Review of Egyptair flight Cairo Luxor in Economy

Airline Egyptair
Flight MS60
Class Economy
Seat 35J
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 27 Dec 15, 22:45
Arrival at 27 Dec 15, 23:45
MS   #75 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 49 reviews
Published on 26th January 2016
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Toronto to Cairo- Egypt Air:

Hi all,

Below are the pictures from my flight from Cairo to Luxor plus a complete tour of the Cairo Airport's domestic area:

Cairo airport’s curbside

photo 24524000356_2a125fa9a6_b

photo 24550195195_02c880ab0d_b

photo 24523992266_40b61a428d_b

The check in area for international flights, the domestic flights check in was a small section on the right after passing a security check point

photo 24441870512_7140a8dfec_b

photo 23923378233_90cd179db4_b

photo 24467871801_7ef50e8d15_b

Domestic check in

photo 24467862431_33a970db7e_b

photo 24182396469_0ea758d26c_b

The glass barrier between the domestic and international check in

photo 24467853331_72eb57eaf4_b

Towards the gate

photo 24182386769_1b859991c6_b

The domestic terminal is right above the international one- one floor up, the terminal is 3 stories, Floor 1 is domestic, floor 2 is international and floor 3 is arrival

photo 23921973574_8801918d11_b

There were just 2 smal coffee shops and a small duty free store in the central part of the terminal with nothing else to do, so it could get very boring

photo 23923346213_2c98aa6bc8_b

photo 24254605510_97e411e919_b

photo 24550147145_5a0675fed8_b

Exploring F gates

photo 24550144915_0755aa2d04_b

photo 24523944626_90e92a632e_b

photo 24467826021_9f6e67a89b_b

photo 23921948404_7601bfcf76_b

photo 23923329733_79cfa86c1c_b

photo 24521450966_1cfb27792a_b

photo 24550133655_96c2831046_b

photo 23921941754_85d3bf7983_b

photo 24550126665_f1aeb97018_b

The end of F gates

photo 24523925876_102b4b606e_b

photo 24441808532_d686f0d544_b

photo 23923313373_48411c506a_b

photo 24523919956_133b498eda_b

Looking all the way back

photo 23921926034_3f26a442ae_b

photo 24550113955_ee1391d993_b

photo 24182330759_5f3821ca8e_b

photo 24523910316_d3a000efcd_b

photo 23921916234_38308676a7_b

photo 23921914214_ae5f099fda_b

photo 24254556850_03ddda6302_b

Now exploring G gates

photo 24254551990_3e455e6a2d_b

photo 23923287813_10a6771882_b

photo 24254547020_f9c79986eb_b

photo 24523891766_8d1507f4d4_b

photo 23921898114_0c667a1b31_b

photo 23921895184_99c9f0f860_b

photo 24441769772_4d124962e8_b

photo 24550080875_f8fa2d9b13_b

photo 24182296919_0c1286abeb_b

photo 24441762722_5e0e45532c_b

photo 24182293079_8051d141c7_b

The end of G gates

photo 24254524200_c8fd9be208_b

Looking back

photo 23923260733_8cc9afd9f2_b

photo 23923257783_df36a107a2_b

photo 24179869559_7d2cba1044_b

photo 24523863966_35bff0a417_b

photo 24550060405_3d2ce803c4_b

Our gate

photo 23923249743_41f274d38e_b

photo 23921864524_8a2bcb2416_b

photo 24550051345_f43e842350_b

We were bussed to the plane

photo 23921856374_883fea5d24_b

photo 24467733111_20274612b3_b

photo 24550044235_1446f7b714_b

photo 24550042955_feae843dd4_b

photo 24467726571_6e8e45465d_b

Old interior

photo 24182258599_2c9051fe1c_b

photo 24182256559_9f5a529145_b

photo 23921844674_445fe4d75e_b

photo 23921842364_151e3bb6b3_b

photo 24467715941_9baf67cc0c_b

photo 23923221653_092c959c8d_b

photo 23921836124_c8867fb019_b

photo 24523823186_989e18d07a_b

photo 24523820456_bbda1416d6_b

Take off with great views over all of Cairo

photo 24254470560_c71b640280_b


photo 24550012635_ba6904fde2_b

photo 24467694451_8525cf5ac3_b

The city

photo 24182226149_7ec7ac0b30_b

photo 24550000315_f32859df49_b

photo 23923191083_b132429192_b

photo 24508810482_2c34e51148_b

photo 24508806012_ae2d8d7a65_b

photo 24534921931_9f58412f72_b

photo 24523796056_780312e016_b

They served a juice for this 1 hour flight

photo 24182212029_16a798b938_b

photo 24467674241_85cb60cdb2_b

photo 24254442650_95a3d2c6cf_b

Shortly after we were descending over Luxor

photo 24254441210_932b2e4977_b


photo 24549982615_1f12ce9283_b

photo 23923174683_f396f96694_b

photo 23923172233_be552109a7_b

photo 23923172233_be552109a7_b

photo 24441662312_881499d38f_b

photo 23921784044_cc0ba9309a_b

photo 24441658892_6d973471d0_b

photo 23921780444_71f13c96d8_b

Baggage claim hall

photo 24467655591_7562e568cd_b

photo 23921776174_c7d11e2f89_b

A peak at the international arrival section that was packed with tourists

photo 24254419470_847990f933_b

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Cabin crew9.0

Cairo - CAI


Luxor - LXR



Overall a comfortable flight with Egypt Air but their 777 service and comfort is much better and higher. Cairo airport does not have much to do and it can get very boring so for long layovers it will be not that fun, plus the Wifi is available only to those with an Egyptian phone number as apparently they send you a text to access the Wifi.

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