Review of Singapore Airlines flight Jakarta Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ953
Class Economy
Seat 48J
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 26 Mar 16, 07:55
Arrival at 26 Mar 16, 10:45
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 3522
Published on 26th July 2016

Note: I rotated the pictures and edited the report quite a bit, so here’s the updated version of my first report!

Hello Flight Report Community! Apa kabar? While I frequent this site, this will be my first flight report, so any comments will be welcome in the comments section.
Indonesia and Singapore are two neighboring countries. For us Indonesians, Singapore is a very “hot” tourist hotspot. People from all social classes, from all over Indonesia, hop on different airlines to visit Singapore. From CGK alone, 37 daily flights depart for Singapore. For holiday, work or any other reason, airlines would find this route very lucrative.
While we Indonesians frequent Singapore all year long, most families prefer to take their children on trips at this time of the year and prices are normally higher. That was when we managed to take 5 return tickets to Singapore for 500 000 rupiah a ticket. That’s approximately 37 USD/ 33 EUR. Considering the fact that flights cost approximately triple, this is a steal.

This flight report begins at 5 30 am on a rainy Saturday morning. Traffic into CGK was nonexistent, and we were at the airport within 20 minutes of leaving our home.
Here’s a look of the airport's curved structure.
photo img_8920
We're at the right place.
photo img_8921
Envisioned in the 1970s, CGK was opened in 1985. It was designed by Paul Andreu, the same dude who also created Paris CDG. The airport isn’t your typical modern type. It infuses Javanese-style buildings into its design. Now over 30 years old, CGK serves 62 million passengers in a year. That’s almost double its 38 million capacity. Safety is not affected though. Now it is building Terminal 3 Ultimate, in an attempt to improve the experience of using CGK. In the process, T2 improves in efficiency, but not so much aesthetically.
Landside of the 8th busiest airport in the world. Unsurprisingly, its busiest international route is CGK-SIN.
photo img_8925
A seemingly common trend in Indonesian airports, both international or domestic, is that the check-in area is off-limits to those not flying, and a security official verifies this.
Check-in for SQ is on the far left side of the terminal.
There was no line. Light load today? The smiling agent then welcomed us. Check-in was a breeze, with the agent reminding us to be at the gate on time, part of SQ protocol, I guess.
SQ Boarding Pass.
photo image1
For immigration, there was a long line for Indonesians but no line for foreigners. Why the discrepancy? Well, many Indonesians depart for Saudi Arabia for Umroh and Hajj flights. CGK seems to be filled with them all year round. The immigration guy for foreigners refused to help and went on to enjoy his coffee. Very professional indeed!
After clearing immigration you see this giant TV screen. They play commercials on seemingly infinite loops. Let's all hope all the money they raised goes straight to improving T2.
photo img_8930
Flights for the day departing from Terminal 2E
Boarding was called 40 minutes before departure. We then went towards the D gates.
There was yet another security checkpoint before entering the boarding area. Once you’re “sterile”, there’s not much to do as there were only a few seats and a charging station. This takes away part of the experience of using CGK.
View of the gate while boarding.
And that’s the best view of our plane I can get. Not very spotter friendly.
photo img_8949
For avgeeks, the plane is 9V-SYF, a 14 year old Boeing 777-300.
Earbuds were offered alongside newspapers before enterring.
photo img_8950photo img_8952
STD: 7 55
STA: 10 45 (+1 HOUR)
TOUCHDOWN: 10 55 (+1 HOUR)
GATE: 11 01 (+1 HOUR)
Flight Padding: 1H 50 MIN
EFT: 1H 20 MIN
AFT: 1H 39 MIN
With a warm welcome onboard, we were told to turn right.
32 inch seat pitch, with 9 abreast seating. More than enough in short haul. It even looks comfortable for a transpacific crossing. SQ and GA still opts for 9 abreast seating, whereas other airlines are cramming more and more passengers into their planes like sardines. Of course, in J they give you more space than you need.
Unfortunately this is not my seat.
photo img_8953
The seat itself is nicely presented.
photo img_8956
Seat pitch is good.
photo img_8955
Seatback content. Krisshop (On board sales catalog), SIlverKris (magazine), Safety information card, KrisWorld (IFE Guide) and an airsickness bag.
photo img_8958
The safety information card
photo img_8959
Tphoto img_8960
hphoto img_8962
The SQ fleet. Similar to EK, they operate only widebodies, even on their short routes like SIN-KUL. It really is interesting to see the A350 XWB as being their favourite plane, despite being the A380's launch customer. Favourites change, don't they?
photo img_8963
Old school IFE.
photo img_8967
The earbuds. They are two pronged and reflect the age of this plane
photo img_8971photo img_8972
Oshibori, standard SQ protocol, were distributed.
photo img_8973
The captain then came on the PA, explaining that there will be turbulence and that the flight time will be 80 minutes.
Spotting is slightly hindered by a scratched window
photo img_8974
9K A320
photo img_8975
A CZ B738
photo img_8976photo img_8978

