Review of Flybe flight Manchester Paris in Economy

Airline Flybe
Flight BE3131
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 06 Oct 13, 17:30
Arrival at 06 Oct 13, 20:10
BE 73 reviews
By GOLD 2011
Published on 15th March 2016
Most people would not consider a week-end in Manchester to be an exciting proposition, but aviation geeks have a different view about it. Unknown to the general public, MAN is an openly plane spotter-friendly airport with a rather diversified traffic, connections with many European cities : these were good reasons for the first Flight Report Meetup to be held there back in late 2013.

At the end of this memorable week-end, it was time to fly back to Paris. I checked in on line on the internet before leaving the airport in the morning. The BP was quite ordinary, but the second page was not:

photo vouchera

I had bought my ticket on AF’s website, but the flight was going to be operated by Flybe which charges the drinks on board, contrary to AF which offers one. Hence this voucher to have one on board for free. But since I did not have a printer, I needed to obtain my BP at the airport. Using one these machines? No, none of them recognizes the references of my ticket, whatever the identification means I used. There was fortunately no much waiting at Flybe’s check-in counters, whereas there was a long line in front of the Ryanair counters in the background.

photo IMG_6673a

Ryanair was very present on the tarmac ; this is the hand luggage gauge which belongs to the fine art of traveling hard LCC.

photo IMG_6676a

I received the voucher at the gate on the right, without producing any document.

photo IMG_6773a

MAN’s Terminal 3 is very plane spotter friendly, with wide windows providing good views of the tarmac and of Runway 5L/23R, the one used most because it is nearest to the terminals.

photo IMG_6774a

This was not the best place for plane spotting, but that is where I found a power port to recharge the battery of my camera which was famished after a full day of plane spotting. This proved to be a wise move : two fully charged enough turned out not to be enough for the 850 pictures I took that day.
(I did not post them all in this report…)

photo IMG_6684a

The main problem I found in MAN was that the boarding gate was displayed only at ETD-30’, which was all the more inconvenient that there are too few FIDS. In our case, the boarding gate turned out to be the furthest away from where I was before it was announced. This was the E-175 that was going to fly me back home.

photo IMG_6775a

Once there, the "last call" and "very last call" messages kept pouring from the PA system even though boarding had not started yet. The friendly staff at the gate explained to me that they were broadcast according to the plane’s scheduled departure time, irregardless of it being late. I wondered how many hours of delay it would take before they would be deactivated. This picture was taken at 17:44, i.e. ETD+14’.

photo IMG_6821a

Seat 3A was on the correct side for the lighting, but at the wrong row for the window, or more precisely for either window, but I managed as I could.

photo IMG_6824a

The safety card, both sides

photo IMG_6825-6a

The cainb, with a wave from another Flight Reporter

photo IMG_6830a

This picture illustrates a problem well managed by the people involved. Mrs PAX1C had a hand luggage of maximum standard size which did not fit in the overhead bin. But since this was an exit row, she could not keep it at her feet, although she did not seem to mind the idea of having minimal leg space. What should be done? A FA organized a seat exchange with Mrs PAX9B, and deserved an extra point in my grading.

photo IMG_6831a

We waited for three successive landings before we could cross Runway 23R, and takeoff from 23L.

photo IMG_6834a

One of these aircraft was this Virgin Atlantic A320

photo IMG_6842a

It was our turn : take-off at 18 :07, i.e. ETD+37'

photo IMG_6844a

The plane turns above the English countryside

photo IMG_6850a

… and provides a good view of MAN, slightly improved by image processing

The winglet (don’t worry, you will have more later)

photo IMG_6876a

The outskirts of Stoke on Trent, through one of the few breaks in the cloud cover.

photo IMG_6886a

Service began ; this picture shows that the seats were strictly identical to those of Mandarin Airlines E-190s in Taiwan.

photo IMG_6887a

… and that the seat pitch was the same, which meant quite generous for Economy

photo IMG_6888a

I did not catch the pride of the FA serving me coffee in a Starbucks paper cup after power hot water on the instant coffee which was inside, but the quantity was generous and the taste acceptable.

