Review of US Airways flight Charlotte London in Business

Airline US Airways
Flight US732
Class Business
Seat 4C
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 19 Aug 15, 22:30
Arrival at 20 Aug 15, 11:25
US 52 reviews
By 1566
Published on 2nd September 2015
Our trip to TLS started out at our home airport of RIC with an almost three hour delay due to stormy weather. After getting rebooked to an earlier, but still 90 minutes late flight to CLT, we landed and immediately ran from our arrival gate to our departure gate for LHR. Thanks to a previous ground stop at CLT, we actually made this flight minutes before it closed! We had some serious doubts if our luggage would make it– but at least we would!

Our FA's could tell we had ran some distance and were quick to offer some bubbly refreshment…which I perhaps drank too quickly ;) My spouse somehow got sparkling wine in a plastic cup instead of the plastic stemware… I think it was because they had already dumped everything else out in preparation for departure!

photo IMG_2767

This was my first trip in the PMUS Enovy cabin. I really like the setup and find it very comfortable and private.

As we enjoyed some bubbly refills, menus were distributed.

Amenity kit: AirCal

photo IMG_2774

High quality pillow…better than what I have at home!

photo IMG_2780

The excellent Bose noise cancelling headphones…

photo IMG_2765

Warm nuts, and my usual, double vodka rocks, were served while flying over our home region.

photo IMG_2785

My FA payed extra close attention to my drink level and kept bringing me bottle after bottle with fresh ice each time. Even after I told her I was done, she brought me more and told me to hang on to the bottles for my next flight :)

photo IMG_2781

The dinner tray seemed a bit crowded with the salad and appetizer on it. After having flown UA a few weeks before in BusinessFirst, I could now appreciate having each course brought separately instead of all at once.

I had the Tilapia which was fantastic. Very flaky and moist underneath the breading.

photo IMG_2788

My spouse went with the beef and it was very surprisingly moist, tender and a bit pink inside. The sauce really complimented the meat quite well.

photo IMG_2790photo IMG_2798

I went with the cheese plate for after dinner– nice derby cheddar variety.

photo IMG_2803

The mousse cake option was excellent.

photo IMG_2800

After dinner I kicked my feet up to listen to an audiobook and put the air show on. Drifted off to sleep for a good 3-3.5

photo IMG_2823

…and was very happy to wake up for breakfast feeling moderately with it!

photo IMG_2833

Earlier I had ordered the omelette with sausage. It was rather watery and it tasted as if it were made from egg whites only. The potatoes were also a bit undercooked–but that always seems to be the case when I get whole potatoes on board.

photo IMG_2828

My spouse ordered the granola and fruit plate and it far exceeded my expectations for freshness.

photo IMG_2830

Invitations to the lounge were distributed along with Fast Track instructions. Immigration paperwork was left on my side table while I was asleep. Wouldn't need this as we were simply transiting.

photo IMG_2835photo IMG_2836photo IMG_2834

Upon arrival we quickly made our way through security and enjoyed about a half an hour in the BA Lounge before going to our connecting BA flight to TLS.

photo IMG_2840
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US Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Charlotte - CLT


London - LHR



After a very stressful and quick connection in CLT, this flight was truly relaxing and a wonderful start to our vacation. I slept far better in the PMUS Envoy bed than in the UA BusinessFirst. The higher quality pillow and duvet made a world of difference.

Though the dinner was delicious, my table was cluttered. I personally just like the service of getting segments of meals individually.

Service was attentive and friendly, but nothing memorable. In fact, as I write this report almost six months after the flight, I can't remember my FA's names and I generally do!

We really hope to use the AA arrivals lounge next time we travel to or through LHR!

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  • Comment 156231 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    Wooo, that WAS a stressful connection. I didn't know y'all were cutting it that close! Thank goodness it worked out! Looks like you had a really good cabin crew with 2 PDB and the constant flow of vodka. Really nice of her to offer bottles to go; that's great service. It's funny to compare your Transatlantic flight with mine to Paris, as they were only a few days apart. The first thing I notice is that you had real champagne, a decent one at that, but just a few days earlier we had FRANCE!!! The biggest difference I see, which was actually better on my flight, was that although our menus were essentially identical, our dinner was served in courses with bigger portions. Not sure why you had smaller portions with everything on one tray!? Maybe because of the late departure time? 10:30 isn't terribly late, plus CLT-LHR is a good 1.5 hours longer than JFK-CDG so they had time to do a full service. Didn't know AA has an arrivals lounge at LHR, the BA arrivals lounge is nice, but not in the same terminal.

    Overall looks like you had a great flight! Thanks for sharing this great report that I've been looking forward to seeing (and badgering you to post) for a long time! haha. Looking forward to the return leg from MAD. I'm guessing there's no report on the LHR-TLS leg? Would have been interesting to see the BA intra-European J.
  • Comment 156234 by
    757Fan 630 Comments
    Looks like you had a nice flight with AA!

    Has American begun serving the appetizer, salad, and entree dishes on one tray all at once? I'm surprised they don't space things out a bit more. Food looks tasty, though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 156545 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR, you are banging out these Envoy class reports!

    For how bad most of the US planes were, the Envoy class on the A330s was actually a very competitive product for US carrier standards. It may be an old Cirrus product, but it is still nicer than some of UAs long-haul products.

    I thought this menu looked really familiar, must have remembered it from Kevin’s report on JFK-CDG as he mentioned. The single tray dinner is really bizarre, I can’t possibly think why they opted for this instead of a coursed meal. The other weird thing is that the arrangement of your spouse’s tray is different than your’s (placement of salad/starter). The tilapia looks pretty good. I would say the beef portionsize looks on the smaller end. I’m also impressed that you had linens for your breakfast! This is an unicorn sighting for AA^^ It’s good to see berries on the fruit plates for breakfast, nicer than just getting your standard melon/orange slices.

    As Kevin said, I never knew AA had an Arrival’s Lounge at LHR either…

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