Review of Kenya Airways flight Hong Kong Bangkok in Economy

Airline Kenya Airways
Flight KQ861
Class Economy
Seat 33A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:10
Take-off 30 Apr 16, 21:10
Arrival at 30 Apr 16, 23:20
KQ   #31 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 100 reviews
Published on 11th May 2016
It is the time for travelling, very nice that I can go to Bangkok with mum after seven years.
Due to the labour holiday, I choose Kenya Airways to Bangkok. It seems a nice airlines after
I read the flight report from this platform.

The Sky Priority
photo img_6047_
The check-in counter in Hong Kong International Airport
photo img_6048_
I can do the online check-in at home instead for queuing here.
photo img_6049_
The FIDS of gate 31
photo img_6061_photo img_6062_
KQ861 The Boeing 787 5Y-KZC
photo img_6081_
The Business Class
photo img_6086_
The Economy Class
photo img_6087_
The 10.6 inches PTV
photo img_6088_
The Economy Seat, looks quite similar with Ethiopian Airlines.
photo img_6092_
Msafiri magazine, Safety card and omit bag.
photo dsc_8442_
The pillow
photo img_6095_
Ready to takeoff
photo img_6097_
The in-flight information of KQ861
photo img_6099_
The generous legroom
photo img_6102_
Safety video, look similar with Ethiopian Airlines.
photo img_6110_photo img_6111_
Rolling out to runway 07R
photo dsc_8451_
After takeoff
photo img_6122_photo dsc_8452_photo dsc_8454_
This may be the crew rest area.
photo dsc_8455_
The rear galley.
photo img_6136_photo img_6140_photo dsc_8459_
Ready for the meal service.
photo dsc_8460_photo dsc_8461_
The creamy fish with potato, taste look just fine. The salad is nice.
photo img_6145_
Really like this curry chicken rice, is better than previous one. The sauce is like
Thai style.
photo img_6146_
The red wine and white wine provide for Economy Class passengers.
photo img_6148_
Apple crumble, really special dessert which can enjoy at Economy Class,
photo img_6153_
Enjoy the moment of flying with my mum.
photo img_6157_
Finish the meal, it feel very full.
photo img_6160_
The Chinese man walk around after the meal.
photo img_6166_
It looks so ugly for the IFE remote.
photo img_6165_
The washroom, is similar with other Boeing 787 aircraft
photo img_6171_photo img_6174_photo img_6175_
The cabin light has dimmed.
photo dsc_8468_
I enjoyed a glass of orange juice which come from friendly crew.
photo img_6183_
The bar for the long haul Business Class passengers.
photo dsc_8469_

After the request of visit the cockpit, the crew accept that and I can visit after landing.
Also, they accepted my request to change the seat to 11C. It is the first row of Economy
Class, it feel quiet than 33A. The nice legroom for me.

The generous legroom of 11C
photo img_6190_
The nice lighting show

Another view of Business Class.
photo img_6180_
The nice cockpit visit with my mum, really thanks to the crew of this flight.
photo dsc_8472_
Get back my luggage to airport.
photo img_6214_
The nice gift from the friendly crew, Business Class over night kit.
photo img_6216_
Lots of mixed nuts.
photo img_6316_
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Kenya Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Bangkok - BKK



Really nice jounery with Kenya Airways. The friendly crew and the modern plane Dreamliner 787, the plane is look
new and the seat is very comfy. My seat 33A is a nice seat for view the wings.

The meal is nice, but I like chicken rather than the fish. The food is from Bangkok Airways Catering, the nice food
which is nice for a dinner of 2 hr 10 mins flight. Really nice to enjoy a bottle wine in this short flight.

The crew is have passion of flight, I was chatted with them about their crew life and their duty pattern. Also, they
provide lots of souvenirs from the crew. As you know, the transit time in BKK is quite short. However, they let me and
mum visited the cockpit, really thanks to all the crew in KQ861.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Bangkok (BKK)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 47 avis concernant 8 compagnies sur la ligne Hong Kong (HKG) → Bangkok (BKK).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Emirates avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 52 minutes.

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  • Comment 348049 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 960 Comments
    Amazing report! The catering was out of this world for economy class, and the gifts... wow, the crew were very kind! I hope LATAM's CEO is reading this! :D

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 348054 by
      henrylau1991 AUTHOR 72 Comments
      Yes, the catering of KQ is very nice. Although is the double catering from Bangkok.
      The gifts is amazing and I can use it for the Europe trip, because LH do not provide any
      overnight kit in the Y class.

      The crew is kind and helpful, they are very professional. I hope I can travel on KQ again.
  • Comment 348114 by
    East African 1556 Comments
    Excellent review Henrilau1991, not because it's mostly positive but it's also comprehensive and with nice pictures.
    Very soon I'm going to board this flight (all the way up to NBO) so thanks for the preview on what should be expected!

    Judging from your pictures it seems a rather high load, do you remember if many travellers, like you, got off at BKK?
    "Also, they accepted my request to change the seat to 11C" not surprised the 2or 3 first rows seats remained vacant as no one can select them online prior the flight or during the online check-in, even with a small extra fee!

    So after experiencing both East Africa's largest carriers (though not on the same routes), which one do you prefer Ethiopian or Kenya Airways?

    Looking forward to the return trip
    • Comment 348223 by
      henrylau1991 AUTHOR 72 Comments
      Really nice that you give me this feedback for this FR.
      KQ is quite positive image for me after this flight. The plane is new and all the things
      let me feel at home.

      There are lots of passengers will get off to Bangkok such as lots of Chinese tour. After that, another African will onboard the flight to NBO.
      For the extra legroom seat, I would suggest you ask for the staff when you check-in. If there are seat available, I think they will help you to change to those seat. However, I don't know if there any extra fee will need to pay.

      The last question is let me struggle for half day.
      ET let me feel impress are the Business Class meal (Please read my ET672 FR) and the quiet cabin due to few of the passengers.
      KQ let me feel impress are the souvenir from the crew and the cockpit visit with my mum.

      To sum up, both carriers are do the good job in the flight. KQ would be little bit better because the crew can provide professional service such as they speak Mandarin when the meal service start.

      Hope you will like the return trip, because the flight let me feel KQ is the pride of Africa.
  • Comment 348684 by
    East African 1556 Comments
    "There are lots of passengers will get off to Bangkok such as lots of Chinese tour." => thanks for this info, looks like KQ is often the cheapest option on that route

    "The last question is let me struggle for half day. "=> my bad i did not aim at this

    "KQ would be little bit better because the crew can provide professional service such as they speak Mandarin when the meal service start." => Glad to know, i've read that now ET employs Chinese cabin crew

    time to read the return leg
  • Comment 348794 by
    henrylau1991 AUTHOR 72 Comments
    "Thanks for this info, looks like KQ is often the cheapest option on that route." => Due to the not good slot for KQ to BKK, so that the price can be cheaper than the good timing flight. That's why you can see lots of Chinese tour in KQ861.

    My bad i did not aim at this => Not really, because both airlines can give me feel good in the flight. That's why I can't determine which is better.

    Glad to know, i've read that now ET employs Chinese cabin crew => ET have Chinese crew, they will serve the route from ADD to CAN, PVG, HKG and PEK. => You can watch this youtube know more about that.

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