photo IMG_6897a

I did not leave my seat (the plane was full or nearly so), but I nevertheless managed to take three winglets in a single picture, or rather the shadow of the right winglet on the left winglet at sunset, and the reflections of the latter on the wing.

photo IMG_6896a

About halfway between Manchester and London, Coventry Airport (CVT) which only handles freight traffic nowadays.

photo IMG_6898a

Another view of the cabin

photo IMG_6906a

Turweston airfield, a former RAF bomber base during WWII, now used by a flying club.

photo IMG_6908a

A golden winglet at sunset

photo IMG_6912a

No wonder there is so much waiting to land in LHR with only two runways

photo IMG_6926a

The waning light did not give me a chance to have better pictures of London

photo IMG_6928aphoto IMG_6930a

The English coast line

photo IMG_6936a

A winglet above the English Channel

photo IMG_6945a

And the French coast, with lots of difficulties for eliminating the reflections

photo IMG_6949a

The sun was setting at cruise altitude

photo IMG_6955a

It took me many tries to have the strobe lighting the winglet !

photo IMG_6966a

Night landing in CDG. You have to take my word that I saw the Eiffel Tower at the far right.

photo IMG_6978a

It was 20:15, i.e. ETA+5’, which meant that there was an ample margin built in the schedule

photo IMG_6988a

An AF A319 on the left

photo IMG_7003a

Flybe saved the expense of the jet bridge fee

photo IMG_7001aphoto IMG_7004a

How do you recognize a group of Flight Reporters ? Two were taking pictures, one was checking the pictures his took, and the fourth one was smiling to the one taking this picture.

photo IMG_7008a

I took several pictures, until a ground staff rushed to me, shouting "Les photos sont interdites!" (Pictures are forbidden !). I didn’t care, because I had not waited for this interruption to happen. This was the usual CDG version of a welcome, when a jet bridge is not used, and that did not stop me from taking another picture from the stairs, with the said staff in it.

photo IMG_7012a

Reaching immigration, since Britain refused to join the Schengen Area. There were only three policemen for handling all foreigners and all the French citizen who like me had only an ID and therefore could not use the PARAFE automated passport reading booths.

photo IMG_7013a

The result was that we wasted five minutes and had to take the next train, running every quarter of an hour.

photo IMG_7014a

The well known FIDS at CDG2’s train station

photo IMG_7015a

… and the train ticket vending machines : one out of four was out of order. SNCF (French Raiways) did not seem to know that currency exchange outlet give banknotes only, and its machines accept only coins that foreigners do not have, or a credit card. Each time I came here, I have seen hapless foreigners trying to insert a ten-euro bill in the machine.

photo IMG_7016a

The good news was that this was a renovated train, and that it was not crowded at this time of the day.

photo IMG_7019a

If you are not interested in planes, you can skip the ensuing bonus and go directly to the conclusion. But if you visited this website and went that far on this page, you must be interested in planes, and you therefore have no excuse for skipping this tourist bonus, since it is 100% avgeek oriented, being focused on MAN’s Visitor’s Park, with a splendid weather.

In the name of security, taking pictures of CDG’s tarmac from the terminals is forbidden, and you need a special authorization delivered by the prefecture to take pictures from outside the airport’s perimeter. On the other side of the Channel, the British, who know something about aeronautical terrorism, encourage plane spotting in MAN with dedicated infrastructures, served by a bus shuttle. Find the bug…

photo IMG_6175a

Plane spotting started in a grand manner,

photo IMG_6177a

… a 388 EK landed precisely when we arrived on location

photo IMG_6176aphoto IMG_6182aphoto IMG_6188a

I chose not to keep the chronological order and group the planes by airline, with one exception. To start with, there were several museum pieces on display there (and many more in a museum in town).

