Review of Air Japan flight Hong Kong Tokyo in Economy

Airline Air Japan
Flight NQ812
Class Economy
Seat 26K
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 18 Feb 17, 10:00
Arrival at 18 Feb 17, 14:40
NQ 1 reviews
By 4139
Published on 17th December 2017
Hi and welcome to my new season of American Travel Story!

The Law of Inevitability: UA/NH/NQ to ??? (to be revealed)

New year, new season! This series will cover my business trip to the US in Feb 2017. If you have read my previous reports, you will find they are all connected^^ To make the series not so boring, I will reveal the itinerary as we go on.

The report will be broken down as follows (all in Y):
Chapter 1 - NQ812 HKG-NRT B767-300ER [You are here!]
Chapter 2 - UA804 NRT-IAD B777-200ER [Here]
Chapter 3 - UA6238 IAD-IAH ERJ-195 [Here]
Chapter 4 - [Please wait]
Chapter 5 - [Sorry I am very busy! I will try my best lol]

This is my 2nd time on this flight which I had flown on it a year ago. In the second part of this report there will be bonus of HKG during the Chinese New Year.

BTW, where did I go?


As mentioned before I am not allowed to take CX for my business trip (!). Being an UA Premier member, it is inevitable for me choosing UA/NH for this trip in order to complete the at-least-4-UA-flights requirement. Again this time I took the flight with the series recurring, the Head of another department^^ Being a small fry, I would be in Y while the Head would be in J deservedly.

This flight is marketed as NH while operated by Air Japan (NQ), an ANA subsidiary which its fleet is solely made up of B763. NQ operates the intra-Asia (plus to HNL) flights under the NH brand thus its product and services are mostly identical to NH, nevertheless it has slightly differences such as NQ has HK based crews. To better reflect the operating carrier I code this flight report as NQ instead of NH ;)


Unfortunately due to the flu season in HK both the Head and I had fever before the trip lol Luckily our fevers were gone the day before departure. During online check-in, only few seats were unoccupied and I chose the right side window seat 26K.

photo 201702_06300

On the day of departure the Head and I met at the Tsing Yi Station around 7:45 and took the Airport Express together to the airport

photo 201702_08063

25 minutes later we arrived at the airport. Our first priority was having some fresh air

photo 201702_08440

Air Japan uses the ANA check-in counter located at aisle E on the departure level. The Head went to the J line while I queued at the Y line. My line was bustling because it was still travel season after CNY. Several family groups were checking-in while one of them was dealing with their cancelled flight to CTS. But the efficient agents made me not wait too long

photo 201702_08300

My turn. The counter agent greeted me, checked my passport, and passed the relevant immigration form for me to fill. The agent tagged my bag all the way to my destination and handed me the boarding passes.

photo 201702_08404

Immigration and security is always quick and we passed it with no wait. The airside

photo dscf0970 copy

Being the sick persons, the Head and I believed sobering up was more important than stuffing our faces in the airline lounges. Therefore we direct headed to the farther but less people smoking lounge near Gate 61.

photo 201702_09223

Although the smoking lounge is small compared to the others, it still has good ventilation. Knowing that we flew Air Japan, the Lounge also broadcasted the Japan TV shows^^

photo 201702_09243

Still have time after the break we parted ways. The Head went to the gate and sat aside to kill the emails while I did some plane spotting. A SK A330 was pushing back between 2 CX A359s to ARN.

photo dscf0974 copy

The new CX A359

photo dscf0973 copy

A SQ B772 was about to park adjacent to the JL B788

photo dscf0972 copy

An UA B772 preparing to ORD

photo dscf0981 copy

UA prefers to befriend CX rather than its *A co-founder TG

photo dscf0983 copy

A beautiful AA B77W was taking rest after flying from LAX^^

photo 201702_09272

Returned my Gate 34. Boarding already commenced

photo dscf0977 copy

My bird today. A Boeing 763 (JA627A) delivered in Mar 2012.

photo dscf0978 copy

Flight Report

Boarding was in organized and orderly manner with priorities respected

photo 201702_09350

Embarking. A FA warmly welcomed me on board and I repliedこんにちは.

