Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Temuco in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 51
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 21 Jul 16, 07:50
Arrival at 21 Jul 16, 09:15
H2 36 reviews
By 538
Published on 26th July 2016

Back to the real world

I love planes because they take you places, and because I feel privileged to be able to see the world from the sky, something that no one in the whole history of humankind was able to do until less than a century ago!

But planes also take you back to work from your holidays. >Sigh< Nothing is perfect. :(

However, even in this case flying can be an amazing thing, and this flight is also worth sharing!

Getting ready

This is the homebound leg of my trip. The whole process of getting my ticket can be seen in section 4 of my previous report.

For the outbound leg I chose a seat closer to the front of the plane in order to have the time to buy something from the BOB menu, specifically one of those warm chicken sandwiches that smelled so good in previous flights. But being out of luck as usual, the menu was changed for the winter season and those sandwiches were eliminated. :(

So I go back to my cherished row 24, on the right side this time, in order to have as many nice views as possible. Checking in with Sky is a very straightforward process. You just tick the box next to your name, enter your phone number and email address, and choose your seat. Then click on Continue. I only wish Sky had a cellphone friendly site.
photo checkin

No need to print the boarding card. You can show it on your cellphone.
photo tar


This is an early flight, and I have to cross the whole city to get to the airport. Transfer is my only chance to make it on time. They pick me up at 5:30 a.m. (-.-)

When I call asking for the transfer service, I talk to a lady with a Colombian accent, and the transfer driver is Colombian, too. I think how nice it is that immigrants are coming to Chile, changing our boring, homogeneus society for the good. You know, my grandfather on my father's side came from Spain as an immigrant himself in the early 1900s, but these immigration waves are a relatively recent phenomenon in Chile, unlike in the US or other developed countries.

Racing down an almost empty Américo Vespucio at 5:40 a.m.
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 160729b


I am surprised at the amount of traffic outside SCL. There is even a little traffic jam!
photo img_7688

I have been here by day before. Time for a nightly picture of the domestic terminal.
photo img_7685

Wow! A lot of movement at this time of day! I notice that many passengers are travelling in large groups. Students, perhaps?
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 160955bphoto captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 161021b

Long queue for security check. But we move fast, almost at walking speed.
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 161539b

All of them are queueing up for a much-needed coffee at Starbucks.
photo img_7692

Almost all shops are open, even.. Victoria's Secret!? Who buys lingerie at that time of day!? Well, I guess it's a good time. Ladies are sleepy and they can't really see if something fits. XD
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 162058b

LATAM's stuff is still there from the previous flight…
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 161953b

…but the Sky flight is already announced on the screen.
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 161914b

The crew arrive: three FAs, the captain and the co-pilot. The latter is very young! A pilot friend of mine tells me that this reflects Sky Airline's policy of training their staff themselves. While LATAM hires pilots from the Air Force, who have already been trained, Sky pays for their training and pays them less. This young co-pilot is learning from the senior captain.
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 162428b

I still have time for some pics of CC-AIC. She's a bit lonely out there.
photo img_7693

But some company comes soon.
photo img_7697

Time for boarding.
photo captura de pantalla de 2016-07-24 162819b

The flight

It's a cold morning. That's why the FA is wearing her coat, which makes her look rather solemn. Add to that the fact that she was not precisely young, and when I boarded and said my usual Hola with a big smile, she replied with a solemn nod and a not less solemn Buenos días. But she was nice, anyway. Some people just like being more proper than others.
photo dsc07207

The cabin smells nice and clean. Well, according to, this was CC-AIC's first flight of the day. And, have you noticed that faux wood covering on the aisle? I find it much cleaner and attractive than carpeting.
photo dsc07208

A visit to the lavatory. It's fine. It was just a little difficult to find the correct angle for the photographs due to the lack of space. Some won't like the gender-restrictive sign of the woman changing the baby!
photo dsc07212photo dsc07213

Back in my seat it's time for the tray cleanliness test. Oh, my! I'm ecstatic! Sky has made it at last! The tray is completely CLEAN!
photo dsc07218

July's issue of the inflight magazine has the city of Córdoba, Argentina, as the topic for its cover article.
photo dsc07215

Inside, Sky advertises the advantages of its low-cost model. You can buy your tickets per leg, which means that you're not forced to fly back to your city of origin in a round trip. You are also allowed to change your ticket up to 3 hours before your fllight, with a 50-USD fine per leg.
photo dsc07216

