Review of China Eastern flight Singapore Shanghai in Business

Airline China Eastern
Flight MU544
Class Business
Seat 6D
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 28 Dec 15, 00:59
Arrival at 28 Dec 15, 05:29
MU 173 reviews
By 5391
Published on 4th April 2016
This trip journal is taken during the winter when I had to settle some business in Shanghai and then I will fly to Japan to meet up with my friends for skiing in deep powder snow that Hokkaido is renowned for. It will consist of the following flights:
1) MU544 SIN-PVG -> Current Report
2) FM815 SHA-HND -> Read it here
3) MU540 HND-PVG -> Coming soon
4) MU543 PVG-SIN -> Coming soon

As always, readers could get the full report from my blog here:

photo 25155103325_f649551fff_b
Entrance to the SATS Premier Lounge

Arriving via Garuda Indonesia on a separate ticket, I disembarked to terminal 3. What makes Changi airport great is the common departure and arrival hall, along with the ease of transfer and connecting to another flight on a separate itinerary. A visit to the transfer counter by showing the agent my connecting ticket and luggage stub, then he was able to make a call for someone to pick my luggage and issue my onward boarding pass. It was just that easy! Well done Changi!

photo 25155117905_c0aba129b4_b
Transfer and connections counter

photo 24528266303_a0260c0e72_b
Connecting flight boarding pass and lounge invite

China Eastern uses terminal 3 as well for flights to Shanghai and that made it all the more convenient as I was directed to the SATS premier lounge. The SATS Premier Lounge is located just beside the Krisflyer Gold Lounge and more readily accessible via the central atrium elevators as it is usually the lounge most passengers pass first on their way to the Krisflyer lounge.

photo 25036838032_83283827fd_b
Reception at the SATS lounge

The SATS lounge might not be comparable to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer lounge in terms of amenities or scale, but it was a nice space in itself. Since I already had dinner and had something to eat on my previous flight, I was not hungry. Thus I checked out the shower rooms and washrooms as I freshened up before the flight. There are a couple of shower rooms at the end of the lounge and it was a nice space for a third-party outsourced lounge.

photo 24859443700_842465b1fb_b
Vanity counter

With Terminal 3 being the nicest terminal in Changi Airport, the SATS lounge here feels fresh and new. The shower here features both a handheld shower head along with a rainshower, so it was perfect for that quick refreshing shower for weary travellers.

photo 24524421554_79b0478268_b
Rainshower with handheld nozzle

For the lounge itself, there is a row of lone high-back leather armchairs by the partition that overlooks the main terminal. These armchairs are comfortable to lounge in and has good privacy due to the high back.

photo 24988255914_61bb037789_b
Business class lounge

As a note, from the ledge of the lounge, it is possible to see the movement of people around the terminal. One could also spot the empty space on the same floor where most guests that have long layovers tend to get some sleep at. Changi Airport does provide lots of amenities for connecting travellers after all.

photo 25036849022_bd3c30d0d7_b
View of the empty space for layover passengers

The main seating area though consists of armchairs that are more conventional for reading and socializing. These seats are also equipped with power outlets for guests seeking to get some work done or just to charge their mobile phones. It was also nice to see the outlets to be adaptable to international plugs.

photo 24787408369_0f360770e5_b
Main lounge area

Situated between the rows of armchairs, there are magazine racks that are quite well stocked. Though do not expect something as wide variety here since they are mainly lifestyle magazines as I spotted the Marina Bay Sands magazine here.

photo 25036848872_1a59ecc730_b
Magazine racks in between rows of seats

Being a foodie nation, it is only right that the buffet counter is actually placed right by the entrance. In fact it was the first thing I spotted entering the lounge. There is a long communal table beside the buffet area for dining. Though it is also possible to bring food to the lounge area as there are side tables beside the armchairs to place the dishes.

photo 24524425814_0f6b59ee19_b
Buffet counter and dining table

The buffet was actually half decent as there was several warm food options even so late at night (around 10:30pm). One of the options for that night includes a Japanese dish selection, which I guess are for Japanese guests. There are also fried noodles and fried rice.

photo 24787399519_9d39f53561_b
Warm food options

Another corner of the counter, guests can grab some muffins or make their own toast.

photo 25036846882_f196a724c5_b
Pastry corner with toast machine

There also seems to be a made-to-order noodle station but it was no longer operational this late at night.

