Review of Royal Jordanian flight Cairo Amman in Economy

Airline Royal Jordanian
Flight RJ504
Class Economy
Seat 19J
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 02 Jan 16, 15:30
Arrival at 02 Jan 16, 16:30
RJ   #54 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 52 reviews
Published on 28th January 2016
Hi all,

Below are my pix from my flight from Cairo to Amman:

Royal Jordanian flights depart from terminal 1 in Cairo

photo 24532916215_773d90bba3_b

photo 24237375120_641d892bc6_b

photo 24450581821_094d744732_b

photo 23904733804_443518254b_b

photo 24165153409_5a9d562d32_b

photo 24424612872_a646427d36_b

photo 23906107163_e0b1c14185_b

photo 24450570541_8f39b16d30_b

Going through the initial luggage screening

photo 24506722366_7228c50911_b

photo 24424605322_63cce80a14_b

photo 24165141929_8413e30cec_b

Check in counters

photo 23906094503_cb62ce68ca_b

Passport control

photo 24450556841_d072a35052_b

Airside- this terminal has bus only gates and no air bridges

photo 24237344060_23d2358d4a_b

photo 23904705274_dcd29afb50_b

photo 23904703684_7b14de69da_b

photo 24506701066_0379c7f869_b

photo 24237335020_25fd73521a_b

photo 24506697686_a8188ffd81_b

photo 24450542451_acf84f358a_b

photo 24237325880_281d6d920d_b

photo 24237324070_b96221c26e_b

photo 23906073583_2d83059355_b

photo 24506686266_53f271e09a_b

photo 24424568922_bc699ba790_b

photo 24424567212_85d34a928e_b

photo 24450527521_ae633c25e8_b

photo 23906056563_6a28235205_b

photo 24237296250_5832aa889c_b

photo 24237292130_2e18131fb2_b

Right under our gate sign

photo 24165078699_b430f61f5e_b

photo 23904654834_35a15079ab_b

Gate area

photo 23904653364_d2d5c8b491_b

photo 24532826805_207407e398_b

Our plane arriving from Amman

photo 24237283290_419636741e_b5625 by Whitelight 44, on Flickr


photo 23906027213_4f1bcb4ef3_b

photo 24165068189_56ab45377a_b

photo 24506644616_325f2d6013_b

photo 24424524782_7fca4cbccb_b

photo 24506642346_2f94b4e7aa_b

photo 23904640484_ec6f6918fe_b

photo 24532811815_3d8ebf8c83_b

photo 24424519002_7cd8de0148_b

photo 23904633114_c8d853d62e_b

photo 24424514272_4c15c96422_b

photo 23906008443_5377388053_b

photo 24424511402_fce22b1761_b

photo 24450468261_10552b0a4c_b

Inflight magazine- front and back

photo 23905999893_68604172e2_b

photo 24237252500_4c1840d7d0_b

photo 24532790625_ff57281732_b

photo 23905992783_7803c848fb_b

photo 24424495472_7faaef354a_b

photo 24237242100_d92be4e1f4_b

photo 24450452191_7594bd1fd5_b

photo 23904605594_faeaee847b_b

photo 24450449431_601210ae3d_b

photo 24450447881_9b142c9bed_b

photo 24506600126_90dbfea87a_b

photo 24165021009_709f194cef_b

photo 23905977423_ea5acc326f_b

photo 24450440841_b748759ba9_b

photo 23904595114_dc8665c172_b

photo 24532767885_fd8bb0a224_b

photo 24237224080_b33a044c05_b

photo 24237222410_9194969554_b

photo 24506586756_22a2fc9b1b_b

photo 24450429861_5d7d12fc54_b

photo 24532760435_ef3e04a8de_b

photo 23905962663_346751cace_b

photo 24165003199_c7ee0fe8c7_b

photo 23905959453_a5e2397321_b

photo 24532754505_99e7cda00d_b
Take off

photo 23904578394_8928a1cbe1_b

photo 23905955433_6c881e8bd7_b

The new terminal being built

