Review of Austral Líneas Aéreas flight Buenos Aires Trelew in Premium Eco

Flight AU2868
Class Premium Eco
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 13 Apr 14, 10:55
Arrival at 13 Apr 14, 14:00
AU 17 reviews
By 4616
Published on 19th April 2014
Hello and welcome, everybody. Maybe you have read on the news, about a national transport unions strike in Argentina on Thursday (April 10th). Well, that day I got an sms from Lan saying: Lan Argentina informs you that your flight on Friday has been cancelled….
I was supposed to be in Buenos Aires on Friday and both Lan nor Aerolíneas Argentinas didn't have any seat available till Saturday. Anyway, I found out an emergency option… Just for an insane traveler, like the one who's writing… :P
Then, it was nice leaving home at 3am and driving the car from Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) to Trelew (REL), nearest airport, for 400km… Remember, there were no buses available either because of the strike.
Finally I got to REL airport on time and flew to Buenos Aires (AEP). After a Friday working and a Saturday clubbing with Edu Imbernon (talented Spanish producer and DJ) in Bahrein, one of the best techno/house music clubs in Buenos Aires, I had to return REL.
On Sunday, there are 2 non-stop flights from AEP to REL and a third and more interesting AU2868 -that I chose- because it does a stopover in Viedma, capital city of the Río Negro Province, where I hadn't been before.
So, that morning having slept just 3 hours after dancing, I got Aeroparque like a zombie, more or less like the character in this Edu Imbernon video… lol

Check in was fast and I got an upgrade to Club Economy (premium economy class) thanks to my Aerolíneas Plus Platino membership. Security was smooth but the agent asked me if I was carrying shoes in my bag. I replied yes, and he said OK. I didn't know shoes could be suspicious in a carry on bag. :P
Then, I was anxious to see the new 4 gates added, a couple of weeks ago, in the terminal building. And here they are:

photo P1010759_zpsa619d371

Aerolíneas is the boss here, without hesitation…

photo P1010756_zps42982872

I couldn't catch up the nice Skyteam Austral E-190…

photo P1010763_zps12441ad6

I liked the use of Argentinian colours (light blue and yellow) on the nice carpet design

photo P1010764_zps0fda2e56

This is my plane: Austral's Embraer E-190AR

photo P1010765_zps90a68c58

The seats, in a 1-2 config., were very comfortable

photo P1010884_zpsb513e316

photo P1010867_zpsc4283ac6

photo P1010883_zpsfee0467f

Our neighbor, AR B73G

photo P1010768_zps2b44e95d

When compared with Aerolineas, the Austral's livery differs only in the red stripe that has been kept from its historic colour schemes, also present in the winglets.

photo P1010773_zps2d5d540d

After doors had been closed, I was expecting the classic manual safety instructions. Instead of that the nice chief flight attendant touched that screen twice…

photo P1010776_zpsb52d9fa2

What a surprise! Austral finally got a safety video… ?

photo P1010778_zps67fa21d4

photo P1010780_zpse4f9ccf0

Take off. Aeroparque, Palermo neighborhood woods and the red winglet, exclusive in Austral, visible

photo P1010783_zps3a8b7d34

photo P1010784_zps2b061c83

Alta, Aerolíneas/Austral inflight magazine. The girl on the cover is an Argentine young actress.

photo P1010790_zps70cd5930

Second inflight magazine: Cielos Argentinos (Argentine Skyes) and an interesting article about hipsters

photo P1010791_zpsbc606c13

There's plenty of legroom in Club Economy seats…

photo P1010792_zps0b5f75eb

The music programming was too, let's say, cheesy for my taste… From Jamie Cullum to Demi Lovato…

photo P1010801_zps228e9412

On the video side, there's a Primera División (1st. League) football highlights program. Essential for most Argentinians…

photo P1010815_zpsa74d7b27

Few minutes later I got one of the snack boxes offered in Club Economy.

photo P1010827_zps9970792e

Ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt and cookies. Good, but a hot meal would have been perfect.