photo 201702_09362

Passing the 2-1-2 configured business cabin where I spotted the Head was in a right side windows seat. Japanese businessmen occupied half of the cabin

photo 201702_09364

My economy cabin in 2-3-2 configuration

photo 201702_09374

My seat. NQ's seat pitch is generous.

photo dscf0988 copy

Oh Jeez the airport staff did not clean the space here again!

photo 201702_09404

Besides, some wears and tears of my windows (I took this picture after landing)

photo 201702_13285

The middle-generation IFE along with the remote and a USB port

photo 201702_09462

Later my seatmate arrived. She was a backpacker who was returning home to Denver.

View from the wing. A CX A330 is next to us

photo dscf0992 copy

The seatback materials

photo dscf1019 copy

Captain Sully got a new job after his retirement from aviation

photo dscf1021 copy

The headphone

photo dscf0990 copy

The blanket

photo dscf0989 copy

Our route today

photo 201702_09593

Boarding finished earlier than expected and we pushed back at 9:52. Safety video was played together with live demonstration

photo 201702_09562

The FAs came through and handed out the immigration form. It was not surprising that today flight would be full load

photo dscf0993 copy

Passing the control tower

photo 201702_10022

We were ready…

photo 201702_10055

And took off, a DL A330 was following us to SEA

photo 201702_10065

Take on me… Take me on…

photo 201702_10072

Flying over the artificial island of HKZM Bridge

photo dscf1010 copy

A lot of passengers felt tired for this early flight :P

photo 201702_10102

Beautiful sky outside

photo dscf1018 copy

Aperitif service began once we leveled off. Oshibori and otsumami were provided. I requested water and my seatmate took the green tea.

photo dscf1025 copy

I browsed the IFE. It is responsive and contains adequate selection of programs. I listened to some Japanese music

photo 201702_10472

Around 30 minutes later lunch services started while we flew over Taiwan

photo 201702_11082

One awkward thing was the FA did not give us the meal card but verbally took our orders with 2 options: fried chicken rice or seafood pasta. I chose the pasta while my neighbor ordered chicken. I ordered Kabosu for drinks

photo dscf1028 copy

My tray. Catering cannot be bad for the Japanese carriers^^ The appetizer (salad and ham) tasted good. The pasta and soba noodles were fantastic.

photo 201702_11190

After the lunch I went to toilet. The FAs in the rear galley

photo 201702_11544

Inside the toilet, it was clean

photo 201702_11583photo 201702_11584

Changing the diaper is the woman job on this plane

photo 201702_11590

Cabin shot outside the rear toilet

photo 201702_11592

Then I took rest until we started descending. The Captain announced that we would expect arrive at 14:40 thanks to the strong tailwind. Breaking through the clouds

photo 201702_13104

Entering the Japan soil

photo 201702_13151

Eventually we landed on the north runway at 2:23pm which was 45 minutes ahead of schedule

photo 201702_13202

We were welcomed by the avgeeks from the observation deck^^

photo dscf1046 copy

Passing a NH B787

photo dscf1051 copy

A MM A320

photo dscf1053 copy

Unlike last time where I deplaned on the remote stand, we parked at Gate 34

photo 201702_13372


photo dscf1058 copy

The FAs thanked us at the door

photo 201702_13400

The Head was waiting for me at the gate. We kept moving upward

photo dscf1060 copy

Following the signs for connecting flights

photo dscf1065 copy

I love Narita using the color zones for guiding passengers

photo dscf1066 copy

We reached the transfer security checkpoint. Unlike transiting in Narita last year, there were no passengers in the security thus made the *A Gold Track worthless at that moment.

photo dscf1068 copy

There are several FIDSs at the entrance. Both our next flights were already on the list. Could you figure them out? ^^

photo 201702_13460

The friendly custom staff greeted us. They checked our boarding passes and bags. We cleared the security within 10 minutes after disembarking!

