Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City in Business

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN249
Class Business
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 28 Jan 16, 13:50
Arrival at 28 Jan 16, 16:00
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By 1760
Published on 9th August 2016
Vietnam Airlines is the second carrier to operate Airbus A350. I was lucky enough to experience the J cabin for this flight. You can book to fly in A350 or 787 anyway, but they never guarantee you the aircraft I choose. My first leg SGN-HAN was downgraded from 787 to 332, and the check-in ground staff lied to me that I'm going to fly 787 until realized that my flight was in 332. I guessed that he afraid that I will change my flight because there was another 787 flight departing 10 minutes earlier than my flight. So that I didn't take any photo for that flight, instead, I'm going to review my return leg which was on A350.

After checked-in at Noi bai Airport, I rushed to the boarding gate and waited for boarding because I want to be the first one to board the aircraft. It was already half a year so I didn't really remember that much but I must was really excited that's why I skipped the lounge. Couple days ago before the flight, I received many messages about delay and etc. Also, aircraft kept changing from 350 to 330, and 777. I kept rebooking for the 350 and finally I was successful.

The cabin was almost full when I entered the aircraft even though I was one of the first guests. I was really impressed by the seat by comparing it to previous VNA's hard products. I didn't experience VNA's 787 at that time but now I can say that I prefer this A350's setting in Business Class. It was much spacious than the seat on 787, but from now on the 5th A350 will follow the 787's setting.
photo img_0857

The leg room was pretty spacious and the odd number seats allow you to sit next to the window.
photo img_0858

The J cabin was very spacious as well with high ceiling because there was no overhead locker in the middle. There was completely no moodlight for an entire flight, not even in warm yellow. I think the aircraft wasn't finished with L.E.D system as I never see any image with moodlight on VNA's 350.
photo img_0859

Take off was too smooth and quite. This was probably way better than 787. I was too excited by looking almost everywhere that's why I forgot to snap any take off photo.
photo img_0862

Now, It's the time to try the bed. It was pretty comfortable.
photo img_0865

Finally I could see blue skies without smoke when exiting Hanoi's skies.
photo img_0866

The screen is pretty large with HD resolution. The inflight entertainment worked normally for this flight. It was basic and easy to use, but seriously, nothing was really blown me away.
photo img_0867

Although the screen is in HD. The movies were played in low resolution. Not quite good though.
photo img_0870

Everyone seemed tired huh?
photo img_0872

I was in somewhere 1/3 of the trip. Time for the boring snack for domestic flight. For VNA HAN-SGN, you only get full meal during lunch and dinner time (11.30 - 1.30/ 5.30 - 7.30). This flight departed at 2pm.
photo img_0876

Oops I had full meal eventhough it was in tray. The purser told me that this flight carrying many government people thats why full meal was served during snack time. IFE also worked due to this issue.
The meal is decent and very basic. It wasnt that bad though. The purser was nice but the service was still very basic and unprofesional. But at least, the crew werent rude to me. :-)
photo img_0882

After the meal, I looked at the air show and explored the seat for a couple of minutes.
photo img_0885

Seeing that smoke? That means I was reaching Ho Chi Minh city. :P
photo img_0888

A350 uses mechanical window instead of dimmable window.
photo img_0890

I quickly captured some shots to show the spacious J cabin. Same thing with VNA's 787; this J cabin looks a bit plain. This cabin will eventually be really dated in next couple years when other Asian carriers receive their new aircraft.
photo img_0896photo img_0897

I exited the aircraft by bus, this was great because I can capture more photos and see the aircraft this close. It was gorgeous outside. I hope you will agree that VNA's livery is quite unique and cool.
photo img_0899

I spotted another Dreamliner on the way going to the terminal.
photo img_0903

Finally, a photo in Ho Chi Minh to conclude my report!!!
photo img_0657

*I apologize for accidentally exporting my photos with credit under the images.

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Overall the new A350 is excellent compared to the previous aircraft. There are minor changes after upgrading to 4 star service. I would expect much better services especially in J. The hard product is already there and there is no way to fix it anymore. Now they should pay attention for their soft product, especially catering and crew attitude.

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