Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Flight 3K663
Class Economy
Seat 23C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 08 May 15, 09:35
Arrival at 08 May 15, 10:40
3K 47 reviews
By 2324
Published on 11th February 2016
A Weekend of Flying in May 2015 | Flight #1
Series Introduction: After numerous delays and a failed initial sales launch, V Air, a Taiwanese low-cost carrier, finally succeeded in selling tickets on its first route between Taipei and Bangkok (Don Mueang). I have been following all the news related to this airline very closely, but all along did not plan to "snatch" any of the cheap tickets during its sales launch since it wouldn't be exactly convenient for me to especially fly to Bangkok, just to try this new Taiwanese airline. Oh well, to cut out on all the long-winded story, I eventually still ended up with an approximately SGD67 one-way ticket from Bangkok to Taipei, scheduled on the first Saturday of May 2015.

Now, I needed to find a way to get to Bangkok before Saturday, and then to return to Singapore by Sunday night, so that I can report punctually on Monday for my first day at work. The initial plan was just to add two more budget airlines' flights, before and after the confirmed V Air flight, so as to complete the loop (SIN-DMK-TPE-SIN). The routing obviously did not turn out to be that simple in the end; just look at the route map below depicting My Weekend of Flying in May 2015. Enjoy the series!

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Jetstar Asia 3K663
Aircraft Registration: 9V-JSH
Origin: Changi International Airport, Singapore (SIN)
Destination: Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia (KUL)
Date: Friday, 8 May 2015
STD/STA: 0935h (UTC+08:00) to 1040h (UTC+08:00)
ATD/ATA: 0937h (UTC+08:00) to 1043h (UTC+08:00)
Estimated Duration: 01 hour 05 minutes
Actual Duration: 01 hour 06 minutes
Flight Distance: About 186 miles / 299 km

Here is the route map for this trip.

photo 001 Flight Map (8-10 May) EDITED
(Image credit: GC Map)

photo 0734h Slide01

On the morning of this flight, the traffic along the way to the airport was surprisingly light despite it being the peak hour. I arrived at SIN's terminal 1 within 30 minutes from boarding the taxi. A great start to my trip.

photo 0735h IMG_3472 Arrived at Airportphoto 0736h DSC07723 Kerbsidephoto 0740h DSC07722 Jetstar Counters

Since Jetstar Asia ("3K") is based in SIN, most of the airline's flights are now eligible for self check-in and all passengers will be directed to the self check-in kiosks.

[centre]photo 0741h a Slide02[/centre]

There were many kiosks available so I didn't have to queue.

photo 0741h DSC07721 Heading to Check inphoto 0742h DSC07697 Self Check In

These check-in kiosks belong to the airport's management and not the airline. So I guess this is a sign that more and more airlines will be rolling out this service in the near future.

photo 0742h DSC07698 Main Screen

You can choose to use either English or Mandarin to operate the machine.

photo 0742h DSC07699 Language Selection

The next step will be to enter your PNR reference, scan the barcode on your itinerary, or search for your itinerary using your flight number.

photo 0742h DSC07700 Options to Pull Out Itinerary

Then key in your name.

photo 0743h DSC07701 Enter Name

Confirm your flight.

photo 0743h DSC07702 Select Flightphoto 0743h DSC07703 Selected

Declare that you have no dangerous goods.

photo 0743h DSC07704 Declare No Dangerous Goods

Scan your passport to verify your identity.

photo 0744h DSC07705 Scan Passport

Enter your baggage information.

photo 0744h DSC07706 Number of Bags

Confirm your seats.

photo 0744h DSC07707 Seat Selection

And collect your baggage tags.

photo 0744h DSC07708 Print Baggage Tag

This wasn't the most intuitive system I would expect for self check-in but it was already simple enough, since I was guided step-by-step with clear instructions.

It's possible that travellers who are less tech savvy will not appreciate such systems and will prefer the traditional way of checking in at a counter.

photo 0744h DSC07709 Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag (Edited)

Anyway, with my boarding pass and luggage tag printed, the next step would be to attach the bag tag on my check in bag and then drop it at the counter.

photo 0744h DSC07736 Boarding Pass (Edited)photo 0747h DSC07712 My First Time Tagging (Wrong Side) EDITED

photo 0747h a Slide03

The bag drop process was also automated.

photo 0748h DSC07718 Bag Drop Main Screenphoto 0749h DSC07713 Bag Drop

I just had to place my bag on the conveyor belt and scan my boarding pass.

photo 0750h DSC07715 Place Bag on Belt and Scan Boarding Pass

My check in luggage weighed 5kg.

photo 0750h DSC07716 Weight EDITED

Once I selected "check-in", the conveyor belt automatically sent my bag, and I was done!

photo 0750h DSC07717 Bye

A baggage receipt was printed at the end of the whole process.

photo 0751h DSC07719 Baggage Receipt (Edited)

One standard shot of the departure FIDS before I head to immigration.