photo P1010829_zps2a239bc1

Cruising altitude

photo P1010833_zpsbd631aec

Lavatory in the E-190 is really small

photo P1010840_zps92c5c3e5

Do not flush while seated on toilet…. I wonder if anybody could even think to do that… :P

photo P1010842_zpsacae389e

Approaching, the Río Negro (black river) is visible

photo P1010850_zps5a64eb2b

photo P1010853_zps0db71fb7

We landed on time, after 1:20h flight

photo P1010857_zps25f42048

Typical arid soil from the Easter Patagonia. Welcome to Viedma Airport (VDM)

photo P1010862_zpsc4c46507

photo P1010863_zpse471de99

The tiny airport terminal and the ATC tower

photo P1010868_zps273218a9

In the 30min. stopover I asked permission to take a few pictures in the cockpit. The cool and friendly first officer said hello, come in….
We were chatting a bit about the E-190 and I invited him to read this report in… ;)

photo P1010875_zps61f63cb6

photo P1010877_zps5135e99e

photo P1010886_zps73dd8cd7

Our executive neighbours, Cessna 551 Citation II and Canadair (now Bombardier) Challenger 300

photo P1010881_zps7dba58c8

Let's go to Trelew (REL)…

photo P1010892_zps30a8acda

Bye VDM. So exotic airport, even for an Argentinian…

photo P1010894_zpsfe9f2643

The Viedma racetrack. During the stopover the cars engines roar could be heard from the plane…

photo P1010895_zpsc33a6844

In the 30 min hop to REL another snack box was delivered. This time even better, with a thin beef sandwich, fruits juice, and a piece of lemon cake

photo P1010911_zpsee4c93df

The Argentine Sea

photo P1010916_zps76ffe7cc

photo P1010921_zpsa1330336

Landing in REL on time.

photo P1010939_zps8d1c0075

REL ATC tower…

photo P1010945_zps1daa4067

REL terminal building and its jetway

photo P1010946_zps6142ad6e

We parked next to Sol Líneas Aéreas Saab SF-340

photo P1010950_zps683952c7

Nice Mef Museum in baggage claim area

photo P1010951_zpsd15f22a7

Eastern Patagonia is a heaven for paleontologists from around the world as this (now dry) land was, millions of years ago, a huge forest inhabited by thousands of dinosaurs… Like this one in the diorama…

photo P1010952_zps1d78831b

Tourism bonus… I got my car and drove 400km back to my city, Comodoro Rivadavia. In the middle of the trip I decided to take this picture of that lonely board and the gas station to show you the magnificent desolation of Eastern Patagonia…
I hope you enjoyed reading this rather exotic flight report. Comments are appreciated

photo P1010959_zpsf5bb579b
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Austral Líneas Aéreas

Cabin crew10.0

Buenos Aires - AEP


Trelew - REL



Austral and its E-190s offer the most comfortable cabin in Argentina's domestic routes. This crew was specially friendly and professional. The catering was good but a hot meal could be expected in a premium economy class.
The IFE is even better with the new safety video. To get a 10 it needs Moving Map.



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  • Comment 106223 by
    marathon 9830 Comments

    Well no, I was not aware of the strike, but then, I had not reason to go to this part of the world.
    I wonder what the answer would have been if you had denied having shoes in your carry-on luggage ?
    1+2 seating must indeed be comfortable in an E190.
    This another great report - text, pictures and bonus. Thanks !

  • Comment 106239 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Awesome report! I really like the Premium cabins on E-Jets (In the US marketed as First haha). Nice looking interior and service!

  • Comment 106241 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for this great report with equally nice pictures.

    I am intrigued by AR's second magazine Cielos Argentinos. Is that only available in the premium cabins? It's nice that airlines try to offer a different publication for those sitting in the front. UA did this months ago with an additional publication named Rhapsody.

    • Comment 292698 by
      Avionero AUTHOR 77 Comments

      Thanks for your comment!
      The Cielos Argentinos magazine is available to every passenger flying in Aerolíneas Argentinas or Austral. It has become a much more interesting magazine than the official inflight magazine Alta.
      The Lan's inflight magazine In, is by far the best in Argentina and, I would say, South America.

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