Review of Jet Airways flight Chennai Mumbai in Business

Airline Jet Airways
Flight 9W468
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 29 Jul 15, 18:20
Arrival at 29 Jul 15, 20:15
9W 47 reviews
By 1663
Published on 12th June 2016
I will pick up from where I left off. I had a fantastic flight on SriLankan Airlines as I left Colombo to pursue my higher education in the United States of America. Here is how I got to the USA in the first place:
SriLankan UL127 Colombo (dep: 1335) to Chennai (arr: 1505) 29th July 2015 Airbus A330-200 (4R-ALG)
Jet Airways 9W470 Chennai (dep: 1940) to Mumbai (arr: 2140) 29th July 2015 Boeing 737-800W (this report)
Jet Airways 9W484 Mumbai (dep: 0200) to Kolkata (arr: 0435) 30th July 2015 Boeing 737-800W
Emirates EK573 Kolkata (dep: 2030) to Dubai (arr: 0005) 30th July 2015 Airbus A330-200
Emirates EK225 Dubai (dep: 0820) to San Francisco (arr: 1330) 31st July 2015 Airbus A380-800.

Here is the video trip report of the flight:

I waited around in the departures level chatting with a few of my friends. Found a few interesting things in Chennai: the AirAsia India office was still there even when they weren't flying in to Chennai :D
photo img_5915photo img_5917

Before I knew it, it was time to check in for my flight to Mumbai. And all of this began exactly an hour before departure, something which I don’t usually do, but oh well! VT-JFN would be taking me to Mumbai, fair enough, another new BSI registration! However, VT-JFP was around. Having already gotten a repeat registration on the SriLankan A330, I didn't want VT-JFP since I have flown on that plane earlier.
As is with Chennai and Kolkata, the luggage had to be screened prior to checking in, which was no issues for me due to the relatively light bags. I joined the Premieré Class line. As I waited, some people met up at the Jet Airways Check in line, after what sounded like a gap of ten years (they announced it pretty much…)
photo img_5919

My turn to check in came. The nice lady there had asked the porter to check my ticket out first, but I showed it to her itself, and once she realized I was indeed flying in Priemeré, she had possibly one of the widest smiles I’ve ever seen! She tagged my bags with a priority tag, and at issued me a lounge pass. I headed straight for security which luckily was’t too crowded since most of the crowd had were in fact at the gates waiting for their flights: not one seat free. I however, had the privilege of heading for the TFS lounge.
photo img_5921

The lounge invite laid out the way to get to the lounge itself rather well. However, once I got there, the TFS lounge was absolutely full - overflowing with people, in fact! I asked a nice gentleman if I could sit around his table, to which he agreed to. I got myself a can of Thum’s Up and a Mango drink.
photo img_5930

Just when I was thinking about getting up and ordering a chaat (Indian street food delicacy) (there was live chaat alongside the usual sandwiches, paratha, curry, idli, etc…), a lady came in calling for all passengers on 9W468 to Mumbai. I received a bit of information - if the plane is already at the gate, its VT-JFP, if not, its VT-JFN.
I made my way towards the gate. I saw a Jet Airways Boeing 737 taxi in, and yep, that was VT-JFN. This would be my second flight on VT-JFP. Two flights in the day so far, not one new registration.

Hello again, VT-JFP!
photo img_5931

Boarding started as soon as I got to the gate, and well, Premiere passengers were called first, but I waited for a bit. That meant joining in with the Economy folk, and boy was it disorganized! I had to wait a good ten or fifteen minutes before actually stepping into JFP. While I waited, I had a good view of JFP's nose, and what might've been: VT-JFN.
photo img_5939photo img_5940photo img_5941

Once I did get onboard, I received a very warm welcome onboard by a very pretty flight attendant, who'd be serving us in Premiere class. I took my seat 3F. I had a pretty neat view of the CFM56-7B24 engine while the sunset. A nice pillow was placed on the plus leather seat. Of course, being a short flight I was clueless as to how I'd use the pillow so I kept it aside . :P
photo img_5943photo img_5944

The very pretty flight attendant came around serving us a pre-departure drink, choices included water, tender coconut water and buttermilk.This was followed by a nice warm towel. Menu cards were already handed out, the late boarding premium passenger (me), didn't get that. Full loads in both class, but seat 3A was taken by a deadheading Captain. The plane filled up slowly, it was time for departure.
photo img_5948