photo 24237203580_e81afd05ed_b

photo 24450409581_eed40a4601_b

photo 24164981499_f22e3c7afe_b

photo 24450397431_675edd2e41_b

photo 24449848081_6bea2961ba_b

photo 24424429062_8433122d77_b

photo 24450387041_bc9cc6eefe_b

photo 24532717665_3ec23094ec_b

photo 23905918933_eb542c2bf2_b

photo 24506539686_c92a215be6_b

photo 23904539194_65dfc7fff7_b

photo 24164958969_57ea93af9e_b

photo 24532711875_ce0aae95c3_b

photo 23904535484_e9e1676e11_b

photo 23905911883_2a5c9b5513_b

photo 24450376051_a3c1de6057_b

Flying above Suez canal area going over Sinai

photo 24450374981_08846b97bc_b

photo 23904526964_51d70c3b5a_b

Meal service

photo 23905908203_8a30d46997_b

Turkey sandwich

photo 24237156530_0752930946_b

Above Sinai desert

photo 24424405182_7eaf12a024_b[

photo 24532698205_c13bbcd9dd_b

photo 24532696395_44eeb4e623_b

photo 24532694555_d3694a5f68_b

photo 24237147190_aa8d854724_b

photo 24450359641_cbdc06b1a2_b

photo 23905891143_60fa9d320b_b

photo 24237141630_2f8fbfc1dc_b

Looking south over Sinai with Gulf of Aqaba coming up to the left

photo 23904508384_335949f6b2_b

photo 24532682875_bc23884463_b

photo 24450350541_9c172262d3_b

photo 23904504564_b466ff2f9b_b

photo 24506502666_438fda1d7f_b

photo 24450346041_81fda359c4_b

Above the beautiful Wadi Rum in south of Jordan

photo 23904499454_d457434e55_b

photo 23905876183_d737bac683_b

photo 23905873933_d25309eeb8_b

photo 24164916559_77dd46c3b5_b

photo 24450336931_c291d2f592_b

photo 24532666045_3056acb2bf_b

Sunset time

photo 23905867063_f63ff59746_b

photo 24450331501_9f76dcc97f_b

photo 24237116080_5de6343247_b

photo 23904484374_62d40bd77b_b

photo 23905861493_f55271308e_b

photo 24424363512_12e9032be4_b

photo 24506475196_79e685acf6_b

Emirates about to push back

photo 24164895929_c91164a490_b

photo 24164419399_b0e388093b_b

Iraqi airways 767 in the background

photo 24424354472_f98d7dbf9e_b

photo 24424352872_a92d0cc371_b

photo 24424351542_0aab97cbc7_b

photo 24450310191_59982b28b6_b

photo 23905842663_19fb6a357a_b

photo 23905838223_bc35bab635_b

photo 23904457574_e73f0f7f26_b

photo 24450300181_dce372eae2_b

photo 24424333432_d6416c7bac_b

photo 24164865269_01ca787be3_b

photo 24164863719_ac551aab1d_b

photo 24450283661_d55533fd5f_b


photo 24450282001_113e60d0d5_b

Baggage hall

photo 24450280311_e51ea051da_b

photo 24424316572_47e4402101_b

photo 23904432094_65cf0e5185_b

photo 24237060330_a137b35464_b

Arrival hall

photo 24164844219_720db156e2_b


photo 23904424044_8851a8a55e_b

photo 24532596805_94073c36ff_b

photo 24532594565_89c4b51b8b_b


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Royal Jordanian

Cabin crew8.0

Cairo - CAI


Amman - AMM



Overall a great flight with RJ. Very good crew and meal for this short flight. Amman’s airport is very nice, clean and has a very good ambiance.

Information on the route Cairo (CAI) Amman (AMM)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Cairo (CAI) → Amman (AMM).


The airline with the best average rating is Royal Jordanian with 7.4/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 10 minutes.

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