Review of ANA flight Hong Kong Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH812
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 22 Jan 16, 10:00
Arrival at 22 Jan 16, 15:00
NH 206 reviews
By 4737
Published on 9th February 2016
Hi and welcome to my new series of flight reports!


This series will cover my quick business trip to a destination. In order to make the reports more interesting, I will reveal the routing as we go on. This is my first time in ANA.

The report will be broken down as follows (all in Y):
1. NH812 HKG-NRT B767-300ER [You are here!]
2. UA33 NRT-LAX B787-9 []
3. UA5200 LAX-SFO Embraer E-175 []
4. UA869 SFO-HKG B747-400 []

BTW, where did I go?

Flight Report

It was a very urgent and rush business trip. I was not notified for the trip until the day before departure (!). During online check-in, I chose the left side window seat 20A. Advised by my friend, I later changed to the rear seat 27A because I might have the chance to see the Fujisan.

photo HN812_seatchoosing

On the day of departure, I woke up very early and took the Airport Express to the airport. I arrived the Tsing Yi Station around 7am.

photo IMG_20160122_071932

I presented my email confirmation to the CS counter for getting my ticket since my company bought me the ticket online. But the staff encountered a problem that he could not find my reservation in the system. He typed my reference number several times but not successful. It had dragged me 20 minutes and I was even told to stand aside so that the staff could serve other passengers first while waiting for system response.

photo IMG_20160122_071752 copy

Maybe I looked frustrated and helpless, a woman (gold hair in the picture) approached me and asked if I did not bring enough money to buy the ticket. She even bought me a ticket! (OK I turned down the ticket at last) There was still a kind person in the world :D

photo IMG_20160122_071941 copy

Later another MTR staff came and she found that my company mistakenly chose the QR code ticket during ordering. Actually the QR code was attached in my email (I overlooked the email lol). Therefore no record in the system.

After a mess I finally got on the train.

photo IMG_20160122_073547 copy

25 minutes later I arrived at the airport (2 hours 15 minutes ahead departure).

photo IMG_20160122_074441 copy

The departure hall. The ANA check in counter is located at aisle E.

photo IMG_20160122_074538 copy

Only a few passengers were queuing there. A friendly agent (far left in the picture) greeted and guided me to the counter. The counter agent checked my passport, passed the relevant immigration form for me to fill.

photo IMG_20160122_074730 copy

Guidelines for the carry-on baggage.

photo IMG_20160122_075708 copy

When I was filling the form, the agents on other desk were very busy in making a handful of phone calls to their colleagues. Their conversations revealed that today the UA804 flight from NRT to IAD was cancelled due to the blizzard. They coordinated with the UA agent for passenger rerouting.

The agent tagged my baggage and handed me the boarding passes. He also briefed me how to get to the gate and travel in NRT. My boarding pass for this flight (I took this picture later in the lounge). As you can see, this flight was indeed operated by Air Japan (NQ), which is a subsidiary of ANA Group.

photo IMG_20160122_09094 copy

On my way to the immigration and security.

photo IMG_20160122_075943 copy

The immigration and security was very fast and I passed it with no wait.

Airside of the terminal. In the meantime, Chinese New Year was coming and CNY decorations were installed inside the airport everywhere. Every year the peach blossom was positioned at the same location.

photo IMG_20160122_081448 copy

The “shark fins” tail line-up in the morning.

photo IMG_20160122_081403 copy

It was still early so I decided to have a break first. Walking along the Central Concourse.

photo IMG_20160122_081617 copy

I went to the smoking lounge which is next to Gate 29. As you can see on the map on the wall there are totally 5 smoking lounges in the airside.

photo IMG_20160122_081946 copy

Inside the smoking lounge.

photo IMG_20160122_082240 copy

And made a plane spotting after the break. A SK A330 was about to depart to Stockholm. Along with a DL A330 heading to Seattle.

photo IMG_20160122_082605 copy

There was a reason for me arriving the airport so early: trying the Plaza Premium Lounge.

Drawing lesson from last time that I was unable to access the overcrowded-and-no-windows East Hall Lounge near Gate 1, this time I went to the West Hall Lounge which is located in the West Concourse (the Y junction of Terminal).

