Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Temuco in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 1043
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 27 Jun 16, 12:30
Arrival at 27 Jun 16, 13:50
H2   #70 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
By BRONZE 1442
Published on 5th July 2016
Why did I get an additional day of holiday?
Why did I run up and down stairs for nothing?
Why did I think this would be my last flight?
Why did I end up on a cold sidewalk instead of a jetbridge?

Go grab a cup of coffee and find the answers in the following report… if you are patient enough.

Getting my Sky ticket

This is the return leg of my trip. You can read about my experience purchasing my ticket in my previous report.

Checking in

I check in using my cellphone this time. Sky doesn't have a cellphone-friendly site, and navigating it can be a bit bothersome. You have to zoom in on buttons and boxes. Luckily, the process is not long and everything is done on a single page. I choose seat 24A because I liked the pitch of seat 24F on the first leg of the trip, and because the window and the seat were aligned. I get the boarding pass number 001.

My seat:
photo seat 24a

My boarding card:
photo bp

According to Sky's instructions two copies of the boarding card must be printed, but I won't have a printer handy during my trip. I ask them via Facebook and they say it's OK if I show my boarding card on my cellphone.
photo consulta

I'm ready to fly back home. What could go wrong?!

Just wait and see.

Reaching the airport

It's a holiday today and 99.9% of the Chilean population is sleeping off their hangover after celebrating Chile's victory in the Copa América, where it beat Argentina in an agonizing match. Just in case you didn't know it, Argentineans make our lives miserable by being taller and more handsome than us, so this victory helps a lot to improve our self esteem. I'm not very interested in soccer and went to bed early last night so I feel as fresh as a daisy this morning.

I'll get to the airport using the metro, and then the bus.

Ever since the government ravaged the public transportation system in Santiago, most commuters turned to the metro, turning this previously pleasant means of transportation into a crowded hell. But it's almost empty this morning!
photo dsc06832photo dsc06838

I get off at Los Héroes station. You can take the Centropuerto bus outside the station. They wait in the park between the two strips of Alameda avenue.
photo dsc06841
photo dsc06842
photo dsc06843

They'll take you to the airport for 1,600 CLP (about 2.5 USD)
You pay the driver and he gives you this ticket.
photo dsc06846

We set off. Bye, Entel tower!
photo dsc06848

We make it to the airport in 35 minutes. This interesting piece of aeronautic art welcomes travellers a couple hundred meters from the terminal.
photo dsc06849


The first thing you see on arrival is the national departures section.
photo dsc06854

This hotel is in front of the terminal, on the other side of the road.
photo dsc06858

The third floor of the terminal, where the counters are.
photo dsc06859

Free wi-fi. Yee-pee!!
photo dsc06862

When I enter the terminal I am immediately shown where I have to go.
photo dsc06866

On the left I see counters. International departures at the far end.
photo dsc06865photo dsc06870

It's early and I'm carrying my backpack only, so I'll take a stroll around the premises.
photo dsc06871
photo dsc06872
photo dsc06873

As you see, you can't get lost easily at this airport. It's only one long terminal, with international departures on one end, and national departures on the other. But that's about to change. According to the Ministry of Public Works, there are plans to enlarge SCL. The works should be ready by 2020. I'm leaving you an image, but you can see a very detailed virtual mockup of the new airport on this video.
photo c31acc-005

There are many of these scattered along the hall.
photo dsc06874photo dsc06876

I want to have a look at the arrivals section on the first (ground) floor.
photo dsc06877

It's really boring. Only offices and some departments where you don't want to be. Also FIDS like this one. See the flight to Easter Island? It's only one flight. The others are share codes. Even though Easter Island is part of the country, this flight is considered an international flight because it continues to Tahiti.
photo dsc06880

I climb the stairs at the end of the hallway and emerge here. There are restrooms and janitor's closets here, and a cafeteria on top.
photo dsc06881

I'm glad to see that the baby signs are not linked to a specific gender, recognizing that males can also look after their offspring. But one of the signs was removed, or did it fall off the wall??
photo dsc06882

