Review of JetBlue Airways flight New York Saint Martin in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6787
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:04
Take-off 09 Apr 16, 08:25
Arrival at 09 Apr 16, 12:29
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By 2105
Published on 26th April 2016
*This version actually works! Something was wrong with one of the youtube links I had in the report, and it caused it to delete a significant chunk of the report (weird I know).

Hello and welcome to this short two-part series on my trip to St. Maarten - Planespotter heaven!

The routing:

4/9/16: JetBlue 787 JFK-SXM, Airbus A320, Economy (THIS REPORT)
4/17/16: American 382 SXM-JFK, Boeing 757-200, Business (

After an early wake-up call (I live about 1h15m from JFK without traffic), we arrived at terminal 5 around 6:30am. Terminal 5 is JFK's newest, opening in 2008 especially for JetBlue.

photo P1040034_zpsd1eyk2dj

JetBlue charges $25 per checked bag if you purchase the most basic fare, so we skipped that line and went straight for security. Unfortunately, I decided to try out using a real camera instead of my iPhone for this report but forgot to change the settings on the camera, so my pictures of the security lines didn't come out.

There were long lines everywhere and after about 5 minutes of trying to find the line, we found the precheck line. It only took 7 minutes to get through the line, but my friend didn't get precheck, so we had to wait for him. His line took about 25 minutes.

Once through security, the terminal opens into a large, open, modern space.

photo P1040038_zpswowvs0bu

The big departure board listed our flight at gate 26.

photo P1040037_zpsxcglqfp0

There were also touchscreen interactive maps of the terminal.

photo P1040044_zpskksoseqm

Before heading to the gate, we searched for breakfast. There were only two breakfast options that we found across the entire terminal and about 5 fancier restaurants that weren't open.

photo P1040041_zpseopzn7bw

photo P1040043_zpsualuqv62

Starbucks had to do, but of course, there were no free tables, so we found a nice comfy spot on the floor to eat breakfast.

After (a surprisingly good) breakfast, we made our way to the gate. Follow the signs!

photo P1040039_zpsjkqbsobj

JetBlue engine on the way.

photo P1040040_zpse4roly3m

Gotta get into the Caribbean spirit!

photo P1040042_zps9qllal5r

More walking.

photo P1040045_zps5nazkei3

Aer Lingus lounge on the way. Aer Lingus and Hawaiian are the only two other airlines that use T5 at JFK.

photo P1040046_zps22knsgrq

We arrived at the gate at 7:45, 5 minutes before boarding was scheduled to start.

photo P1040047_zpsjec26siv

photo P1040048_zpsljhkayy9

Gates 26 and 27 are right next to each other, and use the same seating area for both gates. Gate 27 had a flight to Antigua (I think) leaving about 10 minutes before ours, but there was still a good amount of seating available.

photo P1040049_zpsbrvhamzo

photo P1040051_zpsbg8z6m5e

A nice surprise - power outlets below the seating!

photo P1040052_zpsdmx6udpj

Our plane of the day was N536JB "Canyon Blue" - a 14-year-old A320. Interestingly, this was the plane involved in the accident at LAX about 10 years ago when the front landing gear turned sideways.

photo P1040050_zpsvgfusout

Boarding began right on time at 7:50, starting from the back and moving up by rows of 5. Onto the plane we go!

photo P1040053_zpsped5o3ao

photo P1040054_zps3mezc5nu

photo P1040055_zps3komv3np

JetBlue's Fly-Fi - free wifi for all customers in select areas. One of the features that makes JetBlue stand out from most other airlines.

photo P1040056_zpsvukgp41g

We were on the plane at 8:00.

photo P1040057_zpsia4juhg4

photo P1040058_zpsccykcax3

Our seats for the next 4ish hours - 19ABC.

photo P1040059_zps4lklqy6h

Settling into the seat, I noticed a few things:

An A321 next to us.

photo P1040060_zpsjfukvdpf

JetBlue's massive legroom - 34" (and if you keep track of my reports - my trusty travel backpack!).

photo P1040061_zpsvncbcltd

Plenty of width (I moved all the way to one side of the seat).

photo P1040063_zpsptpivial

Old, small TVs (this model was introduced in 1995).

photo P1040064_zpsp8i4brwb

TV controls in the armrest.

photo P1040065_zpsphdutmpi

I tried to explore the pamphlet in my seatback pocket, but someone had stuck it together with gum, so I stole my friends.

photo P1040067_zpslqiya3iq

photo P1040068_zpsjfmp83hp

photo P1040069_zps3kxszxqn

This plane was definitely showing it's age, with some nice pen marks on the seat in front of me.

photo P1040070_zpsvxzl2exu

A look forward into the cabin.

