Review of TAM flight São Paulo Porto Alegre in Economy

Airline TAM
Flight JJ3085
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:26
Take-off 29 Feb 16, 17:33
Arrival at 29 Feb 16, 18:59
JJ 43 reviews
Published on 25th April 2016
After a very nice day in São Paulo - I went there for interviewing German Efromovich, Synergy Group's owner - it was time to go home. My planned flight was JJ3051, at 8:55PM. But as my appointment was already made, it was better to take an earlier flight. The gate agents at CGH quickly helped me on it. They got me a seat on JJ3085 flight, with scheduled departure at 5:30PM. But there was a problem: They put me on an aisle seat - the flight was almost full. I'd have to find a way to get a window seat.
Some planespotting at CGH

photo DSCN9985-2photo DSCN9987-2

When my flight was called for boarding, a gate agent took me first to the gate. I am a minor, but as I am more than 12 years old, I had the boarding priority.
When I entered on the aircraft, the flight attendant recieved me with a nice smile. Immediately, I asked her if she could find a free window seat for me. She said that could verify. So I waited the boarding to finish.

photo DSCN9999-2photo DSCN0002

When the boarding ended, I asked the flight attendant if she found any window seat… and she got 18A for me! It made me really happy. Fastly I went to my seat. And the flight was really full: of the 144 available seats, 141 were occupied.
The flight was going to be operated by PR-MYL, that was delivered to TAM in June 2011. It had TAM's new interior, way better than the old one.
The crew was made up of Captain Leomar and First Officer Travagli. The flight attendants were Thaís (purser), Renan and Gustavo.
The pitch was good (probably because I am 5,2ft tall). The seat was nice, but a little bit hard.
The doors were closed and we started pushback - the runway in use was 17R. A quick taxi to the holding point, where we waited for a short time, till' we lined up. Slowly captain Leomar applied throttle, and at 5:44PM the thrust levers were put on take-off position. The aircraft fastly accelerated on Congonhas' short runway. Soon we were climbing and getting into the layer of clouds that covered São Paulo on that day.

In a few minutes we got off from the clouds and a beautiful late afternoon light illuminated everything.

photo DSCN0010

Just after the take-off I tried LATAM's new entertainment system - called LAN TAM Entertainment. You can use it by downloading an app before the flight and many options will be available. You have just to connect your cellphone to the aircraft wi-fi. If you forget to download the app, you can put http://entertainment on your internet browser.
Besides this nice option, there was TAM's magazine, TAM nas Nuvens, and some screens under the bins that passed some random things. There were some audio channels, too.
Under the seats, there were power plugs. Mine didn't work, but the aisle one worked fine.

Soon the meal service started. There was only one option - a sandwich with cheese and ham. The drink options were juices, water, Coca-Cola, guaraná and Suplicy gourmet coffee.
Besides the sandwich, I asked the flight attendant some coffee and a Coke. I was hungry, so after eating and drinking it all, I asked for more sandwiches, more Coke and more coffee.

photo DSCN0016photo DSCN0018photo DSCN0023

We were flying at 36000ft, on a flight without any turbulence. But as all good things don't last long, we soon started our descent, on a beautiful sunset light.

The runway in use at POA was 11, where we landed at 6:59PM. After a firm braking, we cleared the runway on taxiway F. We went to Apron 1 by taxiway D. It was an awesome flight!

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Cabin crew10.0

São Paulo - CGH


Porto Alegre - POA



TAM offers a nice service. It improved with the new entertainment system.
Flight attendants were very nice.
The sandwich was awesome, but there was only one option.



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  • Comment 162550 by
    marathon SILVER 10012 Comments
    It was nice to get a last minute window seat !
    The seat dimensions are interesting; I see the ANAC logo : is this information displayed in all planes in Brasil ?
    Having power ports in Economy is convenient, even though the flight was not all that long; Were there power ports available in the airport too ?
    A sandwich, and two seconds on a domestic flight in Economy even though it was nearly full ? You probably hear the groans of envy of Flight Reporters in North America and Europe all the way to Brasil ! :)
    Thanks for sharing !

    PS : I dislike the watermark in the center of the pictures. It would be less eye-offensive if it was in the lower part of the picture.
    • Comment 346478 by
      marathon SILVER 10012 Comments
      I understand your feeling. Better have your reports with watermarks, now and in the future, rather than none at all :)
    • Comment 346328 by
      joaointhesky AUTHOR 69 Comments
      Hi and thanks for commenting! :D
      The seat dimensions are displayed in all Brazilian planes.
      Yes, there were power ports in both airports!
      And about the watermark, some people say the same thing to me. My old one was in the lower part of the photo. But some time ago a guy stole my photo, withdrewing the part with watermark - and he didn't even give the credits! So since that day I put it in the middle of the photo.

      Thank you again! :)
    • Comment 346633 by
      joaointhesky AUTHOR 69 Comments
      Thank you very much jish! 😄
      It really was a very nice flight. The drop screens sometimes show nice things like that trivia questions, but it seems that nobody really pay attention on it, haha!
      The meal service on TAM flights is nice for me, too. That sandwiches really tasted good. I took one of them home and put it on the microwave - even better than before!
      Thank you again!
      João :)

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