Heading back towards the middle of the hall I find the international boarding section.
photo dsc06886

This moai head welcomes buyers to this gift shop.
photo dsc06887

Hmm… What were these used for? Ah, now I remember. They used to be called public phones.
photo dsc06888

Next to this archaeological artifact, a luggage wrapping machine.
photo dsc06889

It's time to go airside. I head for the national departures section.
photo dsc06864

I'm airside in no time. It's still early and no-one else is going through security at the moment.
photo dsc06891

This is what you see when you walk straight ahead from security check to the domestic boarding room: the second floor of the building.
photo dsc06896

Every time I am here, all I see over my head are these (ugly) iron beams. I never noticed the third floor hiding there on the left! I'll get well acquainted with it very soon. :(
photo dsc06897

The place is spacious, has plenty of seats and shops, and is quite spotter friendly, but it lacks some services. This young man is connecting a device to an outlet destined to the cleaning service.
photo dsc06898

Now, if you are a mite, this carpeting will be paradise for you. Plenty of food for many lives. Shame on you, SCL!! (And shame on those filthy people, too)
photo dsc06899photo dsc06900

I check gate 28 and everything seems to be in order. The plane is not there yet, but my flight is announced on the screen and on the FIDS. I should be home by 5pm.
photo dsc06908

Yep. My flight is listed there. Everything is all right.
photo dsc06906

Time for some plane spotting!! What will I find in a place where LATAM is king, and Sky struggles to stay afloat?

Here's something interesting! Mineral Airways serves mining companies in the north of the country. It seems to be a branch of Aerovías DAP, an airline flying routes in the south of Chile, including Antarctica! They have packages like Full-day Antarctica or Overnight Antarctica.
photo img_7216

Chilean Airways? Never heard of them before. According to their website, it's a charter airline. They fly to destinations in South America and the Caribbean.
photo img_7193

Ouh là là! Sexy tail, mademoiselle! I love your… code de bar?
photo img_7211photo img_7214

Who's coming there? Might that be my bird for today?
photo img_7204photo img_7207

Yes! It's CC-AHE and she heads straight for gate 28!
photo img_7225

Everything gets f*ed up. (Fogged up)

People start gathering by the gate, and soon we see the crew boarding.
photo dsc06907

The minutes go by. There's a queue now. We are all unsuspecting of what is about to come.
Five… ten minutes pass. Some Sky staff are talking at the gate. Is anything wrong?
Some passengers are calling home. The word starts to spread: there's a dense fog in Valdivia.
Will this affect our flight? It shouldn't. An ILS system was installed in Valdivia airport last year, right?
We will soon find out.

An announcement comes over the loudspeakers: Due to bad meteorological conditions in the destination airport, flight 043 to Valdivia has been…
photo dsc06924

The face of that lady very much resembles our own incredulous faces as we watch the screen.
We are told that further information will be available in one hour. Many approach the counter, as if the staff had the power to change the weather.
photo dsc06929

Well, there's nothing I can do right now. It's time for a walk around the place.

I find this in a gift shop: penguins in all shapes, sizes and materials.
photo dsc06892

Some figures depicting Mapuche people. I deal more deeply with Mapuche people in this report. (Coming soon!)
photo dsc06893

And plush llamas.
photo dsc06895

I sit for a while. Nothing on TV but the big news of the day: the Chilean victory of the day before.
photo img_7217

Passengers waiting to board other flights, oblivious to my fog problems.
photo dsc06901

I want to try the free wi-fi, but I get an Oops! message:
photo dsc06919

Disable Ad-Block? Keep dreaming, SCL.

One hour goes by. It's time to go back to gate 28 and get an update on our situation. But the damning news comes without delay.

Our flight to Valdivia has been…
photo dsc06930

Follow this link and scream with me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

But here is what I loved about Sky Airline: As soon as the announcement is given about the cancellation, the staff inform us about the arrangements for a new flight the next day. I think they are talking about finding us places in the scheduled flight, but they explain that this is an additional flight. We will keep our seat numbers and all.

Our new departing time will be 12:30pm, on Monday 28.