Anyway, my flight was codeshared with Sri Lankan Airlines as UL3277.

photo 0756h DSC07725 Departure FIDS

photo 0758h Slide04

Off I go for my short weekend trip with 5 flights!

photo 0759h DSC07720 Heading to Immigration

After I went through the self check-in process, immigration was also self-clearance and the automated process meant I was airside in less than 5 minutes.

photo 0807h DSC07726 Airside

The first thing I saw was an exhibition of Qantas' new A330 Business class suites.

photo 0807h DSC07728 Qantas Exhibition

It was a pity the exhibition wasn't opened yet. Otherwise I would have gotten a chance to try out these beautiful seats.

photo 0807h DSC07729 New Business Class

I travel quite frequently on the SIN-MEL route, but in economy of course. It'd be great if they upgraded me just once to these seats…

I should stop daydreaming; what's awaiting me at my boarding gate was an A320 with 180 seats. Let's get going.

photo 0808h DSC07730 Full Flat Seats

On the way to the gate, I saw two aircrafts from China.

The first: Air China's A333 operating CA975/CA976, and it was bound for Beijing that morning.

photo 0809h DSC07731 B-5958 A333 CA975 CA976 SIN-PEK-SIN

The next aircraft was Xiamen Air's B737-800, which arrived in Singapore from Xi'an via Hangzhou, and will be departing for Tianjin via Xiamen as MF856.

imagephoto  MF856 SIN-XMN-TSN

Finally at my boarding gate after killing off some time. Apart from the above-mentioned codeshare agreement with Sri Lankan, this 3K flight also codeshared with Emirates.

The next flight to depart from this gate was also a Jetstar flight, but its IATA code was "BL", indicating that it was a Jetstar Pacific flight from Vietnam.

photo 0905h DSC07737 Departure Gate Information (Codeshare with EK and UL)

I was very punctual and arrived at the gate according to the stipulated boarding time, but at that time, the departure information boards already indicated "last call" for the flight.

photo 0912h IMG_3477 Passed Security (Edited)

photo 0920h Slide05

Despite the "last call", boarding had not actually commenced; but it began in another minute or so.

Anyway, this was my aircraft for the short hop over to Kuala Lumpur - 9V-JSH, it was about 9 years old at that time. Interestingly, even though Valuair had technically transferred all its aircrafts to 3K, this particular aircraft still had the "Valuair" logo on it.

photo 0921h DSC07739 9V-JSH FFL07112005 My Aircraft

9.21am, the flight wasn't very full so boarding was quick and efficient.

photo 0921h DSC07740 Boarding Began

When I took my time to stroll down the aerobridge, it was already empty as the initial boarding crowd had cleared.

photo 0922h DSC07741 Boarding

In May 2015 when this flight took place, the aircraft was still carrying the Valuair brand with it as it flew all over Asia. Two months later, however, 3K has repainted this aircraft into a special livery commemorating Singapore's 50th National Day. (See this photo.)

photo 0922h IMG_3478 Valuair Livery Still There BANNER

Anyway, I boarded the aircraft and headed straight to the lavatory, HAHA!

It wasn't nature's call but rather, I just didn't want to walk around the aircraft later on during the flight since it was going to be a very, very short one.

photo 0923h DSC07742 Lavatoryphoto 0924h DSC07743photo 0924h DSC07744

Clear signs that the aircraft was ageing.

photo 0924h DSC07745photo 0924h DSC07746

Anyway, back into the cabin. 9V-JSH is one of 3K's first few aircrafts. It therefore had the older version of leather seats, which were actually slightly more comfortable than the newer ones, in my opinion.

photo 0925h DSC07747 Old Cabin

While this may be my first report on 3K, I am actually extremely familiar with this airline, having flown on it countless of times between SIN and TPE since a decade ago.

photo 0925h DSC07748 Older Seats

9.25am, boarding was almost completed and I estimated that the flight's load was about 70%.

photo 0925h IMG_3481 Boarding Almost Done

9.30am, doors were about to close.

photo 0930h DSC07751 Boarding Done

Soon after, the pilot came on with a short PA, and here's what he said:

Flying time will be about 40 minutes
We will depart on time
He will be back with the weather information later