Exited the security and last view of my bird

photo dscf1070 copy

We took the escalator down to the departure level

photo dscf1072 copy

I’ll leave off this series here and please stop by the rest of this series!

Bonus: HKG in CNY 2017

As you know every year I have part-time job in HKG during Chinese New Year. The HK Airport Authority dumps a lot of $$$ to promote CNY.

CEOs of KA, HX, UO, HKAA and ex-CEO of CX attended the CNY opening ceremony

photo 201701_09102

Performance by the real CX crews

photo 201701_09483

Following was the HX crews

photo 201701_09522

It is CNY. Having lions dancing in the airport is necessary

photo 201701_09006photo 201701_90049photo 201701_17425

The passengers seemed really like the lions^^

photo 201701_09053photo 201701_11352

There was also dancing cappella performance. I am so respectful to the performers as they had to sing and dance the same song 36 times in 6 hours each day lol

photo 201701_16044

Gods of Money strolled around the airside to give red pockets (chocolate inside)!

photo 201701_12401photo 201701_16295

The airport was giving the fortune cookies to travelers

photo 201701_15503photo 201701_15575

The QF crews with a happy rooster^^ (2017 is the year of rooster)

photo 201701_18185

This year Marriott was the main sponsor of airport's CNY decoration

photo 201701_08525photo 201701_08540

Peach blossom in the airside

photo 201701_15193e

The Gate FIDS with CNY decoration

photo 201701_14375

There is an educational installation that we should not waste food

photo 201701_18030

Plane spotting was necessary for time killing

A330’s time. A PR A330

photo 201701_17200

Crossing the Straits: a CI A330 passing behind a CA A330

photo 201701_16425

Long live the KA A330 with old livery. Sad to see them phased out

photo 201701_12594

A QF A330

photo 201701_18003

Dr NGO85's OZ A321 to ICN

photo 201701_13585

An AY A359

photo 201701_15464

Triple 7’s Time. The old and new livery of NZ B772

photo 201701_16543photo 201701_16485

A JL B772

photo 201701_15165


photo 201701_14361


photo 201701_11281

Mr Numero_2’s LX B77W from ZRH

photo 201701_18021

An AC B77W just arrived from YVR

photo 201701_18011

Dreamliner’s time. A QR B788

photo 201701_14455

An AI B788

photo 201701_16422

A NH B788 to HND

photo 201701_12583

A VS B789 from LHR

photo 201701_17275

Giant's time. An EK A380

photo 201701_14311

A dirty BA A380

photo 201701_15210

A TG A380

photo 201701_11502

Queen’s time. A KE B748

photo 201701_16133

2 QF B744s with 1 having the Rio Olympic Wunala livery

photo 201701_18034photo 201701_18064

In the end this report concludes by the legendary UA Queen to Mr Jetsetpanda’s home which I saw her the last time

photo 201701_11425

Here is the glimpse of next report: It is a story between the friendly FAs and the passengers

photo 201702_21125

Thanks for your reading!
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Air Japan

Cabin crew8.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Tokyo - NRT



My second time flying this route and another pleasant experience on Air Japan. For this regional flight, NQ maintains its usual standard with good catering and professional crews, but dirty cabin.

Cabin: Average. A 5.5-year-old B763 which the cabin and seat are not very clean with broken windows. Yet the seat is comfort with good seat pitch. Toilets are clean.

Cabin Crew: Good. There are HK crews so no language problems. The FAs are nice, attentive and hardworking.

Entertainment: Good. Standard seatback materials. The IFE is not the newest model but responsive and functional. Adequate programs and language choices as usual.

Meal and catering: Very good. Both quantity and quality are very good. I would be happier if they had real desserts i.e. ice-cream on regional routes.

For NRT, clearing transfer security is a breeze since no people at the time of arrival. The airport is very clean and has distinct signs for passengers.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Tokyo (NRT)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 19 avis concernant 6 compagnies sur la ligne Hong Kong (HKG) → Tokyo (NRT).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Cathay Pacific avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 4 heures et 7 minutes.

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  • Comment 423127 by
    Numero_2 TEAM BRONZE 10469 Comments
    Thanks for sharing !

