Review of Malindo Air flight Kota Kinabalu Denpasar in Economy

Airline Malindo Air
Flight OD1001
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 11:30
Take-off 22 Jul 16, 10:30
Arrival at 22 Jul 16, 22:00
OD 35 reviews
By 1173
Published on 21st August 2016
Hello to everyone

This is my first flight report to be uploaded online so please do not judge me badly :)

Few weeks ago I made several trips, from Spain to Singapore, Singapore to Malaysia,Malaysia to Indonesia, Indonesia to Malaysia, Malaysia to Korea and Korea to Spain.

This review corresponds to the flights I took with the Malaysian low cost airline, Malindo Air from Kota Kinabalu to Bali via Kuala Lumpur

The first sector was in a 739 and the second in a 738.

Hope you enjoy the report !!

First time to fly with a 737-900 ER. This airplane is 3 years old.

photo 20160722_101423

As soon as I boarded I was impressed by the cabin. Each seat with its HD PTV,,, In a Low Cost Airline !!!
photo 20160722_101946

Great pitch. 32 in
photo e8SUQr

This is what we should see in all the planes nowadays, a small IFE box- Learn from this Qatar Airlines !!!!!

photo optimized-20160722_104701photo o0Rhvg

Nice view of the Kota Kinabalu city
photo 20160722_104143

1.90 cm tall and I still have plenty of legroom on this great plane and airline
photo kK3WTxphoto dZ33Kw

Modern toilet
photo 20160722_120352

Free breakfast was provided
photo bAIq1V

photo 20160722_124747

Had 5 hours for transit in KUL Airport
photo 20160722_135405photo 20160722_154926photo 20160722_161035

I found this airport too dark and with not too many green zones as in ICN or SIN

photo optimized-20160722_135410photo optimized-20160722_162507


2 Flight. KUL to DPS with a brand new 737-800 ( 1 month old )

photo XFEdPh

Again I was impressed by the IFE system. Better than AF or even EK on their 777
photo GQdAoy

New airline in KLIA airpot
photo 20160722_190747photo 20160722_192230

Dinner was served
photo Dpmkj0photo u1wcbk

Love the Boeing Sky Interior

photo 20160722_211239photo 20160722_211519

Finally in Bali

photo 20160722_221952
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Malindo Air

Cabin crew6.5

Kota Kinabalu - BKI


Denpasar - DPS



This was my second time to use an LCC in South Asia and Malindo Air has impressed me.
For a low fare you will get full service aboard in brand new airplanes.



  • Comment 363829 by
    Pilpintu 757 Comments

    Hello, KAL1 !

    please do not judge me badly

    HA HA HA HA HA..... On the contrary! Thanks for this report, and welcome!

    Malindo Air has impressed me.

    It has impressed me, too! Legacy airlines move like heavy elephants where LCCs are running like hares. I have also flown LCCs and it seems to me that their need for simplification and modernization is benefiting travelers.

    Thanks for sharing this nice trip! I'll be looking forward to future reports. :)

  • Comment 363834 by
    JW19 121 Comments

    Nice report, great to see more reports on a small airline like this. Technically speaking, Malindo calls itself as a hybrid airline, where baggage and light meals/snacks and coffee/tea/water are complimentary. This sort of airline is gaining traction in Asia with Malindo doing particularly well due to its LCC pricing with semi full fair services.

    Hope to see more of such airlines giving the traditional no frills LCC a challenge.

  • Comment 363838 by
    marathon GOLD 9786 Comments

    I know quite a number of legacy airline which should feel ashamed at the sight of these IFE screens and boxes.

    Your pictures are excellent and the narrative is relevant. The only (mildly) wrong thing is that you should have posted two separate reports, one per flight, so that readers can find the second flight if they wish.

    Thanks for sharing and welcome among the contributors of the website!

  • Comment 363876 by
    KAL1 AUTHOR 19 Comments

    Thanks for commenting,Marathon !!

    I published my first review after reading many of yours, I was inspired by them :)

  • Comment 364000 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Thank you for a great FR! You didn't need to tell us not to judge you badly because you write like a pro! The small IFE boxes, IFE system and free meals are mutch better than what you get on most American legacy carriers! For future reference, please write one flight report per flight.

    • Comment 364501 by
      KAL1 AUTHOR 19 Comments

      Hi MrMax. Unfortunately free meals are gone also in the European legacy airlines even for 3 hours flight inside Europe... But these guys from Lion Group ( Malindo) knows how to stand up against Air Asia in that part of the world. They are gonna be big in a few years, as they ordered the 787

  • Comment 364474 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5528 Comments

    Thanks for this nice first report! Malindo seems like a high quality carrier with good service. Love that Boeing Sky Interior on the new plane! Good cabin shots!

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

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