Review of British Airways flight London Philadelphia in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA69
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 28 Apr 15, 17:35
Arrival at 28 Apr 15, 19:35
BA   #36 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 872 reviews
Published on 22nd July 2016

Welcome to my latest trip report, detailing a recent trip to Boston. For the outbound I flew British Airways, routing VIE-LHR-PHL-BOS, returning a month later routing BOS-LHR-VIE. This report will cover the second flight of the outbound leg, when I was lucky enough to get my first flight on the 787 Dreamliner!

Although I had 2 hours to connect from T3, where BA operates its VIE flights from - to T5 where my flight to PHL was leaving, this really was just enough time to reach the transfer bus and be processed through the various stages of security at T5 and to then travel out to T5's second satellite terminal, T5C. Despite the stress of making the terminal transfer, I couldn't wait to board my Dreamliner bound for the US!

Just before boarding I spotted 767-300ER G-BNWT, which brought to LUN back in 2011. BA have since ceased flights to LUN.

photo 19279296146_f3b7b5bb26_k

photo 19305344735_7a47a7cbd7_k

photo 18684769953_26c244ea61_k

photo 18684767573_0aa70d0dcc_k

photo 19279286246_7c3be2c0a4_k

photo 19305335855_f93571bc11_k

photo 19279281296_f606dafeb0_z

photo 19305327535_ed661389ba_k

photo 19309261911_a055fea1c9_k

photo 19305323245_ace24124e2_k

Check out the video I took of the engine start-up, taxi and takeoff:

photo 19279269046_b413626485_k

photo 19279266296_7f08ac3588_k

photo 19119203739_958ddbffb7_k

photo 19119199789_d1654967a5_k

I was intrigued by the wing detail in this photo:

photo 19117703370_7f844e5b87_k

A fellow passenger taking advantage of an empty row:

photo 19119196319_271133906c_b

photo 19119194049_6fd0ed95f8_b

A G&T, naturally!

photo 19279255706_e4de759803_k

Obligatory shot of the map as we passed over Ireland, at this stage I hadn't been home to Dublin in months!

photo 19305305125_a93ebb9419_k

photo 19305301185_76c25ec706_k

I enjoyed the pasta and dessert, although both portions were small. The bread was very dry and the salad had an odd vinaigrette flavour which didn't appeal to me. Overall the meal was quite good, but in future when flying from LHR with BA I may opt for the premium a la carte meals which have since been introduced!

After dinner the cabin windows were automatically dimmed for the evening; it created a wonderful aquarium-like effect!

photo 18684726453_a437012231_k

photo 19279244976_2d423a448e_k

photo 18682810944_afdee6da19_k

photo 19279239406_046beb09d7_k

Some minor turbulence as we neared Canada:

photo 19309223651_c9f6b95b74_k

A snack was served before landing:

photo 18684712773_23a48049fb_k

Cape Cod:

photo 18684710553_0dfa976e39_k

Ocean city, or Atlantic City maybe ? Somebody please let me know!

photo 18682795054_eef06d86b9_k

The Dreamliner cabin looked beautiful with the evening sun outside!

photo 19117707128_02fc707bcf_k

photo 19117703338_40930bb86c_k

photo 19117666670_9a671237d4_k

photo 18682785984_d29a6a359b_k

Landing at PHL:

photo 19119153779_252f0e0734_k

photo 18682776184_aed142937d_k

photo 18682781154_addc77d96a_k

photo 19305261065_87718c06f0_k
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British Airways

Cabin crew8.0

London - LHR


Philadelphia - PHL



I loved my first flight on the 787. The cabin creates a wonderful experience for passengers, the BA crew were always helpful and there was nothing disappointing about the food served. One caveat though: the Word Traveller economy cabin was only 30% full, hence I had a full row to myself. Like almost every other 787 operator, BA has configured the economy cabins on their 787s in a 9-abreast layout. Had the flight been full I have no doubt that the experience would have definitely not been as enjoyable. However, it seems I was lucky on this date, and therefore I had a great experience with a whole row to myself!



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