Another SQ B773
photo img_8979photo img_8977
And we’ll take-off following two GA B738s
photo img_8980
Concluding this spotting session is a GA B738 "Retrojet"
photo img_8981
We take off and make a right turn, overflying the Tangerang community, for a northbound flight.
photo img_8984photo img_8988
Because of turbulence the seatbelt sign was turned off near cruising altitude.
IFE at climb
photo img_8990
Once the seatbelt sign was turned off the flight attendants sprang into action. Having maybe just under an hour to serve 250 passengers, you can feel that they will rush the service. The flight attendants served young children first, giving them extra time to finish their meal.The catering onboard was ‘Omelette or Fried Rice’. I opted for the Fried Rice.
The Omelette selection.
photo img_8992
Instead of risking the FAs forgetting to say it while serving 250 people, the wrapping makes sure SOMEONE wishes you a good meal. 'Bon Appetit!' Perks of being in economy.
photo img_8997
The food was catered in SIN. But the included drinks were loaded in CGK.
photo img_8998
The meal was definitely less substantial than on SQ a few years back. I recall that the shell pudding was an integral part of my meals as a young boy. However, the fried rice served today was actually quite good! The satay was a nice and well received addition to what would be a lackluster breakfast, and the egg is well cooked.
Silverware and condiments. On the fried rice tray a packet of chili sauce was thrown in.
photo img_8999photo img_9002
IFE when meal service started. We cruised at 34000 feet today.
photo img_8996
Descent commenced as the last trays were collected. The FAs cleared the trays of those who were done and gave those who were not finished more time to eat. Kudos to SQ.
What is an FR without a toilet visit?
photo img_9004
The toilets were clean and well stocked. This may be due to the few passengers visiting it during this short hop.
photo img_9005

For Marathon, Southeast Asia (or at least SQ) has still made it clear that changing diapers is only for a particular gender.
photo img_9006

We flew over Batam for a final approach on Runway 2L. The flaps were extended just as we were flying over Batam.
photo img_9007
Speedbrakes were necessary
photo img_9009
There were, as usual, a lot of ships using the Singapore Strait.
photo img_9016
At 10 55 we had a smooth landing and gentle braking followed afterwards.
photo img_9025

At 11 01 we arrived at our gate, E12.
Our Boeing 773
photo img_9028

We had to go through security again on arrival, and this time, security was thorough. They asked you to remove everything with metal and also electronics from your bag. This is quite new and is perhaps a measure in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks.
Immigration was a long line as flights were coming in from all over Asia at this time. After 20 minutes in line, we took our luggage. Within 20 minutes we were in our hotel at the downtown area.
Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment!
See you on my return flight!
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



This is a typical flight on a lucrative route. Comfort is certainly top notch, justifying the price. The B773 was comfortable and safe. The cabin crew were polite but would likely be unmemorable as some were quite robotic. The food is edible and the fried rice exceeds expectations for such a short route, however the omelette is simply bland and ordinary.
CGK T2 is fully functional, but not a place I would want to spend a long ti However, considering the fact that Terminal 3 Ultimate would be opened, not much is invested in it. At least the staff were polite.
Immigration and the heightened security were a hassle at Changi. They were clearly understaffed and eventually took a long time to clear passengers. However, Changi airport is still an airport others in the region, and the world, should look up to as the gold standard in aviation.

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    indianocean SILVER 7574 Comments
    Thank you ID_Flyer for sahring your experience on Singapore Airlines and welcome among us.

    I didn't know that Paul Andreu was the architect of CGK airport. But I'm not surprised because the "satellite thing" is his style of thing, just like CDG1.

    I'm surprised that earphones are now on self-serve basis before boarding. It's true that the flight time to SIN is quite short and the service as well as the catering are very good.

    Nothing more to add except some pix of SQ Girls (LOL). Good job though.
  • Comment 360653 by
    ID_Flyer AUTHOR 24 Comments
    Thank you Indianocean for stopping by!
    On the inbound flight (SIN-CGK) the earphones were available on request. I'm not sure what standard protocol is at that time.
  • Comment 360795 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report.

    CGK looks like a quaint airport (since its 30 years old now lol), but I suppose the new T3 would be something quite different! Surprising to see such poor treatment at immigration, though.

    Looks like you had a decent flight with Singapore Airlines. For sure, nice to see a full service despite the very short nature of the flight itself!

    Nice pictures to go along with it.

  • Comment 360821 by
    ID_Flyer AUTHOR 24 Comments
    Thanks for stopping by Jish B.!
    The new terminal would be a pleasant change, but I find that the interior and design of T1 and T2 to be especially iconic and represents Indonesia better!

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