Review of LAN Airlines flight Concepcion Santiago in Economy

Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA218
Class Economy
Seat 28L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:53
Take-off 09 Sep 15, 21:02
Arrival at 09 Sep 15, 21:55
LA 65 reviews
By 1084
Published on 4th February 2016
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LA218 Concepción Carriel Sur International Airport CCP - Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport SCL
STD-STA: 2050-2200
Actual: 2102-2155
Airbus A320 CC-BFF
Gate 4 Seat 28L

For this flight, I took my time to board as I wanted to maximize the time I spent in charging up my iPhone in the terminal so I waited for the once again orderly and efficient boarding procedure.

photo 23827189934_cfcd02b10f_b
Boarding the flight

Same seat with the same legroom and I still got the window seat again this time. While there was someone seated at the aisle, the middle seat remained empty which meant I got lucky once again.

photo 24159810020_daffe1e3b9_b
Standard seatback pocket missing the magazine

Aside from the bare seat, there is a headphone outlet to listen to the inflight videos shown on the overhead monitors though no headphones were supplied for this short flight.

photo 24350113506_78fb7b8bcd_b
Seat volume controls

Perhaps because I boarded later this time, the plane soon made its pullback after boarding completed. Again the same process followed with the safety videos and pre-flight checks conducted by the cabin crew. With not much air traffic at this time of the day, we took off rapidly and my side of the plane (L seats) got treated to a nice view of this waterfront city at night.

photo 23827214924_78618e79f5_b
Take-off views from CCP

Upon reaching cruising altitude, the cabin snack service commenced and this time I mixed things up a bit, going for the mixed nuts pack with the yogurt bar. For drinks I stuck with water as I was quite thirsty after snowboarding the whole day earlier on.

photo 24373001611_d628ed755d_b
More complimentary inflight snacks

The rest of the flight was quite uneventful until we started our descent and the baby started crying behind my row at row 29. Unfortunately the pilot made a long turnaround on descent which I suspect is due to traffic in Santiago. Nearly all domestic flights within Chile originates from Santiago which was also the reason for me to return here for my next flight down south to Punta Arenas.

photo 24087684749_a5e3b03305_b
Descent into Santiago at night

Even by circling the night skies and treating passengers to a night view over Santiago, we still arrived earlier than scheduled. However with the late arrival, there was no jetbridge for our flight and we had to disembark from the stairs. That was a good thing too since they opened up the rear doors allowing me and all those seated to the rear to disembark quickly to board the bus.

photo 23827283334_13056ceafa_b
Disembarking from the tail

Passengers were then dropped off by the domestic baggage claim area and then it took a longer while for the luggage to appear on the conveyor belts. The return flight was probably not as fun as the outbound due to my fatigued state at night. Otherwise I thought domestic flights on LAN Chile was quite good value for money. I paid a total of close to 50,000CLP (~$60) for a the return flight and the decent snacks, complimentary checked luggage and on-time performance for both flights was all it took to make me a satisfied passenger.

Photos from my skiing trip to Nevados de Chillan:

photo 22298019330_f23c0b57bf_b
Powder skiing at Condor run

photo 22459962806_8e0629839a_b
Snowboarder at the summit

photo 24102508400_352704c1cd_b
Hot springs pool at the resort

photo 24289910662_0e934b3e2f_b
Hotel Alto Nevados

photo 23769915674_5110e02d86_b
Lighting in the lobby of Hotel Alto Nevados

photo 21862821814_6fb29b458a_b
Andes mountain range view from the summit

photo 22459766346_d67022f433_b
Bowl around Huemul
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Cabin crew9.0

Concepcion - CCP


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