Erase and rewind

Monday 28. First thing in the morning I phone my mother and ask her about the weather. It has not improved since yesterday and she can't see a thing across the street. That doesn't sound good.

Anyways, here we go again.

Metro again
photo dsc06936

Bus again
photo dsc06937

Getting to the airport again
photo dsc06939photo dsc06951

There's a long queue at the Sky counter. I ask a Sky staff what I must do to check in on the new flight. He says "General queue for now. You'll be taken out soon." In fact, one minute after standing at the general queue, a young lady calls all passengers for the additional flight to Valdivia aside, and we check in very quickly.
photo dsc06958

Airside again
photo dsc06959

Our new gate, on the third floor. Passengers are commenting that things have not changed in Valdivia. We are crossing our fingers.
photo dsc06979

This is the view on the second floor, where I was yesterday.
photo dsc06961

I check the FIDS. Our flight has been assigned the number 1043. But most of us forget about today's flight 043, and this will create confusion later.
photo dsc06960

I sit for a moment and have a look at my new boarding pass.
photo dsc06962b

This is a brochure I took from the counter: The Passenger's Rights. More people should read it before they board a plane, in my opinion.
photo dsc06963b
photo dsc06965
photo dsc06966

A quick walk around the third floor.
photo dsc06968

I have serious doubts that the trash in that bin will be really classified and recycled. We don't have that kind of waste management in Chile.
photo dsc06969

G'day mate!
photo dsc06970

It's almost 12:30. I go back to my gate to see what's new. Other passengers are there, too.

Our worst nightmare comes true:
photo dsc06980

Damn fog. How is it possible that even the passengers to Punta Arenas, on the border with Antarctica, are merrily boarding their planes, while we can't land in Valdivia, a mere 800km from Santiago?!

We'll receive an update at 14:10. Disheartened, all passengers spread around the room. I am hungry, so I go to the cafeteria. At 14:10 we are all back at gate 23A, waiting to hear the bad news.

BUT THE NEWS ARE GOOD!!! The new departing time is 15:10! We are ecstatic and applaud.

We have to go down to gate 32 on the first floor.
photo dsc06986

But something strange happens around boarding time. Over the loudspeakers they say that the gate for flight 043 is 23A. There's an exasperated naaahhhh, and many of us flock back to the third floor.
photo dsc06984

Once there, the lady at the gate clarifies that flight 043 is today's normal flight. Our flight is 1043. DUH! Go back to your gate, you retards!

Yes. She is right. Lesson learned: Read the FIDS.
photo dsc06987b

But, as if our agony wasn't enough, precisely when boarding should start we hear over the loudspeakers again: "Passengers of flight 1043 to Valdivia, your new boarding gate is… 28!!" We just can't believe it. This time there's this lady here, trying to calm the passengers telling them that gate 28 will allow us to use a jetbridge instead of a bus.
photo dsc06989

I stick to the lady and the crew on our way to the second floor.
photo dsc06990

We line up, and we start boarding… at long, long, long last.
photo dsc06992

I can't see much of our aircraft from the jetbridge.
photo dsc06993

We are welcomed by… a mechanic (?) and , oh, I almost forgot, Banco de Chile. I still see that logo in my dreams after my previous flight.
photo dsc06997

The cabin is similar to that of my previous flight. There's the FA. I say hello with a smile and she replies, but she's having a hard time trying to smile, it seems. She's either feeling ill or has heard too many rude comments from the passengers about the delay.
photo dsc06999

Why do Chilean airlines choose such dull colors for their seats?
photo dsc07000

The view from my window: that's the flyover I visited twice in the last 24 hours.
photo dsc07002

photo dsc07005

For the upteenth time…
If there's something strange
On your Sky airplane
Who you gonna call?