In the video, you could hear many Sri Lankans in the background, reconfirming the fact that many Sri Lankan Airlines passengers were booked on this flight, completing their journey to Kuala Lumpur after arriving in Singapore from Colombo. (The Sri Lankan flight from Colombo arrived in Singapore at about 7.30am or so.)

photo 0937h Slide06

9.37am, 3K663 pushed back two minutes after the scheduled time of departure.
9.57am, we took about 20 minutes to finally line up with Runway 02C and then took off for KUL.

photo 0957h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.47.55 pm Take Off 02C

We made a 90 degree left turn soon after leaving Singapore and at this point, the captain turned off the seatbelt signs.

photo 1002h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.48.30 pm Signs Off

10.07am, arrived at our cruising altitude of 20,000ft; but we stayed at this flight level for really just a short while.

photo 1007h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.49.07 pm FL200

photo 1008h a Slide07

This is Jetstar Asia’s shortest flight and thus everything needs to be done quickly.

On this particular flight, we only cruised at our “cruising altitude” for a mere 8 minutes, so basically both pairs of crew had to be really efficient in distributing pre-purchased meals and selling BOB meals. The first pair of them were distributing the meals and the other pair was conducting the sale.

I bought a plus bundle (as I always do when flying with Jetstar) and this bundle allowed me to earn Qantas points, provided me with 20kg checked in luggage, and included a sandwich combo. So soon after we were airborne, I prepared the table for my food.

photo 1008h DSC07762 Tray Tablephoto 1008h DSC07763 Quite Decent Sizephoto 1009h DSC07753 Food Served Immediately

The 4 FAs were definitely rushing to complete their service but that didn’t stop them from displaying a high level of professionalism - and personally this seems to be what I frequently observe on 3K’s flights: professional, friendly and efficient crew members.

photo 1009h DSC07755 Meal Service Ongoing

However, no matter how professional the crew members were, I was still glad that the flight was only about an hour because I felt extremely constrained by the legroom that day. It wasn’t my first time on 3K but the legroom just seemed exceptionally tight on that morning’s flight. It might be because I was experiencing some rather nasty headache, but oh well… I already knew very well that 3K has the standard LCC seat pitch of 29” and what can one really expect from that?

photo 1011h DSC07759 The Legroom

Anyway, another 5 minutes passed and the crew members were already collecting trash and selling duty free items (yes, they managed to conduct a round of duty free sales even on such a short flight with a flying time of just 33 minutes).

It must have been real tiring doing a series of these return KUL flights in a day and kudos to them for still being cheerful throughout the service.

photo 1011h DSC07760 Very Efficient Service

An announcement then came again from the flight deck and this is what the pilot said:
- Our estimated landing time was 10.35am
- And we should be at the gate at about 10.45am

photo 1014h Slide08

10.15am, descent began; and we were flying pass Malacca.

photo 1015h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.49.23 pm Descend

10.21am, the seatbelt signs came on, and it was just 24 minutes since take off. This was my fifth time flying between SIN and KUL, and every single time I felt that the flights really ended too quickly. But in this case, since I wasn’t feeling quite comfortable on this particular flight, I was actually quite keen to get off the aircraft for some rest during my layover in KUL.

photo 1021h DSC07764 Signs On

There were some time left before we touch down so let’s not forget to look at the seat pocket contents.

photo 1023h DSC07765 Quick Look at Seat Pocket Contents

Menu - quite expensive, especially so if you compare 3K’s prices to that of AirAsia’s.

photo 1024h DSC07767 Menu

Duty free catalogue.

A 1:200 scale Jetstar Asia A320 model was available for sale. There were also some other 3K related products.

photo 1025h DSC07768 Duty Free Catalogue

And then the in-flight magazine, where we have a message from Jetstar’s Group CEO.

In her message, she mentioned that 2015 was Jetstar’s 11th year of operation and the entire group currently has a combined fleet of more than 120 aircrafts. (Pretty impressive I would say!)

photo 1025h DSC07769 CEO Message

I also flipped through some of the travel articles; this particular one focused on Kansai in Japan - a country that I have always wanted to visit!

photo 1025h DSC07770 Some Travel Articles (Kansai Japan)photo 1026h DSC07772 Useful Information

But! If I were to fly from Singapore to anywhere in Japan, I will never choose to fly on Jetstar Asia. Can you imagine spending more than 7 hours in an LCC's A320? (With a transit stop in Taipei, Bangkok, Manila or Hong Kong.)

photo 1026h DSC07773 SIN-KIX Jetstar Flight...