photo 24859446580_8d6a4f4135_b
Empty noodle station

On the beverage side of the counter, there are a couple of complimentary wines and liquors provided. The lounge is also equipped with 2 espresso machines so guests need not wait long to make their own cup of coffee. Soft drinks and canned juices are also available from the fridge as I got myself a can of orange juice while I sit down at the lounge for some reading.

photo 25061848991_bdfa6d54af_b
Alcoholic beverages

photo 25036843692_e79df7bcb3_b
Espresso machines

Since the airport has pretty good free wifi, there was no need for me to obtain the wifi from the lounge. For guests who do not have cell phone reception, I believe they can obtain a wifi access code from the reception. Changi Airport provides free wifi by getting a code from the information desk or requesting a code to be sent to your phone via SMS.

photo 24787408019_60e33c9f06_b
Orange juice at the lounge

For the short one hour and a bit more I was inside the lounge, it offered a nice place to read and get some beverages. During the day, this lounge would provide adequate food for a nice meal as well. Though, if you do not need access to this lounge, there is really no need to go all the way for access. Perhaps if it was in the day, I might just walk around Terminal 3 and spot the Singapore Airlines' A380s from the viewing area at the central atrium.

photo 24528257793_d88035cbf7_b
Magazine racks in the lounge

With the lounge being nothing special, I made my way to the boarding gates at the time indicated on the boarding pass. The flight was departing in one of those amalgamated boarding gates where flights on Singapore Airlines A380 usually depart from. Thus there are multiple security check lanes and no queues at all. That meant while I was through the security in no time, the flight was also boarding on time. It seems there was an early boarding as well, and what made it more interesting was that while the flight is tagged as an MU flight which indicates China Eastern as the operating carrier, the airplane was in Shanghai Airlines livery. Though it must be stated that the Shanghai Airlines is a subsidiary of China Eastern.

photo 24988277554_5f0490bd77_b
Shanghai Airlines A330 at Pudong

MU544 Singapore SIN - Shanghai PVG
STD-STA: 0055-0620
Actual: 0059-0529
Airbus A330-200 B-6545
Gate A16 Seat 8C to 6D

Boarding from these gates meant entering the cabin from the front for Business Class passengers. China Eastern uses the same Business Class seats as Air China on these A330s which feature forward facing lie flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. As I boarded, there was already someone occupying the seat 8A, so the crew asked if I might want to be seated at 6D instead which is the bulkhead row. I took her up on the offer since I wanted to sleep without being interrupted. When I got settled on the seat, the crew came around with a tray of orange juice and water, and I picked the latter. In addition, a hot towel was also served on a ceramic plate.

photo 25618766965_0af5bd7e77_b
Welcome aboard China Eastern

The cabin is suitable for a red-eye flight as it does have a nice spacious seat that reclines into a bed. I had been on <a href="">Air China's Business Class</a> which features the same seat so the hardware was actually quite good. These are also the same seats found on LOT Polish's 787.

photo 25323161600_726ec421d1_b
Business Class cabin on China Eastern's Airbus A330

Aside from the welcome drink, there was also a pillow and a wrapped blanket on the seat. By the ottoman, there was a slipper in a re-usable shoe bag. I like the way these slippers are presented as I could have a use for these shoe bags since I like to bring along a running shoe or flip flops for those vacation.

photo 24988258184_6e5511a321_b
Slippers amenity

While waiting for boarding to be completed, the cabin crew passed around the menus for this flight.

photo 24988261774_475d862837_b
Inflight magazine and menu

What was unique here was that the purser for the flight would take your order and retrieve the menu as the menu lists out the various choices for all the Singapore to Shanghai flights. For this particular flight, only breakfast would be served prior to arrival and guests are asked if they would like to be woken up for service. I know some of the passengers declined this meal service. The menu also lists out the selections in 3 different sets, with colour coding to represent the sets. On the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th month, it was coded red, the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th month it was coded orange and the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month it would be coded blue. It made it quite confusing for first time passengers though I did eventually find the correct page to look at. For brevity, I would only post the menu for this particular flight and readers interested to know the full menu could find photos of them at my Flickr album for this flight. The menu for this flight was as follow:

photo 24524510114_17de9823b4_bphoto 24524513574_fa04842791_b

There was also a separate beverage menu, and while it may look impressive, I was only drinking tea and water for this flight as I refrained from alcohol since I had some matters to attend to in Shanghai for the day. The beverage menu was as follow:

photo 25036936022_03f3eb560d_bphoto 25036935782_ccc658f21f_bphoto 24859534470_2cc7796aa7_b