    Although the flight is operated by NQ, the service onboard looks truly NH.

    The J cabin is quite weird with this 2-1-2 configuration… A 2-2-1 layout would have been better I think.

    The non-cleaning down the lateral panels is absolutely disgusting.

    I like the winglet design on this 767 !

    "Mr Numero_2’s LX B77W from ZRH" -> Thanks to have recognized my private jet among the LX 77Ws fleet. :P
    • Comment 423857 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments
      Merci pour votre commentaire Clement! Bonnes Fêtes^^ Sorry for late reply lol

      “Although the flight is operated by NQ, the service onboard looks truly NH.”
      - The differences between NQ and NH are mostly on the aircraft and crew arrangement. For the services level they are mostly identical.
      “A 2-2-1 layout would have been better I think.” - For more exposure to aisle^^ Or 1-3-1 layout should also work :P
      “The non-cleaning down the lateral panels is absolutely disgusting.”
      - Totally agree. As a subsidiary of Skytrax’s 5-star Japanese airline, I am a bit disappointed with it. It was even dirtier than my last time flight!
      “I like the winglet design on this 767 !” - I think NQ/NH has one of the most beautiful B767 winglet in the industry.
      “Thanks to have recognized my private jet among the LX 77Ws fleet. :P” - HAHA every time when I see that bird, I immediately think about you^^
  • Comment 423156 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Again a great service onboard ANA.
    HKG looks like avgeek heaven in terms of spotting opportunity.
    • Comment 423858 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments
      Merci pour votre commentaire Etienne! Bonnes Fêtes^^ Sorry for late reply lol
      Yes it is always a joyful experience when flying on NH/NQ. I never get tired and bored with their top services level!
      The design of HKG terminal is excellent which is plane spotting friendly. Besides it has a variety of wide-bodies all over the world^^
  • Comment 423168 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Hi Ashley!

    "Hi and welcome to my new season of American Travel Story!"
    - As long as it is not American "Horror" Story. :P

    "Our first priority was having some fresh air"
    - Sounds like a smoke break to me. ;)

    "The new CX A359"
    - A beautiful plane indeed.

    "Passing the 2-1-2 configured business cabin"
    - It's a strange configuration. I think AM used to have that arrangement on their 767's too.

    "My seat. NQ's seat pitch is generous."
    - Looks pretty comfortable.

    "Oh Jeez the airport staff did not clean the space here again!"
    - Maybe things will change after this FR. ;)

    "My tray. Catering cannot be bad for the Japanese carriers^^"
    - Well presented and appetizing. A decent meal is always an expectation when flying with a Japanese carrier. The only minus is the chocolate instead of a true dessert. A cost cutting measure perhaps?

    Gorgeous plane spotting with a great variety of liveries. Good thing you were able to see UA's Queen of the Skies for the last time. I rode in another Queen recently as you know and it was a phenomenal experience. ;)

    Excellent bonus of CNY at HKG. It's exciting to be a part of such a festive celebration. Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us.

    See you soon.
    • Comment 423866 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments
      Thanks for your comment Adan! Happy Holidays!
      “Sounds like a smoke break to me. ;)” - You know several elements are feature prominently in my reports and cigarette is one of them ;)
      “A beautiful plane indeed.” - with all broken toilet’s mirrors lol
      “It's a strange configuration. I think AM used to have that arrangement on their 767's too.” - Not strange at all. The UA’s ex-CO B767 J seats is also in this arrangement
      “Maybe things will change after this FR. ;)” - I had flown this route 2 times and 2/2 are dirty. I don’t think they would clean it in the future…
      “A cost cutting measure perhaps?”
      - Not sure. But NH had changed its tableware in mid-2017 which features all-in-blue color. The size looks a bit smaller than before.
      “Excellent bonus of CNY at HKG. It's exciting to be a part of such a festive celebration.”
      - I think one of the fantastic things for HKG is the Airport Authority is willing to dump $$$ for tons of promotional activities. It is seldom happened in the US at least. BTW I will work at the HKG again during 2018 CNY^^

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