Review of Air France flight Paris Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1018
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 06 May 16, 21:00
Arrival at 06 May 16, 22:20
AF   #36 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4773 reviews
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Published on 17th May 2016
This is the last flight of a day of flying. Check out the first report here:
Air France AF1711 A318 HAM-CDG - Flight Report

CDG Airport
I have already been in the airport since the A318 brought me there. Landing was at about 16:20 so I had plenty of time to spare until my next flight. A large part of that time was spent exploring the airport's Terminal 2F. I believe I walked through the whole thing a few times and I bought water and just a muffin to eat because I expected a snack on this flight. Time was passing fast because of the free WiFi (pretty slow but hey, at least it was free and it worked) and the size of the building - there was a lot to explore. Soon, I began looking for the shuttle bus that would get me to Terminal 2G out of which my flight would be departing, just like any other flight operated by HOP! or CityJet. The orange shuttle (or navette orange) was new and comfortable, very much in contrast to my experience at Hamburg Airport.
photo img_6287.
Although the ride was pretty short (only about seven minutes or so), I got to see a large part of the apron. Even to me (and I'm used to FRA), the airport seemed enormously big. Just look at this maze of jetways at T2F:
photo bildschirmfoto 2016-05-17 um 18.11.48.
Alitalia's new livery as seen from the bus:
photo img_6291.
I arrived at the right terminal a few minutes after. The departures board didn't promise a great experience because they'd only figure out the gates 20 minutes before departure.
photo img_6293 kopie.
Unfortunately, even that didn't turn out to be true about my monitor. As fellow passengers pointed out, the gate was already displayed at another screen. So, off I went to gate G29.
Terminal 2G consists of two separate piers so I had to walk through a huge walkway to reach the building, where I was greeted with a great sunset that illuminated the building:
photo img_6295.
Boarding already begun so there was no queue at all. Another reason for this is likely the downgrade in equipment, from an E190 to an E170 (which was still plenty enough space). I scanned my boarding pass and headed outside. The views that I was about to encounter were simply incredible, with a CityJet Avro parked next to my E170:
photo 26863953866_efaa811990_o
After a short photography session with my iPhone, I continued to board my plane, F-HBXP:
photo img_6312.
Again, I was greeted with a smile as I boarded and proceeded towards my seat (pretty far back due to the equipment change). This one was just as comfortable (which means very much so) as the one on the A318 that brought me to CDG.
photo 26293234983_d8f41ec6e9_o
Pushback began soon, we went off-block bang on time. During an announcement, the purser made a bit of a mistake: Instead of an E-Jet, he mistakenly referred to this plane as an EasyJet one. Oops… Anyway, I felt that this flight was off to a great start as the cabin crew and me (no one other than that seemed to get it) were in a great mood.

The Flight
Keeping my eyes glued to the window, I enjoyed watching the sunset as the plane taxied across CDG to our departure runway, RWY09R.
photo img_6330.
During take off, it was well noticeable that the E-Jet does have some power (especially in relation to it's size) and soon, we were on our way to Frankfurt.
It was dark very soon after takeoff and the crew began distributing snacks and drinks. There was no choice concerning the snack but that didn't present a problem at all. The sandwich that I was given by a very friendly flight attendant was quite good. In between the dry slices of bread, they had a great vegetable hummus of some sort.. I (again) opted for a Coke to go with it. Still, this wasn't a small snack at all and I was very satisfied with it for such a short flight.
photo img_6332.
Entertainment options were very limited, namely consisting of: Advertisements in the form of an Air France Magazine, the pre-downloaded magazines and the window. But then again, due to the short flight, that wasn't a problem and I enjoyed the views while stretching out a bit thanks to a free seat next to me. Very soon after, they were beginning to dim the cabin lights in preparation for landing at FRA. At some point, the lighting consisted of just the reading lights:
photo img_6333.
We were cleared on direct approach to RWY 07C due to runway maintenance being performed on 07R which is typically used for landings.
I tried to get some pictures but apart from this still pretty crappy photo, the conditions didn't allow for better ones.
photo img_6337.
After landing, we headed towards Terminal 2, which is a long way. Again, we were assigned a remote parking position and busses & stairs to shuttle us. Or so I thought.
Turns out acciona (ground handling) didn't want us to disembark so quickly. We landed 15 minutes early but that didn't hold up for long. They brought the wrong stairs. The whole plane, including the captain while he still was on P/A, was cracking up with laughter at the moment of the announcement. Luckily, only a few minutes later, they 'found' the correct ones and we were able to leave the aircraft and head towards the terminal.
photo img_6338.

FRA didn't present anything special… I cleared the baggage claim quickly and was able to proceed to Terminal 1 through the pax mover system, Skyline (because it's elevated, get it?). Anyway, that's it for this report - feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks to my friend "EDDFSpotting" for supplying the cabin & catering pictures!
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Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Paris - CDG


Frankfurt - FRA



I can only recommend both Paris CDG as a departure airport and Air France as an airline. Both presented themselves to me as very friendly and still very efficient. An on-time flight, a friendly crew, a great seat and a free snack - all of these make a great flight for me!

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  • Comment 349024 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The interior of the bus looks nice and clean.

    The E-170 cabin looks great for short regional hops, a very clean cabin.

    Have a good one, see you!

    • Comment 349131 by
      _cbravo AUTHOR 8 Comments

      The bus was indeed great, very new ad therefore modern. It even had LCD displays which is quite unnecessary for a bus that serves just two stations. CDG left a great impression on me in general, the bus was just a part of it.
      The E170 really impressed me and together with Air France's spacious cabin and great crew, it certainly was a very enjoyable flight.
      Thanks for reading & commenting on this FR :)

  • Comment 349049 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Sounds like a good flight, thanks for the FR. What was the food/drink service on this flight?

    • Comment 349130 by
      _cbravo AUTHOR 8 Comments

      Thanks for your comment!
      It was indeed a great flight. They served a drink of my choice (I went for a Coke), but they have almost everything! Additionally, there was a (vegetarian) sandwich, no other options than that. It was basically a normal sized bread roll with seeds and a vegetable hummus inside. Apart from the bread itself, it was quite good. At least better that what I've had on Lufthansa.

  • Comment 349071 by
    pititom GOLD 11119 Comments

    Beautiful sunrise pictures ! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Comment 349129 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5530 Comments

    Wow, you took that sunset pic of the Avro with an iPhone? That's probably the best iPhone pic ever, haha. What is that filter? Very nice. Thanks for sharing this report!

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