The legroom is OK, as usual. This is the feature I love the most about Sky Airline, I think.
photo dsc07219

And the best thing today, the middle seat is empty!
photo dsc07221

The safety briefing.
photo dsc07224

After the safety briefing the captain informs that there are nine planes waiting to take off before us. We'll have to wait some minutes. But soon we start taxiing to the runway. Right ahead of us is CC-BEC, also headed for Temuco. We'll be following her tracks all the time.
photo img_7703

There she goes.
photo img_7708

It's our turn now.
photo img_7710

On your marks, get set…
photo img_7713

photo img_7716

We take off towards the north this time.
photo img_7717

After a U-turn I see the moon dancing on the winglet.
photo img_7722b

Ahh, la luna, la luna...
photo img_7739

The whole land is covered with mist at this early time.
photo img_7726

Some 50km south-west of Santiago there's a group of high mountains forming a cluster. They host a lot of picturesque valleys and lagoons. Aculeo lagoon is under that mist… but it's drying up due to the lack of rain and to the use of its water for agriculture. Measures are being taken. I hope it's not too late.
photo img_7744

On's map my position at the moment is marked by the light-blue line south of Santiago and north of Rancagua.
photo h2 51

We continue climbing over those mountains…
photo img_7747photo img_7751

…until it gets too cloudy too see anything but the blue sky.
photo img_7770b

Less than one hour later we start descending into the lower clouds.
photo img_7774

Two pics of the wing innards for the mechanics among us.
photo img_7776photo img_7780

Our first view of La Araucanía region as we descend.
photo img_7782cphoto img_7786

Not everyone seems to be thrilled by the landscape!
photo dsc07226

In the following photograph you can see the town of Pitrufquén on the left. It's located on the south margin of the river Toltén. This river used to be the southern limit of the Mapuche territory. I deal with the Mapuche people in my previous report. On the right of the photograph (north of the river Toltén) is a smaller town, Freire. And on the far right you can see the airport.
photo img_7790

If you're wondering about that thick fog giving Pitrufquén a ghostly appearance… it's nothing but smoke! Wood-burning stoves are the most common heating system in the south of Chile. We usually have "pollution emergency" episodes and the use of wood for heating gets restricted.
photo img_7793

I told you we would be following your tracks, CC-BEC!.
photo img_7794

U-turn. That's 5 Sur highway underneath.
photo img_7801

We are heading north now. A view of snow-capped volcanoes in the morning light.
photo img_7802photo img_7807

I'm relieved to see that now there's more snow covering the mountains than one month before. These are volcanoes Villarrica and Lanín.
photo img_7812

Something is different about this landing. I can hardly hear the turbines. At some point I could swear we are gliding!
photo img_7817

It seems to me that the landscape outside passes more slowly than usual by the window.
photo img_7825

I'm starting to worry that we are going to stall when suddenly…
photo img_7830

…we touch down.
photo img_7831

It's the softest landing I have ever experienced!
photo img_7832photo img_7834

CC-BEC is already parked.
photo img_7837photo img_7843

Almost instantly, the belt loader is positioned and the staff begin unloading the baggage. One of them makes a gesture as if he were taking a photograph. Is he telling his colleagues that they have to be specially careful because there's a guy taking photos from the plane?
photo img_7846

They bring the baggage trailers…
photo img_7847

…and do their job with incredible speed.
photo img_7849

By the time it's my turn to deplane, the baggage is being transported to the terminal.
photo img_7853

As I deplane I say goodbye to the solemn FA, and I ask her to congratulate the captain and the co-pilot for the wonderfully smooth landing. I am surprised at the almost motherly pride that she reflects when she replies "That was the co-pilot."

A last view of CC-AIC.
photo img_7855

The passengers to Santiago are already boarding.
photo img_7857

No baggage to wait for. I go directly to the transfer stand where I'll pay a fortune (well, it's 11 USD, but it's twice as much as in other Chilean airports) to be taken to the city.
photo img_7858

Thanks for reading!
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After flying Sky for the fourth time, I am completely sold to it. Since all its aircraft are the same, good ol' Airbus A319, I know what to expect when I board them. The quality of service has been consistently good in these four flights, with efficient, smiling staff on land and aboard. What would make me prefer LATAM? Nothing in particular. Not the new livery, at least! LOL. I can't remember how cramped and suffocated I felt onboard CC-BAY.

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