I had a good time analysing and looking through Jetstar’s route map. It is nice that the various airlines under the Jetstar Group have close ties and are working together well - on the other end of the spectrum, think: Tigerair Singapore and Tigerair Australia - two airlines with an exact same brand but virtually no affiliations with each other as of 2016.

photo 1026h DSC07774 Jetstar Route Map

Looking at the domestic network for Vietnam, Jetstar Pacific basically seemed to have Vietnam all covered! Seriously. Just look at how you can join the dots (orange stars) from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh City and then basically sketch out the Eastern coastline of Vietnam!

photo 1026h DSC07776 Domestic Vietnam and Japan

Not forgetting Jetstar Group’s hometown.

photo 1026h DSC07777 ANZ

Jetstar Asia’s flight schedule, along with JQ’s MEL-SIN-MEL/PER-DPS-SIN-DPS-PER and BL’s SGN-SIN-SGN schedules.

photo 1027h DSC07779 Flight Schedules

Alright, into the final approach now.

photo 1028h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.50.12 pm Final Approach

photo 1029h Slide09

10.30am, touched down on KUL’s Runway 32L.

photo 1030h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.50.34 pm Touch Downphoto 1030h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.51.12 pm Runway 32L

This satellite image really shows just how huge KL International Airport is if you include the newly built KLIA2, which was still reflected as an empty plot of land in this map.

photo 1031h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.51.33 pm Taxi Route

Here’s a recording of the cabin announcement after landing.

10.43am, we arrived at the gate slightly after our STA. It’s obvious from this photo that most people were eager to get out of the aircraft after a short 1 hour flight in this 180-seater A320. (Can you imagine, instead, if you flew in this cabin from Singapore to Japan?)

photo 1044h DSC07788 1043h Reached Gate

I wanted to head into the terminal asap too, but I wasn’t actually in a rush since my transit time was almost about 12 hours long!

You can see from the photo below that the cabin crew was already prepared to tidy up the aircraft before the next batch of passengers board flight 3K664 back to Singapore. It really seems tough to work as a cabin crew on a budget airline and I salute the professionalism displayed by this set of crew, despite their undoubtedly tiring schedule that day.

photo 1047h DSC07789 View of Seats

One last view of these seats. To be fair, the seats were really comfortable, it was just the legroom that spoilt everything.

Anyway, good bye to Jetstar Asia and till we meet again (really soon).

photo 1047h DSC07790 Quite Comfortable

Some fun facts:
The following aircraft departed Singapore for Kuala Lumpur about 15-20 minutes before us. Interestingly, Uzbekistan Airways does have fifth-freedom rights on the SIN-KUL-SIN sector of its flight from Tashkent.

Uzbekistan flies a triangle route TAS-SIN-KUL-TAS every Thur/Fri (which was the routing of the aircraft you see below) and another routing every Mon/Tue (TAS-KUL-SIN-TAS). The outbound flights from TAS are numbered HY551 and the inbound flights back to TAS are numbered HY552.

Apart from Uzbekistan, the only other non-Singaporean/Malaysian carrier that operates this route is Oman Air.

Just for everyone’s information, the one-way ticket from SIN to KUL on HY will probably cost about USD110, which is much more expensive than a budget airline ticket.

imagephoto  HY552 KUL-TAS B767-300ER FFL28062013

One more shot of 9V-JSH as I left for the main terminal (we were parked at the satellite terminal). The aircraft was being prepared for its journey back to Singapore.

photo 1049h DSC07793 Thanksphoto 1050h DSC07796 STD 1120h ATD 1126h Back to Singapore

Here is the full route of my flight.

photo 1049h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.47.30 pm Full Route

photo 1049h a Slide10

To get to the immigration counter, a short ride on the aerotrain was essential.

Here is a preview of the next report in this series, which will feature a totally new airline for me and also the MH Golden Lounge!

photo 1054h DSC07800 A Preview of The Next Report

On the baggage information screen, there was a column that shows the duration left to the first bag being delivered - a very nice touch.

photo 1056h DSC07804 Baggage Infophoto 1056h DSC07805 Welcome to Malaysia

The aerotrain operates 24 hours a day, with different frequencies; but the longest you may have to wait is just 5 minutes.

photo 1058h DSC07808 Train Frequencyphoto 1058h DSC07809 Train Platformphoto 1100h DSC07810 On The Train

I unknowingly captured the scene of a young man guiding an elderly to a seat on the train - really nice of him!

photo 1100h DSC07811 Train Cabin

And then I was off to the immigration checks.

photo 1104h DSC07813 Immigration Procedures

photo 1105h Slide11

It was not peak hour in KUL but there was still a little bit of a queue, which took just about 10 minutes to clear.