Banco de Chile!
photo dsc07029

Basic armrest.
photo dsc07006

Tray cleanliness test:
FAILED AGAIN!! What's wrong with you, Sky!?
photo dsc07007photo dsc07008

The pitch is more than enough for me!
photo dsc07003photo dsc07027

Safety instructions.
photo dsc07010photo dsc07012

BOB menu.
photo dsc07013photo dsc07014

The inflight magazine praising the wonders of Chilean ski resorts.
photo dsc07015photo dsc07018

Sickness bag.
photo dsc07019

A full cabin.
photo dsc07020

Sky advertising on the overhead bins: "Three million passengers choose us every year. And we are low cost."
photo dsc07024

The overhead panel.
photo dsc07030

Safety instructions are given manually.
photo dsc07036

We start a rather long taxiing.
photo img_7228

LATAM is not really in a hurry to paint their aircarft with the new livery, it seems.
photo img_7232

We go from one end of the terminal to the other. Here, domestic departures.
photo img_7233

In the middle, the main hall with the check-in counters.
photo img_7235

On the other end, international departures.
photo img_7236

I have always been curious about these things on the side of the runway. What are they? They look like CDs! What are they for?
photo img_7238photo img_7239

We finally reach the runway.
photo img_7246

Airborne at last!
photo img_7249photo img_7251

The parking lot.
photo img_7252

El parking de el plano de Gringoland.
photo img_7253

I am amazed at the bucolic looks of river Mapocho, which flows across Santiago. I am used to seeing it trapped in a concrete bed.
photo img_7254

In the distance, downtown Santiago in all its toxic, polluted glory.
photo img_7258

The city stretches its tentacles like a hungry monster, swallowing croplands with a thousand new neighborhoods like this one.
photo img_7261

See that hill in the middle of the city? That's San Cristóbal hill. The area that stretches from its foot towards the mountains is the most affluent part of the city. The so-called barrio alto (high neighborhood). A little beyond San Cristóbal hill you can see the tallest tower in Santiago, the commonly called Torre Costanera.
photo img_7262

This is the sharpest image I could get of the tower. There's an observation deck on it. You pay 8,000 CLP (around 12 USD) for the addmitance. Take something for a headache before you climb, because you get from 0 to 300 meters in less than a minute. I had a minor discomfort when I was there, but I saw a Brazillian lady who got a splitting headache.
photo img_7265

Above the smog, the pristine mountains.
photo img_7269photo img_7267

That's a weird looking peak.
photo img_7270

This photo is very representative of the geography of central Chile. Most people here live in the flat valleys at the foot of the mountains, always keeping an eye on the volcanoes up there.
photo img_7272

Rancagua, 100km south of Santiago, bordered by the river Cachapoal.
photo img_7273

These volcanoes are called Descabezado Grande and Quizapú. They are about 250km south of Santiago.
photo img_7282

Descabezado means beheaded. I wonder if walking on that snow inside the crater is possible.
photo img_7284

The further you go south, the lower the mountains are. I am horrified when I see that only the highest peaks, that is, the volcanoes, are covered in snow here in a time of year when all this landscape should be completely white.
photo img_7292photo img_7293

Llaima volcano boasts its own umbrella.
photo img_7317

The same does volcano Lanín.
photo img_7340

Volcanoes Villarrica (on the foreground) and Lanín (on the background) dominate the landcape east of Temuco.
photo img_7331

We start to descend towards Valdivia. A strange phenomenon occurs. Is that a round rainbow, or is it just a reflection on the window?
photo img_7319

Yes! It is a rainbow!
photo img_7320

But wait. What is that shadow in the middle of the rainbow?
photo img_7323

It's the shadow of our plane on the clouds!
photo img_7324

We are now under the clouds. There it is! That hideous fog that has kept us one whole extra day in Santiago!
photo img_7327photo img_7335

Mocho volcano (left) and its brother Choshuenco (right) let us know that we are flying right over Valdivia.
photo img_7346

The captain warns us that another flight couldn't land a little earlier. We are giving it a try anyway. if it doesn't work we will land in Temuco, some 120km north of Valdivia. The usual approach to Valdivia's runway is from north to south, but this time we are using ILS. We must go from south to north, so we make a steep turn to the right.
photo img_7350
photo img_7353
photo img_7354

The sun is in on the left side now.
photo img_7355

We sink into that thick fog. It's like being in a milk ocean.
photo img_7356

Only the familiar sounds of landing give us an idea of what is happening. We are all still and quiet in the cabin.

