Review of SWISS flight Paris Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LK639
Class Business
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A220-100
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 22 Jul 16, 16:45
Arrival at 22 Jul 16, 18:20
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Published on 25th July 2016

This trip "started" 2/3 months ago when I read in a website called "Air Journal" about the beginning of the flights between Zurich and Paris with the new CS100. Trying to book a seat on the inaugural flight, finally I decided to to book it one week later. I was offered the possibility to upgrade to business class on both legs and I definitively went for it. Although is was not my first time flying Swiss, I've never tried its Business Class. So, it was a good chance to try their offering.

An interesting episode on this trip happened on Friday 22, the day of the flight. I was in London for work and had my plane (Air France) back to CDG at 12H05 which gave me plenty of time as the flight to Zurich was programmed to board at 14h55. Arrived on time to CDG Terminal 2E I got out from the plane and went to immigration…Surprise when arriving to the usually empty immigration desk to find this:
photo img_20160722_1234406491

Can you imagine the feeling when you are used to skip any queue with the Sky Priority in almost all the airports and find this…All was packed…even the PARAFE (Automatic Border Control) system was crowded..(you can see it on the right side of the picture)…My first thought was : "Welcome to France…I'm gonna miss my flight!!!…Damn…

Well, I asked one of the agents of Aéroports de Paris about what was happening and she told me she didn't have any idea…neither a strike nor another problem…Weird…

I started to get kinda impatience…Those things can beat out my nerves. Then queues started to move slowly…actually all the immigration officers from the PAF were "all having lunch at the same time"…Thanks guys for this nice welcome…Finally cleared immigration after 30 minutes…

Ran out to the carousel to find my luggage but…Belt 31 was packed with the luggage of flights coming from: MIA, LAX, SCL, BOS…really guys?? today??? of course, delivery of luggage from LHR was in stand by. Another 25 minutes and the faulty belt which at one point got stacked with all the luggage making a bulk on one side…Puf!!

Finally got my suitcase and ran to take the CDG VAL and headed to the Terminal 1.


Checking at Swiss counter was perfect. Nobody in the lines and the lady on the Business Class counter was really friendly. Bag tagged and boarding pass handled, i went to the "Space Tubes" to go to the Gate 67 of the Terminal 1 where usually Lufthansa, LOT and Swiss flights depart.

Security control was a breeze with agents courteous and friendly. After it, I headed to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. That was to be my first time on this lounge as even having the M&M card I'm not a regular flyer of LH or Star Alliance. My heart belongs to Skyteam LOL.


Lufhansa Senator Lounge in CDG is located downstairs of the satellite used by Lufthansa, Lot and Swiss. After taking an elevator and going down I arrived to the Lounge.

The place was well maintained, clean and the agents at the reception were polite and courteous. The Lounge looks modern and considering the size of the satellite, the Lounge has enough room to handle a bunch of passengers.

photo img_20160722_140555025photo img_20160722_140559561

I'm not so much a fan of taking pictures of food (you will see some from time to time in my reports but is not the usual thing for me) but the offer was good: Crackers/pretzels and chips as snacks, Curry soup and Gazpacho as starters (together with croutons, cheese and friend onions). As main they had Quiche Lorraine and salad from the salad bar (lettuce, rocket salad, pickles, hard boiled eggs, vinagrette). As dessert they had chocolate cake, cookies and pineapple with cinnamon (which actually was really good). As beverages, the usual supply: wine, beers, juices, sodas.

Toilets and facilities were clean, however there are no showers on this Lounge. I suppose the lack of space makes that difficult to have.

After some Gazpacho and some salad and a Coke, I went back to the Gate's area in order to wait for the plane to arrive.

The Plane/Flight

Finally the CS100 showed up! Its a very nice plane from the outside. Two things attired my attention: the windshield from the cockpit! I think looks amazing and how big the engines are compared to the plane. It made me think about the MD-90 with the huge IAE V2500.

photo img_20160722_150138488

Boarding started by calling first the families and persons needing assistance and then the Business Class, Senator, HON and Star Alliance Gold.

After walking thru the jetway then the door of the CS100 appeared:

photo img_20160722_152738585_hdrphoto img_20160722_152748941

And then the beautiful interior. The aircraft was clean and crisp! the proximity of the windows make the CS100 a very well illuminated plane. Please note the Passengers Unit above with the small screen where actually yo can see the In Flight Map and the Safety Video!

Takeoff was smooth. Very interesting is that at idle the engines are very silent, however as the thrust is being applied a sound like a: OWWWWWWWWW can be heard. Apparently, as the captain explained later, the noise is made by the engine blades as they pivot to a thrust position. Very interesting.

Service was delayed a little bit as there was some turbulence.

A bottle of water and a refreshing tissue was handled, and then a nice plate of salad with cured ham and a strawberry-red fruits mousse were served. Nice cuttlery also provided with the SWISS logo. I had the impression the service in Europe Business Class of Swiss is far better than Air France and can be compared to KLM.

photo img_20160722_170606112_hdr

The Safety Card:

photo img_20160722_153526406photo img_20160722_153537576

And some wingviews:

photo img_20160722_162737196photo img_20160722_163742702

Overall the flight was good and the airplane was quite amazing!! Silent flight, very smooth.

Thanks for reading my first report in this amazing website!


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Cabin crew5.0

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