Review of ANA flight Los Angeles Tokyo in First

Airline ANA
Flight NH105
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:25
Take-off 14 Apr 16, 00:05
Arrival at 14 Apr 16, 05:30
NH 210 reviews
By 5140
Published on 23rd June 2016
Greetings Flight Reporters and welcome to another whirlwind Asian adventure. This was an especially exciting trip for me because I was bringing along a friend who was a complete newbie to most of the experiences I had planned for this trip. New to first class on top airlines, premium lounges, and new to a couple of the cities we visited. It's always a special treat for me to share experiences that I I value with someone else that I think will value them as well. To see things again through the newness of someone else's eyes. The reports of our travel will be broken down as follows:

Star Alliance Lounges LAX and ANA LAX-HND (777-300ER - First) (This Report)
ANA Suite Lounges HND and Singapore Airlines HND-SIN (777-300ER - First)
SQ The Private Room and T2 First Class Lounge and Singapore Airlines SIN-CGK (777-300 - First)
Pura Indaih First Class Lounge and Japan Airlines CGK-NRT (777-300ER - First)
JAL First Class Lounge NRT and Cathay Pacific NRT-HKG (777-300ER - First) (Coming Soon)
This Pier and The Wing and Cathay Pacific HKG-LAX (777-300ER - First) (Coming Soon)

It wasn't until I complied the list above that I realized the entire trip was via the 777-300. Somewhat unusual, I think. I've taken this ANA flight before and in fact have reported on the experience. But, I'm doing it again. This is not the best flight for maximizing the fantastic ANA on-board experience and I knew that going in. We discussed this and decided that the extra 12 hours in Singapore this routing would afford us was a worth while trade off.

We arrived at a very crowded TBIT at around 21:30. There was no wait for First Class check in and my companion was invited to join me even though he was traveling in J. The lines for J and Y were quite deep. An ANA supervisor explained to me that they were on a new res system that day and it was slowing the process.

photo 20160412_214206photo 20160412_214810

Of course the check in lines were compact compared to the security lines. We entered the "Premium" security line and waited at least 30 minutes to get through. Not a very First Class experience. It was past 22:00 when we entered the Star Alliance First Class Lounge. We were warmly greeted, guest privileges were happily extended to my travel partner, and we were shown in and presented menus for the made to order a la carte food options.

photo 20160412_224406photo 20160413_001604

The space is well appointed and I have never seen the lounge at capacity or anything approaching it. Neither of us had dinner in order to try some of the lounge offerings. First a survey of the buffet and beverage options. The buffet in this section is rather sparse however the J lounge is just a few steps away with many more offerings.

Our first order of business was liquid refreshment and a toast to embarking on this grand adventure.

photo 20160412_223702

We opted to take a seat in the dining area and order a few dishes from the menu. The service was rather slow I would imagine due the very crowded J lounge.

The portabella flat bread. Not a successful dish. the mushrooms were rubbery.

photo 20160412_230704

The shrimp salad. Flavorful prawns but little else of interest.

photo 20160412_230713

The "breakfast pizza". This was quite good with a runny egg and a nice piece of pancetta.

photo 20160412_230658

After our snacks we topped up the champagne and ventured out to the deck. It was a warm evening and the aroma of Jet-A perfumed the air. A very happy place for me and even my non-aviation geek pal.

photo 20160412_232923

As boarding time approached we popped back into the lounge for a coffee and baileys for me and a cognac for Mark.

photo 20160412_235957photo 20160413_000000

We took a leisurely stroll down to the gate and found it quite crowded but at least orderly.

I asked one of the contract agents that was managing the boarding lines if Mark could board with me in the F/Diamond lane but was told no. This was surprising to me but not worth further discussion.

I boarded through door 1L and was warmly greeted and shown to suite 2A. I like the ascetics of this semi-encloded suite product. There is an abundance of storage compartments and a very comfortable seat/bed. My critique would be the blocking of the window by the "wall of storage".

Iphoto 20160413_005319photo 20160413_005500

bphoto 20160413_005552

ephoto 20160413_005621

gphoto 20160413_005634

I began to get settled and was engaged by one of the crew up front. She offered me a beverage and I requested champagne. I also mentioned that my travel companion was seated right behind in the mini J cabin and I inquired if I might have him up just to have a quick look at the beautiful seat and F cabin. She replied in the affirmative so I went and fetched my pal. When we returned we were greeted by both of the F flight attendants and presented with two glasses of bubbly (it's not the Krug on the ground). Offers to take our picture were accepted. They could not have been more sweet or welcoming. There was a funny exchange between the two as they competed to take the best picture of us posing in the suite. It was apparent there would be no service deficiencies on this flight.

