Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Bucharest in Premium Eco

Airline KLM
Flight KL1375
Class Premium Eco
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 02 Apr 16, 13:20
Arrival at 02 Apr 16, 17:05
KL   #53 out of 138 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 695 reviews
Published on 8th April 2016
Hello everyone

You will find here the first part of my journey.

I'm still in Schiphol airport i have 3 hours to wait.

That lets me time to spot a bit and pass the border.

For non european people reading me, Romania is in the European Union but doesn't belong to Schengen space which means that like in UK you can go with your ID only but you have to pass by customs.

For this flight i choose to be in Economy Comfort.

I confess that i never understood why this class was present for medium haul flight.

The seat is the same, catering and recline are the same.

The unique positive point is the legroom but KLM also propose exit row at extra cost…

I guess you wonder why did i decide to travel in this class so?!

It's just because 30 hours before my flight when i made my check-in this seat was proposed for 4 euros (4.5 USD) therefore why not to attempt? I may be wrong.

Meanwhile i'm walking around in the different concourses.

Schengen side

photo 20160402_101829

Picture taken from schengen side of the aircrafts of the concourse D.

The ground floor belongs to non schengen area and the first one to schengen area.

photo 20160402_102606

I pass the border now! as long as there's nobody.

photo 20160402_102659

The agent will only ask me where am i going to… that's all in 15 seconds it's done.

Here is the non schengen area.

I never saw this part of the terminal not being in renovation.

The symbol of The Netherlands is here! How could it be differently?

photo 20160402_111618

Now time to spot a bit.

photo 20160402_105349

Klm wouldn't be KLM without the queen of the sky.

photo 20160402_110018

Today we are lucky. AMS has the honour of hosting unique specimens in Europe.

The B787 of XIAMEN AIR

photo 20160402_103238

Jet Airways which comes to pick up AMS as new european hub after leaving Brussels Zaventem (nothing to see with recent attacks in Zaventem).

photo 20160402_105334

And they want to make it known.

photo 20160402_110142

Even children have to know that!

photo 20160402_105559photo 20160402_105605

Here is the concourse G. Mainly Star Alliance members are presents.

United doesn't want to let flights between AMS and USAinto the hands of KLM and Delta.

photo 20160402_110109photo 20160402_110631

Other members that you surely already know ;)

photo 20160402_110428photo 20160402_110433photo 20160402_110756

TUI operates B787 really?

photo 20160402_111022

I took any pictures of the concourse H just because it was empty the last EASYJET came to leave.

This concourse is only use by Low cost Airlines, mainly EASYJET.

The KLM crown lounge is upstairs.

No worries i barely waited 2 mins to come in.

photo 20160402_111713

The lounge appearance is nice.

I don't see a lot of difference with the KLM Crown lounge in schengen area.

photo 20160402_112005photo 20160402_112009

In spite of it size the lounge isn't noisy at all.

photo 20160402_112013photo 20160402_122938_Richtone(HDR)

A question? Wanto to be upgraded? flight delaid? a KLM information desk is here.

photo 20160402_122950_Richtone(HDR)

The business corner

photo 20160402_122540_Richtone(HDR)

All of this looks to be very positive until i decide to eat something.

It's almost midday and the catering proposed is very poor.

photo 20160402_113218


photo 20160402_122837_Richtone(HDR)

Cheese, ham, bread, crackers that's all!

photo 20160402_122849_Richtone(HDR)

Today i will only find this red wine.

photo 20160402_122857_Richtone(HDR)

Finally going to the other side of the lounge i will find a bit more.
However it's bit for all of these passengers.

And why the same thing isn't proposed everywhere in the lounge?

If i hadn't looked for i would have found this buffet.

photo 20160402_113455photo 20160402_113548photo 20160402_113637

Time to embark.

Apparently there's a problem with the baggage hold.
We will know nothing about and the flight won't be delaid uuff!

photo 20160402_125801photo 20160402_125803

Our seat. I couldn't turn over the pic.

photo 20160402_130212

The legroom is much better than in economy class however due to my height i didn't really need so much. We won't be separated from economy passengers by a curtain.

photo 20160402_130412

Uuups i forgot to show you this plug during my first flight.
Even economy class passengers have one.

photo 20160402_130631

We can also hung our jacket but it's actually just because they transformed their business class in economy Comfort class which is understandable as there's only one passenger travelling in business today.

