Review of Emirates flight Dubai Johannesburg in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK767
Class Economy
Seat 26K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 08:10
Take-off 18 Dec 15, 23:25
Arrival at 19 Dec 15, 05:35
EK   #2 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 615 reviews
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Published on 5th February 2016
Welcome to the second FR in my SA trip!

Background Infromation

This december I visted South Africa to visit my familly there (I'm half South African). We had two options for our flights, SAA via DKR and IAD (JFK and Accra on the way to JNB), or EK via DXB. We (for obvious reasons) went with EK. The main selling point for me was probably the A380. Anyways, here's my routing:

EK226 SFO-DXB in Y ……….
SA1521 JNB-GRJ in Y………. Flight Report Coming Soon!
FA121 GRJ-CPT in Y ……….
SA332 CPT-JNB in Y ………. Flight Report Coming Soon!
EK764 JNB-DXB in Y ………. Flight Report Coming Soon!
EK225 DXB-SFO in Y ………. Flight Report Coming Soon!

If you're wondering, FA is the IATA code for Safair, a smallish South African airline. And GRJ is the IATA code for George Airport. George is a small city in the south of the country.
Here's a map of my routing to Johanesburg (courtesy of :

photo Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 5.44.50 PM

This FRs going to be shorter. This was a redeye flight o I didn't take too many photos of the WC, etc. to not disturb othe pax.

Flight Report

After an uneventful four-hour layover at DXB I made my way to the boarding gate

A Note on DXB:
At DXB it is very hard to get around. There are sometimes Duty Free Malls seperating one gate from the next. The gates are also very hard to find. The boarding process once you find your gate is equally bad. You go through the usual doc check, then you think you are going stright to the plane. Instead you are off to a holding area. This holding area leads you (after another doc check) finnaly to the gate.

Most of the pax on this flight seem to be South Africans returning from holidays. EK is a good option for them if they're going to India, Sri Lanka, S. America, N. America, Asia, and more. This flight must be very useful to connecting pax because it departs at 11:25 pm so if you are on an evening arrival, you gat a better layover than overnighting @ DXB.

Boarding at gate A23:

photo IMG_3522

I really like the nose of the 777-300ER. I made this pic my cover photo:

photo IMG_3540

Our plane tonight is A6-ECU

My fusalage shot (unfortuntly the lighting in the gate seriously implacated the pic):

photo IMG_3542

While Boarding:

photo IMG_3543

The load factor of this flight must be close to full (in Y). I was expecting it to not be so good. Keep in mind that it is still South Arican school holidays, and the majority of pax are South Africans.

The IFE was the old version:

photo IMG_3544photo IMG_3550

A lot of Flight Reporters don't perticularly like the old IFE. I think it's fine. The content is the same, the layout is the sme. The only things that are different about it are the remote, functions of the remote, responsiveness, and screen quality. On any other airline, the old IFE would be great. It's just that EK does even better with it's new IFE.

The blankets were good quality, as on EK226:

photo IMG_3549

Tray Table:

photo IMG_3546

My apologies about forgetting the legroom shot. For the record, the legroom was good, pitch OK:

The headphones:

photo IMG_3548

The headphones on this flight look mutch better then the ones on EK226, but they fall apart. They must have fell apart 20 or 30 times during the 7.5 hr flight. I think EK knows this so they give higher quality headphones on the longer flights (On the way back, that pattern was repeated, on EK764 I had bad headphones, on EK225 I had good ones).

Takeoff was realitively late. I forget by how much.

A meal was served very efficiantly, shortly after takeoff. The menu (in my wording, not EKs) was as follows:

Lentil saled with smoked turkey

Grilled Chicken
Beef Stew

Carrot Cake

My Beef Stew try as presented:

photo IMG_3551

The starter was acceptable. The lentils were bland. However the turkey, though small was flavorful and juicy.

The dessert was OK. Nothing special. I would have prefered the chocolate delice that I had on EK226.

My Beef Stew unveiled:

photo IMG_3552

It was really good. The menu didn't mention that the sauce was a demi-glace. The sauce was rich, thick, and flavorful. I mixed with the potatoes. The potatoes were very good too. They weren't dry or powdery. I was worried about both of those things because on UA903 SFO-FRA (the only other time I had potatoes on a plane), my potatoes in the KSML were really bad. They must have been made from powder. The vegetables weren't overcooked, and were flavorful.

In conclusion a very good meal with EK.

As I said earlier, I'm not going to take any pix mid-flight. The WCs were fine.

Before landing we were served a breakfast:

photo IMG_3555

This was a poor excuse for breakfast. It was stale, tasteless, and overipe fruit. With a cold croissnt, and two slices of cheesse. Not OK. EK really needs to work on the breakfast. I did some research, and it turns out the cheese, croissant, and fruit is what EK serves for all it's breakfasts on mid haul flights. A better choice would be a hot croissant with maybe a yoghurt.

Landing at JNB was about 45 mins late. Immigration was inefficient. JNB Airport isn't very good at all.

My last pic of a/c (sorry for being upside-down) :

photo IMG_3564


Overall a good flight with EK. The on-time proformance wasn't good, neither was the breakfast. But everything else was very good. The first meal was served really efficiently. The FAs were efficient and friendly. EK just needs to work on their breakfasts for mid-haul flights.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a response in the comment section. :-)
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Dubai - DXB


Johannesburg - JNB



Overall a good flight with EK. The on-time proformance wasn't good, neither was the breakfast. But everything else was very good. The first meal was served really efficiently. The FAs were efficient and friendly. EK just needs to work on their breakfasts for mid-haul flights.

Thanks for reading, and pleasse drop me a line in the comments section.

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  • Comment 156939 by
    East African 1557 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    EK introduced a 4th daily JNB flight, now flooding the South African market with 7 daily 77W flights (4x JNB, 2x CPT and 1x DUR), no wonder fares are cheap

    On the other side, the partnership EY-SA is a bit stagnant with the 787-9 on daily AUH-JNB later this year, so not to many options to/from the USA.

    A lot of Flight Reporters don't perticularly like the old IFE
    During a redeye flight like this, i bet it's the least of their concerns ... ;-)

    A small advice for the pics, you should rotate them in the correct position first in the Window Photo Gallery before you upload them here or elsewhere ...

    Thanks for sharing
    • Comment 334191 by
      MrMax AUTHOR 143 Comments
      Hi East African,
      Glad you enjoyed the FR.

      This indeed was the 4th DXB-JNB flight that EK introduced. The fares actually weren't as cheap as you think, but the best I could do during high season. Hence the flight being full.

      I didn't realise that EY is going to start flying AUH-JNB on THEIR OWN planes lol.

      What you said about the IFE might be true. But I found these seats not very comfortable to sleep in (compared to on the A380). Anyways, the IFE was still great, and I finished the movie I had been watching on EK226. Unfortunatly, the December content on ICE wasn't as good as the Janurary content.

      Again, thanks for the advice on the pics!

      Thanks for dropping by,

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