But at the entrance I was blocked by the concierge and was told that I went to the wrong Lounge! Explained by the staff, the Lounge is divided into 3 separate zones which are not connected: a la carte services area (I was here) on the mezzanine level near Gate 60, a pay-in area and a free-access area (for eligible cardholder) on the another mezzanine near Gate 40.

Then I went down the escalator and walked and got up to another mezzanine (which took me 5 minutes lol). The pay-in Lounge is right at the top of the escalator.

photo IMG_20160122_083224 copy

On the other side is the “free-access” lounge entrance. I showed my boarding passes and credit card, and the concierges welcomed me to enter the lounge.

photo IMG_20160122_083309 copy

Behind the front desk is the dining area. Not many people there in the morning.

photo IMG_20160122_083552photo IMG_20160122_083634 copyphoto IMG_20160122_085534 copy

The food offerings.

I grabbed something and enjoyed my breakfast with the DL A330

photo IMG_20160122_084244

Computers are placed alongside the hallway. But they occupy half of the hallway and make it narrower :(

photo IMG_20160122_084211 copy

I tried the computer network and it was fast.

photo IMG_20160122_085917

The resting area at the end of the hallway. But it was filled with people. I found a bar desk seat and tidied up my travel documents.

photo IMG_20160122_090209 copyphoto IMG_20160122_090231 copy

I also tried the lounge toilet which was clean and tidy. Overall I was satisfied with the West Hall Lounge.

photo IMG_20160122_092003

Boarding soon, l left the lounge and had one more break before heading to the gate. My gate for the flight.

photo IMG_20160122_093247 copy

This was my bird today. A Boeing 767.

photo IMG_20160122_093328 copy

Boarding had already started for a while. The position of Gate 27 is a bit awkward. As you can see there are duty free shops in front of the gate, which blocks passengers’ view of the gate from the central moving walkway.

photo IMG_20160122_093509 copyphoto IMG_20160122_093556 copy


photo IMG_20160122_093627

A FA welcomed me on board and I kept saying “Konnichiwa~”

photo IMG_20160122_093724 copy

Passing the business class cabin

photo IMG_20160122_093741 copy

The economy seat in 2-3-2 configuration

photo IMG_20160122_093805 copyphoto IMG_20160122_093814

I found my seat 27A and my seatmate (27B) has already settled down: a middle-aged Japanese businessman. He wore a mask, looked very tired and desperate. We greeted each other. He firstly apologized that he had a fever and would keep sleeping throughout the flight. But he welcomed me to wake him up if I wanted to get out.

Here was my seat. Seat pitch is good! ANA is so generous.

photo IMG_20160122_094022 copy

The armrest with headphone plug and recline button.

photo IMG_20160122_100158

Oh Jeez the airport staff did not clean the space here!

photo IMG_20160122_100507 copy

My seat view of the economy cabin. The flight was full load and from my observation Japanese occupied half of the cabin.

photo IMG_20160122_094747 copy

View from the wing. The weather was not good today. Drizzling outside.

photo IMG_20160122_093912 copy

The IFE along with the remote and a USB port

photo IMG_20160122_095033

The other side of the IFE remote

photo IMG_20160122_104345

The headphone

photo IMG_20160122_110538

The blanket

photo IMG_20160122_094116 copy

The ground staffs were conducting final check for our flight

photo IMG_20160122_094814 copy

Our route today

photo IMG_20160122_095243

The FA walked around and asked if anyone needed a pillow. The man in front of me requested one.

photo IMG_20160122_095503 copy

Soon the plane pushed back and the safety video started playing. Although push back was on time, we had a little delay in took off because several flights departed at the same time and our plane had to queue on the taxiway.

photo IMG_20160122_100119

Taxiing to the runway. HX A330s in the background. My seatmate already fell asleep.

photo IMG_20160122_100047 copyphoto IMG_20160122_100715 copy

When we were following the 5J (Cebu Airline) A320…

photo IMG_20160122_102450 copy

A KA A321 was behind us. If you look closer you can see there are 2 AA 77Ws outside the rear hanger.

photo IMG_20160122_102541 copy

We were ready.

photo IMG_20160122_103058 copy

And took off! View of new Midfield Concourse (which is mainly used by HX and LCCs).

photo IMG_20160122_103226 copy

Unfortunately we immediately flew into the clouds. No aerial view of HK lol

photo IMG_20160122_103248 copy

It was still cloudy even we flew over the clouds.

photo IMG_20160122_103554 copy

Once the seatbelt sign was off, the FAs started distributing the immigration forms.

