSC07622

Thai desserts and tea
photo DSC07629

Nice view
photo DSC07598photo DSC07601photo DSC07605

Before landing, the crew dropped by again to thank me for flying with TG, another nice touch.
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Beijing - PEK



This is dream come true. I would have never thought I could sit in first class at the tip of the nose of a 747, the most beautiful aircraft created. Ground service was over-the-top, and the hour long massage heavenly. I was treated like royalty and was totally blown away!

Royal First Lounge itself was okay. I have never been to other airlines' first class lounges, but I guess this one is just average. However, the Royal Orchid Spa makes it up. Nothing beats enjoying an hour long massage before a flight, even if it's only four hours long. Not sure if massage counts as entertainment, but I gave a rating of 10 for entertainment at the lounge.

The excitement factor aside, I actually like my HKG-BKK flight better. Cabin and seats are older on this flight, crew members not as warm (though still courteous and professional), food not as good (which is surprising for a flight departing from home base). However, the Rimowa amenity kit is a huge plus. I think TG is really generous for giving out Rimowa on medium haul flights.

The two TG flights were the highlight of my trip. Coming up next is Air China first class, which is a few notches down from TG.

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  • Comment 156137 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this great report! I love your enthusiasm in this FR and it was a very entertaining and comical read!

    After that I was escorted through immigration and security and assisted on to my royal carriage, which zoomed through the concourse and business class lounge, where people waved the flags and hailed Long live the king
    - Now that's good ground services! hahaha. The Thai ground experience is really good--you are taken care of from the secod you arrive at the airport. I think only Maybe AF First Class services is Paris can beat the THAI ground services.

    Such a beautiful bird, especially in the beautiful THAI livery! You're right that the A380 is chubby! haha
    There is definitely something special about sitting in the nose of the Queen of the Skies! So funny that there were only two people in the cabin and of course you both crowded into the first row hahaha

    On board the cabin is pretty, but understandable the seat is not as spacious as the A380.

    Not sure if massage counts as entertainment,
    - Sure! Or services. Personal preference based on your experience. Either way it's always nice to have a spa in a lounge. Recently got to enjoy a massage in the Qantas First class lounge in Sydney, but it was only 30 minutes, so your 60 minutes is much better.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 333633 by
      dw55 AUTHOR 45 Comments
      Thanks for reading! It was a very exciting experience indeed!
      I have read about the amazing ground service by AF. But awards for AF first class are prohibitively expensive. I don't think I'll get a chance to try that.
      1A and 1K are quite close to each other. I guess that makes service easier for the crew too.
      It saved me the effort of looking for a massage place in town too, and it's free!

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