This Trident, British made of course, was made in the 60’s.

photo IMG_6172a

Interestingly, this aircraft had a fourth smaller boost reactor, for difficult take-off conditions, with a separate air intake above that of the main central one.

photo IMG_6352a

… and describing its cabin layout as "outdated" is an understatement. Apart from the 3+3 layout and the discreet seat belts, it looks more like a main line train from the 70’s, including the overhead luggage storage shelves (better not have turbulence in flight!) :

photo IMG_6354aphoto IMG_6356a

The cockpit was equally antiquated

photo IMG_6357a

Hawker Siddeley Nimrod

photo IMG_6225a

Another unique and partially British bird, but here, access is only for those who paid enough money to have a reception in this setting. The general public could only look at it through the windows.

photo IMG_6295a

An interesting 747 and V1 hybrid, thanks to the creativity of a company specialized in plane fire simulators for fire brigade training.

photo IMG_6695a

In order to make a transition to today’s passenger aviation, will you identify this aircraft before I provide the solution a few pictures down ?

photo IMG_6411a

Technologically speaking, this was an antique, but she was still airworthy.

photo IMG_6416a

Piston engines, a fixed landing gear : this Britten Norman Islander was used by the Manchester police forces.

photo IMG_6420a

Since the flight home was on Flybe, I took a few more pictures of aircraft of that airline. I also have a special liking for the Dash 8, and they were many in MAN.

Flybe Dash 8 Q400

The helical contrails created by the propellers

photo IMG_6319a

Flybe E-175

photo IMG_6599a

B757 United Airlines

photo IMG_6201a

Libyan Airlines A320

photo IMG_6214aphoto IMG_6591aphoto IMG_6220a

Flybe E-175, and landing of an SAS 737

photo IMG_6235aphoto IMG_6248aphoto IMG_6445a

Easyjet A319

Air Transat A330

photo IMG_6273a

Air Transat A310

photo IMG_6531a

Thomas Cook A320

photo IMG_6281aphoto IMG_6282a

Thomas Cook B757-200

photo IMG_6478aphoto IMG_6500a

Thomas Cook B767-300

photo IMG_6626aphoto IMG_6645aphoto IMG_6749a

There was enough to please LCC fans, with many Ryanair 738s

Not a LCC : a British Airways A320, in red nose livery

photo IMG_6326a

British Airways A321

photo IMG_6707a

British Airways A319

photo IMG_6754a

KLM B737-700

photo IMG_6339aphoto IMG_6344a

This one flies Flight Reporters back to AMS (connecting there to France)

photo IMG_6729a

KLM B738

photo IMG_6745a

Virgin Atlantic A320

photo IMG_6616a

744 Virgin Atlantic at the moment the front landing gear lifted off

photo IMG_6375a

Qatar Airways A330

photo IMG_6377aphoto IMG_6380a

There were lots of plane spotters, for this one and others

photo IMG_6383a

Privilege B757

photo IMG_6396a

American Airlines B767

photo IMG_6408aphoto IMG_6440a

Arrival of a Monarch A320

photo IMG_6448aphoto IMG_6458a

Monarch B757

photo IMG_6588a

Monarch A321

photo IMG_6687a


photo IMG_6491aphoto IMG_6740a


photo IMG_6623aphoto IMG_6702a

Helvetic Airways Fokker 100

photo IMG_6508aphoto IMG_6642a

The next scene would have been nothing out of the extraordinary, if there hadn’t been the aircraft in the enter of the picture, flying above the airport.

photo IMG_6515a

A 737, which can be recognized by its visible main landing gear in, like the Embraer

photo IMG_6518a

This Thomson Travel aircraft was doing a go around after interrupting the landing. I did not learn the reason, but the airport’s fire brigade took the incident seriously, and positioned their vehicles next to the runway before the aircraft tried landing again.

photo IMG_6541a

Don’t worry : the plane landed safely,

photo IMG_6550a

… and the emergency vehicles returned to their base near the terminal.

photo IMG_6560a

The aircraft nevertheless stopped for a few minutes on the taxiway while a light vehicle approached from behind. I suspect that the landing gear had not locked correctly after the initial wheel down during the descent.

