Review of United Express flight Charleston Houston in Economy

Airline United Express
Flight UA4260
Class Economy
Seat 3D
Aircraft Embraer ERJ145
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 24 Jun 16, 11:25
Arrival at 24 Jun 16, 13:05
UA   #71 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 64 reviews
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Published on 10th July 2016
Greetings and thank you for reading the conclusion of my latest itinerary. This report covers the return leg of my recent trip to Washington DC and Charleston, SC.
I was originally scheduled to depart on Thursday on the last flight out back to IAD. However due to bad weather over the midwest, it threw ExpressJet’s operation into omnishambles. I was going to miss my connection. I opted to go standby on a direct back to IAH but that one was oversold. I was stuck an extra night in CHS. (That original flight to IAD wound up being out right canceled.) Usually United’s good about rebooking me whenever something like this happens, but with this case nothing happened automatically. This report picks up when I’m back at the airport that next morning. Oh and the icing on the cake; my checked bag caught an earlier flight and was already in IAD. It was scheduled to meet me in IAH when I arrived the next day.

Friday morning there was an Air China 787-9 that was doing touch and go’s.
photo img_0745

This was Air China’s 3rd 787. Somehow this bird lucked out with the reg number of B-7879.
photo img_0764a

The road to the airport passes the Boeing 787 production facility.
photo img_0747

The Charleston airport is quite small and lacks amenities commonly found at the larger airports. Its basically in the shape of a V, with security at the base of it and two finger pier’s going out creating Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal A is exclusively Delta’s while everyone else is in B. Terminal B is also where there is a secure area for US Customs. There is a seasonal flight to YTZ (for some reason.)
The walkways from security to the gates. The short ledge at the base of the window makes a great seat for laying along the window. Only bad part is there are no outlets.
photo img_0750

Here’s the Air China 787-9 taxiing back to the Boeing plant.
photo img_0767

The windows make for some great planespotting. Here a DL (ex-Air Tran) 717 making it’s way to the DL gates in Terminal A.
photo img_0751

All the gates making up Terminal A. There’s a restaurant here, and that’s pretty much it.
photo img_0749

Here’s Terminal B’s gates. It’s a bit longer as you can see. There’s a pizza place at the far end and a Hudson News in between.
photo img_0752

That Hudson News has the only self serve Dunkin Donuts I’ve ever seen.
photo img_0753

That's the extent of the airport. See what I mean by small ;) Now lets start with the flight itself.
photo img_0748a

My flight to IAH departs out of gate B3.
photo img_0754

I had to get some work done before boarding, so right as Group 2 was almost done boarding, I got in line. Standing at the end of the jet bridge I could look over the top of the small Embraer I was about to board. Here’s a fellow Embraer for AA.
photo img_0755

I had a bulkhead seat just aft of the forward galley.
photo img_0756

Nothing too interesting to look at.
photo img_0758

The AA plane about to push back.
photo img_0760

We taxied for quite a while. Here’s a gen av twin prop talking off (King Air or maybe a Cessna.)
photo img_0763

Charleston Int’l Airport is also part military base. The airport is actually Joint Venture between the city of Charleston and the US Air Force Charleston Air Force Base and the US Navy Naval Support Activity Charleston. As such, there’s a mix of F/A 18’s from the Navy, F-15’s from the Air Force and a plethora of C-17 Globemaster heavy lift aircraft.
photo img_0765photo img_0766

This is the only was I was able to balance my media device (just an old phone that only has videos on it). It worked until we started bumping along down the runway.
photo img_0769

Just after we lifted off. You can kind of make out the V shape of the passenger terminals. That’s the extent of the airport.
photo img_0771a

The climb out afforded me some great photos of the Boeing facility. My first sighting of a Dreamlifter.
photo img_0772

The full 787 production facility.
photo img_0774

Construction on a new building. This might be the assembly for the 787-10.
photo img_0775

Here’s a full view Boeing (right) and the CHS terminal building to the left of it.
photo img_0777

A cool retention pond with an airplane island in the middle of it.
photo img_0778

After we reached our cruising altitude, this was pretty much the view the entire way.
photo img_0779

I always like the tray tables in bulkhead rows. They work for me the best.
photo img_0780

The solo Flight Attendant did a quick beverage and snack service. United recently reintroduced handing out actual snacks. There’s only one type per flight. In the morning its a Stroopwafel and outside of that it’s either zesty ranch flavor or a spicy Asian flavor.
photo img_0781photo img_0782

Crossing the ‘Mighty Mississippi.’
photo img_0783

Entrance to Lake Charles. You can just make out a tanker inbound.
photo img_0784

Further west along the coast on our way to Houston/Galveston. Next stop is the entrance to Beaumont and the Sabine River. Tankers coming and going or at anchor.
photo img_0787photo img_0790

A bit of a bumpy ride in through the cumulus clouds. You can make out IAH through the clouds.
photo img_0792photo img_0791

We’re doing a westerly approach, so somewhere down there is my apartment.
photo img_0793photo img_0794

About to touch down on runway 8R. Passing the perpendicular 15 L/R.
photo img_0796

Passing a pretty vacant terminal D (The international terminal at IAH.)
photo img_0797

After taxiing to the other side of the airport we pulled up to the south side of terminal B. I was the last one off the plane so I could get a photo of an empty ERJ cabin for this report.
photo img_0800

The new part of Terminal B is kind of a 'cinderblock fortress'. The gates themselves are quite uninspiring but the main base of the terminal isn’t too bad. It has a Panda Express, Bullritos, and a Whataburger so it can’t be all that bad. They’re even about to open a new Barbecue there. So at some point I’ll have to try what airport BBQ actually tastes like ;).
Anyways, here’s the exterior.
photo img_0798

You disembark on these aluminum ramps that get wheeled up to the plane.
photo img_0801photo img_0802

Just inside the gate area.
photo img_0803

When I landed I got a text assuring me that my bag had made it. After a stop to a customer service area to confirm which terminal it was actually at, I picked it up and was on my way.
photo img_0771

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After a rather difficult start everything fell into place one I was actually able to get on a plane.
Charleston was a neat airport; probably only for avgeek’s though. The Boeing facility was really neat to see and fly over.
Other than that, the airport is quite bare however; lacking amenities i.e. no lounges or variety of restaurants.



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  • Comment 357093 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 878 Comments

    Hi, Greg!

    Wow! Those views of the Boeing facilities are cool! And I didn't even know there was going to be a 787-10!

    Thaks for sharing!

  • Comment 357312 by
    jish.b 283 Comments

    Nice flight report, thanks for sharing!

    The ERJ145 seems like a pretty fun plane to be on board on, especially with the unique 1-2 configuration. Awesome pictures of the Charleston Boeing facility! Looking at the small terminal, one wouldn't expect to see so many next gen Boeings being produced! :D


  • Comment 358206 by
    'Round the World I Go 5 Comments

    Nice report! Charleston airport can be frustrating sometimes, luckily there are 4 more restaurants opening after security. The pizza restaurant is actually quite good, it is a local company in Charleston. The new Boeing buildings are actually going to be the "paint shop" for the planes made in Charleston so they don't have to fly to Portland just to get painted. Also, Charleston didn't get selected to build to 787-10, but they are rerouting the entrance and expanding Boeing so the 737MAX can be built there.
    Thanks for sharing!

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