photo 1106h IMG_3485 Baggage Claim Infophoto 1108h DSC07814 Carousel G

My bag was delivered safely to KUL.

photo 1109h DSC07834 Got My Bag

After collecting my only checked baggage, I headed through customs and was greeted by this huge arrival FIDS; showing the exact locations of aircrafts around KUL.

photo 1110h DSC07815 Huge FIDS with Weather Info

It took me quite a long while to finally figure out the direction to the KLIA Ekspres Train platforms.

photo 1110h DSC07816 Arrival Hallphoto 1110h DSC07817 Looking for KLIA Ekspres Trainphoto 1110h DSC07819 Still No Signs

There seems to be a need for the signages to be improved. Still no signs directing me to the trains.

photo 1110h DSC07820 Signs for Taxi

photo 1110h a Slide12

And… Finally!

photo 1111h DSC07818 Here It Is

I took the train to KLIA2 - AirAsia’s main hub in Malaysia. And it was not because my next flight departs from that terminal, but rather…

photo 1123h DSC07830 Heading to KLIA2

… the fact that there is a nice capsule hotel located near the bus terminal in KLIA2. The bed was quite comfortable and the rates were reasonable.

I decided to rest in a capsule hotel even though it was right smack in the middle of the day because I really wasn’t feeling very well, and I still have a long way to go before finally arriving in Taiwan.

photo 1152h DSC07851 Time for A Nap

Of course, I didn’t spend my entire 12 hours of transit time sleeping, and instead headed to the city for a meal with my friend in the afternoon.

The Qantas points for this flight were credited into my account the next day.

photo 1200h Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.53.11 pm Qantas Points Credited

And that’s all I have for now, do keep a look out for the rest of this series. Thank you for stopping by!

(To be continued)

This report was completed on 15 February 2016.
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Singapore - SIN


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Jetstar Asia - a no-frills airline that I will personally recommend. From my experience, 3K may not always have the cheapest ticket but from all of my experience with the airline, it has always been very reliable. It's not on every flight that I meet very professional cabin crews but at the very least, all of 3K's cabin crew members appear to be very well-trained for the job. This flight, however, was one of the better ones whereby the team of cabin crew really looked motivated to complete their tasks efficiently, but without compromising their service standards, kudos to them!


It was quite a breeze getting to Changi Airport by taxi on a weekday morning; not what I actually expected due to the peak hours, but nevertheless still something that started off my trip on a good note. Other than that, the departure experience in SIN was good as usual!


Immigration at KUL took a little while and then I waited just a little more for my bag. Other than that, arrival formalities were very smooth. The first terminal, i.e. KLIA, of KUL opened in 1998 at almost the same period of time as Hong Kong Airport. But as of 2015, KUL was already starting to show its age and becoming just a little bit worn out, especially if compared to HKG. Don't get me wrong though! KUL is a perfectly okay airport to transit in and given the size of it, I don't think you will find a problem finding a place to kill time while you wait for your flight. It will be a big bonus if you have lounge access.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


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    Mohd Amiruddin 38 Comments

    I love to read your flight report!
    Very attentive and well arranged.
    Looking forward to read your next fr.

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    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this excellent FR!

    The bag drop process was also automated.
    - Somehow this process just doesn't seem like it would be practical in most countries, i.e., the US. This would spell all kinds of disaster letting people attempt to handle their own bags.

    It is nice that the various airlines under the Jetstar Group have close ties and are working together well
    - If you note, there are no GK (Jetstar Japan) flights on that route map. How close are they really? And I think the flights on Jetstar into KIX are redeyes, so you aren't just trapped on a LCC plane, but you are doing that flight overnight and being expected to be functional the next day (if you can still walk).

    Overall, the cabin and seats on 3K look very comfortable, but the seat pitch is inhumane. At 182cm, there is no way I could possibly fit in this cabin. The crew sound very good. I rarely envy FA's jobs, they have some brutal schedules and have to deal with a lot of stuff so good crews deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts.

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      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late response!

      I think there's still a lot of doubts about a fully automated system in airports till date. In my opinion, some processes can be automated (e.g. immigration clearance, check in) but some just shouldn't be.

      Hmmm regarding GK, I am not quite sure but I believe GK works quite closely with 3K and JQ; I guess it's easy to book tickets connecting from one Jetstar carrier to another on the Jetstar website. This can be contrasted with that of TR and TT - they now operate as two different airlines altogether, which I think is kinda unfortunate since the Tigerair Group would be losing out a lot in the Australian market.

      I hate redeyes on LCCs but still find myself on some of these flights at times, sadly... Definitely not recommended though. HAHA!

      Thank you again, see you around!

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