As the travel arranger for this journey I selected a bulkhead seat in the small J cabin right behind F for Mark. I prefer the window sets that are nearer the window than the aisle but all were occupied at our late time of booking. This turned out to be a good seat and he was very pleased with the location.

photo 20160413_003636

I retired to the lav to don the pajamas. A cardigan sweater was also provisioned and I actually used it later in the flight when I felt a bit chilly. My expectation was for the cabin to be on the warm side and was pleasantly surprised it was the opposite. A flight attendant was dutifully waiting outside the lav to hang my street clothes upon my exit.

The Samsonite amenity kit was distributed.

photo kit

In addition a basket of additional goodies was passed byt he FA and after some encouragement I selected a few items. I wouldn't want to be caught out with no leg refreshing sheets.

photo 20160413_004715

View of seat 2D, aka, my bedroom.

photo 20160413_011934

Eventually we were buttoned up and under taxi. The early morning LA traffic was light and we made our way to 25R for take off.

photo 20160413_012532

Service began promptly after 10k'. I assume they want to maximize sleep opportunities for the passengers by completing service as soon as reasonable. Of course traveling in F on ANA service is always present and available.

The oshibori was presented first.

photo 20160413_013441

Then, the service manager presented the menu and wine list in this blue bound folder. It is quite extensive for an overnight/supper flight. apologies for the picture quality. I struggled with lighting and some light chop on the initial climb.

My beverage selection de rigueur. The stemware is not traditional to champagne. It seems odd that an airline to detail oriented would not utilize a specific glass. Is there more to the consideration?

photo 20160413_015009photo 20160413_015058

The "Amuse" was served with the Krug. This is a great presentation and variety of textures and flavors. Seriously, just leave the bottle and an ice bucket and bring one of these plates every half hour and you will have a very happy customer.

photo 20160413_015150photo 20160413_015204photo 20160413_015219

While I am delighting in this wine and tasty bites I am asked if I would like a bed made in seat 2D. Yes, please. Such a thoughtful and proactive service gesture. Then, I am free to retire at my leisure. Of course I will stay awake and enjoy Krug and treats as long as I am physically able!

Bed setup complete with "ANA Original Aroma".

After glass or two or three or… of champagne I opt to examine the snack menu in more detial. I request crab cake sandwich. I'm told it's a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages. ;)

The table is set. I decide to continue to enjoy the champange rather than venture deeper into the wine list. Lazy? Perhpas. But content.

photo 20160413_023113

The crab sandwich with chips. I enjoyed this however I removed the cheese.

photo 20160413_023634photo 20160413_023641

I opted next for a bit of ice cream and a wee dram of the Hibiki 21. My goodness the Japanese can do a lovely smooth Scotch blend. I may have had a second pour to make sure.

photo 20160413_025624photo 20160413_025629photo 20160413_030424

At this point I wad out of gas and retired to the bed somewhere near PDX. Perhaps a little too boozy or just the excitement of the trip, I'm not sure, but my sleep wasn't fantastic. I regained consciousness somewhere near the date line.

photo 20160413_072313photo 20160413_072317

I resume the film I was enjoying on the IFE and relax with some water for a bit. Here I am hurtling through the stratosphere, with all manner of delightful food and beverage options, so it's time for a snack.

I seek to secure a glass of Krug to start things off (resume?) but alas "it is no more." This being April I have available the Louis Roederer Rose Millesime 2010 rather than the Palmes d'Or Rose 2006 from Nicolas Feuillatte. I have never tasted the Roederer Rose so this will be new experience.

The table is re-set with oshibori and the wine presented.

Spoiled for choice in the dining department I cannot get past the pure comfort of Japanese ramen. Especially if it carries the Ippudo name.

Ramen and accouterments. Yes, butter.

photo 20160413_103214photo 20160413_103223photo 20160413_103234

I follow up the rich and unctuous ramen with the traditional Japanese cheese plate ;) A nice plate with the addition of some cured meat, fruit paste and bread.

photo 20160413_104720photo 20160413_104738

I opt for matcha next. I am offered Japanese sweets with the matcha and I accept. The flight attendant carefully presents the items along with a brief primer on how to enjoy them and how the flavors go together. Simply superb service that allowed me additional appreciation of the dish.

photo 20160413_114554photo 20160413_114602photo 20160413_114613

At the end I enjoy the season yuzu green tea.

photo 20160413_120933

We land in the pre-dawn at Tokyo International Airport in a heavy rain. As we park at the gate and the seat belt sign is turned off the flight attendant asks me if I would like to deplane with my travel companion. I reply yes, that would be fantastic. She then proceeds to the J cabin and brings him up to deplane with me. It's the little details that leave the biggest impression on me.

Despite this being the beginning of a grand tour there is still a modicum of sadness leaving this airplane and crew. The short time together has managed to forge a distinct fondness. I am very thankful for their kindness and care.
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Cabin crew9.5

Star Alliance Lounge First Class Section - TBIT


Los Angeles - LAX


Tokyo - HND



Thank you for joining me for the first installment in this grand journey. First Class with ANA is a fantastic way to start a trip.