Coming next was aperitif service. I requested water and my desperate seatmate took the green tea. Otsumami were provided.

photo IMG_20160122_105712

So it’s time to have a look on the seatback materials.

photo IMG_20160122_104636

Safety card

photo IMG_20160122_104702 copyphoto IMG_20160122_104713 copy

The menu card, but not the menu on this flight. It only introduces the ANA in-flight catering services.

photo IMG_20160122_105003 copy

The Martian was very hit these days among the airline industry @@

photo IMG_20160122_104846 copy

User guide for the inflight Wi-Fi

photo IMG_20160122_105105

Duty free catalog which has a short introduction of ANA routes…

photo IMG_20160122_105918 copyphoto IMG_20160122_110124 copy

And ANA wants you to apply their credit cards.

photo IMG_20160122_105330 copy

Our plane flew over Taiwan and view of Taichung Airport (TXG).

photo IMG_20160122_112451 copy

Lunch services started when we just passed Taichung.

photo IMG_20160122_112804photo IMG_20160122_112843 copy

There were 2 options: chicken teriyaki or stewed pork. I chose the teriyaki and my neighbor had the other one.

photo IMG_20160122_113138

Yakult was also provided. For the drinks I ordered orange juice. The appetizer (salad and ham) tasted good. The chicken was fantastic and it totally beat my previous CX flights catering.

photo IMG_20160122_113428

I really like the soba noodles! I would be happier if ANA provided ice-cream instead of chocolate.

photo IMG_20160122_113739

ANA uses metal tableware for the catering!

photo IMG_20160122_113541 copy

After the lunch the FA dimed the light for resting. My desperate seatmate fell asleep again while I kept browsing the IFE. It is responsive and contains adequate selection of programs.

photo IMG_20160122_121100

It was not surprising that ANA flights would feature the Star War collection.

photo IMG_20160122_121346

I listened to Japanese Band サザンオールスターズ (Southern All Stars). They had special collections for ANA.

photo IMG_20160122_120951

I also tried the ANA inflight free Wi-Fi but unsuccessful lol

photo Screenshot_20160122-115357

My seatmate woke up and went to toilet when we just passed Amami Ōshima (奄美大島), and I followed him.

When I was waiting outside the toilet, I found the last row seats empty. But it was weird that a seat occupied sign was placed over them.

photo IMG_20160122_122113 copy

Inside the toilet, it was so-so.

photo IMG_20160122_122506

The rear galley

photo IMG_20160122_122525

Cabin view outside the rear toilet

photo IMG_20160122_122118 copy

We were now approaching Kyushu.

photo IMG_20160122_123251

Wow the sky was so blue now!

photo IMG_20160122_130518 copy

My front passenger rested his head against the windows with the pillow after the lunch. Maybe he had a very good sleep that he even did not aware his pillow later slid backwards to me. A quick look of the ANA pillow. It kept staying with me for the remain flight.

photo IMG_20160122_132637

Time flies and we were now approaching Narita. Oh jeez this time our plane used a sea route rather than the Japan coastal route. I could not see the Fujisan lol

photo IMG_20160122_133238

There was a plane also about to land (on the south runway) and we were in parallel flying. I later discovered that it was an ANA 787

photo IMG_20160122_134439 copy

View of the coastal. Our plane was now entering the “Japan land”

photo IMG_20160122_134646 copy

Eventually we landed on the north runway.

photo IMG_20160122_135146 copyphoto IMG_20160122_135343 copy

And we had a long taxiing to Terminal 1. A probably DL B767 prepared to land (Update: it was a B777 corrected by member NGO85).

photo IMG_20160122_135916photo IMG_20160122_140319 copy

A MM A320 (ANA is one of its major shareholders)

photo IMG_20160122_140431

Our plane parked at Gate 29. But actually it is a remote stand outside the No.5 Satellite and we had to take the shuttle back to Terminal 1.