I had the buttermilk..
photo img_5949photo img_5950

Pushback commenced at 1816, as both CFM56-7B24 engines were brought into life. Curiously, I noted that some of the songs playing in the background sounded familiar: of course! I flew VT-JFP not too long ago and I made a video trip report, which recorded the songs and I played it over and over again - no wonder the songs sounded so familiar!
photo img_5952photo img_5955

Orders were taken - there were two vegetarian choices, and I went for the only non vegetarian option available. The flight attendant also asked me if I wanted a beverage with that, to which I asked him what was on offer. ‘I have Pepsi, 7Up, Mirinda, apple juice, and orange.’, he said. I went for a Pepsi. Taxiing was quite quick towards runway 7. At 1826 hours, both CFM56 engines were applied full throttle as we blasted down the runway into a beautiful dusk sky over Chennai. How did the CFM56 engines sound relative to JGR just 8 days ago? Not too loud. It was quite quiet. New plane, perhaps.

A blue mood lighting was set for the flight as climbed towards the cruising altitude.

Meals were handed out on trays to all passengers one at a time, of course, tray tables were dressed first. A beautiful sunset occurred in front of me - changing from 9W470 to 9W468 was an absolute masterstroke! (yes, I made a change just so I got more time in Mumbai….sadly, I could've gotten VT-JFY!)

I got my meal at 1853 hours. Other than the tacky tomato ketchup sachet, this meal was a fine domestic business class meal. The vegetarian kebab was OK, but the chicken tikka and mutton kebab were done simply beautifully. Absolutely awesome from Jet. I must however, once again, commend the dessert because as I’ve seen on most of my Jet Airways flights, the dessert was the clear winner in the meal. Mouthwatering stuff.

As I finished my meal, the flight attendant offered me a hot beverage - I went for a decaf cappuccino, and it was done just to my liking, exactly how I love it!
photo img_5973photo img_5975

I was feeling overly pampered already, but that wasn’t the end yet. The nice flight attendants came out offering the typical Jet Airways tamarind toffee, and after mint in a lovely decorated basket.
photo img_5978

I asked for a menu card for the purposes of writing this flight report, and the lovely crew member got it to me in jiffy. And before I knew it, the skies got darker, the sun was close to disappearing. It was almost arrival time into Mumbai!

JFP began its initial descent at around 1935 hours, however, as is with the Mumbai airspace at this time of the day, we had to circle over and around the airspace for quite sometime! Seatbelt signs weren’t turned on yet. It got completely dark by 1946 hours, a rapid sunset clearly! However, we still had to hold in some pretty weird pattern. Ah, I was returning to Mumbai after a week - and the weather was exactly the same! Rains, heavy rains everywhere.
photo dsc_3538photo dsc_3542photo img_5988

Negotiating through those heavy clouds was as usual, pure joy. We landed at 2017 hours, two minutes after scheduled arrival. Yep, we had to hold short for THAT long! A very smooth landing was made in the torrential rain, as usual off of runway 27.

We parked at a remote stand, rather annoyingly. It was raining quite heavily. I thanked the crew for a lovely flight and headed for the bus.
photo img_5990photo img_5991photo img_5993

Being a J class passenger (FOR ONCE) the bags came out first and second - pole position!

I walked through the slippery parts just outside Terminal 1B - and it possibly was the last time I’d see the arrivals section of T1B (unless I fly IndiGo or SpiceJet any time soon!).
Met with a few more friends in Mumbai, I'd be with them for a few hours before taking the red eye flight to Kolkata….

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Jet Airways have a decent Business Class (or as they call it - Premiere class). Sure, some things could've been better in Chennai Airport, such as more premium counters. I can't really say much about the lounge because not only did I have enough time to see what they had on offer and enjoy it properly, but it was so crowded, it was basically a departure gate with free food. Nothing different.

I liked the meal on Jet. Had this been a lunch/dinner flight, it might've been more filling. The flight was on time, despite the circling. The remote bay arrival in the rains was not ideal, but oh well! Mumbai's T1B was very crowded (and dirty, thanks to the rains..), but now that Jet are in the larger more spacious Terminal 2, I guess most of the key issues have been addressed.

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    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    What are the odds? Out of so many 738s in their fleet you still ended up with a frame you've already flown with.

    Beautiful aerial shots throughout the flight!

    It sounds like you had a pretty good flight with 9W this time.

    Have a good one, see you!
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      Thanks so much!

      Trust me, I have the worst luck when it comes to recording new registrations with Jet Airways. That's the risk of flying with them too much, I suppose!

      I hope you enjoy the following reports, too!

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