Review of British Airways flight Frankfurt London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA903
Class Economy
Seat 21K
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 24 Feb 16, 11:05
Arrival at 24 Feb 16, 11:35
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By 1537
Published on 5th April 2016
This was my first flight with BA so I was quite curious how I would like them, although a short hop from FRA to LHR could only be a first impression. We were early at the gate and I grabbed a few UK newspapers that were offered. No comparison to the big selection of magazines and newspapers at many LH gates in terminal 1 but at least something.
Soon, boarding was announced. As usual, BA903 uses a bus gate and so it made little difference for the passengers seated in Club Europe or having a oneworld status to board early but still they were invited to board first. After all, they are only earlier in the bus. Anyway, I like bus gates; getting a little tour across the apron and mounting the stairs up to your aircraft gives my aviation soul a pleasant feeling. My 763 today truly showed her age and it was no secret that she is not too far away from retirement. Impeccable from outside but the interior looked worn and the windows were smudgy; even wiping them did not make much of a difference.
Storage for carry-on bags was limited but still ok as some seats remained vacant. The seat was alright for a short flight but I would not like to sit in those seats too long. My seat neighbor to LHR was an American about my age who slept almost the entire time from departure to landing.
After the obligatory safety video (the BA one is quite dull in my opinion), we taxied all the way to runway 18 ("Startbahn West") at the other end of the airport and I got a nice view of almost the entire airport. Not that I would not know FRA, but it is never enough ;)
The departure was quick and we were on our way to LHR. After we reached cruising altitude, the service began. I had a diet coke and opted for the salty snack which was a small bag of chips (or crisps as the Brits say). Quite alright for such a short flight. The crew was very friendly and attentive. One flight attendant was offering a vacant middle row to a tall passenger in case he wanted to sleep. A small detail but it left a positive impression.
After we crossed the English Channel, we began the approach and flew one circle at the Lambourne holding stack. Luckily I was sitting on the right-hand side and had a great view of London as we left the holding and started the final approach. We landed smoothly and a little ahead of schedule. After short taxiing we arrived at terminal 5, deboarded via jetbridge and walked to the shuttle bus to terminal 3 where our flight to Miami would depart.

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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Frankfurt - FRA


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Although the 763 showed her age, the flight was quite nice and I enjoyed the good sight of London during the approach.

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  • Comment 161300 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Hi there and thanks for sharing your first report here with us!
    I love that BA flies 767s on intra-European flights. Not many airlines are flying widebodies within Europe anymore, except a few 5th Freedom flights here and there.

    As usual, BA903 uses a bus gate and so it made little difference for the passengers seated in Club Europe or having a oneworld status to board early
    - That seems to be the norm in Frankfurt if you're not flying LH or a long-haul flight. You are so right to point out about priority boarding for Business and Elite passengers...there's no point. In fact, if anything, boarding a bus first means you go to the back and further away from the door, so actually, you board the plane last, hahaha. Totally pointless. I've learned to stay near the doors, LOL.

    After the obligatory safety video (the BA one is quite dull in my opinion),
    - Super boring! Although I do like the soothing voice and lovely British accent of the woman who does the voice-over.

    It's funny how BA put in new seats on the short-haul 767s, but left the old-style bins and sidewalls; it makes it look like the job was only half done, haha. I do love a 767 though, the 2-3-2 configuration is great in Economy. In Business...not so much. Since they only block the middle seat in the middle section of 3 in Club Europe, it makes for an inconsistent product.

    If I may make a suggestion, it is preferable to have the text spread throughout the report among the pictures in order to have some description of the pics. Otherwise, great first report with good pics on one of my preferred airlines.

    Thanks again for sharing and welcome to Flight-Report!
  • Comment 161413 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    It's a nice and unique experience to fly with these 767s on short hops in Europe.

    The cabin looks pretty good, I would have expected it to look more tired.

    Wow, absolutely fantastic aerial shots!

    Have a good one, see you!
  • Comment 161604 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    Nice FR!

    I was under the impression that BA are getting rid of the B767s pretty quickly, nice to see it around.

    Nice quick flight, too!

    Good on BA for putting up a good show.

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