Review of Avianca flight Bogota Lima in Economy

Airline Avianca
Flight AV 25
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 26 Aug 15, 13:15
Arrival at 26 Aug 15, 16:10
AV   #87 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 117 reviews
By SILVER 1923
Published on 30th November 2015
Hello everyone, this time I'd like to share a flight to Lima I made on Avianca's 787.

I had to go for work reasons to Lima, which meant I could choose between Viva Colombia (LCC), LAN and Avianca. I didn't even think of riding on Viva, so it was between LAN and Avianca. At a point I thought my employer was going to send me via LAN because of the price, which meant riding a boring A319 on LAN's boring configuration. Avianca has a varied offer, ranging from an equally boring A320 on pm-TACA config (this means w/o AVOD), pm-AV config (AVOD) and 787s. Luckily I managed to score the 787!

I went early to the airport on a cab, check in was swift and painless and then off to check the traffic at the time, which was mainly from around the neighborhood:

A view of the terminal that day
photo DSCN0011

LAN's boring airbus to Lima
photo DSCN0009

Avior's 737 to Valencia, a route Avianca left aside because of the sequestered USD in Venezuela
photo DSCN0010

TAME operates a route that used to be common in the 1990s: UIO-BOG-CCS, demand mustn't be so good as they've downgraded from A320s to E190s
photo DSCN0012

AeroGal, which operates some flights for AV to Curazao, Panamá and Aruba, along with flights to Guayaquil and Quito. Don't know which of these destinations it was being sent to.
photo DSCN0013

Copa, might be flying to Panamá
photo DSCN0014

JetBlue getting ready for its BOG-FLL daily
photo DSCN0015

An AV787, probably coming from MAD
photo DSCN0018

A weir IAE engined AV A319 (AV has mostly CFM equipped airbuses)
photo DSCN0019

The 787 that had just arrived
photo DSCN0020

Jetblue is leaving
photo DSCN0021

So is Avior
photo DSCN0022

An unusual plane that flies mostly to the Llanos and Amazon regions:
photo DSCN0023

Our plane getting ready
photo DSCN0024

CC-CZT, we meet again on the day I ride a 787; I found this coincidence funny
photo DSCN0025

Other visitors: AeroMexico and an AV A332 and A32X
photo DSCN0026

The Dreamliner's fuselage while boarding
photo DSCN0027

AA's 757 sporting the new livery getting ready for MIA (it's sad how AA has downgraded its service to BOG, 10 years ago it used to have 3 dailies (A300,752 and 763), then 2 dailies (757 and 763) then 2 752s and now 2 738s)
photo DSCN0028

I find the Dreamliner's config a bit tight, but the pitch is acceptable enough
photo DSCN0029

A Peruvian flagged AV A332 just arrived, most likely from EZE where it rotates then to LIM and then to MIA and back to BOG
photo DSCN0030photo DSCN0033

photo DSCN0031

Seat-pocket contents
photo DSCN0032

Push-back shows that BOG is mainly dominated by AV a this hour, with the odd AM and NK planes
photo DSCN0034

The flight preview on the moving map feature, I really like this feature on AV's new IFE
photo DSCN0035

Another feat I like is the jukebox
photo DSCN0036photo DSCN0037

Bye bye CZT
photo DSCN0039

The new ATC tower…it was completed last December and is the tallest in South America
photo DSCN0040

Collection of tails on the international concourse
photo DSCN0041

AV's various liveries at their national concourse
photo DSCN0043

Oddball Satena ATR in the middle of the Airbuses
photo DSCN0044

We were going to depart from RWY 13R, the usual for southbound flights, after this little Easyfly ATR
photo DSCN0045

Takeoff sequence

Then the photo tour of Bogotá:

After this photo everything became cloudy and so I missed the views over Sumapaz Páramo, then the Llanos and eventually the Amazon.
photo DSCN0061photo DSCN0062

The crew fired up the mood lighting
photo DSCN0060

And set the window tint on
photo DSCN0063photo DSCN0064photo DSCN0065

Huge rivers and and an neverending green sea meant we're over the Amazon

By this time we were offered either beef or chicken…i chose beef and this is what I got:
photo DSCN0071