Boarding did not take any longer than it needed to be as we pulled back early and made a short taxi to the runway for take-off. The flight tonight would be an extremely short one according to the captain and that meant less time to sleep. After we reached cruising altitude, the crew came around with eye shades for passengers, though I was surprised they did not pass this around earlier as some passengers were already asleep at this time.

photo 25323146470_2039c01232_b
Eye shades

The crew also passed immigration and customs form for China during this time while I started to check out the entertainment selection.

photo 25323147580_62722d7797_b
Headphones and immigration form

photo 25500132952_d73cea7421_b
Inflight entertainment

As I wanted to watch something before sleeping, I asked the crew for some tea and snacks. I was given a packet of nuts along with the tea. While not exactly premium, it was acceptable for me. On a side note, passengers should not really expect much snacks for the late departure out of Singapore as the crew expects passengers to just go to sleep immediately. The crew did come around the cabin with a bottle of water for every Business Class passenger.

photo 25500135192_33029d8acf_b
Packet nuts and hot tea

Not long after that I started to feel sleepy and I reclined the seat all the way down. There are no amenity kit or pyjama or socks provided even on this overnight flight either. After all this is not First Class. That left me with just one pillow and a blanket to make myself comfortable.

photo 25500136382_4c95fa5131_b
Pillow on lie-flat seat

It was good to have at least 3 hours of sleep on the bed as the crew woke me up for the breakfast service. To refresh passengers, there was another hot towel service and I was asked if I would like tea or coffee. I went with more tea since on a Chinese carrier, tea is the safer choice.

photo 25323153290_c86f31e802_b
Tea and towel service

While the amenities might be lacking, the breakfast served was substantial and nicely presented. There was a small yogurt on the side along with a fruit bowl. As I picked the Chinese entrée, it was a bowl of minced chicken noodle with soup. The bowl of noodle was warm and tasty so I did finish it all up. There was also a croissant that I got from the crew who offered it to passengers. Surprisingly the croissant was warm and flaky, and that made for a nice satisfying meal.

photo 25500139052_9c679969fe_b
Noodle soup for breakfast

After the meal, I got another bottle of water from the crew as I finished the one provided. I also asked for a pen to fill in the customs form, before relaxing for the rest of the journey into Shanghai by continuing the inflight movie from where I left off.

photo 25323156690_d67ca877ac_b
Bottled water and pen

photo 25618780355_7a8205fd42_b
Continuing the inflight entertainment

The captain was not that far off when he said we would be arriving early into Shanghai. I expect that it was nice weather that allowed that to happen and we landed into Shanghai Pudong nearly an hour in advance of schedule. There was a bit of taxi time into the terminal but the early arrival was not bad since it put us ahead of the other flights.

photo 25323159670_a6ee32127e_b
Business class seat

After disembarking from the flight, I made my way to the immigration though not without taking another photo of the plane. Just after I joined the moderately long queue, there was another bunch of passengers coming to join the queue. Because not much of the lanes were staffed by the customs officers at this time of the day, the moderately long queue still took about half an hour to clear. In fact the Chinese nationals queue cleared up by the time I reached the front of the line. That meant by the time I reached the luggage claim area, it was nearly empty as I picked my luggage from the carousel.

photo 25618788115_281e6a8f38_b
Arrival luggage claim

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China Eastern further solidifies my view of the airline as being the weakest amongst China's 3 largest airlines, the other being Air China and China Southern. I find Air China to be on par with China Southern and they are probably slightly better than United Airlines in terms of premium offerings, but China Eastern is more or less on par with United Airlines. And no airline should aim to be on par with United as that is a bad benchmark to be at. The lack of amenities like socks for an overnight flight is underwhelming, though fortunately the crew on this flight was friendly and tries to satisfy the passenger's request. Though for the price of the return flight at $1,260 with taxes inclusive, it was slightly more expensive than Economy Class on Singapore Airlines and for that I cannot really complain much since it meets my needs for a lie-flat seat for that few hours of sleep. The timing of the flight also frees up the day for me to settle my business in the city.

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