Review of Germanwings flight Rome Berlin in Economy

Airline Germanwings
Flight 4U8891
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 16 Jul 14, 12:35
Arrival at 16 Jul 14, 14:45
4U 16 reviews
By 1444
Published on 7th February 2016

Hello and welcome to my 2014's Rome-Berlin flight report. You can read how I got from Argentina to Italy in my previous report. I hope you find this report of a now defunct airline interesting. Also I have a kind of special tourist bonus at the end

photo PjuLzuuh

That sunny morning I left my hotel at Fiumicino and took a shuttle with an Alitalia's crew. The Leonardo Da Vinci Airport reminds me the Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Airport in the 80s. Old and dark terminal.

photo RXVJ1M3h

The FIDS for that day

photo FMEQMInh

Two hours before the scheduled departure time, there was an increasing queue but the counter remained closed. I know Germanwings was a LCC. For me, it was surprising that two capital cities like Rome and Berlin weren't connected by Lufthansa. At least at that time.

photo 6phwMAHhphoto cywqFlUh

Finally after checking in, I passed security and went airside. Clearly, FCO is not a spotter friendly airport.
Alitalia B772 and Qatar Airways A330

photo s9YSnQLh

A nice Thai B744 and a Norwegian 738

photo eSYtGkxh

More queueing. This time for boarding on time.

photo epezJVohphoto Zq9Btvqh

Walking to the jetbridge

photo Nh3A55Qh

I think the seats were similar to those Lufthansa's Recaro infamous slim seats. The hard airport seats are much more comfortable than them.

photo DRoTbI4hphoto lQsMdkDh

A Germanwings A320 next to us

photo RpO62J3hphoto DVpPLUrh

As you can see. Seat pitch was OK for my (limited) height. And the middle seat was empty the whole flight

photo CzXTPI9h

In flight magazine, GW. So creative…

photo FzyjtZ7h

Safety card

photo 4wiMDDyhphoto 4wiMDDyh

The plane had the older Airbus cabin but was well maintained and clean

photo civKapBh

Finally boarding finished and we were ready to go

photo mCBC5IHh

Fiumicino ATC and its curious checkerboard

photo lZz0H3qh

We started taxiing

photo 1uQrPxahphoto jiEt1IHh

Wizz Air A320

photo otow6pfh

A Vueling A320 was behind us

photo 4fauRgAh

An Iberia A321 was in front of us

photo OMymE1ih

Ready for take off

photo PYQlMwnh

Off the ground

photo 4k97o5dh

Bye bye FCO

photo re0nobhhphoto u0u8ynwhphoto yTmsuN8h

The Fiumicino Village and the Tyrrhenian Sea

photo IHYWnnsh

Cruising altitude

photo IFfbI7hhphoto 01Zb5PPh

Germanwings destinations. This was the IFE for this flight

photo GES4249h

My ticket fare allowed me to get that bag containing a small sandwich, a tiny mineral water and a microscopic cookie

photo Ee7XOo7h

And don't forget the free drink. Tea for me, please.
The cabin crew was nice

photo XPmRccdh

I haven't seen before a fuel cavity on the upper wing surface of an A320

photo 05BMpwAh

Nice views

photo jQ7qI0vh

We started descent. I think that's Berlin Brandenburg Airport. I hope my great-grandchildren will live enough to see that airport opening lol

photo 3rYrvCch

Some socialist architecture visible

photo DH5qqXahphoto fCcqwAkhphoto z3NYz7xh

The Fernsehturm (TV tower)

photo A5AvyHghphoto Z1g5hEmh

You can spot the Weltballon at the distance

photo 4t3HuEMhphoto Kf9dfADh

Almost there

photo 6OOk5oqhphoto EDW42xTh

We landed on time. No doubt we were in Germany

photo v7amVI1hphoto wvvzHVNh

Yes, the old Berlin-Tegel. A concrete monument. Seems that Stalinist architecture was trendy in Western Berlin, too.

photo yXTenSJh


photo 85SPYiohphoto edGWBwmh

That was my A319

photo dghpL5Bh

I got my suitcase and took the bus to Kurfürstendamm Avenue where my hotel was.
If you remember the Brazil's World Cup final match, you might agree with me that traveling to Germany wasn't the most clever idea for an Argentinean.
When I got to my hotel, the German TV was broadcasting the World Cup celebration at Brandenburg Gate. Including the so called "Gaucho dance" made by the Germany football team… lol

photo d56dhLKh

Now the tourism bonus. I decided to explore the former Tempelhof Airport. A nazi eagle is still visible

photo PowqNVeh

The Airlift Memorial outside the airport, remembering the Western Allies flights during the Soviet Blockade

photo peasOfGh

Tempelhof is an icon of Nazi monumental architecture and had been called one of the greatest buildings of modern age

photo y9cdjTJhphoto DgXmoFvh

Starting the guided tour

photo pijMtWIh

Departures FIDS at one of the gates

photo PUVYoZMhphoto qnix2WFhphoto 8P53iCNh

An endless corridor

photo YGNwaYTh


photo bb5E4MBh

The main hall full of avgeeks

photo adNanbnh

The check in counters remained almost intact

photo S168GLQhphoto VX9j8Qzh

The main FIDS and former restaurant

photo ndvvLK2h

The baggage carousel

photo 9mvwS9ah

Outside, the nazi eagle that was on the top of the terminal building, after WWII was decapitated and its head is shown

photo MXNTyG6h

A Douglas DC-6 used in the Berlin Airlift

photo uRs00zxh

When tour finished I went to the runway. Walking on a closed airport is a very strange feeling. I felt quite nostalgic and happy at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this flight report. Comments are welcome!
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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Rome - FCO


Berlin - TXL



A standard regional flight with the now defunct Germanwings. The slims seats were uncomfortable even for a short flight. The cabin crew was rather nice. Some ticket fares include a sandwich and a bottle of water. Otherwise you need to buy meal on board. The IFE was limited to the in flight magazine. The flight arrived on time



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  • Comment 156966 by
    Aubin SILVER 212 Comments

    Great bonus, thank you!

  • Comment 157025 by
    Benoit75008 7273 Comments

    Thank you for this report,

    4U is not so bad. Your ticket fare allowed you to get this meal bag.
    In a way, it's a better offer than LH and famous free sandwich.

    Nice bonus concerning Berlin.
    I don't think Tegel was built in a communist style, just this post-war modern style.
    Allies gave support to this project mainly.

  • Comment 157158 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report on pre-merger Germanwings. I haven't been to Germany lately, but I'm assuming most planes are still painted in the Germanwings colors, but flying as Eurowings.

    The Leonardo Da Vinci Airport reminds me the Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Airport in the 80s. Old and dark terminal.
    - Haha, I just got done saying in another report that FCO is a dump. Yet someone else who thinks so :-)

    The cabin interior looks a lot like any Lufthansa Airbus A32X, with those grey slimline ironing board NEK seats.

    Thanks for the interesting AvGeek-Historical bonus. In retrospect, closing Tempelhof a few year ago was probably a bad idea considering that BER is STILL not open and aging TXL and SXF and having a hard time handling all the traffic.

    Thanks for sharing!

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