Taste was passable (a bit too low on the salt BTW), but the fact that one can count with one's fingers the pieces of meat was a bit insulting for me, the size of the food overall is mediocre (its like a preview of food rather than a serious meal)

We kept passing over rivers, scattered towns and huge rivers…the amazon is really impressive

This is the largest settlement we passed between BOG and LIM: Yurimaguas, POP: 64k
photo DSCN0079photo DSCN0080

Out of nowhere the Andes emerge
photo DSCN0081photo DSCN0082photo DSCN0083

Crossing the Peruvian Andes is something out of this world, it looks like what I imagine is Martian landscape….with the odd andean valley with heavy agriculture and towns

As soon as we cross the mountains there is a huge and thick cloud…which gives Lima it's characteristic grey sky (something I found really odd, as in Bogotá we have this sky when we're going to have heavy rain, but in Lima, being in a desert, it seldom rains)

After this picture, my camera died on me.

Landing was soft and nice, we docked on gate on time and were on to Immigration quickly, as an Andean Community citizen we had a special lane and I was admitted into Perú painlessly. Then I waited for a short time for my bag, and then I changed some USDs into Soles so I could take a cab to Lima's San Isidro District (awful traffic BTW).
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Cabin crew8.0

Bogota - BOG


Lima - LIM



It's great to be able to fly the 787 on these short flights. I took it also on the BOG-SCL-BOG run and I fear it is not as cool on long hauls, but it seems that's the way the industry is going, sadly.

AV's service is nothing out of ordinary, but they manage to give a decent service. Catering on the other side is utterly disappointing. IFE is great.

BOG and LIM have been battling for the best airport in the region. Maybe I'm biased as a Colombian, but for me, BOG wins hands down. LIM is nice, but rather a very functionalist airport, aesthetically stale...whereas BOG is bigger with higher ceilings and better services.

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Avianca avec 6.9/10.

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  • Comment 158731 by
    marathon GOLD 10065 Comments
    Great plane spotting ! What is the type of the twinprop aircraft serving the Llanos and Amazon regions ? I did not identify it, nor the airline.
    The ACT tower doesn't look all that tall (292 ft - I checked), and I don't really like the design.
    Not much of a meal , indeed ! :(
    The urban layout of Yurimaguas is really unusual, with the runway right in the city center.
    Sorry you camera didn't make to the end of the flight (battery drained, or worse ?), but this is nevertheless a great report. Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 335658 by
      Avionero 77 Comments
      Marathon, the aircraft serving the Llanos and Amazon region is an Antonov An-32 of Aer Caribe.
    • Comment 335750 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 531 Comments
      Indeed, as Avionero has said, is an Antonov (thanks BTW); the new ATC Tower in BOG is not that tall, yet is taller than SCLs, the former tallest by around 10 metres. The tallest in Latin America is at CUN, which is 100 metres tall. The design has been very controversial here in Colombia, supposedly it evokes a precolumbian symbol called the poporo, I still don't see it.

      Yurimaguas' design is the classic Amazonian city design, if it follows the trends in Colombian cities on the Amazon, it usually starts with a small trading post on an important river, then a runway is built, thus creating links to the Centre of the country, and then on colonists arrive and the town grows. That is why the runway is so central.

      My battery died on me (I forgot to charge the camera the night before...doh)

      Thanks for passing by, saludos!

    • Comment 335751 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 531 Comments
      The dessert was some mediocre cookie packet if I'm not wrong...I was really displeased with that meal. Sure, it is better to what one gets on North American flights...but this is supposed to be an international flight.

      Thanks for commenting!
  • Comment 158807 by
    Avionero 77 Comments
    Very interesting report, Chibcha!
    The meal size was really disappointing. Not even big enough for children's meal... lol
    What about Lan's catering in the BOG-LIM route?
    • Comment 335752 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 531 Comments
      Don't know about LAN...but you can compare to the meal Leadership got on 2012:

      Bet AV is trying to scavenge some bucks now that the Peso has been really devalued against the USD.

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