Review of British Airways flight Boston London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA212
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 06:20
Take-off 26 May 15, 19:05
Arrival at 27 May 15, 06:25
BA   #59 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 695 reviews
Published on 1st August 2016

Welcome to this flight report, detailing a flight I took with British Airways flying one of their Boeing 777-200ER aircraft (registration G-VIIK) from Boston to London Heathrow in May 2015. I'd later connect onto a flight to Vienna from Heathrow.

The early evening is quite a busy time for international departures from Boston's Terminal E, however the check-in and security process this time didn't involve much waiting-around.

Boston's Terminal E offers great views of the airfield!

photo 19118301380_38172e642a_k

photo 19309843651_67a43ea3a6_k

photo 18685331823_905b447c22_k

The 787-9 Dreamliner has such a sleek design!

photo 19118330258_ce6c526769_k

At the time of booking I was almost going to book with Turkish, so this would have been my plane!

photo 19118328178_b825cc80fa_k

Aer Lingus, my home airline!

photo 19279842336_8bc5bb0d8c_k

Soon it was time to head towards the gate for my flight to LHR!

photo 19119801539_2e8f2e9eb9_k

Onboard the roomy 9-abreast 777.

photo 19279841006_6ac7b6720e_k

photo 19305889775_14eb6e9c37_k

Views outside.

photo 19299910732_624b976fbd_k

photo 19309825261_06f92d0d72_k

photo 19279831476_1c1e12ba37_k

We soon pushed-back and taxiied towards the runway.

photo 18683402474_0b21f955d2_k

photo 18683404014_33b199d691_k

photo 19309818481_f51654f471_k

photo 19119768199_2a80bf0877_k

photo 19118305878_406f8929b0_k

Here's a video of the takeoff:

Climbing as we depart Boston.

photo 19119672799_3ea68f17c5_b

photo 19299897482_a70aec4ede_k

photo 19119764379_8bfa52825e_k

photo 18683392664_850bf80fbf_k

photo 19309808221_30e29da1d7_k

photo 18685296253_3f7fe8139d_k

After an inital drinks service, where I loaded up on two G&Ts, the main meal was served. I honestly forget what the meal was, but from what I remember it was mediocre at best.

photo 19118259210_252ba4b331_k

photo 19305859005_2625844c65_k

photo 19309801241_273b66c650_k

photo 19299881682_07fad8c71e_k

After the meal I checked out the inflight entertainment. Luckily this was a refurbished aircraft, so the quality was pretty decent! The cabin felt very relaxing.

photo 19119747189_154d64b824_k

I eventually tried to get some sleep, but wasn't very successful.

Obligatory pic of us passing Ireland, a few hours later! On eastbound transatlantic flights, I've noticed that the pre-landing snack/breakfast is often served over Ireland, regardless of which airline you are flying.

photo 19305853205_de4a5c970f_k

I can't really remember what was served as a pre-landing snack, but I think it was just a croissant and I ordered a coffee to go with it.

Slowly descending over the UK!

photo 19309789721_221c67c8d7_k

Here's a video of the landing:

On the ground at LHR! Unusually, we pulled into a parking position without jetbridge access. While this appeared to frustrate most passengers, I really didn't mind since it meant I could examine the mighty 777 up close!

photo 19118277928_32f383c7ef_k

photo 18683368044_2576103bba_k

photo 19279792886_7832ececfa_k

photo 19305840385_6c66dba309_k

photo 18685268783_5a2d8c826e_k

photo 19299860022_5bced0740f_k

After arriving into Terminal 5, I made my way towards Terminal 3 to catch my connection to Vienna!

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British Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Boston - BOS


London - LHR



To conclude, this was a very comfortable overnight transatlantic flight experience. Although the catering could have been a little better, it was overall a very enjoyable flight. I liked getting up-close to the 777 as we disembarked the aircraft!



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