Review of Emirates flight Dubai Durban in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK775
Class Economy
Seat 47A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 08:20
Take-off 02 Jul 16, 10:25
Arrival at 02 Jul 16, 16:45
EK   #3 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 416 reviews
By 1513
Published on 27th July 2016
Hello and welcome back to this set of Flight Reports covering my trip to Southern Africa!

Here's the routing as a reminder:

6/30/16 7/1/16 - EK204, JFK-DXB, A380, Economy (Here)
7/1/16 7/2/16 - EK775, DXB-DUR, B777-300ER, Economy (You are Here)
7/21/16 - EK764, JNB-DXB, B777-300ER, Economy + Tourist Bonus (link[/Hereurl])
7/22/16 - EK201, DXB-JFK, A380, Economy (Here

A quick note about times in this report - all times are Dubai time until touchdown in Durban when times switch to Durban time.

I left off just as I had gotten off the plane from New York.

photo img_1173

There were big red signs for connections everywhere, so it was very easy to find where to go.

photo img_1169

Emirates uses A, B, and C gates at Dubai, so there was a big FIDS with gate numbers and walking times to the gates. My flight was at gate B12, which would require taking a train!

photo img_1170

Before I could get to the gates, however, there was a security check. Again? I don't really understand this, as everyone in the line had just gotten off another plane… Oh well, the line was short and only took 10 or 15 minutes.

photo img_1171

After that, I was unleashed into the gigantic terminal 3. Follow the signs for the B gates!

photo img_1172photo img_1174

The underground train.

photo img_1175

Holy Dubai Airport!

photo img_1176photo img_1177

Almost there!

Here we are - gate B12!

photo img_1182

From touchdown of EK204 to the gate of EK775 had only taken 47 minutes - that's really unbelievable.

I couldn't get a clear shot of the airplane from the seating, but I found that the plane was A6-ENC, a 2 class 77W delivered to Emirates 3.7 years ago. I was hopeful for the new TV screens.

I was really tired and had no energy to get up and explore the rest of the terminal, so I just sat and utilized my 60 minutes of free wifi (very fast, if I might add).

Boarding wasn't scheduled to start until 9:40, but around 9:20, the sign at B12 popped up with 'gate open' without an announcement or anything.

photo img_1196photo img_1184

I excitedly had my boarding pass scanned, but soon enough realized that everyone was just being shipped off to a cordoned off area with nothing but bathrooms. I should've known - this happened to me at Heathrow T3 6 months ago.

photo img_1185photo img_1186

Boarding actually started at 9:53, and being in the way back of economy, I was on board just 10 minutes later.

3-4-3 economy on a 777- nooooooooooooooooooooo. I'd never actually flown it before, but the reviews say it all. Welcome to cattle class everyone.

photo img_1191

Sike! The last few rows in the configuration are 2-4-2! The seats are the same width, but there were actually a lot of added bonuses at this seat.

photo img_1192

Ahhhhh, yes. Those glorious 12.1-inch monitors I had been looking forward to so much.

photo img_1193

Even the remote has a touchscreen!

photo img_1201

The view from seat 47A.

photo img_1194

On the seat were the same pillow, blanket, and headphones as the last flight.

In addition to 47A only having one seat next to it, there was also space between the seat and the wall to put things (your unwanted blanket and pillow! and the lady behind me's purse).

photo img_1202

But also in that space… come on cleaning crew - step it up! Not what I want to be finding.

photo img_1197

The seat pitch and width. The pitch seemed similar, but it was noticeably narrower than the A380.

photo img_1195

Towels and menus were distributed at the gate.

Our captain announced that we were being delayed by ATC by 20 minutes. True to his words, pushback was at 10:48, and taxi began towards runway 30R began at 10:52.

There's no tail camera on the 777s, but the nose camera is equally as good.

photo img_1213

A6-ENC raced down the runway at 11:10, and was airborne 45 minutes behind schedule.

photo img_1215photo img_1216

Holy Burj Khalifa! I sat on the right side of the plane!

I queued up a movie while I waited for the meal service. Every movie is prefaced with 2-3 minutes of ads on Emirates.

photo img_1221

Life hack: If you have single prong headphones and it's a double/triple prong outlet, plug them in like this. It puts audio in both channels.

photo img_1222

My meal was delivered at 12:45. I was planning on having the lamb, but they were all out by the time they reached the back of the plane (I had the same lamb dish on DXB-JFK, though). Chicken it was.

photo img_1223

Starting off with the main - chicken, rice, corn, and broccoli. Of course, there was way too much rice and not enough chicken. The chicken was cooked well but didn't taste very good. The veggies were in the same boat. 5/10

photo img_1224

Next was the salad - couscous, quinoa, bell pepper, a lone olive, and a lone mozzarella ball. It was cold and tasted okay at best. Extra points for the concept though. 6/10

photo img_1226

Breadsticks and salsa - tasty! 4/5

photo img_1227

Lastly, dessert - black forest cake. This was excellent - tons of flavor, great texture, and not overly sweet either. 10/10

photo img_1228

Oh, and I couldn't forget my mango juice! It's just so good. 5/5

photo img_1225

I couldn't be bothered to have the roll or the table crackers - I was so tired and just wanted to go to sleep. I did save the water for later, though.