photo P1040072_zpstiqovsgt

One of my favorite things about JetBlue is a tradition that the captain comes into the cabin to make his announcements. Our captain was very funny, announcing that our flying time was 3h36m at 36,000 feet. The temperature outside the plane would be cold, and the temperature in SXM was "26 degrees celsius, which comes out to…it's a nice day" :D. I think having a nice, friendly captain really enhances the flying experience.

photo P1040073_zps7jvz4kfb

We pushed back right on time at 8:25 and began our taxi at 8:31 to the recently resurfaced and extended runway 4L.

photo P1040074_zps0kjb3irp

photo P1040075_zpsb0kkfp4r

photo P1040076_zps0lxnitwx

photo P1040080_zpsc8zt1pdo

Hi, Emirates (landing on 4R)!

photo P1040079_zps2tredv9s

Our captain announced we were second in line for departure (behind this Delta 757).

photo P1040081_zpsnf2qhyqi

We departed at 8:40, just 15 minutes behind schedule.

Below is the link to the takeoff video. The site had been automatically been deleting everything between the two youtube links when I published this report, so I can't link it directly, but if you're interested, check it out!

photo P1040083_zpsw12mokij

photo P1040084_zps1qug13fo

Once in the air, our TVs and Fly-Fi powered on (briefly).

photo P1040088_zpslvtlgpaw

Unfortunately, these services only worked for a limited time (see coverage map above). JetBlue's TVs have 38 channels of live tv as well as live music from SiriusXM. There are also 2 movies playing on a loop the entire flight, which normally cost $5, but were free on this flight due to the lack of coverage. The problem with this is, you can't start or stop the movie when you want to.

The wifi was very fast while it lasted, but as I said, we went out of coverage very quickly, about 40 minutes after takeoff.

The moving map had to provide entertainment for the rest of the flight (a poor one at that).

photo P1040089_zpsoge4fkte

Flight attendants came through the cabin around 9:15 with (this surprised me) notepads, and wrote down what everyone wanted to drink. About 15 minutes later, the drinks arrived by in a small tray carried by the flight attendants. This was a nice touch - similar to what Virgin America does (not for much longer though :( ).

Another surprise - a full can arrived!

photo P1040090_zpspcglponj

A snack basket came through the cabin about 5 minutes later, which contained an option of pretzels, chips, cookies, etc. Just enough to tide you over for a 3h30m flight.

photo P1040091_zpslqbmoejf

My notes about the crew: there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. However, nothing really stood out about them, and compared to the rest of the flight, they were a bit underwhelming.

After that, nothing really happened as we made our way over the Atlantic, just lots of ocean views.

photo IMG_0595_zpsinzierwn

photo P1040092_zpswdpbdliw

Almost there!

photo P1040093_zpstbwng61l

We began our descent into SXM around 11:55 and were in the cloud soon after.

photo IMG_0596_zpsfk71ghtv

We lined up with Runway 10 and landed at 12:16, 13 minutes ahead of schedule.

Below is the link to the landing video. The site had been automatically been deleting everything between the two youtube links when I published this report, so I can't link it directly, but if you're interested, check it out!

We back taxied the runway, waited for a few minutes for our gate to be vacated, and hooked up to the gate at 12:25.

photo IMG_0598_zpsiygvnrj3

photo P1040094_zpso9i5izy7

photo P1040095_zpshxqquwl5

photo P1040096_zpshjzmgmyz

We got off the plane about 10 minutes later and made it through immigration in 15 minutes. A nice Caribbean touch - while waiting in line, there was a live steel pan band playing music.

The baggage claim area.

photo P1040102_zps6n9nzbw5

Outside into the warmth!

photo IMG_0599_zps6n77gu3u

That's all for this report! Be sure to check back soon for the return journey.

Thanks for reading, and comments are always welcome - I love reading and responding to them!

BONUS - the great (airport) view from the condo I stayed at.

photo IMG_0600_zpsx6athvkr
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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew7.0

New York - JFK


Saint Martin - SXM



JFK Terminal 5 - Nice, new, and modern, but lacking some essential services

Seat - Loads of legroom, comfy seats

Crew - Not good, not bad, just a bit 'blah'

IFE - Would've been fine in a coverage zone, movies on a loop :(, poor quality screens

Food - Just enough for a 3h30m flight, full soda can!

SXM Terminal - Very quick and modern, but a bit dark and stuffy



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    Gum in the seat pocket... yuck ! But the seat pitch is commendable.
    I have flown on quite a number of airlines, and I never saw the captain make such announcements himself, in a routine situation.
    The moving map's design looks much older than the plane.
    Thanks for sharing... I wonder what the bonus of the return flight could be about ;)

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