I'm pretty sure we are about to land when suddenly…


The captain rejects the landing and we soar above the clouds again.
photo img_7359

He announces that we are going to land in Temuco. We get there in a few minutes. The fog seems to be less dense here.
photo img_7362photo img_7364

But it still turns the day into night at the airport. Wow! I can't believe it's less than 6 in the afternoon!
photo img_7366
photo img_7367
photo img_7371
photo img_7372
photo img_7374
photo img_7376
photo img_7377

We park next to CC-AJF! My good old friend that took me to Santiago three days ago!
photo img_7378

The captain says that more information about the rest of our trip to Valdivia will be given at Sky's counter.

We disembark…
photo dsc07037

…and right before I leave the plane I come across this sign:
photo dsc07038

In fact, Sky was recognized as the Best Regional Airline in South America in 2015.

They have also proudly announced that they were the most punctual low-cost airline last May, according to
photo may2016

It's freezing in the jetbridge!!
photo dsc07039photo dsc07043

The airport looks spooky.
photo dsc07042

I can't see much of CC-AFY from here.
photo dsc07040

The view is better from this boarding room, but the registration is not visible.
photo dsc07045

I can take this photo later, but from a distance and having two windows in between.
photo img_7382

I go through the boarding room in search for the counters, which are in the first floor.
photo dsc07044

We are told that some buses are coming from Valdivia with passengers that will board their flight here. Those buses will take us home, but they won't be arriving here until two hours later. I think it's OK, but some passengers complain that Sky "should have known about the bad weather", "that Sky should have given us a sandwich at least", that "there has been a lack of information" and that "the buses should have been waiting for us at the airport." I might be wrong, but I think that those passengers are not being realistic. I don't know what they are talking about! This man in the reflective jacket has to cope with all those rude passengers, but he won't stop until we all are in the buses. Two thumbs up for him.
photo dsc07048

Anyways, I get ready for a long wait at Temuco airport. I buy a mineral water and some cookies and take possession of some steps on the stairs, along with other passengers. There's a boy playing in the escalator. I should tell him that he can have an accident, but I'm too tired for that.
photo dsc07047

In the end the buses arrive much earlier than expected and we start our 2-hour trip to Valdivia. We are boarding here outside the terminal.
photo dsc07049

Two hours later they leave us at the Plaza de la República (main square) in downtown Valdivia, and my sister and her husband fetch me in their car.
photo dsc07053

This is how saw our odyssey:
photo afy trace 02

If you have read down to this point, you must be as exhausted as I was after this epic trip. But I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Thanks for reading!
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Temuco - ZCO



I don't want to write more. My fingertips are aching!

Only a big thumbs up for Sky for bringing us home safe and sound. Contrary to what some passengers said, I think that Sky did what they had to do. And there was no lack of information. We were clearly told what would happen, when, and when more information would be available. I never felt neglected.

SCL: improve your cleaning service, for God's sake!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Sky Airline avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 14 minutes.

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  • Comment 356484 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this comical report (or at least a tragic comedy of a report)^^

    I guess in the big picture, H2 didn't do too much wrong and it sounds like the handled the situation to the best of their abilities (rebooking the flight for the next day and landing at the nearest airport safely). I've only done a touch and go once, it's not the best of feelings to hear the turbines wind up again, but it's better than the alternative...

    On to H2, it looks like a pretty good LCC, minus the rediculous number of advertisements plastered all over the plane. The BOB menu actually looks reasonably priced (assuming I did the conversions right...).

    The new SCL looks a lot like LAX...

    "LATAM is not really in a hurry to paint their aircarft with the new livery, it seems."
    - You know how many AA tin cans are still floating around? (not to mention all the US planes and crews still wearing US uniforms)
  • Comment 356547 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 992 Comments
    Hi, NGO85!

    it sounds like they handled the situation to the best of their abilities

    I couldn't agree more! In 2004 Varig (R.I.P) left me stranded in GIG on my way to MAD for more than 6 hours, with no information at all, no food, no nothing. It was night, no shops were open (and even if they had been open the only offer was cachaça and the shirt of the national soccer team) In the end we were taken to hotels (and I spent a whole day visiting the Sugar Loaf and Copacabana Beach), but only after some passengers almost started a skirmish!

    but it's better than the alternative...

