Review of Emirates flight Dublin Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK164
Class Economy
Seat 36A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:55
Take-off 29 May 16, 23:10
Arrival at 30 May 16, 09:05
EK   #1 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 629 reviews
Published on 4th August 2016

Welcome to this flight report, detailing a flight I took with Emirates in May 2016, flying on one of their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from Dublin to Dubai. After this flight I'd connect on to a flight to Melbourne.

Flight EK164 is Emirates' second daily flight from Dublin to Dubai. I arrived at Dublin's Terminal 2 at 8pm, and was surprised to see that the terminal was very quiet. Once I got inside and seen the departure board for Terminal 2, however, I quickly realised why it was so quiet. There were only three flights left to depart: two Aer Lingus flights to London Heathrow, and my own Emirates flight to Dubai.

As I had checked-in online at home, I could skip the regular check-in queue and instead use the bag drop-off desk where there was no queue. There were no queues for security either and 11 minutes after arriving at Emirates counter I was already through security. After a short while relaxing in the departure lounge it was time to board my beautiful 777, registration A6-ECO.

photo 26844957653_69c3fb0fb9_k

Free newspaper courtesy of EK. It's the little things.

photo 27352998022_55949978c0_k

Once onboard I discovered that I would have an entire row all to myself, I was delighted considering that this would be an overnight flight!

photo 27380702731_c5bd2e9f60_k

photo 27380696841_3e1c67bcb4_k

photo 26842859104_b278cfabef_k

photo 27380680121_f6fe0d81cd_k

photo 26844931083_ca0ed7b10c_k

photo 26844949003_4cc105ae32_k

photo 27352962372_c7ad6dc3ed_k

Boarding appeared to be completed very quickly. The Irish captain introduced himself and his co-pilot and the cabin crew. A number of the cabin crew were also Irish, which is certainly unusual for a foreign airline flying from Dublin.

As it was dark outside, I couldn't take a video of the takeoff.

Climbing out from Dublin.

photo 27380652861_3f21599468_k

The cabin lights were then adjusted for the dinner service.

photo 27380636961_2399c224a6_k

photo 26842825934_89b13e94de_k

This evening's dinner menu.

photo 27417967426_1e7dcda45a_k

I started watching James Bond, Spectre while the meal service began.

photo 27417948526_4e06cce323_k

I then received a very excellent Vegetarian Meal. The main dish was simple but delicious, with great flavour.

photo 26844908593_5d3b66abbd_k

After the meal I sat back and enoyed the rest of the film. Afterwards I headed for a walk around the 777!

photo 27452158365_57b3490169_k

Snacks available for all.

photo 27175684890_64ef5e45a6_k

Crew busy in the rear galley!

photo 26844894093_7fd61b5b21_k

I freshened-up in the bathroom, where I discovered these quaint Emirates-branded cups!

photo 27417922396_6e5a01454a_k

On my way back to my seat I noticed the wonderful star lighting in the cabin ceiling, again something so simple but the impact it had on the cabin atmosphere was wonderful.

photo 27452155615_0ed7b4046f_k

photo 27452140115_2bfce40df1_k[

photo 27352942862_8afb10c52f_k

After this point I dozed for 3-4 hours, occasionally checking on the progress of the flight using the flight information section of the ICE entertainment system. Eventually it started to become bright outside just as we passed over Iran.

photo 27175673060_e178a9a15b_k

photo 27175659610_8d349293f8_k

photo 26844873783_90b2570987_k

photo 27452120905_1c8eac8432_k

photo 26842761604_b527af47e2_k

photo 27352863402_a57b1d7ecb_k

photo 27352860682_93bd5d1a36_k

photo 27417900886_56ed327990_k

We were then shortly nearing the UAE!

photo 26844839523_56039cd257_k

photo 26842724804_6425e3a0f6_k


photo 27452091875_6d0efb4a9a_k

photo 27352837702_3b0c8fee81_k

Here's a video of the landing at DXB:

Taxiing at Dubai.

photo 27380555221_e691016163_k

photo 27352822412_40c98363fb_k

photo 27452067705_08322ec4c2_k

photo 27175599570_87dad3f39d_k

photo 27417868566_a251c87b83_k

photo 27352796962_df64ec662d_k

After pulling onto stand at DXB's Terminal 3 disembarkation began almost immediately as many passengers, including myself, had onward connections to make!

photo 26842695144_210a90fcb2_k
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Cabin crew10.0

Dublin - DUB


Dubai - DXB



This was my first time to fly with Emirates and I thought it was an outstanding flight experience. Although I didn't get to try Emirates' latest inflight entertainment product on this flight, the ICE system was impressive and the cabin interior was warm and welcoming. The dinner served was excellent and I made generous use of the free alcohol on offer! Although I was lucky on this flight, if there were other passengers seated beside me in my row I would probably have felt less comfortable throughout the duration of the flight.



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