Review of LAN Airlines flight Buenos Aires Santiago in Economy

Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA532
Class Economy
Seat 15D
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 17 Jan 16, 18:50
Arrival at 17 Jan 16, 20:55
LA 65 reviews
By 1717
Published on 10th February 2016
So, I was going to visit Miami and decided to flight with Lan. I usually flight with American airlines but tickets were really expensive, so I chose Lan instead. The flight departed at 6:50 PM,and I check online for this flight. The boarding pass state that you should be at the airport 3 hours before your flight. I am maniac about arriving earlier just in case so I decided to arrive at 2:15 PM instead of 3:40 PM. There was a long line so it was about 20 minutes I waited until a check in agent that all passengers for this flight had to wait in line until 3:40 PM as there were check in other passengers.
photo image1 - Copy
So me and other people were step aside and kept there until at 3:20 the agent let people start check in.
photo IMG_1430 - Copy
Lan and Tam check in desk(sorry for the blur picture)
I understand they did this to allow customers with earlier flights to check in first, but I think LATAM(Lan and tam) check in desks were bad distributed as all flights were in the same including a lot of Tam flight to brazil. I also think that if people arrived late to the airport, they shouldn't be given priority, but again that's my opinion of someone who loves to arrive earlier and spend a lot of time airside watching airport movement and shopping in the duty free.

With nothing else to do I went through security and passport control and within 40 minutes I was airside. After going through the duty free and eating a salad in Starbucks boarding began and people did a big lane that was annoying
photo Optimized-IMG_1436
photo IMG_1438 - Copy
Entering the aircraft
photo image2 - Copy
Crew welcoming passengers
My first impression of the aircraft were positive, crew was welcoming, the seats were confortable and the IFE was modern and with an excellent variety of content, it would be a 10 if I wasn't missing a remote control
photo IMG_1441 - Copy
Departure was 17 minutes later because the coming aircraft arrived later.
photo IMG_1442 - Copy
Position upon departure
20 minutes after departure the crew offer a small snack service that consisted of a ham and cheese croissant, a piece of chocolate candy and a beverage that could be water, coke, diet coke, orange juice or beer. They also offer a second beverage like tea or coffee. The service was very good, specially the choice of a second drink, although i was disappointed they didn't offer other drinks just as sprite.
photo IMG_1444 - Copy
snack service

The ife offer a choice of seeing photos on a any device you connected on the USB port, I tried on my iPhone but it didn't work
photo IMG_1447 - Copy
A nice feature, sadly it didn't work

I decided to read a bit of Lan's IN magazine, interesting that they decided to begin flying to D.C.
photo Optimized-IMG_1449
Lan flying to Washington (sorry for the picture, it won't flip)

Another thing, Lan headphone have two prong but the 787 TV had one jack, so you turn one of the prong down. This is because old 767 have two jacks while new 767 and 787 have one jack
photo Optimized-IMG_1452
headphone notice

We began flying over the andes and the view was fantastic sadly I was very far from any windows to take a picture

After flying the andes we began landing, a video was show on the TV screens encouraging people to declare food when entering chile
photo IMG_1455
Customs video about declaring food.

photo IMG_1456
About to land

We landed 9 minutes later than expect, after that I followed the connecting flights sign to security and then continued my journey to Miami.

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LAN Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Buenos Aires - EZE


Santiago - SCL



Report of LA 532 from buenos aires to Santiago in a boeing 787-9

Information on the route Buenos Aires (EZE) Santiago (SCL)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LAN Airlines avec 7.9/10.

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  • Comment 157155 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR aboard LA!

    I also think that if people arrived late to the airport, they shouldn't be given priority
    - I wholeheartedly agree with this statement especially when airlines explicitly state to arrive 2 hours before an international flight. But if someone misses their flight, you know exactly who they are going to blame (the carrier) and then that turns into bad publicity...

    The seats look to be the standard ones most carriers picked for the B787s. Catering looks to be good, although for a dinnertime flight, you might expect something more. The limited drink menu is probably a reflection of the shorter flight time on this short hop.

    LA seems to offer a good product and probably better than what you would have gotten on AA.
    • Comment 346610 by
      chavo58 AUTHOR 7 Comments

      Yes more most people agree that LA offers a better service than AA, the thing is that i travel a lot on AA and it just where my heart belongs, But of course i am open to other airlines if there are better fares, specially if they are a member of OW.

      About the lack of other drinks on my flight from SCL TO MIA the drinks were exactly the same, something strange i have not seen in other airlines.

      In my opinion the snack service is fine considering i had a connecting flight to MIA, but passengers ending in santiago may be expecting more

      Thanks for reading
  • Comment 157193 by
    viajero90 103 Comments
    Thanks for this report!
    Last year I took the opposite flight (LA445) from SCL to EZE on a 787-800.
    Did you find your seat comfortable?

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