photo IMG_6564a

Egyptair B738 in the old livery

photo IMG_6522a

Beechcraft King Air 200

photo IMG_6606aphoto IMG_6741a

Air France A320

photo IMG_6613a

Thomson B757-200

photo IMG_6624aphoto IMG_6639a

BMI Regional Embraer 145

photo IMG_6632aphoto IMG_6732aphoto IMG_6763a

Sun Air Do-328, operating a flight for British Airways

photo IMG_6680a

Aer Lingus A320

photo IMG_6715a

Brussels Airlines BAE Avro RJ100

photo IMG_6772a

LH A320, behind an Aer Lingus ATR72

photo IMG_6807a

Aer Lingus ATR72

photo IMG_6810a

Portugalia Fokker 100

photo IMG_6817a

And in order to loop the loop of this avgeek tourist bonus which had started with the arrival of an EK 388, the same 388 departed a few minutes before our bus back to the airport’s terminal, as the sun was getting low on the horizon.

photo IMG_6648a

Alignment on Runway 05R

photo IMG_6660a


photo IMG_6663a


photo IMG_6664a

… and the heaviest passenger aircraft on earth vanishes in the distance, and so will you from this report.

photo IMG_6668a

Thanks for reading me !
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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Manchester - MAN


Paris - CDG



The cabin of an E175 or an E-190 is more or less identical for all airlines (some have IFE screens), I enjoyed the comfortable seat pitch and the 2+2 layout, like I used to on Mandarin Airlines E-190s. The engines being in the rear ensures that the sound level is limited in the cabin (maybe less so in the last rows behind) and eliminates the problem of hot air from the reactors degrading the quality of the pictures. I like FAs who face the passengers when placing their PA welcome speech. They graciously managed the hand luggage issue of the first row passenger.

MAN is very plane spotter friendly, and if you look hard enough, you can find power ports, although they may not be next to windows or seats (I later found that some were masked by plastic lids, that some insiders knew about). The accessibility by train is good, and of course, the plane spotting area is just wonderful.
On the other hand, the late display of the flight’s gate is a nuisance, because you must choose between waiting in the central area, which is noisy and busy, next to the shops and restaurants, or bet and lose on the future location of the gate and have a long way to walk when it is displayed at last.

CDG remained CDG, with an understaffed immigration control, longish corridors and that meaningless tarmac picture prohibition.

Information on the route Manchester (MAN) Paris (CDG)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 15 avis concernant 4 compagnies sur la ligne Manchester (MAN) → Paris (CDG).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 30 minutes.

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    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed, informative and entertaining report!
    You write very well! You give relevant, interesting information, without delving into long, tedious explanations.
    I really enjoyed the bonus. What an interesting airport MAN is!
    I'll be waiting for more FRs from you!
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    Thank you Marathon for sharing this special FR.

    As expected, the spotting pics are absolutely phenomenal. I find the LN plane particularly intriguing and quite exotic.

    I have only been to MAN one time on a connection to FRA. Pity that I did not know about the fantastic spotting at the time. I remember encountering very friendly staff, especially at Immigration.
    • Comment 336602 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 10093 Comments
      I owe to Flight Report the discovery of this fantastic plane spotting facility in MAN. With its super-elevated platforms, its picnic tables and the regular bus service to/from the terminal, it is a serious option on a fair weather day and if your connection is long enough.
      There is a commendable traffic diversity too. Manchester is no small town, but I was amazed that EK would serve it with an A380.
      Thanks for your comment !
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    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The cabin looks comfortable like most other E-Jet cabins I've seen, I have yet to fly on one.

    Fantastic aerial shots! The winglet shots are stunning.

    Thank you for the absolutely amazing spotting bonus at the end! Glad you caught the little SK 736 haha.

    Have a good one, see you!

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      I like the cosy 2+2 seating and the silence of the E-jets. Hopefully you will get a chance to try; they are not on the way out.
      I'm glad you liked this report; thanks for stopping by and for your comment !
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    Thanks for this retro-report. Wish I could have gone to that meet-up. I'm a fan of E-Jets; they are always confortable. Lovely planespotting!

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