photo IMG_20160122_140444

Deplaning (following my seatmate)

photo IMG_20160122_140631 copyphoto IMG_20160122_141200

Walking downstairs to the shuttle

photo IMG_20160122_141238 copy

The only fuselage shot of my plane.

photo IMG_20160122_141250 copy

The shuttle inside

photo IMG_20160122_141317 copy

Last view of the remote stands from the shuttle. The NH B787.

photo IMG_20160122_141432

Our shuttle passed through the cargo and baggage makeup area. You could see how NRT handled your baggage. A long-life CO cargo container was going to be unloaded.

photo IMG_20160122_141742

Getting dropped off at Terminal 1, we took the escalator up to the custom.

photo IMG_20160122_142109 copy

There were 2 passageways: yellow for arrivals and green for transit. I farewell my seatmate and went to the green. The queue was very long because only 1 security counter was open. Passengers even went down to the drop-off point for queuing.

photo IMG_20160122_142150 copyphoto IMG_20160122_142718 copy

Later the staff opened one more lane and it immediately became quicker.

photo IMG_20160122_143338 copy

The custom staff was very friendly and checked my boarding passes. I cleared the security in no wait.

Once I exited the security there are several FIDSs. And my next flight was already on the list. Could you figure it out? ^^

photo IMG_20160122_144405

This is the first part of flight report and please stop by the rest of this series! So this is what I saw when I was on the second flight…

photo IMG_20160122_180412

Thank you for your reading!
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Cabin crew8.5

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited The Travelers' Lounge (West Hall)


Hong Kong - HKG


Tokyo - NRT



My first time in ANA flight and generally it was a pleasant flight experience.
For the flight, the window seat was comfort with great seat pitch though it was not very clean. Good IFE (with good selection of programs). The FAs were friendly and attentive. The catering services was excellent where the food quality was good and tasty. We arrived on schedule.
As a free access lounge, the Plaza Premium West Hall Lounge was within my expectations with adequate food selection, decent view and less crowded.

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The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 4 minutes.

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  • Comment 160012 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    Nice flight and Pictures. I want to go on ANA. There's an outside smoking area in the new terminal but i've not been there to see it yet

    • Comment 336752 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments

      Thanks for your comment Directorphilip2!
      “There's an outside smoking area in the new terminal”
      - Do you mean outside the HKG Terminal 2? I also haven’t been there since I only check-in at Terminal 1. But outside T1 there are also several smoking areas each floor^^

  • Comment 160019 by
    Airline Spotter 91 Comments

    Nice review! Great pics! I assume that last row was for the crew... maybe?

  • Comment 160046 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing your experience on NH with beautiful pics.

    The catering in Y looks generous and visually appealing. Looked like you had good service from the crew which is expected from a Japanese carrier, almost like a trademark.

  • Comment 160151 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5656 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this first report in a new mysterious routing ^^

    BTW, where did I go
    - Hmmm...well, not Washington, DC since IAD was closed due to the blizzard as you said. We got 1 meter of snow during that storm! It was quite a shock as I had just come back from summer in Australia to 1m of snow, hahaha

    As you can see on the map on the wall there are totally 5 smoking lounges in the airside.
    - Yep! over the years I've memorized all their locations, hahaha. Very convenient :-P

    The Plaza Premium lounge in HKG seems much better than the one I visited recently in SIN T1.

    He firstly apologized that he had a fever and would keep sleeping throughout the flight.
    - Yuck, I'd be afraid to catch whatever he had. He shouldn't be flying with a fever!

    Looks like a really good flight in Y overall. Good seat pitch, and I love the spacious feel of the 767 2-3-2 configuration. The catering looks really good too, and is well presented. This report reminded me a lot of my JAL flight from SIN-NRT also on a 767, that I haven't posted yet.

    Very nice report with good pics! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to discovering the mystery destination! I'm going to guess that it's somewhere in North America...haha, that's pretty broad ^^ Ok, I'll narrow it down...North America, but not on the East Coast that was having the blizzard :-)

    • Comment 336841 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments

      Thanks for your comment KévinDC!