I couldn't use this hook as another passenger will be seated next to me.

We could use the business restroom all along the journey.

photo 20160402_130513

Time to take off.

photo 20160402_131710photo 20160402_131715photo 20160402_132356

Our catering: PIZZA! The piece was very tasty. I will only take water with it.

photo 20160402_135815photo 20160402_135923photo 20160402_140526

After the meal and around 45 mins before landing a cake will be served as dessert with coffee and tea.

photo 20160402_151902


photo 20160402_154512

While joining our gate i noticed 2 aircrafts that i didn't know belonging to Aeroasia.

They looked like the Ilioutchine II-62 but smaller.

Actually there are Rombac 1-11.

A bristish aircraft that Romania could produce under licence during the 80'S it was designed during the 60's.

Aeroasia was a pakistani low cost airlines which was suspended to fly for safety reason in 2007 and collapsed the same year.

photo 20160402_155422

KLM never lets it cousin alone too long time…

photo 20160402_155754

Then we just have to follow the corridor. At the end the customs are waiting for us. They won't ask me nothing.

photo 20160402_160314photo 20160402_160341

From the corridor.

photo 20160402_160505

I couldn't finish without some pictures of Bucharest.

I chose to show you one of the main sightseeing attraction in the romanian capital.

Who comes to Bucharest cannot miss the palace of parliament.

Also knoww as Ceaucescu palace.It's the second biggest building of the world (behind the Pentagon) and the heaviest one. Even if Ceaucescu ordered it construction he could never live in it and never saw the end of his colossal project.
With the collapse of USSR and the end of his dictatorship he was executed the 25th of december 1989( gift to people for christmas?).
The construction began in 1985 and finished in 1994.

By the way this part of the building is only the emerged part of the building.

Inside the guide told us that there was still 4 floors underground (…officially… rumors say there are many more…).

photo 20160403_141030

The city from the parliament.

photo 20160403_151609

The next pictures will show you some rooms designed under Ceaucescu and his wife Elena this part was finished in 1989.

We won't visit the highest floors which were finished after their deaths according to the guide they are more "conventionnal".

NB: I forgot to specify you that all equipments, stones etc are 100% made in Romania. Ceaucescu didn't want to depend on other countries to build his palace.

Ceaucescu had chosen this balcony to talk to people but won't never use it.
photo 20160403_160000

Today, Romania doesn't know what to do with this huge building. So they use to rent some rooms for conferences, private companies or special events.

Among the most important the palace hosted in 2006 the francophonie summit and in 2008 the nato summit in 2008.

Apparently INTERPOL would have alsosettled it romanian headquarter in the last floor

Thank you for reading me.

see you soon!

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Overall good flight.
I now know that economy Comfort doesn't really worse (at least if you're not tall) the service being exactly the same than in Economy. It's surely why they propose such bargain to be upgraded in Economy Comfort.

THe lounge has a very good atmosphere but the lack of catering is a very negative point.

The KLM Crown lounge in the schengen area is better.



  • Comment 161613 by
    jish.b SILVER 258 Comments

    Nice FR!!

    Epic picture with the three Jet Airways A330! :D
    Yes, moving from BRU to AMS was a long planned move and its unfortunate that the terror attacks just denied them of a smooth goodbye to BRU.

    I got to fly KLM from USA to India, and they were a lovely airline on the long haul segment. Your FR confirms what I believe - KLM are pretty decent in the short haul flights too.


  • Comment 161982 by
    globetrotter AUTHOR 406 Comments

    Hello Jish.b.

    Thank you for your comment.

    I like this airline as well it improved these last year.

    I didn't expect to see so many aircrafts from Jetairways in AMS i had heard about it.

    I noticed that you already made different flight reports about Jet Airways.

    Do you think it's a good airline?

    See you!

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