The Ground Service: There are two dedicated F check in positions at LAX and there was no wait for me. I appreciated the inclusion of travel companion at the F position. After that you left to fend for yourself at the horrendous security lines. This is most likely beyond ANA's control but some sort of premium screening for F passengers at LAX would be most welcome.

The Lounge: The Star Alliance First Class Lounge at LAX is a cozy and well appointed facility. There is table service and an a la carte, made to order, menu which seems to be the standard for F lounges now. There is no "wow" factor in any of the aspects. if something comes close it's the outdoor deck that you access through the J lounge. I always enjoy my time there.

The Cabin: The load up front was 4/8 so this made the already excellent cabin even more spacious and private. The separate bed and set is, for me, the ultimate luxury in F travel.

The Crew: Culture, training, screening, or all of the above. The service is so magnificent I blush. There is really no room for improvement although I rate 9.5. In case there is something I haven't considered.

The Food and Beverage: Good variety for an overnight flight. There is no caviar on offer and that stands out to me. The variety of Japanese comfort foods and drinking snacks round out a well thought out menu.

Overall: It says right on the side of the airplane, "The Inspiration of Japan." This is a very good summary of the ANA F experience. I am inspired.

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  • Comment 354566 by
    757Fan 616 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report! I've read a lot of reports of ANA's First Class service, and it looks great! I definitely would love to fly them sometime.

  • Comment 354626 by
    Rewardflying 493 Comments

    Another excellent report Socalnow. If your profession isn't writing it should be. Taking ANA F myself in August. This report only heightens my anticipation. Thanks for sharing.

    • Comment 354656 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Thank you Rewardflying, I'm blushing, you're too kind. I know you will share a detailed and whimsical report with us and for that I am looking forward. May I know the route? Regardless of route, I am confident ANA will take good care of you. Happy flying.

      • Comment 354660 by
        Rewardflying 493 Comments

        ORD-NRT. It's a later afternoon departure so the main meal is dinner, a definite plus. But sadly ORD does not have a decent lounge. ANA and LH use United's domestic terminal for departures and the UA International First lounge is a joke. At least it was in the evening when I visited last summer flying LH first class. Fortunately it's closed as they are remodeling it to the new Polaris lounge. But the trip continues, NRT-BKK on TG 380 so I'll see the ANA F lounge at NRT. The original plan was to continue on to Australia on Thai's new A350 but delivery delays complicated that plan. Now I have to suffer on SQ 77W J. Poor me, probably will be better than TG anyway! Also get to fly LX new 777 on this trip so looking forward to ii as well as the rest of your reports.

        • Comment 354673 by
          socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

          What a trip! The lack of quality lounge might be a benefit. You will board the airplane ready to immerse in the full depth of food and beverage on offer. You have to make that difficult decision between the Kaiseki and the Western. They both always read so well on the menu. Please enjoy but do your work and take lots of pictures for us!

  • Comment 354666 by
    indianocean SILVER 7253 Comments

    Thank you Christian. Excellent as usual.

    Which japanese first service do you prefer? I'd say both of them are great but I never flew with them on First Class.

    • Comment 354674 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Greetings indianocean and thanks for the feedback. If I had to choose I would opt for JAL. They just seem to be slightly ahead in overall package of catering, lounges, and especially the HND ->USA menus. Caviar and Salon...tough to beat!

  • Comment 355222 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hi Christian and thank you for sharing this first segment of a new series with gorgeous pictures as always.

    I've read fabulous reports about the *A lounge in LAX and can't wait to try it at the end of Aug. when I fly on CM. Unfortunately I will only have access to the J side but that viewing terrace looks amazing.

    Right from the beginning you could tell that this was going to be a great flight with the FA's offering a glass of champagne for your companion while you showed him the F cabin.

    The J seat looks narrow and restrictive.

    Even though this flight did not give you the chance to sample a typical full meal service on NH, the assortment of snacks was abundant and quite decent.

    • Comment 355309 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Hello Jetsetpanda and thank you for the kind comments.

      "I've read fabulous reports about the *A lounge in LAX and can't wait to try it at the end of Aug. when I fly on CM."
      -I'm curious to learn your opinion of the space. The outdoor deck is the highlight for me and probably for many others who have a like interest in commercial aviation.

      "The J seat looks narrow and restrictive."
      -I am wondering of the angle of the photo is contributing to that appearance. I've flown in the seat form SIN-NRT and found it to be quite good in terms of space, storage, and bed.

      Thanks again and enjoy your flight with Copa and your visit to the *A LAX lounge.

  • Comment 356099 by
    paccalof 39 Comments

    Hey nice report. Just a question, the main course in First Class was a light crab sandwich? Or had other options and you didnt take it?

  • Comment 356841 by
    02022001 4328 Comments

    Thanks to share this FR ;)

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