      - A taste of fire and ice for your return! :P My another team of colleagues also had a trip to DC at that time and they were detained in DC for 3 days!

      - Agree with you! Or we should add a smoking lounge rating? ;)

      - The West Hall Lounge is located on a semi-open mezzanine, so it looks brighter and more spacious than the SIN one that I have seen online. But if comparing with the East Lounge, it would be another story. IMO the East and West Lounges are in 2 different levels.

      - I should thank him for wearing the mask and being quiet @@

      - In fact the cabin seems a bit old, but this explains the good seat pitch on this plane. And ANA delivers the excellent catering service as usual. BTW I am waiting for your aforesaid report ;)

      - Hahaha I can only say that you are in right direction ^^

  • Comment 160186 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    BTW, where did I go?
    - Well, since you are flying to NRT and and not HND, it strongly suggests a destination not in Japan. I'm going with NH182 to シアトル.

    I later changed to the rear seat 27A because I might have the chance to see the Fujisan.
    - On a flight to NRT? Not very likely since you would probably approach from the west and not the east.

    Maybe I looked frustrated and helpless
    - This seems to be a common trend after that last ORD encounter :P

    trying the Plaza Premium Lounge.
    - Oh boy. MU sent me there, it was not fun. But I was in the dungeon lounge. It was not the same as the one you went to. Yours at least had light and lots of food and was filled wall-to-wall with people. The Plaza Premium Lounges aren't as good as the CX Lounges, but are better food offering than the NH Lounges.

    He wore a mask, looked very tired and desperate.
    - You guys were a match made in heaven!! I wonder if he also had someone buy him a free MRT ticket. Also, not related, but did you know Stockholm's metro is also run by MRT? I saw the spider logo when I was there.

    Oh Jeez the airport staff did not clean the space here!
    - Shame on NH.

    The catering looks very good for this flight. That is a full long-haul meal tray. The chocolates for dessert are the only disappointment since on long-haul flights it is always ice cream after the meal. The menu cards are very clever and something the US carriers need to implement (other than DL).

    But it was weird that a seat occupied sign was placed over them.
    - Crew rest or dead-heading crew?

    A probably DL B767 prepared to land.
    - B777, it has three wheels on the landing gear.

    But actually it is a remote stand
    - Wow, I have departed from a remote stand at NRT every time on domestic flights, but I have never arrived at a remote stand!

    As you ratings suggest, NH is a very strong and consistent product. The Air Japan planes are old, but good enough^^

    Thanks for sharing and I await to see where your destination is...

    • Comment 336995 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments

      Thanks for your comment NGO85!

      “it strongly suggests a destination not in Japan.”
      - You are in right direction together with member KévinDC ^^ If you read carefully, there is one important clue form the boarding pass ;)

      On a flight to NRT? Not very likely since you would probably approach from the west and not the east.”
      - You are right! I later discover that all ex-HKG to NRT routes adopt this approach.

      Oh boy. MU sent me there, it was not fun.”
      - This is the only Lounge which I have free access so far. Actually after reading your MU report I think I will not try the East Lounge anymore :P BTW the West one is satisfactory.

      but did you know Stockholm's metro is also run by MRT? I saw the spider logo when I was there.”
      - No. I only know MTR has operations in the Mainland China i.e. Beijing & Shenzhen and nothing on their overseas’ operations. So thanks for your information!

      Shame on NH.”
      - For NH it is not acceptable. So I deduct its points for cabin comfort.

      “The catering looks very good for this flight. That is a full long-haul meal tray…”
      - That’s the point! ANA provides a high quality full meal on just a 3-hour regional flight! (now I would think of my last time CX’s meal is a joke lol) The menu cards with pictures make it easy to understand. Overall I am very satisfied with the meal even no ice-cream :)

      Crew rest or dead-heading crew?”
      - It should be crew rest. But the crews did not rest for whole flight as you can see the blankets were still pre-packaged on those seats.

      B777, it has three wheels on the landing gear.”
      - Thanks again for your correction! You have very careful observation^^

      I have never arrived at a remote stand!”
      - This flight should be preassigned to arrive at the remote stand. All my friends flying on this route had the same experiences.

      “The Air Japan planes are old, but good enough^^”
      - Totally agree!

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