    You bet! :D

    The BOB menu actually looks reasonably priced

    Indeed. I wanted to buy a sandwich but we were about to land by the time the trolley came to my row. :(

    Thanks for your comment! :)
  • Comment 356636 by
    Chibcha SILVER 531 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR it was a very fun read!

    Last time I was at SCL I was stranded for almost half a day because of the weather too, tough memories!
    • Comment 356708 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 992 Comments
      Hola, Chibcha!

      it was a very fun read!

      I'm glad to hear that! I tried to see the bright side of the situation. I wasn't in a hurry to get home after all. :)

      at SCL I was stranded for almost half a day

      Now that's bad luck. I hope the new SCL (if they ever build it) will offer more ways to kill time.
  • Comment 359132 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Thanks for a great FR Nelson! Oh my, what an adventure! Certainly an entertaining and fun read, but probably very frustrating for you.

    The whole situation of 043 and 1043 is pretty comical. I'm not in the least surprised that people got confused! The flight numbers are too close. When flights get moved to the next day with the regular scheduled flight having the same flight number, normally the delayed flight will have something that stands out like 043A or 9943 or a totally different number usually in the 7000-9000 series so as to not get confused with normal flights. That was kind of a bad move on Sky's part, just adding a 1.

    "LATAM is not really in a hurry to paint their aircarft with the new livery, it seems."
    - Me neither! The new livery is so boring. Keep the old one as long as possible!

    "In the distance, downtown Santiago in all its toxic, polluted glory."
    - It does have a reputation for rivaling Mexico City's smog, but it seems it was relatively clear that day over downtown. And the setting of Santiago is so beautiful with those gorgeous mountains around. Too bad it's so polluted.

    Absolutely beautiful shots of the mountains and volcanoes. Thanks for this tour of th Chilean Mountains!

    "I am horrified when I see that only the highest peaks, that is, the volcanoes, are covered in snow here in a time of year when all this landscape should be completely white."
    - Global warming? Drought? It is the middle of winter in the South of Chile, you would think the mountains would be totally snow covered.

    "but some passengers complain that Sky "should have known about the bad weather""
    - People will always complain, but it's not reasonable to assume an airline can predict the weather and can be held responsible for it. All in all it seems that Sky did the best they could to take care of people and get them home in a bad situation. Better to arrive a day late and divert an aircraft than not arrive at all.

    Thanks again for a very thorough, well written, and beautifully illustrated report!

    • Comment 359416 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 992 Comments
      Hello, Kevin!

      Oh my, what an adventure!

      Yeah, but I'd rather not repeat it... not because I didn't like having an extra day of holiday, but because something as simple as waiting becomes so tiring! It's incredible. Thank goodness it was a domestic flight, not international, and I have family in Santiago where I can crash!

      The new livery is so boring.

      I couldn't agree more. I wonder if white paint is the cheapest or what. Or they might want to make their aircraft look like AirFrance or something like that. So much white! They look like ambulances. Can you believe they hired a professional designer for that?

      Global warming? Drought?

      Both, I think. Luckily, things have changed a little in the last weeks and it has rained more.

      it's not reasonable to assume an airline can predict the weather and can be held responsible for it.

      I think that those passengers are proof that common sense is the least common of all senses. I'm pretty sure they think that the captain makes decisions based on the weather report he watched on TV the night before. All their demands were quite silly. But Sky did a good job, in my opinion.

      Thanks again for a very thorough, well written, and beautifully illustrated report!

      My pleasure! :)
  • Comment 359419 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    "Can you believe they hired a professional designer for that?"
    - And the new logo is just awful. It looks like a crazy tornado.

    "common sense is the least common of all senses."
    - What a great expression!

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