Total meal score: 30/40. Not as bad as the previous flight, but still not completely up to where I expected it to be.

I felt really tired, so I put my head against the wall and went dead to the world.

I didn't wake up until here, only to realize that I had completely missed the second meal service! I was disappointed (and hungry), but at least I had gotten some sleep.

I hopped up and went to the bathroom to change my clothes (I was feeling especially dirty) and get a cup of water to take my first malaria pill. Woohoo.

photo img_1231photo img_1232

I also did some wandering through the cabin, and based off of the number of empty seats, I'd say that economy was about 95% full. Also note the shift from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2.

photo img_1233

Back in my seat, we were getting closer to sunset.

photo img_1235

I'll do my final thoughts on crew, IFE, and seat before descent and arrival.

The crew from 11 countries who spoke 10 languages was (again) quite cold and unfriendly. There wasn't a whole load of smiling going on, but they did act professionally.

The IFE was hands down the best I've ever experienced. The ICE system is phenomenal, and the screen size, quality, and responsiveness was really unbeatable in my opinion.

The seat pitch was great, but the width was really something to complain about. I'm really skinny, so it didn't bother me, but anyone, even at average size, spills over onto the seat next to them. The seat itself was good enough for 7h30m.

EK775 started descending at 18:16, and I was quite surprised at the landscape.

photo img_1237

Runway 24 in sight!

photo img_1238

We touched down at 16:40, 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

Taxiing to the gates.

We arrived at the gate at 18:46, and I was off 12 minutes later. The trek to immigration was a long one.

Of course, the worst part of sitting at the back of the back of the plane is that you're last in the immigration line. This looked really fun…

photo img_1248

The line for foreigners took me about 55 minutes, but that was because there were only 3 officers to handle a 77W from EK plus the 788 from QR that had arrived just a few minutes earlier. Ugh.

That pretty much wraps up this report - thanks so much for reading! Please leave a comment if you feel inclined - I love reading and responding to them!

Look out for parts 3 and 4 soon!

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Cabin crew6.0

Dubai - DXB


Durban - DUR



Overall, a better experience than my previous flight with Emirates, but still not up to the standards I was hoping for.

DXB Terminal 3 - Wow. Just wow.

Seat - Great pitch, super narrow, comfortable enough.

Food - Decent

IFE - Incredible screen, incredible system

Crew - Cold, unfriendly, but professional

Durban Terminal 1 - SLOOOOW and understaffed



  • Comment 359965 by
    East African 1307 Comments

    Nice report again good pictures and vids!

    "I was disappointed (and hungry)" => no buffet with snacks & drinks at the back of the a/c? Surely, you could have asked a nibble to crew ...

    Thanks for sharing

    Looking forward to more

  • Comment 359969 by
    ID_Flyer 23 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this excellent FR!
    I think you could have asked the crew for the meal you missed.
    I don't find FAs to be EK's strongest point either. While its good to have an international crew, they come from different cultures and this may be difficult for the company to have a consistent image. I heard that the crews have exhausting work schedules, so this may explain their unfriendliness.

  • Comment 360403 by
    Rl 777 728 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    All 77Ws with the regs A6-EN_ have the 12.1 inch screens, 77Ws with the A6-EP_ regs have the newest 13,3 inch screens.

    The headphones look good on picture, was the sound quality good?

    55 minutes to pass immigration, holy crap!

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 360796 by
    jish.b 197 Comments

    Nice 2nd part! I was especially looking forward to this one.

    When I flew EK to South Africa, they had 2 flights to CPT (A345/B77W), 4 to JNB (all B77W) and one to DUR (on the now soon to be gone A332). Nice to see a B77W there now!

    Great shots of the RR powered B773 at DXB - did you know the B773 is pretty much endemic to Asia only? SQ, EK, KE, CX, TG spring to mind.

    I suppose a better performance from EK this time around, but like you said it sure is not enough by the looks of it. The unsatisfying food is quite unlike Emirates. Same with the crew, to be honest.

    Wow, you fell asleep that you missed the 2nd round of service? that's exactly why I don't fall asleep ;) jk, I have issues sleeping on a plane :(

    Wow, immigration looked like a disaster!

    Thanks for sharing this, I hope you had a fruitful vacation!



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